tagFetishMother Futa Ch. 05

Mother Futa Ch. 05


"I need a new prescription."

Those five words, spoken by Martha Ridley last week, had been catalyst for getting on a plane to Arizona with her daughter Katie, and Katie's boyfriend Adam. While Adam didn't quite grasp the severity of the situation, both Martha and Katie assured him that this trip was vital. Without the aforementioned pills, Martha would devolve into a sex-hungry nymphomaniac.

Martha has been born a futanari, and her entire life seemed to be defined by the long penis that rested between her legs, right above her vagina. Years ago she'd impregnated a woman, and raised their daughter alone. Years after that, her daughter, who had grown into a comely young woman, had stumbled upon her secret and ended up pregnant. This was all because she'd been without her medication. She could not risk being without these pills, which helped to regulate her extreme libido.

Thankfully, she also had both Adam and Katie to help relieve her sexual urges. Though Katie was now five months pregnant, she was still more than willing to let her mother use her body. As for Adam, he had blossomed into a spectacular sex partner; the lanky 19 year old had morphed into a slim and toned sex machine, with definition gained from working on garden beds and in Martha's bed.

Right now, Martha was sitting in an examination room, wearing a patient's gown, while Adam and Katie waited in the lobby of this medical center, which belonged to Dr. Henry Robinson, who was the foremost authority on futanari in the United States. Martha's parents had consulted him when she started puberty, which is when her sexual urges started to emerge in earnest. For years, he'd given Martha lots of psychiatric and medical support. Martha had been poked, prodded and examined by various members of the staff working under Dr. Robinson, and was anxiously waiting for him to arrive. Her head snapped towards the door as it was opened.

"Well, good afternoon, Martha!" Dr. Robinson said. He was a short, bespectacled man with a slight paunch and dark brown hair that showed a few streaks of grey. For a man of 70 years, he looked quite well.

"It's good to see you again," Martha said, shaking his hand as he walked towards her.

"Likewise, likewise." Dr. Robinson eased himself onto a stool and thumbed through the file folder in his hand. "Well, now, everything seems to be in order; your weight is fine, your bloodwork came back great, and your prostate seems to be in top form."

"That's good to hear."

"It looks like I can send you home with another month's supply of your medication, after which, we can keep mailing them to you for next 12 months, but my assistants said that you wanted to tell me something."

Martha fidgeted uncomfortably before disclosing to her doctor the fact that she'd impregnated her own daughter. A feeling of dread hung in the air for the few seconds between her confession and the doctor's response.

"I see," he said, in an interested tone. "Well, that's to be expected."

Martha looked up at him in amazement. "Excuse me?"

Dr. Robinson laughed. "Martha, Martha. I've been dealing with hundreds of futanari cases from all over the world. I can't disclose names, but there are many cases where a patient will impregnate someone close to them, be it a family member, friend, co-worker. Futanari exude very powerful pheromones when aroused."

"I...didn't know that."

"I also made another recent discovery, which threw me for a loop: futanari can only be impregnated by other futanari."


"Yes, it seems to be a concrete biological rule, based on my research. In several experiments, I harvested eggs from several futanari and introduced them each to hundreds of sperm samples, but none of them took. However, once I introduced them to futanari sperm, they immediately fertilized."


"Yes, it is. Thankfully, you're still quite fertile and in your childbearing years, so, if you ever wanted to carry a child of your own, you'd need to find a suitable partner."

Martha was overjoyed on this recent development. Katie had made it abundantly clear that Adam could have sex with Martha as much as he wanted, but only if he wore a condom. Secretly, they'd disregarded that rule dozens of times, and Martha had never been late on her period. She always told herself that if Adam had gotten her pregnant, she'd be more than willing to bear his child. Now, she couldn't wait to tell them both, so that she wouldn't have to lie to her daughter anymore.

"Well, I always wanted to experience childbirth. I...never thought it'd be possible."

"Well, actually, I have a proposal for you..."


Later that day, Martha sat down with Adam and Katie to tell them the news that Dr. Robinson had given her. Everyone was glad to know that Adam could now have unprotected sex with the both of them. Martha was glad that she opened with that good news, because the next news she had turned out to be quite a shocker.

"I'm going on a date next week," she told them.

"A date?" Katie repeated.

"With who?" Adam asked.

"Another futanari," Martha explained. "Dr. Robinson said that many of his patients have expressed a desire to be with other futanari, so, after signing a confidentiality waiver, he showed me a few of his patients who live in our area."

"What's her name?" Katie asked.

"Her first name is Laurel; we all decided not to use our last names until we've both agreed to do so. I spoke to her briefly on the phone, and we're going to meet at the Applebee's over in Fort Dodge."

"Okay, well, just be careful," Adam said, giving her a warm, but concerned hug.

And she would be careful, of that she had to be absolutely sure. Dr. Robinson had given her two large containers of her medication, as well as two equally large containers that contained orange pills designed as futanari birth control. He also provided Martha with a special pack of condoms that were tailor-made for her huge penis and copious ejaculations.

The next Friday saw Martha sitting by herself in a booth at Applebee's. She'd arrived a few minutes early for her 7:30 PM rendezvous, and was sipping a cup of strawberry lemonade. Though Katie had insisted on getting her a new outfit, Martha had met her halfway: she'd exchanged her usual prairie-style dress for a beautiful, cotton, navy-colored A-line skirt and a black short-sleeved blouse. She'd worn dark colors on purpose; they would help to conceal any potential hard nipples or erections. She didn't want to come across as desperate.

As an additional measure, she'd taken her medication, the blue pills that control her sexual urges, as well as a few orange pills to keep her from getting pregnant. She was determined to not have any sex on her first date. If she was going to have a child with another futanari, then she needed to make sure they would make a great partner and parent.

"I'm sorry, are you Martha?"

Martha looked up to see a slim, beautiful woman standing before her. She was the opposite of the woman Dr. Robinson had shown her: a cold, frosty bitch with her hair tied up in a tight bun. The woman had a beautiful mantle of golden hair that hung gracefully around her shoulders. She wore sandals, a pretty, short-sleeved white blouse, and a pair of cargo pants. She smiled at Martha while fidgeting with the purse on her shoulder.


"Yes!" Laurel cried jubilantly as she swooped down to hug the sitting woman. "I'm so glad you're here! I seriously thought that you wouldn't show up."

"I...It's nice to meet you."

After Laurel sat across from Martha, a male waiter materialized out of nowhere to take her drink order and both their meal orders. Martha couldn't help but noticed how focused their server was on Laurel, and who could blame him? Those emerald eyes, those flawless teeth, and those perfect cheekbones. She had to be a model, an actress, or a cheerleader of some sort.

"You're a lawyer?" Martha exclaimed.

"Uh-huh!" Laurel said, delving into the Cajun chicken pasta she had ordered. "I've been working for five years at my current law firm. The pay is great and the job is really exciting. What do you do?"

"I work at the post office. It can be a stressful job, but it's a decent-paying government job."

"Sounds like my job; you must meet a lot of interesting people."

"I sure do, like the guy who likes to come in and ship bowling balls, or the old lady who always mails letters to Humphrey Bogart every Monday morning, even though he died back in 1957."

Laurel laughed, which made Martha laugh. She couldn't believe how much fun she was having. She hadn't been out with anyone like this a long time. The two of them even ordered desert so that they could keep talking while keeping their table, though Martha was sure that the male staff wouldn't mind having Laurel in the restaurant longer for any conceivable reason. Unfortunately, the two had lost track of time.

"Oh, wow, it's almost 11!" Laurel exclaimed, glancing at her phone.

"I know! Time flies when you're having fun!" Martha said as the two of them rose from their seats and headed to the front door. Once they were outside, they walked to Laurel's car, a wine-colored Chrysler 300. Laurel reached for the car handle, but, instead turned to face Martha.

"I had a great time," she said.

"So did I."

"Listen, I don't want to rush anything, and I'm sure you feel the same, but I'd love to see you again."

"I do feel the same," Martha assured her. "I'm really looking forward to dates 1, 2, 3, and beyond."

The two of them shared a short hug before parting ways. As Martha drove home, she was amazed at how well her first date had gone. Sure, there were times that she had let her eyes and mind wander, wondering what exactly Laurel looked like without her clothes, but she kept control. Her heart leapt with joy at the prospect of another date with her. Keeping sex out of the equation was proving to be a good choice.

Once she got home, she pranced into the living room, where Adam and Katie were lounging on the couch eating ice cream and watching TV. Seeing her giddy expression, the two turned off the television and listened as Martha regaled them with details about her date with Laurel.

"So, are you going to see her again?" Katie asked.

"I plan on calling her tomorrow. Does that sound desperate? Should I wait longer?"

"Call her tomorrow after you get home from work," Adam advised. "I think if you wait too long, she'll think you're uninterested."

To Martha's delight, Adam's advice worked. She and Laurel spent about half an hour on the phone, talking and planning their next date. The two eventually settled on bowling next Wednesday. Date three was dinner, followed by a romantic comedy at a movie theater.

Date four, coincidentally, was planned for the Fourth of July; Laurel had asked Martha if she wanted to accompany her to a carnival, which was to be concluded with a spectacular fireworks show. She had extended the invitation to Katie and Adam, but they had made plans to start getting the baby's nursery ready; Katie was getting major nesting urges. The three of them had also decided that young lady who was over 5 months pregnant should avoid being on her feet all day at a carnival.

Saturday afternoon, found Martha driving to Ankeny to meet Laurel. Martha wore her long, denim dress and a red, white and blue t-shirt. After finding a parking spot, she walked to meet Laurel at the east fairground entrance.

Once she spotted Laurel, her heart leapt at the sight of her. The slim woman was wearing a pair of blue gym pants, which accentuated her shapely legs and hips. Also, she was wearing a white tank top and a red cap atop her head, looking patriotic and sexy as hell at the same time. She flashed that winning smile as she strolled over to Martha. A shiver of arousal ran up her spine as Laurel seductively sashayed towards her.

"Hot day today, isn't it?" Laurel said, giving Martha a hug and a peck on the cheek.

"It's not so bad," Martha said.

"Well, let's get inside and have some fun."

After Laurel turned to lead Martha into the carnival, her eyes wandered downwards, a decision she immediately regretted. On each cheek of Laurel's gym pants was a word in big white letters: "HOT" and "BUNS". Usually, Laurel had dressed in a classy, yet casual fashion on their previous dates, but, now, she was dressed strictly for temptation. Martha bit her lip as she followed that sexy ass into the carnival. Beneath her denim dress, her cock gave a few anxious twitches.

It soon became apparent that Laurel was doing all of this on purpose. When they stopped to get some frosty lemonade, Martha noticed the two, engorged nubs poking conspicuously from Laurel's chest, which could have easily been concealed, if she had chosen to wear a bra. Still, Martha said nothing and sipped her drink.

It was after Laurel ordered a hot dog with Italian sausage, peppers, and onions. Martha silently watched as Laurel bit the tip of the sausage, licked it, and smeared grease all over her face. Unfortunately, other people were noticing these overt signals; Martha's darting eyes noticed disgusted women and interested young men enjoying Laurel's antics.

Strangely enough, as noticeably aroused Laurel was, Martha didn't see any hint of a bulge in her crotch. She began to wonder if she really was a futanari; it seemed unlikely that Dr. Robinson would mislead her. But her doubts were quickly swept away by a sudden gust of wind.

Martha's nostrils were pelted with a heady odor: seemingly 25% part fruit, 25% chocolate and 50% part musk. This smell set her entire body aflame. Her brain was quickly being dominated by the urge to drag that smarmy cock tease into the nearest bathroom and fill her with her seed. These were clearly the effects of those futanari pheromones that Dr. Robinson had warned her about.

The last time she felt such a need this primal was the day she first met Adam. How was this even possible after she'd made sure to take her sexual suppression medication? Were futanari pheromones really so powerful?

"I need to go to the bathroom really quick," Martha told Laurel.

"Okay, meet me by the Ferris wheel after you're done."

Martha hastily made her way to the restroom. Once she had secured herself inside a urinal, she yanked down her dress and underwear. Martha's large cock was partially erect and throbbing; she dared not even touch it, lest she be tempted to relieve more than her need to urinate.

After using the toilet, she dug into her purse and pulled out a Ziploc bag containing several of her blue pills. She swallowed three of them and hoped that the rest of them would keep her from making a rash decision...at least until after the carnival had ended.

Martha met Laurel at the Ferris wheel after leaving the bathroom. Thankfully, a few minutes after their reunion, the medication kicked in. The rest of their time together went much smoother; they went on rides, ate unhealthy carnival food, and looked at displays. Still, Laurel was pouring on the P.D.A., touching Martha's arms, draping her arms around her waist and shoulders, and nuzzling her neck. As the sun started to dip, so did Martha's resolve.

At last, the fireworks show started, and Martha was sitting with Laurel on a bench while they both enjoyed the show. Martha's heart fluttered as her date sidled up to her, putting her head on Martha's shoulder. Try as she might, she could not keep the scent of Laurel's hair out of her nose. The aroma was extremely similar to the one that had sent her into a frenzy earlier. Laurel upped the ante by taking Martha's hand into hers.

Martha could hardly stand it, her nipples were already tingling, and her penis was beating furiously against her thigh. As the two women silently gazed up at the pyrotechnics in the sky, it was becoming evidently clear how this night was going to end. Still holding Laurel's hand, Martha arose from the bench and led Laurel towards the exit. Martha used the temporary lull between firework sets to say something to Laurel.

"I'll follow you to your place in my car."

"Deal!" Laurel agreed, before giving Martha a smile and sprinting towards her car.

Martha quickly walked to her car and got inside. She pulled out of her spot rapidly and sped towards the exit, extremely grateful that she had left during the fireworks show and beaten the traffic. Thankfully, she spotted Laurel's Chrysler 300, and followed it out onto the main road. The two women, though brimming with desire, had to make sure not to speed; the police were extremely scrutinous of traffic on holidays. The thirty minute drive was making Martha more anxious by the second.

The two cars pulled up in front of a lovely gated community with a guard at the gate and huge fountain. Martha followed Laurel's car through the resident's entrance and through meandering streets. By the time they both parked in front of an elegant single-story home, Martha was rock hard.

Grabbing her handbag, she quickly jumped out of her car, grateful that she had some condoms and birth control in her coin purse. She swiftly ran into the garage. Laurel was barely out of the car before Martha pinned her against the car door and kissed her deeply.

"I guess it was only a matter of time before this happened," Martha purred.

"What exactly is going to happen?" Laurel asked with a grin.

"Enough questions. Just let me in the damn house."

Laurel emitted an excited squeal and opened the door that led into the house. She grabbed Martha's hand and ran as she led her towards the master bedroom. Once inside the bedroom, they turned on the lights, but didn't even bother to close the door before Laurel tackled Martha onto the bed and lifted up her shirt. As Martha took off her shirt, she felt Laurel yank her bra upwards. Laurel's expression was that of a child who had gotten the Christmas present of their dreams.

Laurel began to lick and suck on Martha's stiff nipples. Martha moaned as she felt the woman's hungry mouth lavishing adoration on her firm 38G breasts. She deftly undid her bra and cast it aside, and then began caressing her lover's hair.

"Oh, god, these babies are big," Laurel said, fondling Martha's chest. "You don't know how long I've waited to see these lovelies."

"Well, there's more to see, honey," Martha said, sitting up in bed and taking off her shoes and socks. She then got out of bed and reached for the clasp on her dress, but Laurel sprang out of the bed and stopped her.

"Ah-ah! I'll be the one taking your clothes off," she said giddily.

Martha fondled her breasts as she allowed Laurel to undress her. After Martha's dress fell to the floor, Laurel gazed longingly at the enormous bulge in her underwear. Gently, she pulled her underwear down, giving out a shriek of surprise as Martha's large member sprung out into the open air.

"Hoooooooly SHIT!" Laurel exclaimed. "Martha, I...you...I can't believe this!"

Martha blushed as she witnessed Laurel marveling at her body. "Having second thoughts, sexy?"

"Oh, noooooo," Laurel chuckled, getting to her feet. "This is a dream come fucking true."

Laurel quickly peeled off her tank top and bra, exposing a pair of perky, tangerine-sized breasts. Martha licked her lips and started stroking her own cock as Laurel removed her bottoms. She was unprepared for what she was seeing; apparently, Laurel had tucked her own penis into her vagina.

Martha watched as her lover pulled her own stiffening member out of herself. As expected, Laurel had an amazing body: tanned, flawless skin, well-trimmed genitals, and an amazingly toned abdomen. What surprised Martha was how much darker the skin on Laurel's testicles and penis was in comparison to the rest of her body; her male parts were dark brown, crowned with a dark-red glans brimming with pre-cum.

Martha glided towards her lover and took her into her arms. It seemed as though the entire room exploded with futanari pheromones at the moment their bodies touched. Martha's brain was trying to slow down and savor the moment, but her body was in full throttle. Her hands quickly traveled all over Laurel's body, fondling and probing everything possible. For half a second, Martha was afraid that she was going to devour Laurel, or end up being devoured herself.

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