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Mother-In-Law Sex


My mother-in-law, Ellen is now in her late fifties but still gives the impression of being a very sexual woman. She has put on some weight around the waist and thighs since I first met her, some ten years ago, but she is tall and carries it well. Ellen is very open with Yvonne, my wife, and has told her that she has had affairs in the past due to the fact that Yvonne's dad has a low libido. She even admitted that she had fucked one of Yvonne's teenage ex-boyfriends soon after they had split up. These admissions stimulated my fantasies and soon after meeting her I was dreaming of fucking her. She did not help the situation by running her hand up and down my thigh quite a few times, one hot summers day, while I was wearing shorts, while commenting on what hairy legs I had. She also seems to end up often sitting cross legged, or worse with her legs splayed wide, on the floor opposite me when wearing very tight leggings, making it difficult for me to avoid staring at her crotch but maybe that was just coincidence?

* * * * *

Yvonne and I were living together, in a flat with no garden so one hot day we decided to go to her mum and dad's to sunbathe in their sheltered back garden. When we arrived we found her mother was about to do the same thing. Yvonne was wearing her swimming costume beneath her clothes and I had some very short flimsy running shorts on so we quickly stripped down to these and went out, put down our towels on the grass beside each other and lay down on our backs with our feet towards the door and the sun. After about five minutes Ellen emerged wearing a skimpy, tight, yellow, floral patterned bikini and walked slowly right past me as I gazed, from behind half shut eyes, at her body and in particular at her crotch. After walking along the side of me she disappeared from my field of view and I heard her lying down somewhere above my head.

I thought no more about it till Yvonne's dad came out and told her one of her favourite films was on TV. Yvonne jumped up and headed inside with her dad. As I had been out a while I decided it was time to turn over. I did so to find Ellen lying on her front, her bare feet towards me, only a yard away from my head. Unfortunately her legs were together but when I put my head on my hands as I lay down again I got a great view of her butt rising at the top of her long smooth thighs and the intriguing dark valley that ran upwards between them. I could feel my dick start to thicken as I thought about massaging those soft mounds, so near and yet so far. I lay there enjoying the view at least, staring quite blatantly as I knew that from the house my eyes could not be seen. Better was to come.

Ellen soon decided to turn over also and I closed my eyes as she started to move lest she see the direction of my gaze. When she had settled I cautiously opened my eyes and was stunned to find her legs were now slightly apart, affording me a view right up between them to her crotch. Here I was with my head no more than five feet away from my mother-in-laws cunt staring straight at it and with only a thin veil of bikini fabric wrapped tightly about it. My cock was now firm and I had to shuffle about to get it to a comfortable position. I was now beginning to worry about what would happen if Yvonne came back out, or worse, if I had to get up as my aroused state would be obvious for all to see. I forced myself to shut my eyes and turned my head to face the other way. After a few minutes my problem receded a bit and I heard some more movement from Ellen's position so I turned back towards her. What had happened however was that she had now pulled her knees up and spread her legs so I now had an unfettered view of her crotch from where her buttocks pressed the ground up to the prominent curving mound of her cunt. My cock sprang to attention as I realised that to give that smooth a profile beneath the sheer bikini bottoms she must be either shaven or very lightly haired. I tried but I could not wrest my gaze away from her. I was lying there in shock.

Was she deliberately teasing me...? Or was she just making herself comfortable as she dozed in the sun?

I had now way of knowing. After a couple of minutes trying to soak up the sight and embed it in my memory I realised I it could not go on, so I started to get up to make a rapid journey to the safety of the toilet to recover. However as I was halfway up Ellen lifted her head and looking at me said, "be an angel Kelvin and bring me out a drink, there's Coke in the fridge." I don't know if she saw the prominence in my shorts but I thought I saw a smile playing around her lips as she lowered her head to the grass.

I mumbled my consent and beat a hasty retreat to the house. As I stood behind the locked door of the bathroom I could not stop myself from freeing my rigid cock and beginning to stroke it as I imagined the soft wet cunt and tight wrinkled arsehole that nestled below the thin band of material I had so recently been gazing at. I was just getting into my stroke when I heard movement in the rest of the house and realised this was not the time or the place to be jerking off. As I was willing my stiffness away Yvonne knocked gently on the door and asked if it was OK for her and her dad to nip into town to the shops. I said, "sure" and she said they would be back in an hour or two.

I heard the door shut as I emerged, deflated (literally) from the bathroom and made my way to the kitchen. Through the kitchen window I could see Ellen in the same pose and I tried not to look as I poured some coke into a glass of ice for her. My willpower failed, however, as I stepped out the door, and as I walked towards her I could not stop myself glancing between her spread thighs. In response I again felt the thickening of my member which I tried to conceal by holding the glass in both hands in front of it. Just before I reached her side and after a particularly long glance at her cunt, I look up at her to find her looking straight at me...!

Rather than wilting through embarrassment though, the idea that my mother-in-law knew I had been staring at her cunt, excited me tremendously and my penis jerked up to full size instantly as I arrived at her side.

She was now looking straight up at me past what was unmistakably an erect penis. I could do nothing to hide my arousal as we looked into each others eyes. As she reached up for her drink, she deliberately allowed the side of her hand to graze the taught material where it stretched over the inflated head of my cock and I could not stop my hips from twitching forward, pushing my prick against it. She smiled confidently at me as she took her drink from my hands at my waist and as she brought it downwards stopped and rested the cool glass on top of my red hot dick with the palm of her hand cupping the head of my stiffness. Again I could not restrain my self and started thrusting gently against her hand. Ellen's face had taken on a more serious look now and as I watched I saw her free hand snake down her body and she started to rub her mound through the bikini. This was driving me wild and I was desperate for her to grasp my cock properly. I started to thrust more insistently and she pulled down on my dick causing me to bend my knees and squat just about her shoulder height.

"I want to see it Kelvin," she said huskily and as I looked around me worried we might be seen, she put down her drink and pulled the elastic waist of my shorts out and down enough to allow my straining member to spring free. She lay back and again moved her hand to her crotch but this time her fingers snaked under the material as she stared intently at my twitching penis. Her hand soon took up a regular rhythm on her cunt, rubbing up and down and she started to breath more deeply. I grasped my dick and started to wank it then grabbed her free hand and wrapped her relaxed fingers around it and she started to move her hand back and forth. It was an incredible feeling. Having my mother-in-laws warm hand jerking my penis, only inches away from her face as she stared at it and masturbated herself urgently before me.

I would have loved to touched her pussy but as her breathing became more ragged she was concentrating on her own pleasure and loosing the rhythm of her hand as she wanked me, so I put my hand on top of hers and started to pull it up and down faster as I neared my climax. I had never given a woman a facial before, although I had fantasised about it many times, but the opportunity was to good to miss and as I felt the rush coming I leant over her, putting my free hand on the ground, on the far side of her head and as her eyes widened and she stared at the tip of my knob, it let loose a long spurt of thick hot cum that jetted into her open mouth then up over her cheek and into her hair. She let out a low moan as another pulse hit her on the side of the nose and up over her forehead. I turned to look at her hand grinding into her soaking cunt as she spasmed with orgasm, then back as the spurts subsided and the last of my cum dripped down onto her chin as she moaned and gasped before slowly relaxing. She pulled my still firm dick towards her, kissed the tip and licked the last ooze of cream from it and then said gently, "I think we should go and get cleaned up now."

I helped her up and we walked into the house, my cum still covering her face and now dripping down onto her breasts and my still hard prick sticking out above the waist band of my shorts. When in the house she went into the bathroom and by the time she came out my stiffness had subsided and I had tucked myself back into my shorts.

I was unsure of what to say but she saved me the trouble by saying, "I think we should just pretend this never happened, Kelvin."

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