tagIncest/TabooMother is my Sexual Slave Ch. 01

Mother is my Sexual Slave Ch. 01


Hoping for some sexual fun, 20-year-old Joshua and his 22-year-old girlfriend, Nancy, are bored.

Twenty-year-old Joshua slowly ran his hands through his thick, blonde hair and flatten it to his head as if he had a headache. He closed his eyes, stretched up his arms, arched his back, and yawned loudly.

"I'm bored," said Joshua to his 22-year-old girlfriend, Nancy, as if his boredom was her fault and her responsibility to make him not be so bored.

Accustomed to his restlessness, she didn't take his boredom personally. Instead, with lust in her eyes, she looked at him seductively as if it was her plan to fix his boredom with sex, which is what she usually does whenever he's restless. Someone so young, so handsome, and so full of life should never be bored but obviously he was but not with her. He'd never be bored with her. How could he be bored with her when she'd give him whatever he sexually wanted, whenever he wanted it?

Obviously, his boredom was coming from somewhere else, somewhere deep inside of him that only a psychiatrist could soothe, possibly with anti-depressant medication. It's insulting to her and strange to others that someone with such a hot and willing girlfriend would ever be bored. Perhaps playing her, boredom was his keyword for her to give him hot sex. When it came to sex, his sexual appetite was only matched by her sexual appetite.

In the way that Joshua played with his hair, she did too. Nancy slowly ran her long, piano fingers through her lush, chestnut hair in the way that he does when making love to her. She curled her hair with her fingers in the way that he does when impaling and rhythmically humping her mouth with his cock with a gentle but firm hand to the back of her head. Maybe by running her fingers through her hair, she was imagining Joshua making love to her. Having said how much he loves her hair whenever he tells her how much he loves her, she sparkles when he notices her hair.

Always touching her hair, brushing her hair, tossing her hair, and fixing her hair, obviously she loves her hair as much as he does. Especially with him being blonde and his mother being blonde too and being that he was not so secretly attracted to his mother, Nancy not only questioned his suspected attraction to blondes but also his suspected attraction to his mother. Being that she was also so sexually attracted to his mother too, she was willing to put up with a son wanting to have sex with his mother, especially since she wanted to have sex with his mother too.

"I figured you'd be more attracted to a blonde than a brunette," she said curling her long hair in her fingers. "After meeting your mother for the first time and seeing that she had such beautiful, long, blonde hair and how pretty she was, I felt a little self-consciously jealous that she was prettier than me." In the way she looked at him, no doubt she was looking for some assurance from him that she was prettier than his mother. When he didn't volunteer any such assurance, she persevered. "So, why me? Why are you so attracted to me?"

"Why you? What do you mean why you? Are you having insecurity issues about how I feel about you? Are you jealous of my mother?" He laughed.

"Well obviously being that you're bored," she said looking at him as if fearing his answer. "Are you bored with me? Am I not sexually exciting enough for you?" She looked at him in the way that Sophia Vergara would look at a can of Pepsi.

"Bored with you? Of course not. How could I ever be bored with you, my exciting, sexy girlfriend? I'm just bored with myself. And to answer your question why I'm attracted to you, you just have to look in the mirror to know my answer," he said running his hand along her long leg and stopping just short of her crotch to squeeze her shapely thigh.

"Why me and not some hot, busty blonde who looks more like your mother?"

"Because you're beautiful, sexy, and kinky," he said taking her in his arms and kissing her. "And you're willing to give me sex whenever I want it," he whispered in her ear with a laugh. "I'd never be bored with you."

With all the sex they've had and all the sexual things they've done, never telling her that he was bored before when they met two years ago, seemingly the question was why was he so bored now? Maybe it was just his age but now he was routinely complaining that he was bored.

"Well," she said giving him a contemplating look. "What do you feel like doing today? Instead of just hanging around the house, we can go for a drive, go see a movie, go for a walk, or," she said giving him a sexy look. "We can have sex. We can make love. We can fuck," she said putting a seductive finger to her mouth while giving him a sexy look. "Or we can play truth of dare."

"Truth or dare? I haven't played that game since I was a kid. Besides, way beyond that with you, there's not a question that you can ask me that you don't already know the answer to and there's no dare that I could give you that you wouldn't do," he said with a dirty laugh. "It's not much of a game to play when we already know the outcome. With you always so competitive, you'd win and I'd lose."

"Then, tell me Joshua," she said looking at him seductively with her big, hazel eyes. "What can I possibly do to help alleviate your boredom?"

She reached her hand over to feel his cock through his jeans while staring up at him with her hazel eyes that suddenly flashed even more green from the green from the reflection of her low cut top that she wore. Making the best of what she had, she was always flashing her cleavage. From the comments he made while watching TV or a movie, she knew that Josh liked big tits. If ever she had the money to spend, she'd have breast implants to make her B cups, D cups. Paying particular teasing attention to the head of his hardening prick, she gently pinched his cock with her index finger and thumb until it grew stiffer and pulsated to her touch.

"I dunno. Even though having sex with you always sounds so appealing, I really don't want to go anywhere and do anything, not even have sex," he said looking at her with frustration. "I'm just restless, I guess," he said leaning forward on the couch as if he was imitating Rodin's statue of The Thinker. Looking as if he was sitting on the toilet instead of sitting on the couch, he stared at the floor instead of at her.

She gave him a knowing smile in the way that his mother always did when he overate and had an upset tummy. As if she was his mother instead of his girlfriend, she touched his back and his shoulder with such gentle lovingness. Obviously knowing what his problem was, she looked at him with understanding.

"I told you not to watch that movie," she laughed running her fingers through his hair while looking at him with love. "I don't know if you realize this but you get like this every time you watch that movie. In the way that Helter Skelter made Charles Manson insane, Stanley Kubrick makes you crazy," she said with insight.

"Maybe you're right. Maybe it's as simple as that but Clockwork Orange is still my favorite movie," he said as if needing to defend the movie.

"With all the good movies out there to see, I don't understand why it's your favorite movie? It's so disturbingly violent," she said.

"Violence is not what the movie is all about," he said.

"What is it about then, if it's not about murder, mayhem, and rape?"

"Clockwork Orange is more about the mysteries of the brain and the reason why people do the violent things that they do," he said. As if trying to justify the reason why he liked the movie, he distanced his restlessness from the movie by classifying the movie as more of a cerebral movie than a violent one. "The movie is set in the future. Instead of incarcerating someone in the way that they do now, they try something innovative and progressive, albeit provocatively different. Even though they still don't know enough about the brain, doctors and scientist hope by experimenting on madmen that they can cure a criminal by Aversion Therapy," he said.

"Aversion Therapy? What the Hell is that? Don't you mean perversion therapy?" She laughed. "Because the main characters in that movie are definitely all perverted. Being that you've perverted too, I now understand why that's your favorite movie," she said laughing again.

"Aversion Therapy is a psychological treatment that utilizes behavioral principles to eliminate unwanted, bad behavior," he said looking at her to see if she was following his explanation. "A patient is exposed to stimulants while simultaneously being subjected to discomfort. Pleasure with pain, by giving them pain when they feel inappropriate pleasure when thinking violate thoughts, the patient associates those bad thoughts with pain instead of with pleasure."

"I see," she said. "If only it was that simple, we'd have less crime and fewer criminals."

"Eventually, eradicating the inappropriate thoughts, the premise is that he's conditioned to associate his bad behaviors with pain and not pleasure. Ergo, eventually, replaced by good ones, he won't have those bad thoughts anymore."

"I see," she said. "Aversion Therapy sounds like brainwashing to me."

"Much better than a lobotomy or one of those anti-depressant drugs, it is brain washing in a way. Being that the main character in the movie is motivated by sex and violence, by having him watch videos of naked women mixed with violence, whenever the patient favorably reacts to sex and violence, they give him pain. The doctors use repeated discomfort, shock therapy, if you will, to disassociate his sexual and violent needs by interrupting his thought process to change his thinking. The painful conditioning, albeit necessary conditioning causes the patient to associate sex and violence with unpleasant sensations and pain in hopes of stopping those specific thoughts and that type of specific behavior," said Joshua.

"I see," she said while beginning to look bored herself.

"If anything," he said with a cheesy smile, "much like watching a National Geographic documentary, medically and scientifically enlightening, the film is very educational."

"Educational my ass. Plain and simple, using sex to mask the violence, Clockwork Orange is a violent movie," said Nancy.

"Okay, I agree, albeit much less violent than all that happened in Viet Nam during the time that the movie was made, the movie was pretty violent, especially for 1971. Yet, the movie is more about control by taking someone's power and freedom of choice away from them."

"Control?" Nancy looked at her boyfriend with reservation. "How do you figure that?"

"As they did in Clockwork Orange in that sexy scene and in the way that they do to Japanese women on a crowded subway or bus, there's something exotically erotic, definitely pornographic, when they cut that woman's clothes off with a pair of scissors to expose her tits, her ass, and her pussy. Even Japanese sharking, as shocking as it is, by lifting up a woman's skirt to expose her panties, pulling down her panties to expose her ass and pussy, or removing her top to expose her bra and breasts is more about control and humiliation than it is about sex. Moreover, because the woman being stripped naked in Clockwork Orange wasn't wearing any underwear, that made the scene even more revealing as it did sexually exciting," he said staring at his girlfriend.

"So, lemme get this straight," said Nancy making an unhappy face at her boyfriend. "Was sexual excitement your response when you watched that woman being violently assaulted? You thought that watching the woman being stripped naked and forced to have sex with four strangers was sexually exciting?"

"Fuck yeah," said Joshua grabbing his crotch. "Are you kidding me? Oh my God, that was so sexy. In the way of all of those rape scenes in those old Death Wish movies that Charles Bronson made, that scene was so hot, especially for back then, and especially when they made the husband watch what they were doing to his wife. Holy shit! Wow!"

"Sexy? You thought that scene was sexy? She looked at him aghast that he'd even say such a thing. "That was a violent assault and not a sexual exchange," she said looking at him in shocked disbelief. "What if four men burst in on us, stripped me naked, and forced you to watch me give them sex," she said, no doubt, with the assurance that he'd be appalled.

"Oh my God, stop it Nancy. You're making me hot. You're making me horny," he said laughing. "I'd love to watch you in a gangbang."

"Rape is not sexy Joshua," said Nancy folding her arms across her breasts.

"Yeah, well," obviously he was about to say what a typical young male would say. "If she didn't want to have sex, she wouldn't have dressed like a slut," he said pointing a finger at his kinky girlfriend as if he was a puritanical judge and she was a witch on trial for morals charges.

"It's tragically funny how a woman is called a whore when wanting to have sex with multiple lovers and a man is called a stud. Sex had nothing to do with that scene Joshua and she wasn't dressed like a slut. She was totally covered in that one piece, red jumpsuit," said Nancy in defense of the actress. "They raped her and as far as her lounging around in that outfit that she wore without underwear, she was in her own home alone with her husband when those thugs barged in, stripped her naked, restrained her husband, and physically assaulted her."

"You're right. You're absolutely right. I never saw it that way," said Joshua obviously saying that to more appease his girlfriend by agreeing with her. "That was rape and that was a violent act and not a sexual one. You're always right. Still it was so hot to watch that scene," he said falling silent as if replaying the scene in his mind before speaking again. "I guess that movie did upset me," he said looking at her with clenched fists.

"Upset you?" She looked down at the growing bulge in his jeans. "Don't you mean sexually excited you?" She laughed while observing him.

"After watching that movie, now I want to do something," he said.

"Do something?" Nancy looked at him while waiting for him to finish his thoughts and when he didn't, she asked her question. "What do you mean you want to do something? Like what?"

"I dunno," he said looking down to where she was looking at his hardening cock before staring at her sitting next to him. "In the way of those old Charles Bronson, Death Wish movies, there's something exciting about holding a woman against her will, stripping her naked, and forcing her to have sex."

He paused before looking up at her as if in readiness to read her reaction and facial expression with what he was about to say.

"Rape? You find rape sexually exciting? So you're into rape now? Since when? That's really sick Joshua. That's really fucked up. How would you feel if someone raped me or if someone raped your mother?"

Giving her an inappropriate look, he looked at her more with sexual excitement than he did with concern for her safety and welfare.

"I wouldn't want anyone to hurt you or my mother in that violent way," he said backpedaling while touching and squeezing her hand.

Even though he'd never want anyone to rape his mother or his girlfriend, if someone did, no doubt wishing that he could watch, he'd be the first to ask them to repeat all of the dirty details. Wrapped around the pretense that talking about it, in the way of psychological therapy, would help them heal, he'd encourage them to talk in length about all that happened.

"Thank you," said Nancy. "I feel better that you wouldn't want anyone raping me or your Mom. Only," she said looking at him as if trying to read him. Knowing him well, she said her insightful thoughts out loud. "I can't help but think that you wouldn't mind watching me or your mother being taken by some man or men," she said suddenly looking off as if she was imagining being raped and/or gangbanged.

"Now don't take this the wrong way Nance," he said.

"What? Tell me Joshua. Just blurt it out in the way that you do with every stupid thing you say without thinking," she said obviously getting angry with him.

He looked at her as if afraid to confess his thoughts.

"I know it sounds bizarre but I almost wish I could reenact that scene in Clockwork Orange," he said with a laugh. "I like the idea of taking power away from a woman by stripping her naked, humiliating her, and forcing her to submit to my will."

Obviously now on the same page, she gave him a sexy smile while running a slow tongue across her lips and tossing her head to flip her lush, long, chestnut hair.

"Speaking of taking the power away from a woman by stripping her naked, humiliating her, and forcing her to submit her will to yours," she said pausing, "you're always doing that to me. But, unlike the other women that you've been with, I love it," she said. "I crave that kind of sexual attention," she said groping his erection through his pants.

"Yeah, but you're different. You're not like any other woman that I've known."

"I'm different? Different how?"

"You're bi-sexual and," he said with a pause before laughing. "You're easy."

"Easy? I am not easy. Asshole," she said laughing. "I'm your slut. I'm only easy for you."

"Actually, now that I think about that scene in Clockwork Orange, a sexy game to play, rather than forcing someone to do something against their will, it would be more sexually exciting taking the power away from a woman without her realizing it. As if giving her my own version of Aversion Therapy, Aversion hypnosis, if you will, by making a strong woman a submissive woman before humiliating her, is something that I'd want to try doing with someone," he said. "Only who?" He looked at her as if he was wanting her to volunteer.

"You can reenact that scene with me," she said wiggling herself in her seat as if she was secretly masturbating herself. "I have some old clothes that you can cut holes in to expose my tits, my ass, and my pussy," she said getting visually, sexually excited.

She looked at him with lustfulness in her eyes as if he had just depressed her sexual on button, no doubt, by the thought of him cutting holes in her clothes and exposing her body to him.

"That would be fun," he said looking at her and returning her lust with his excited, sexual anticipation. "Only, being that we've had sex lots of times and being that you willingly want to have sex with me, just as I love having sex with you," he said squeezing her hand. "Me having sex with you in that way is not nearly the same as me changing the behavior of a strong willed, confident woman in making her want to have sex with me and even allowing me to control and humiliate her."

"I see," she said looking rebuffed and pulling her hand away. "Well, if you got me drunk enough," she said pausing to watch his reaction to what she was about to say while curling her hair with her finger. "Perhaps you could invite one or two of your friends over or another couple to help you undress me and discipline me," she said looking at him with horny wickedness in her eyes.

"Really? You'd do that for me?" He looked at her as if she had just told him that he won the lottery and no doubt he had with the try anything once attitude of his kinky girlfriend. "You'd allow a couple of my best buddies or another couple to help me strip you naked and spank you before having their wicked way with your naked body?"

"Yeah, sure. Why not?" She shrugged and gave a sexy laugh. "So long as I can have my wicked way with their naked bodies too." She looked at him with naughtiness.

"Wow," he said.

"I've been bad Joshua, so very bad that I need a hard spanking," she said taking his hand in hers and looking up at him with apologetic eyes. "I need to be taught a lesson," she said louder. "I need to be disciplined," she said stiffening her posture. "Tie me to your bed Joshua," she said ripping open her blouse to expose her B cup bra and cleavage. "Blindfold me, spank me, and make me your submissive bitch" she said with a saucy smile.

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