Mother Knows Best


He leant forward and awkwardly wrapped his arms around her, but she shrugged him away.

"Not in those jeans and trainers. You'll mark the sheets."

Sometimes it was useful to remind him who was the woman of the house. Dutifully he kicked off his shoes, unzipped his jeans and slid them down his legs. Abigail noted the encouraging bulge in his boxers.

"That's better. Now come here and give me a proper cuddle."

Clad only in T-shirt and shorts, her son slipped into the bed beside her and wrapped her in his strong arms. Oh yes, she thought, this is what I have been missing. Already she could feel his cock growing against her side. So, evidently, could he.

"Sorry," he murmured, blushing and moving away so that his cock was no longer touching her. "It seems to have a mind of its own."

"Stop worrying," she smiled, pulling him closer. "I've told you, I'm flattered."

Once again, she could feel his hard cock against her and this time he didn't pull away.

"I love you, mum," he murmured.

"I love you too, darling," she said and kissed him fondly on the lips.

He kissed her back and, without either of them really meaning to, they both pressed their lips a little harder together until the kiss had turned almost passionate. Quickly they pulled apart.

"Sorry," he muttered.

"No, it should be me saying sorry." She could feel his cock moving against her. Heat seemed to be radiating from it. "It was nice though." She touched his lips with her fingers. "You're a very good kisser."

"Am I?" He glowed with the compliment. He had always thought he was hopeless at kissing.

"You must have had lots of practice," she teased.

"Not really," he admitted. "Kissing doesn't seem to be that popular in my crowd."

"They don't know what they're missing." She kissed him again, this time deliberately lingering, gently exploring his lips with the tip of her tongue. "Do you like that?"


"Now do it to me."

He put his lips on hers, then ran his tongue along them. They felt soft, yielding. He could feel his cock stiffening further. Then her lips opened and his tongue slipped between them.

He could feel her teeth, her tongue as it gently rubbed against his. He could feel her gently sucking. Oh boy. A low moan sounded somewhere in the back of his throat.

"Now that was a kiss," she smiled. "I haven't had a kiss like that in years."

"I haven't had a kiss like that ever." He felt quite breathless. He also felt that his cock would soon burst out of his boxers.

She seemed to read his mind. "It certainly hasn't helped you get rid of that erection."

"No. I should go to bed."

"So that you can get rid of it in the usual way, I suppose," she teased. "While you think of me."

He blushed. "Oh mum."

"It seems such a shame that you have to do it on your own."

Casually, but with her heart beating faster, she let her hand drift down until it encountered the tip of his cock. She stroked it gently through his boxers.

Nelson wanted to pull away, but he couldn't. It felt too good.

"Please don't do what you did last weekend. That was torture."

But she didn't take her hand away. Instead she continued stroking him, moving aside slightly so that she could get at it more easily. It felt so sexy beneath the cotton of his boxers, hidden but eager to get out.

"Please, mum..."

"Ssh," she murmured, putting a finger on his lips. "just let me touch it for a while."

She could feel her heart beating in her chest. She knew she shouldn't be doing this, but honestly, what harm was she doing? Her handsome son fancied her, a 40-year-old woman. The proof was under her hand, stiff and hard. Why shouldn't she give him the relief he so obviously needed?

"Just lie back and enjoy it."

His thoughts whirled. "You mean... all the way?"

"Maybe," she smiled. "But it may take a long time. I'm a little out of practice." She gently circled the crown of his cock as well as she could through the boxers and moved her hand up and down. "Do you like that?"

"Oh yes..."

"Does it feel good through your boxers, or would you rather take it out?"

He could hardly speak. "What you're doing feels just great."

"It's the roughness of the cotton, it makes everything more sensitive. And it's very sexy for me too, feeling it all hard, as if it's desperate to be touched properly."

Poor Nelson couldn't think. His cock was being stroked by a beautiful older woman. Never in his wildest dreams etc. The fact that the older woman was his mother he tried not to think about. In any case it wasn't as if they were actually fucking, was it? So it wasn't really wrong. Anyway, she was the one who started it. Not that he didn't want it either, but it wasn't as if he was forcing her. And finally, there was how good it felt. Oh God, yes. The way she knew exactly where to touch him and how hard, especially that place just below the crown and the way she teased his slit. Oh God. And now she was gripping his shaft and pumping him slowly up and down.

"I'm getting hot," he heard her say. "Let's get rid of this."

She kicked the duvet to the foot of the bed. He could see her hand at work on his cock and his hips moving to every stroke.

"That's better," she smiled. "Now we can both watch."

She slid down the bed a little and, pushing his T-shirt up, rested her head on his chest. She loved the feel of the hard muscle against her cheek. Everything about him was hard and strong.

"Lift your hips for me, darling."

He did so and, taking care to lift the waistband above his stiff cock, she slipped his boxers to his feet. His cock stirred happily in the sudden freedom.

"There, what a lovely cock you have, darling. And look how much it loves being played with. So big, so hard."

"Oh God..."

She played with the crown for a while, squeezing the slit, opening and closing it, tracing the underside of the crown where she knew it was so sensitive. It was so red and smooth, almost angry. No wonder, she smiled to herself, it will probably explode any minute.

"Does that feel good, darling?"

"Oh yes, mum. Please don't stop."

"Do you want me to make you come?"


"I don't know if I should," she teased. "Maybe I should stop. I am your mother, after all."

Nelson couldn't answer. He had been trying to keep the same thoughts out of his head for the last 10 minutes. He felt her hand move away from his cock and his heart sank. But his disappointment was only momentary. The next moment he felt her hand cupping his balls, her fingertips exploring between his legs. A moan of pleasure escaped him as he felt a light touch on the ring of his anus. It circled and pressed for a brief moment, then was gone.

"But I think if I stopped now it would be very bad for you," she smiled. "I'm sure it would be damaging for you in some way. After all, I'm only doing this to give you relief. I can't leave you frustrated, can I? That would be too unkind. As your mother, I should always give you what you need. I do love you, after all."

It was quite a speech, but Nelson hardly took it in. He was too busy fighting the urge to thrust his cock in and out of her hand. "Whatever you think best, mum..."

For the next few minutes Abigail concentrated on a steady pumping action, moistening her hand with her tongue to make it slide smoothly over his cock. She loved the feel of it and the sight of the red angry head appearing and disappearing. She loved the way his hips rose and fell helplessly. She loved the sound of his incoherent moans of pleasure.

For his part, Nelson was completely lost in the sensations emanating from his cock. He could feel his orgasm building.

"Are you going to come?"


"Just let it happen, darling. I want to see you come."

She speeded her hand movements. His cock jerked in her grip. She knew he was about to come. She raised herself on her elbow so that she could look at his face. He was breathing raggedly, his mouth half open.


His cock leapt in her hand and out of the slit shot a string of come onto his stomach.

"That's right darling, come for me..."

Nelson felt nothing but pleasure and blessed relief as his cock emptied itself in spurts. He felt his mother slow her movements but still grip him firmly, stroking the full length of his cock, milking it thoroughly. Oh fuck, that felt so good, so good.

"You come such a lot, darling. What a big boy you are."

Only when she was sure he had completely finished and she could feel his cock begin to soften did she finally release him. She spread his come over his abdomen with her fingertips, then slid up the bed and kissed him on the lips.

"Was that good? Do you feel better now?"

"Mmn..." was all he could manage. He hardly knew where he was. All he could think was that he had just been jacked off by his mother and that it was fantastic, much better than when he did it himself.

"I'll take that as a yes then," she smiled. She gave him another kiss. "Now you'd better go and shower and get yourself to bed."

"Can't I stay here with you?" he pleaded.

The same thought had occurred to Abigail, but no, it wouldn't be right. Much as she would have loved to share her bed with such a handsome boy, she couldn't. It would set a precedent. The next thing she knew they would be sleeping together in every sense of the word.

"No, Nelson, you must sleep in your own bed. Now get going."

It took a few more kisses, but eventually he dragged himself out of her room. Finally alone, Abigail was free to contemplate what she had done. With Nelson's semi-naked body next to her, raising her temperature and lowering her defences, it had all happened so naturally. She had felt no guilt, only desire. But alone, and with the effects of the wine worn off, she started to have misgivings.

The next morning Nelson surprised her by bringing her coffee and toast in bed. What was perhaps not so surprising was that he was wearing only a T-shirt, below which he was clearly sporting a full erection.

"This is nice," she said, meaning the breakfast.

"I thought you'd like it," he grinned, meaning his cock. "I thought you could help me out again."

"Did you?" She was disappointed in him. Evidently the breakfast in bed was intended only as a favour that she was expected to return. "I'm sorry Nelson, but much as I enjoyed what we did last night, we mustn't repeat it. You know that."

His face fell. But, to her surprise, he didn't argue. "I know. You're right. But it was so great last night, honestly, and when I woke up this morning for a moment I couldn't think why I felt really happy, but then I remembered and I couldn't stop grinning and I got this huge hard on and I was just about to jack myself off but then I thought I should save it for you because you seemed to like it so much. So I went and got you breakfast and, like, here I am. Sorry. Really."

Abigail couldn't help smiling. "It's all right, darling. You don't have to apologise. Breakfast in bed really is a treat. So you can give me a kiss."

He leant over her and they kissed, a great deal more chastely than they had the previous night, then she gently pushed him away. She glanced meaningfully at his erect cock.

"Now you go and deal with that while I drink my coffee."

He grinned in a comically lustful way. "If you insist."

Even as he walked to the door his hand was already gripping his cock, a gesture which immediately had Abigail's heart beating faster and which almost had her calling out to him not to go.

Despite that initial disappointment, Nelson's mood was considerably brighter over the next few days. He sang in the shower -- in fact, all over the house -- told Abigail terrible jokes and did jobs around the house after being asked only once. It was as if, Abigail said to herself, he had suddenly grown up. Before, it was as if he had been a boy in a man's body -- now he was a man in a man's body. And he was definitely happier in his body. He carried himself differently, more upright. He was also far from shy about showing it off. The days were hot and he took to walking about the house in his briefest Speedos, often with an erection bursting to get out. The sight of his hard lean nakedness and his enticing bulge made poor Abigail quite hot and flustered, especially when he chose to fling his arms around her and give her an impromptu hug.

"I love you, mum," he would say.

She would feel the length of his cock pressing against her.

"You really shouldn't walk around the house like that," she would smile breathlessly. "What if someone should come?"

"I probably will -- thinking of you," he would say and she would find herself laughing, despite herself.

Her resolve, such as it was, soon crumbled completely. She was taking clean towels into Nelson's bathroom -- she thought he was sunbathing in the garden -- and walked in without thinking. Whether she didn't hear the sound of the shower or heard it but chose to ignore it we shall never know. Perhaps more revealing was the fact that even when she saw Nelson in the shower she didn't immediately turn round and walk out. She merely blushed in confusion and said, "Sorry, I've brought you some fresh towels."

Even then, she stood rooted to the spot. It was hardly surprising, given that Nelson was leisurely soaping a splendid erection. He seemed completely unfazed to be disturbed.

"Thanks. Can you scrub my back, please?"

Mesmerised by the sight of his cock, Abigail stood uncertainly, feeling her heart pound. In a moment it was too late to do anything but agree.

"Just this once," she said, kicking off her slip-ons and stepping into the end of the walk-in shower. She forced herself not to look at his cock.

"Turn around."

He turned his broad back to her and she began to rub it with the soapy sponge. Oh God, but he had such a beautiful hard back and -- as her hand drifted lower -- such a beautiful tight bum. She couldn't help herself. She had to rub that too. It wasn't long before the sponge had fallen from her hand. She made no effort to pick it up. She continued to rub him slowly all over with her soapy hands, loving the feel of his hard muscles and the tight globes of his bum. It was almost as if in a dream that her hands slid around to his chest. Soon her body was pressed against his soapy wetness. She was only wearing a sundress and the front quickly became as wet as he was. Her hands drifted onto his flat hard stomach, where they traced the outline of his six-pack. Then they were on his cock. It all felt so natural. Her mind felt empty of everything but the urge to touch it.

Oh dear, oh dear.

Nelson moved hardly a muscle. He didn't want to do or say anything that might stop what his mother was doing. He watched her hands slowly stroking his stiff cock. It felt so good. How did she know exactly what to do? Much better than when he did it himself -- and, fuck, he had had plenty of practice.

In silence, save for the sound of the running water, she slowly pumped his soapy cock. It felt slippery and hard, but she knew that after a while the soap would be an irritant. Pressing herself against his bum, she eased him further into the shower so that the hot water fell onto his cock and rinsed away the soap. She moved to his side, still pumping him steadily with one hand, letting the other caress his bum cheeks and slide up and down his crack. He let out an involuntary moan of pleasure. She guessed that with what he had probably been doing with his cock before she came in and the effect of the hot water he was probably already close to coming, so she decided not to torture him with teasing and playing with the sensitive parts of his cock; she would instead bring him to a speedy climax. She released him momentarily, but only to slip the straps of her sodden dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor of the shower. Then, naked except for her knickers, she resumed her pumping. His cock felt so lovely and hard in her hand. It looked so eager, so desperate to come. She gazed longingly at the smooth round head, unable to resist thinking about what it would feel like in her mouth. Then don't resist, a wicked voice inside her urged. She turned him to face her, so that the water no longer ran down his front, then squatted before him.

Fuck, thought Nelson, she's going to suck my cock, my mum is going to give me a blowjob.

He was right. Holding his cock steady, Abigail licked the tip, ran her tongue round the crown, probed the slit. In short, she explored it thoroughly, until Nelson was moaning continuously in ecstasy. Then she took the whole thing slowly into her mouth. Then slowly withdrew it. Then took it in again, all the while steadily pumping the shaft with her hand.

After only a few moments Nelson felt his orgasm approaching.

"Oh mum, I'm coming, I'm coming..."

Abigail withdrew his cock from her mouth and directed it at her naked breasts. It jerked spasmodically in her hand and shot strings of hot come onto her wet skin.

"That's right darling," she urged. "Come on me. Come all over me."

"Oh, fuck... Fuck..." Nelson moaned. The pleasure was so intense -- much more than he had ever dreamt it would be. He watched transfixed as his mother slowly spread his come all over her breasts. They were gorgeous, really full and firm, far better than what he had guessed them to be like under her nightdress.

She stood and smiled up at him, still slowly stroking his softening cock.

"Did you like that, darling?"

"Fuck, yes..."

"Good. So did I."

She reached up and kissed him softly, a kiss that quickly became passionate. She pressed her wet body against his and eased them both directly under the shower. The hot water cascaded over them.

"Now you can wash me."

Gone were any inhibitions. Gone were the last vestiges of guilt. She just felt warm and sensual as his hands roamed freely over her body. Without asking, he slid her knickers down over her hips and she, without objecting, stepped out of them. He spent a lot of time washing her breasts and playing with her nipples, then, with trembling fingers, expecting to be stopped at any moment, slipped his hand between her thighs.

"You shave," he said, as if surprised. "It feels so smooth."

"I try to keep up with fashion," she smiled. "I'm not that old."

"I want to do to you what you've just done to me."

She had been hoping he would say exactly that, but she hadn't dared to ask. The truth was she was as horny as she could ever remember. She was desperate to come.

"I'd love you to."

Without further ado he started to thrust a finger between her lips. "Will you teach me how to do it?"

She gripped his hand and held it still. "Alright, lesson number one. Not in the shower. Soap and water are not good aids to lubrication. In fact, they can be downright painful."

He looked so downcast she realised she may have punctured one of his favourite fantasies. She smiled reassuringly and led him out of the shower. "Let's dry ourselves off, then go to my bedroom."

She lay down on her back on the bed not sure where to put her arms or whether to have her legs together or slightly open.

"It's very light in here," said Nelson. "Shall I close the curtains?"

Was that a hint that he found her not so attractive in full daylight as in the running water of the shower? She put aside the thought.

"Leave them open. I like to look at you."

She rather hoped that would bring a similar declaration from him, but none came.

"Besides, you need to see what you're doing," she added, smiling. "Come here."

He lay beside her and immediately put his hand on her pubic bone.

"Lesson two," she said. "Take it slowly. You may be in a rush -- even I may be in a rush -- but it's always much better if you go slowly, believe me."


She kissed him. "Don't be. I'm going to teach you how to be the man every girl dreams of. Now start by kissing me."

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