tagBDSMMother Mistress Ch. 01

Mother Mistress Ch. 01


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Note: This set of stories will be a follow up to "The Scholarship Student" series of stories that I wrote in 2002. Although this series will stand on its own, the readers may want to familiarize themselves with the original series to better appreciate the characters and the context of the stories to follow.

* * * * *

It was late summer and Agnes Gilden was mulling over whether to resume boarding students for another scholastic year at the University. She hadn't been called from the Student Housing Office and perhaps it might be the time to just stop providing room and board for students at her home. Thinking of past years brought many fond memories of the students she had housed, both at her previous home and at her present rather massive estate. Her thoughts drifted back thirteen years ago when she first met her adopted son, Robert. Those were special years for her, Robert and her two best friends, Jane and Martha. Together they guided Robert through school, along with some pleasurable times during Robert's years as a submissive and a cross dresser.

Robert was a man now. He was president of the family software business, married to Beth and thinking about starting a family. The company grew rapidly under Robert's excellent guidance and as a result she was extremely wealthy now. She had purchased this grand estate in an isolated wooded area several miles from the college town in which she had lived when she first took Robert in as a student boarder. The house had over eighty rooms and resembled an old English Manor house. Its isolated location permitted Agnes to privately pursue her Domination lifestyle without fear of discovery. Nearly all of the students that she took in had participated in the lifestyle as submissives.

Agnes, Jane and Martha continued their sexual Domination adventures during in the hidden secret rooms of the house. These special rooms were soundproofed and were either in the basement or the attic. The 'girls', as Agnes stilled called Jane, Martha, and herself had aged well for being in their early fifties. Naturally, some wrinkles had appeared, but all in all, they had retained their figures and were still beautiful women. Agnes could not decide on a boarder for the school year and put aside thinking about it until later. It was time for her to shower and get ready for a dinner date with the 'girls'. Perhaps they could help her decide.

Her housekeeper, Cindy, called Agnes on the intercom to tell her she had drawn her bath. Cindy was a former student boarder and a lifestyle participant during her student years. Now Cindy ran the estate and was a close personal friend as well as the business manager for Agnes's investments. She lived at the house with Agnes and often participated in the 'girls' Domination and sexual activities. Cindy was a tall woman, measuring just over six feet, with a very shapely body. Her breasts were nearly a thirty six C cup, well shaped with no discernable sag. She had long red hair, green eyes with legs and an ass to kill for. She also had an MBA in Financial Management and was a very astute financial professional.

Although she called herself a house keeper, in truth she was Agnes's confidant, friend and personal maid as well. Most of the housekeeping duties were performed by other hired help. Cindy took care of her Mistress Agnes and served her in any way that Agnes desired. Like the 'girls' Cindy was bisexual with a preference for women, although not always. She waited at the top of the staircase as Agnes walked up the steps and together they went into Mistress Agnes's elegant bedroom. "I've drawn a bath for you, Mother Mistress," Cindy said to her as she helped Agnes to undress. "I will join you in the tub as you asked, Ma'am." she told Agnes as Cindy removed her robe to stand naked.

Agnes mused over the term, 'Mother Mistress' that Cindy had used to refer to her. She thought back thirteen years ago when her daughter in law, Beth, had first used that name for Agnes. Beth had just met Agnes that long ago day when Robert had brought her to meet his mother and introduce his future bride. Agnes and Beth had instantaneously developed a wonderful rapport for one another and Beth had used 'Mother Mistress' as an endearing name for her mother in law. The name instantly won Agnes's approval and it stuck famously. Nearly all of her student submissives since that time had only known her as their 'Mother Mistress', including Cindy. Agnes enjoyed being known as Mother Mistress because in a sense she was a mother to all of her young submissives. She had mothered them, fed them, disciplined them, rewarded them, cried with them and shared their most intimate and tender moments as any mother would do.

Agnes smiled at her lovely friend, companion and confidant as she stepped out of her panties and stood nude with Cindy. She looked in the full length mirror to see her naked reflection and smiled. 'Not bad for an old broad,' she thought. Agnes still had her great figure. Her breasts had matured, but were still firm with a lovely rounding on their under sides. The nipples hardened to stand erect and proud as she watched herself in the mirror. Her belly was still flat and her bush was as dark as it ever was. "Why should I deny this gorgeous body to a worthy boy or girl student, Cindy?" she asked, half joking.

"You shouldn't, Mother Mistress. You look gorgeous! I can only wish to look that good when I'm fifty three," Cindy replied. "I still think you should offer to board one or two students again this year," she continued. "You know that I'll be here to help out if it's needed, but knowing you, Ma'am, you can handle it perfectly well without my help."

Agnes smiled at her confidant and hugged her, kissing her cheek. "You always know what to say to make me feel wonderful, dearest Cindy," Agnes said. "Most of all, it means so much more to know that you truly mean it, love." She gazed at her naked friend and felt a slight twitch in her pussy. "Let's hurry to our bath or I'm going to be late for dinner and I'll have to eat you instead."

"I'll vote for you being late," Cindy smiled back at her. Agnes shook her head as she took Cindy's arm and they walked into the bathroom to the huge sunken tub. The scented water smelled heavenly as the two women descended the steps into the tub. Agnes sat down on the marble seats as the hot water cleansed her soft skin. Cindy sat next to her and began to bathe her Mistress with a soft sponge. She tweaked Agnes's pussy and clit as she drew the sponge all over her older friend and Mistress. Agnes grinned and thanked her for making an 'old lady's' day. Her hand moved through the soapy water to Cindy's pussy to rub her clit in retaliation. Cindy gave a start as she hadn't expected the sudden move.

"God Cindy, I wish now that I hadn't agreed on dinner. I'd truly rather stay and eat you than dinner out." Cindy grinned and hugged her Mistress. They soaked in the soothing waters for several minutes before Agnes decided that it was time to get ready for the dinner. Cindy got out of the tub first, to get a terrycloth robe to wrap around Agnes as she exited the sunken tub. Cindy put on her robe then helped her Mistress dress, did her make up for her, combed her dark hair and escorted her to the stairs. "Have fun, Mother Mistress," she called to her as Agnes descended the stairs. Agnes heard a car pull up to front entrance and she gathered her purse and wrap and went out to meet Jane.

She smiled at her friend of many years and got into the new Cadillac. Jane kissed her on her cheek, put the car in gear and drove off. "Martha will meet us at the restaurant," Jane said to her, "She was running late and called to tell me to start dinner without her if we wanted." Agnes nodded and looked straight ahead. "I'll bet you're still debating whether you will have any students living with you this school year," Jane guessed correctly. Not waiting for Agnes to respond, Jane continued, "Well, I think you should, Agnes. I can hardly wait to get my hands on a 'newbie', so pick a delicious one, dear."

Agnes laughed and admitted that she would probably regret it if she let such an opportunity for a 'newbie' get away from her. "Cindy is all for it too, so I think I'll call student housing in the morning to set up some interviews," Agnes told her.

"Wonderful!" exclaimed Jane with a giggle. "Martha said she wanted a new 'baby girl' this term and maybe even a 'little boy' too."

Agnes grinned, "Well, I'm not surprised. Martha loves to mother her 'baby' students. She wouldn't know what to do with herself if she wasn't nursing someone regularly." Both women laughed and chatted about their lactating friend, Martha. She loved to take over the lives of collage age young men and women and turn them into adult babies. Martha worked for the university as a Dormitory Counselor, or Dorm Mom, and would select the hornier students to bring into her adult baby fetish. She began by only choosing young women because back then the dormitories were segregated. But now, young college men and women lived in the same dorms and she was drawn to both genders. Her specialty was a lactating fetish and she made sure that her huge breasts were always full of milk.

Jane pulled into the restaurant and drove to the entrance. She handed her keys to the valet and the two women went inside. The Mai-tre d' seated them right away at their reserved table and called the waiter. He took their drink orders and they sipped their Bordeaux until Martha joined them. The three friends ordered and ate while discussing the student border question among them. Martha was delighted that Agnes had decided to take in borders again this year. She laughed as she said that it appeared that the choices would be 'ripe' this year for either gender.

Their conversation was interrupted by a visit to their table by the Director of Student Housing who was also dining there tonight. He asked if he could count on Agnes to accept a border this year once again. Seizing the opportunity, Agnes said she would be glad to help and that she may board two students this year if it was practical. The Director thanked her for her generosity in helping the University and said he would send her some student profiles so she could interview them. Agnes gracefully accepted his thanks. She thought about selecting both a young woman and a young man. The male and female, two student option, seemed to provide stimulating scenarios for submissives and their future Dominatrix.

With Cindy as a live-in helper submissive, managing two opposite sex students would not be as demanding, and of course Jane and Martha would help too. Agnes now looked forward to the student interviews as Jane drove Agnes home. Cindy favored the two student scenario and relished the opportunity to become a helper Domina to her Mother Mistress. The most difficult part of the new scenario would be convincing the new students to become submissives at the same time.

Three weeks passed before the Student Housing Center began sending student profiles to Agnes. She and Cindy carefully reviewed each profile to determine the likely candidates. They decided to conduct joint interviews with the likely candidates to save time and to provide the forum for informed discussion of each candidate. The interview format was open; each student would receive as much time as Agnes and Cindy wished to spend to make a careful selection. Their choices were reduced to two students, Susan Carson and Patrick Murphy.

Susan was eighteen years old, about five feet, six inches tall, weighing about one hundred twenty five pounds. She had long brown hair, blue eyes, a very shapely body with breasts estimated to be in the thirty four C range. Susan was majoring in psychology and seemed devoted to her studies. Patrick was also eighteen, but older than Debbie. He stood nearly six feet tall, had an average body and from Agnes's estimation, well packaged genitals. Patrick had dark blonde hair, a sparse beard, dark brown eyes and weighed about one hundred eighty five pounds. He was majoring in biology with plans to move on to medical school.

Both Patrick and Susan disdained fraternities, sororities or active social lives, in favor of disciplined study to help reach their goals. They worked at student jobs at the University to help pay for college and expenses. In addition, each had applied and received student loans to cover tuition, books, fees and housing. Agnes and Cindy seemed confident that these two students would become willing submissives in exchange for help through college. Agnes called to ask them to meet at her home so she could discuss the terms and conditions she expected from them both. Both Susan and Patrick arrived the next day in response to Agnes's call.

"Dear Susan and Patrick, I have selected both of you as my student boarders during your years at the University. You will live here and have full use of all the facilities that are open to both of you. Cindy will fill you in on which areas will be 'off limits' to you two. I have extensive resources and with your agreement, I would like to invest in both of you. What I mean is that I will advance you the money to complete your education. You can repay me, with interest of course, when you graduate and get a good job. I will pay off your student loans and make it possible for both of you to concentrate on your studies. This arrangement is between you two and me. The University does not need to know anything about our 'contract' and I prefer it that way, or else I would be deluged by students trying to become boarders here at my house," she explained.

"There are some conditions; however," she continued, "that I shall strictly impose, and I think you will agree that they are for your own good. First, I will pay your tuition, books, clothes and other living expenses including a stipend for your personal use. Second, you must strive for A's in all of your grades, although occasionally, a B might be tolerated. Any grade below an A must be satisfactorily explained to me, or I will exact some, as yet undetermined, discipline. Your education is of paramount importance and must not be compromised. Third, if you refuse any, I repeat, any, of my discipline decisions this agreement is terminated. Fourth, although you are now eighteen and adults, you will however, always ask my permission to do anything other than study, go to classes and do your chores here at the house. None of my decisions may be questioned!

"I know these terms are harsh, but that is the sacrifice you must make to secure your education, and that I must impose, to protect my investment in both of you. The choice is yours. What I have outlined solves your current financial and housing dilemma, secures your future and protects my investment in both of you." Agnes paused for effect then continued, "I want both of you to think about my proposal and tell me your decision." Agnes looked deeply into their eyes when she finished; they both looked stunned! They tried to talk, but Agnes put her fingers over their lips and slowly shook her head. Both of them nodded and stood up.

Agnes led them into her well appointed living room and had them sit down in a corner conversation area. "I want you both to discuss and think about my proposal. If you accept, I have a contract drawn up for you to sign with appropriate protections for all of us." She turned and left closing the living room doors behind her. Susan and Patrick seemed stunned by Agnes's proposal. They discussed the proposal for nearly an hour then arose to step into the foyer where Agnes and Cindy awaited them.

"Mrs. Gilden," Susan began, "we have decided to accept your very generous proposal."

"Wonderful." Agnes said to them. "Cindy will show you to your rooms and explain things like transportation to and from school, breakfast, lunch and dinner times and the 'off limits' zones in the house and on the grounds." She moved to hug each one and welcomed them into the household. Agnes asked Cindy to drive them to their current lodgings to gather their things and return them to the house. Cindy knew the drill well from the many times that it had occurred; she would meet separately with their landlords to settle any lease arrangements then drive them back. Just as soon as Cindy drove off with the students, Agnes called Jane and Martha to tell them the good news.

Soon school began and after an initial period of getting used to one another, things settled into a routine. Agnes resumed her daily routine and Cindy continued to manage her Mistress's affairs and household. Both were eager to start training the new submissives, but each student had to commit some mistake that would cause Agnes to invoke the discipline clauses of their signed contracts. As usual, Jane and Martha were impatient to begin the fun and games, but understood that they must wait until the right time.

Agnes would routinely oversee Susan's and Patrick's progress with their studies. Daily, she would review their papers, tests and notes, ostensibly to 'protect' her investment in each of them. In reality, she was looking for a reason to invoke the discipline clauses of their contracts. This day, Susan had come home very upset with herself. She handed Agnes a psychology test paper graded with a C. Agnes was thrilled, but successfully kept her joyful feelings secret from Susan. "What is this, Susan?" she asked as sternly as she could, considering the fact that she could hardly contain her joy.

"I didn't study for this test very well, Mrs. Gilden," stated Susan, "I'm sorry ma'am."

"Susan, saying you're sorry just won't do! We have an agreement...a contract! I might have accepted a B, but Susan, this is a C! How could this happen?" she demanded to know.

"I wish I could tell you, please forgive me, Mrs. Gilden. I thought the test would only be a quiz," Susan said apologetically, a tear welling up in her eye. She was visibly frightened that Agnes might cut off her scholarship.

"Well, Susan, now you have forced me to invoke the discipline provisions of our contract, haven't you?" Susan nodded and lowered her gaze to the floor, her eyes filled with tears. "Susan, I want you to wait in your bedroom until I decide your punishment." The young woman tried not to cry, but her soft sobs were audible as she ran up the stairs to her room. Agnes called Cindy to join her in the living room and the two women discussed their new situation. This was the opportunity they had both been waiting for. The problem now was to get Patrick out of the house for three or four hours until Agnes could enforce the discipline for Susan's infraction.

Cindy suggested that she take Patrick shopping with her to an outlet mall to purchase several heavy items and load them into the mini van. After that, Cindy would shop for a couple of hours, giving Agnes enough time to discipline Susan. Agnes suggested that Cindy take Patrick to Victoria's Secret and have him help her select intimate feminine apparel. Cindy would judge Patrick's reactions to determine how to deal with him when he too, breached his contract. It was a job that Cindy had performed for Agnes many times over the past few years. She also enjoyed watching the young males squirm and try to deal with their humiliation in a risqué lingerie shop.

Cindy and Patrick left soon after he had returned from school. Agnes went to her bedroom and changed to just her thigh high stockings, a flimsy bra and a skimpy bikini panty. She put on a fluffy terrycloth robe over her underwear and walked to Susan's room. Susan was trying to busy herself with homework, but her thoughts centered on what Mrs. Gilden would do about the poor grade she received on her test. The knock on her door startled her and she quickly arose to go to the door. "Yes?" she said, knowing in her heart that it was Agnes.

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