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Mother's Day is Coming Soon


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Graeham Goble: "Oh, lady, I think it's only fair I should say to you 'Don't be thinking that I don't want you, 'cause maybe I do.'"

+ + +

We were sitting in the hot tub enjoying a warm August night. Next to me was my bride of three years, Elaine. Across from Elaine was her mother, Lydia. While Elaine was wearing a very sexy bikini, Lydia wore a very conservative one piece swimsuit. Elaine had already downed a few shots and was nursing a long neck. I don't drink much so I was still on my first glass of wine. Lydia had to work so she was abstaining.

Elaine and Lydia are almost identical in body measurements. From across the room you could mistake them for twins. Once you get close you can see the maturity of Lydia. The nose, chin, and fingers are a little more defined on Lydia.

Our Friday night routine was to watch a movie then soak in the hot tub. We had just watched a movie about a woman who finds love after the age of fifty. My mother in law is forty five years old. She had Elaine when she was sixteen. She is about as sweet as they come. I've never had a cross word with Lydia. Elaine, on the other hand, is constantly butting heads with Lydia. They remind me more like sisters than mother and daughter. They can argue about the most meaningless of things.

I was listening to Elaine and Lydia discuss the merits of the movie when the conversation got very interesting.

"What about you mom? Do you think you'll ever remarry?"

"I don't know. I'm in love but I don't know what the future holds."

"WHAT? WAIT! You're in love? Who? How? I haven't seen you go on a date in years."

"He's married."

"You're screwing around with a married man? No way. Miss 'kill the cheaters' has a married lover?"

"I am not screwing around with a married man. I'm in love with a married man. He doesn't know it."

"This is surreal mom. Are you some kind of stalker? Who is it?"

"No, I'm not a stalker and it's none of your business."

+ + +

My name is John and I just celebrated my thirty fifth birthday. Elaine is six years younger than me. I worked on oil rigs, in the Stan countries, for ten years. Technically I met Elaine when she was twenty two. She was in the accounting department and I would exchange emails with her. If you can flirt via work emails, we did.

I didn't actually know what she looked like until I returned from the fields. It was financially rewarding to work in the Stans, but the lifestyle was not conducive to starting a family. I gave it up when I turned thirty. I spent a few weeks at the home office, in Houston, and eventually met Elaine. I was moving onto a new career and Elaine was handling my exit paperwork. As soon as we worked for different companies, we started dating.

I had never been in a serious relationship. Elaine was very serious about her high school sweetheart, but they went their separate ways in college. She's a good looking woman but not runway model material. I'm a little grizzled for my age. Working those fields, in that harsh environment, will do that to you. Regardless of looks, we seemed to have some chemistry.

I don't know what a typical romance is supposed to look like but we dated for several months.

I really can't pinpoint why it took us so long to have sex, but after about ten dates over the course of three months, we did. We had been on a picnic and probably had a little too much to drink. It certainly helped that a couple nearby was making out with a vengeance. When we came back to my house Elaine was all over me.

I pulled her sweatshirt and bra over her head while she fumbled with my belt and zipper. After shedding our clothes she pumped my cock and rolled a condom on. My fingers made her even juicier and we settled into the middle of the bed. With Elaine on her back she spread legs and I buried my cock. It was a pleasantly snug fit.

Elaine was a very passive lover. She would wrap her legs around but really didn't actively participate. My first orgasm came quickly. Not unexpected due to the newness and how long it had been since the last time I'd been inside a woman. I brought Elaine to an orgasm using my fingers.

After a short snuggle I was hard again and, with another condom in place, I was able to take my time before another orgasm. I sensed that Elaine was feeling a tingle but unless she starts actively participating I doubt I can get her to orgasm with my cock. I finished her with my fingers again.

About ten days later we repeated this performance. In between I received a couple of hand jobs. Elaine would lick my cock but a blow job was not in my future. She remained a listless passive recipient of my efforts.

Although we kept increasing the frequency of sex, the ritual rarely varied. I tried to introduce new positions but standard missionary style was what she wanted. I'm not complaining. Sex several times a week was several times a week more than I had been getting. And I was getting hand jobs on the days when we didn't have sex. Elaine seemed to have a penis fetish.

After popping the question, a date was set, and ten months after the ceremony Elaine delivered twin girls.

Just before I started dating Elaine I had purchased a house on a small lake. It was in a nice neighborhood about twenty minutes from my office. Elaine moved in when we married and she returned to work about two months after the girls were born.

Lydia works as a medical devices assembler. She normally works 10 pm to 6 am. She's been living with us for the last two years. She's a truly sweet lady. It's a waste that she hasn't found someone to share her love with.

Lydia's job is barely better than minimum wage but she does get shift differential. It was right after the twins were born that Lydia moved in. Living in her own apartment, she was struggling to survive. It made more sense to have her use the basement bedroom and help Elaine with the girls.

Elaine and I actually had heated discussions about her mother living with us. I really didn't mind but Elaine was uncomfortable about it. It's not like we were hosting sex themed adult parties. At most we had a couple of friends over for steaks once in a while. I couldn't understand the hesitation.

Lydia has been an invaluable addition to our home. She is more than willing to babysit the girls. She thinks she has to pay rent so she cleans and does the laundry too. Just a few weeks ago we had lent Lydia eight hundred. She said she needed it for a down payment, but wouldn't tell us what it was for.

Elaine and I talked about it before deciding to do it. There's a big difference in loaning money to a brother, two thousand miles away, versus a mother living under the same roof. When I gave her the cash she said she'd repay it two hundred per month.

+ + +

As we were toweling off, the grilling continued.

"What's he look like?"


"Your lover!"

"None of your business."

"Where does he work? Where did you meet him?"

"None of your business. I'm not going to tell you a single detail. If you were to put two and two together it might screw up things. So, he lives at the North Pole and I see him every Christmas. Got it?"

Lydia headed down the stairs, to get ready for work, while I helped Elaine clean up. Tonight's discussion had a side benefit for me. It was one of the best love making sessions we had enjoyed in quite some time.

"What got you so worked up tonight?"

"Just the thought of mom with a lover. I don't know. I forget that she's a woman. She's Mom, you know."

"If I was paying attention, I don't think she's been with him. So technically he's not a lover yet."

"Yeah I guess so, but I still find it exciting."

"Well you keep thinking about it, say about bed time every night. Work for you?"

"Said the man with a side agenda."

"Who me?"

Our sex life before we got married was more predictable than our married routine. Elaine getting pregnant almost immediately after we were married prevented any chance of that. Then came the twins, then her mother, and then our jobs. It's all excuses, but we have yet to find that comfort zone of predictable bedroom exercises. Elaine never lets me go too long without a hand job.

I still enjoying nibbling on her nipples and inhaling her personal scents. She will take my cock in her mouth but it's not really a blow job. She has given me a few foot jobs recently. It's different and enjoyable.

+ + +

The secret crush onslaught continued after dinner Saturday night.

"So Mom, why do you sit and wait for your lover? Why not keep looking until you find someone who's available?"

"I wish it was that easy. When you're in love it's hard to think about anyone else."

"How long are you prepared to wait?"

"Actually I think I may get a chance. I think his wife is cheating on him. If he kicks her out I intend to be fluffing his pillows before the smell of her shampoo has left."



"This is a side of you I didn't know existed. You really want him don't you?"

"You act like you've never been in love."

"Ummm Mom, are you forgetting the father of your grandchildren?"

"Well you might know how I feel then."

"Let's say his wife is cheating. What should he do to her?"

"The choices are endless. Poison her. Suffocate her in her sleep. An accidental overdose. If she passed out in the tub she might drown. Gun play is too messy, but a well place shot, you know a random drive-by late night thing. Maybe I could find a way to get him the poison. You know, mix it into her drink. I still have my gun case in the basement. I think some of these could be made to look like an accident."

"That's the Mom I remember, Miss 'kill the cheaters'."

Lydia had tried marriage once. I don't know all of the details, but her ex had his girlfriend over while he was supposed to be babysitting Elaine, who was four at the time. In her rage Lydia couldn't remember the numbers to unlock the padlock on the gun case. In the time it took to find where she had written them down, her ex had the necessary time to hit the road. Lydia got off a few shots at his fleeing car. Nobody knows where he went.

Anytime we watched a movie with marital misconduct, Lydia would start into her antics about how every cheater should be killed. For such a sweet lady this was out of character. I suspect the hurt from her marriage was very deep indeed. If ever there was a poster woman for the old saying 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned', it is Lydia.

+ + +

Part of living in our neighborhood is the camaraderie. We have a traveling BBQ party which occurs every other week. There's probably a dozen houses that participate. They range from the Harmons, who are in their seventies, to the Seymores, who are just married and younger than Elaine and I. This Sunday it is at the Trents and two weeks later it's at Rex Hanson's place.

Rex is a real gun buff. He rubs people the wrong way bragging about his supposed gun skills. I've seen his gun collection. It is impressive. He goes shooting every weekend and then cleans his guns during the week. It was a Tuesday when I saw his collection. He was cleaning them that night. He has a mayonnaise jar with his cleaning mixture. He soaks the small parts then reassembles the guns. He smokes cigars, even when he's working on his guns.

The BBQ at the Trents was well attended. Lydia watched the kids until we returned. I won't say these parties aren't without some drama. Every once in a while someone gets high or drunk and does something that doesn't pass the spouse sniff test. I've only been a bystander and I've never seen anything unusual with Elaine.

+ + +

Friday night, with the movie playing, Elaine just couldn't get enough of Lydia's secret crush.

"Let's say he leaves his wife. What makes you think he'd even give you the time of day?"

"I am worried about that. If I come on too strong, before he's had a chance to work through his anger, I could waste my chance. I just need some way to let him know I'm interested and hope I get lucky."

"Maybe you could start giving him signals now."

"Elaine, if I had the chance to show him his wife was cheating, I would do that. Unless and until I can do that, he's a happily married man, and I won't try to subvert that."

"So, you've been spying on his wife?"

"A little. Enough questions. Let's watch the movie."

+ + +

Things were normal until the following Tuesday. I was sitting at my desk when my quiet little world imploded. An overnight envelope arrived with some pictures and a thumb drive containing a video. Elaine and Rex were having an affair. The pictures were of their encounter yesterday, and a few other Mondays. The video was from yesterday.

How is it that a lover gets all the things a husband is denied? I can count, on my cock, the number of times I've come in her mouth. She cussed me out and denied me sex for a few weeks after the only time I did that. Here she is with Rex, sucking him to completion to start their fun.

After they fucked, they snuggled. I once tried to bring up anal sex, but was shot down quickly. Now I hear her tell him, 'Not this time, I'm still a little sore from the last time.'

Instead, she laid on her back, with her head over the side of the bed, and he face fucked her until he came again.

I wasn't going home tonight. You just can't un-see or un-hear some things. I sent Elaine a text telling her I had an emergency in New Orleans and would be gone for a few days. I went home and packed what I thought I'd need. I could always go shopping if I really needed something. The girls were napping and Lydia usually slept at that time of day. I was in and out unnoticed. I did give the girls a kiss on their foreheads while they slept.

I went back to my office and arraigned for a few days off. I dropped by human resources and starting making changes.

After talking with a divorce attorney, I did the usual. I set up new accounts moving my fifty percent into them. Elaine had her own credit cards. My attorney told me to leave the health insurance as is, since I would still be responsible until we were divorced. The lawyer embarked on getting an appraisal of my house. Figures lie, liars figure. He thinks he can an appraisal with a highball estimate at the time of marriage, and a lowball estimate for the current value. The difference will have to be split.

On to taking revenge. I mapped out a strategy. I would take care of Rex first. I called Elaine every night around dinner time. I did not want to disclose what I'd found out. Telling Elaine the patio needed some touch up work, I had her pick up some painting supplies at the hardware store.

I returned home on Friday. I told Elaine that on my flight, I sat next to someone who was coughing up a lung. I told her that I was feeling puny. She seemed concerned for my wellbeing. I didn't buy it. I also didn't kiss her. As much as I wanted to give my girls a big hug and kiss I had to stay in character.

Elaine told Lydia that Friday night's movie and hot tub were out as I was coming down with something. On Saturday morning I told Elaine I was feeling much better and we could go to the neighborhood BBQ.

That night I didn't notice anything inappropriate with Rex and Elaine. If they said anything at all it was just 'Hello'.

I excused myself to use the bathroom. I made a quick detour to my car and then down to the basement.

Rex was a compulsive person. He cleaned his guns every Tuesday night. One of the things I had Elaine pick up was a can of paint stripper. I wore latex gloves, the only finger prints would be Elaine's. I specified a particular brand. It contains methylene chloride, banned in many countries but not here. I dumped his mayo jar and filled it with the paint stripper. I screwed the lid back on the jar then returned it to where I had found it. I placed the new can to the far side of the shelf. Since both liquids were colorless, Rex would only know it was different by the smell. Since Rex puffed on cigars while he cleaned the guns, he'd likely never notice. For him, that could be a fatal mistake. Confined exposure for longer than a few minutes would cause him to feel dizzy and disoriented. The can clearly states that this should not be used indoors unless adequately ventilated. That would be quite unfortunate for Rex. If he didn't leave the room within thirty minutes he could suffocate or suffer long term heart or brain issues.

I returned to the backyard before being missed.

On Wednesday, it was the hazmat team who brought the body bag out. Cut down in his prime. What a shame. How tough is it to read the warning labels on the product? Doesn't seem right that an off the shelf product could kill that easily. Politics makes strange bedfellows. A tip of the hat to the 10 o'clock news for their in-depth report exposing me to the dangers of this brand of paint stripper.

I played ignorant when I came home from work. It was evident that Elaine had been crying. Lydia kept busy fussing over the girls. Dinner was quiet.

"What's bothering you Elaine? You seem preoccupied."

"John, did you hear that Rex was found dead?"

"Have you got a replacement lined up?"

"A replacement? What are you talking about? A replacement for what?"

"Don't worry Elaine, you'll find someone else to fuck and suck."

To say she was caught off guard is pretty accurate.

"Umm, what the hell does that mean?"

"It means you've been fucking and sucking Rex regularly. And now that he's dead, you'll have to find someone else."

"You're crazy, I've never done anything like that."

"Hell, you might even be the last person to have seen him alive. Would you like to see the pictures or would watching the video be better?"

From the side I heard Lydia "Can I see them?"

"MOM! NO! I'm sorry. It got out of hand. I'm sorry. Let me explain."

While Elaine begged and pleaded for understanding, Lydia left the room. She returned a few minutes later.

Lydia beckoned "Elaine, here, drink this. Or maybe you'd like to lay down and rest. Perhaps a bath would feel good."

Elaine literally sprinted down the hall and slammed the bedroom door shut.

Lydia tried the locked door "You can run but you can't hide Elaine."

I slumped on the couch. Elaine opened the bedroom door, pushed Lydia out of the way, then grabbed her purse and scurried out of the house. She had a small suitcase and a duffle bag with her. She left the front door open and I saw her sedan wheel away.

"John, can you come here for a minute?"

I found Lydia in my bedroom fluffing the pillows.

"John, all I'm asking for is a fair chance, when the time is right."

She handed me a piece of paper. It was the final bill for the private investigator. It showed a down payment of eight hundred. She had written 'John, I might need some help paying this off.'

I gave her a very inappropriate kiss, for a mother in law.

"You've earned more than a fair chance. I'll let you know when."

+ + +

It's been very quiet since Elaine bolted out the front door. I'm actually surprised we haven't heard from her. I thought her mothering instincts would have kicked in and she'd want to see the girls. Lydia is more than capable taking care of the twins.

The ATM trail is headed towards the west coast. She might think she's spending my money but she's wrong. My fifty percent was moved before she left.

I've started the divorce proceedings and she was served at her employer's Bakersfield office. According to my lawyer, the longer she goes without making contact, the tougher it will be for her to get custody. At this point she'd have an uphill battle gaining custody. You just don't up and leave twin two year olds.

I give Lydia a goodbye hug and kiss in the morning and the same when I return from work. I give her a very long hug before she leaves for her job. She's wearing makeup and perfume nowadays. She looks as good in a bikini as Elaine did.

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