tagFetishMother's Milk Ch. 02

Mother's Milk Ch. 02


After his first experience with the local La Leche League, he went home feeling that his fantasy had been fulfilled. But the feeling of fulfillment didn't last. In time it became a longing to do it again.

The next week's meeting was already underway. The ladies shared guilty glances at each other, but none of them openly spoke about what had happened. As they exchanged some articles about the benefits of mother's milk for babies and spoke about the new members the hospital said would be joining soon, the door opened and Steven stuck his head into the room. He wasn't sure how the women would feel about him, but was pleased to be welcomed in. In fact, he was surprised when each of the women hugged him and told him how glad they were that he was there. The tone of the meeting changed from drab to upbeat instantly. Each lady perked up remembering how they had all felt so close when they were feeding Steven and he was touching them. Each had felt the disappointment of going home from the last meeting feeling sexy only to find their husbands didn't share Steven's appreciation for the sexiness of a woman with that special blessing.

Soon the comments came pouring out.

"I feel like an old cow still. Steven's touch and the way he was so excited by my milk were so great, but my old man thinks my leaking breasts are gross. He actually said so," Alice sobbed as Steven moved over to put an arm around her shoulder.

"I got all dressed up in my sexiest undies, but when I tried to get Burt to touch my breasts, he was put off. He just wanted a quick suck-off," Doris bitterly admitted.

Each of the ladies had a similar story. As each one let out her disappointment, the group seemed to circle around Steven so he could comfort each one in turn. By the time they had all unloaded their sadness, they were all huddled together. The women all looked at Steven.

"Well, ladies, you know I feel so close to each of you and to the group. I would be happy to continue to be here for you, but I think we should be careful not to draw attention to what we are doing. I don't want a jealous husband after me. We don't want to scare off any ladies who may just want breastfeeding advice. And I don't think the national group would endorse our..uh..extra activities."

He could see the sadness on the faces of the ladies as he spoke.

"But I'm not saying we can't continue. I think we just need to separate what we do from the regular meeting. There can be the La Leche League meeting, and then we can have a break and then those who want to can join us for our extra activities. What do you think?"

Everyone quickly agreed to the wisdom of what he said. Each of the ladies could feel their breasts tighten in excitement. Each of them had fed their babies before coming to the meeting, but most had plenty of milk left and if they were honest with themselves, they had hoped that they could feed Steven and feel his pleasure in their gift.

Sherry spoke up," Then I say we adjourn this meeting so we can get to the good stuff!"

Just as the formal meeting ended and everyone began to relax, the door opened and in walked a young lady, timidly asking if she was in the right place. The atmosphere in the room seemed to freeze. All the ladies had started thinking about having Steven help them relieve themselves, in more ways than one, but the sight of this young girl of perhaps 20 made them pause.

Assuring her she was in the right place, the ladies welcomed her in and sat her down.

"My name is Bonnie. I'm 20 years old and I had a baby a couple of weeks ago. I had to give him up for adoption due to circumstances I'd rather not go into. I'm not sure why I'm here, but I need help."

Some of the ladies sat close to her to offer her solace. Bonnie was choking back tears.

"The delivery was normal and I got to hold him and feed him for a few days before...." Her voice trailed off. She paused a moment to collect her thoughts. "And now I'm here with all this milk and no one to give it too. I know your group gives advice on starting breastfeeding. Do you have any advice about stopping?" She looked around the room.

"We can help you, Bonnie. You are among friends here. We are a just a group of friends and now you are our friend too. Why don't you tell us how you feel right now?" Sherry said.

"Well, I knew I was going to have to give up my son. So, believe it or not, that is not my problem. I don't want to just forget that it ever happened. I want to experience whatever I can of this. And my body is telling me I need something. And my breasts, well I was always big up top, but well..."

Bonnie removed the bulky brown overcoat she had been wearing. She was in a heavy sweater and jeans. For such a small girl, she was very top-heavy.

"My breasts are just so huge they hurt. I feel like I need to...to unload them."

As she spoke, Bonnie grasped her large tits. She could hardly contain them in her small hands. "I have a pump, but it's so artificial to use and so cold. The boy who got me pregnant, we weren't really very close. I went to him and he thought I was trying to trap him or something. I told him the baby was gone and I just needed some help. He called me a fucking cow. He didn't want to see me. Who can blame him? That's all I am, a fucking milkcow," Bonnie collapsed in tears.

"I blame him." Steven said.

Bonnie hadn't noticed the only man present, and was startled. She quickly pulled herself together and sat up.

"This is Steven," Sherry explained. "He is a special part of our group. We were just about to end the regular part of our meeting. I think you should see the special part of what we do. We all know how you feel. Some men, and even some women, have decided that the most beautiful, natural part of womanhood is somehow bad. They are wrong. Part of being a woman is bringing forth new life and then providing nourishment for that life. It's not only an essential physical act, but it is a profoundly emotional act for both parties. All of us here have experienced this and we come together to celebrate this. Some of us have no child to nourish, no outlet for our milk at all, but we feel the need to continue to experience this part of womanhood. Some of us donate to mothers in need. But that just makes the milk come back sooner and more. It feels good and it opens the door to other good feelings. Steven has helped us enjoy those feelings. Would you like to see?"

Bonnie nodded. Doris moved to draw the curtains and Alice dimmed the lights.

Sherry looked down at her own expansive chest and demurely unbuttoned her blouse. She shifted the fabric to one side revealing the large right cup of her white nursing bra. She sat on one end of the sofa. "Steven, honey, Mommy needs her hungry baby." Steven tried not to smile as he quietly moved to join Sherry, lying with his head in her lap. Sherry cupped his head in one hand and unbuttoned the flap on the huge right cup and revealed her full breast topped with a dark ruby nipple, fully erect, standing out from the large dark aureole. Bonnie felt her own large breasts ache and throb as she saw Steven's mouth latch onto Sherry's teat and begin suckling. Sherry sighed loudly and then moaned quietly as he fed. Doris and Alice moved beside Sherry and Steven. Doris moved his legs across her lap sitting beside Sherry, watching a man's mouth suckling her friend's milk-filled tit. Doris' breasts were much smaller, a-cups, usually. Childbirth had rounded her little perkies into little balloons. She hadn't worn a bra this evening hoping that Steven would get a chance to appreciate the easy access. Bonnie sat down and watched, transfixed, as Doris began unbuckling Steven's belt.

He hardly noticed. He suckled gently, feeling and tasting Sherry's sweet milk as it trickled into his mouth. Her hand stroked his hair and face and she smiled down at him. The warm, wet suction on her breast created warmth that spread across her chest and down to her loins. Sherry felt that electric connection to her clit. She wriggled her hips a bit and Steven lightly bit her nipple and suckled that much harder. Sherry moaned. The five other ladies, plus Bonnie, had circled around Sherry and Steven. Some of them focused on Sherry's pleasure, imagining it as if it were their own. Others watched Steven's hungry mouth as he sucked. They saw the bulge in his pants and knew that this special intimacy was equally pleasing to both parties.

In time Sherry felt the right breast becoming empty and she shifted her 'big baby' to the other side. Bonnie came closer, kneeling beside Alice. Alice had been stroking Steven's hair as he nursed. She had opened her blouse and unhooked the front-closing monster that held her bountiful mams. Alice leaned over Steven and rubbed her large pink nipples against his face. Leaking milk left a trail on his cheek. Alice leaned back on her heels and arched her back, closing her eyes. Bonnie, who could feel her own breasts tingling, felt herself reach out to caress Alice's huge milkjugs. Alice smiled without opening her eyes. She stood, putting her teats at mouth-level for the kneeling Bonnie. Bonnie licked the dripping milk from each big nipple. Alice smiled and took one huge tit in two hands and expressed a dozen little jets of fine spray across Bonnie's face. Bonnie opened her mouth and Alice repeated the act giving Bonnie a taste of her nectar. Bonnie shuddered with a near-climax at the warmth and taste.

It had been over a day since Bonnie had tried to use her little battery-powered pump to relieve the pressure that had built up in her enormous boobs. She felt her milk 'letting down' down and begin to flow. Bonnie saw Sherry looking at her with compassion. It seemed Sherry was about to say something to her as a wave of pleasure washed over Sherry. She cupped her breast and squeezed it hard into Steven's mouth. He opened up to suck in as much tit as he could. The sweet wetness leaked out and soon covered his face as Sherry felt a full-body orgasm shake her to the core. Steven instinctively wanted to mount her and bury his stiffness in her pussy. He knew how wet and aroused she must be. But Sherry recovered from her orgasm and gently pulled her breast from his mouth.

"Our new friend is in need, Steven. Bonnie, do you want Steven to do this for you?" Bonnie nodded. Very slowly, the group shifted positions. All eyes were on Bonnie as she stood and lifted her sweater, pulling it off. Considering she had delivered not long ago, Bonnie's body showed few signs of pregnancy. She was wearing jeans that were nearly her old size. She had no stretch marks. In fact, her body looked almost as it had before her pregnancy, except for her breasts. Bonnie had always been very large-breasted. At 13 she had d-cups and the attention from boys that goes with them. She was happy to move to a new town and adopt much more concealing clothes. When a one-nighter had left her pregnant, her big breasts seemed to grow that much bigger. Being as young as she was, the weight of her boobs didn't make them hang to her waist. Rather, they stood out from her chest and their fullness could barely be contained by the large dd-nursing bra. She reached behind her and unclasped it. She let it fall away from her and stood at the center of a circle of women, gathered around a reclining Steven. Sherry moved off to the side to get a taste of Alice's milk. Doris, sensing the intensity of Bonnie's need and feeling a maternal bond with the girl who was young enough to be her own daughter, left Steven's fly open for Bonnie, if that was what she wanted and touching her own breasts under her sweatshirt. She felt wetness on her fingers and tasted her own milk.

Sherry had left her nursing bra's flaps open, exposing her freshly suckled teats for all to see. Small droplets of milk clung to the tips. Steven looked up at Bonnie and then back at Sherry, who smiled and nodded. He sat up on the edge of the sofa. Bonnie stood directly in front of him. She was in a trance. As turned on as she was by watching Sherry climax from breastfeeding this grown man with the sizable bulge in his pants, she was also responding to an aching need she felt inside to unload the milk that had overloaded her big tits to the point of pain.

As Steven sat on the edge of the sofa watching Bonnie, he was struck by how beautiful she was. Her long straight dark hair made her look so young. But her figure was certainly that of a woman. As she moved closer to him, her huge breasts level with his face, her perfume wafted over him. Looking up at her, Steven saw that Bonnie's eyes were almost glazed over. She saw him, but her thoughts were elsewhere. He had never seen breasts as big as hers that were so full and firm. By rights they ought to be hanging down to her knees, but instead those twin melons, each as big as her head stood out proudly. Her aureoles were perfect pink circles and her nipples were wide nubs poking up from them by just a fraction of an inch. He couldn't help himself. Rather than letting Bonnie get comfortable and then gently positioning himself to suckle, his hands each cupped and hefted one of her big orbs. He buried his face between them and smothered himself in the endless warm flesh. He kissed and licked and mouthed all over the deep valley between them. He could feel how tight they were, literally overfilled with mother's milk.

Finally taking a breath, he pulled back to see thin trickles of milk running down from her nipples. Bonnie took charge now. She pushed him back so that he was reclining back against the sofa. She straddled his hips and leaned forward. Her huge left boob swung into Steven's face. He licked the milk that had dripped down and then clamped his mouth over her teat and suckled. Bonnie felt his mouth hungrily pulse and suck. His tongue encircled the nipple, causing it to stiffen and grow and causing a stab of sensation to travel from her tit to her clit and deep inside her. Bonnie crushed his head to her chest. He was in heaven. He felt the nipple he was suckling thicken and grow until he could wrap his lips around it and suck it hard. The milk filled his mouth. Bonnie moaned loudly. She hadn't realized it, but she was grinding her crotch against his leg.

"Big baby," Bonnie spoke without trying to. She felt the intense tugging of his lips and tongue and she could feel her own milk as it coursed from deep inside her bosom through her now-huge teat and into Steven's hungry mouth. When the milk flow slowed, Bonnie pulled that breast away from him. Before she replaced it with the other, she leaned down and kissed her big baby on the mouth, tasting her milk. She quickly stuffed her other nipple, already swollen to fingertip size, into his still-hungry mouth. Again and again he sucked and swallowed. Bonnie's pussy felt warm on his leg even through the layers of her clothes and his. Suddenly, Bonnie gripped each of her massive tits from underneath and squeezed them tight, beyond the point of pain. She was cumming hard. Harder than she ever had. Steven sucked harder even as she thrashed about. His teeth bit at her teats. Bonnie felt a gush of wetness between her thighs. And again. She screamed between clenched teeth and shuddered deeply gushing one last time.

As she regained her senses, Bonnie realized that she had cum and ejaculated something or maybe peed her pants or both. Her jeans were soaked, as was Steven's pants legs. As Bonnie stood up to assess the damage, Doris took her hand and led her to a chair.

Half of the rest of the evening was spent with the ladies feeding Steven. (Doris fed Bonnie.) Several of them came during the process. A few openly masturbated as Steven nursed. It was the most unique mix of carnal and maternal. Somehow Steven hadn't cum through all this. He had gone beyond stiff and numb. As crazy as it seemed, he still didn't think of these ladies like he thought of the girls he dated. What he was doing with these ladies was..well..different. But a need is a need. And when it was time for Steven to get his nut off, he stood and dropped his pants and boxers and sat back. He actually had the thought of jerking off to the incredible tableau before him. Instead, the women gathered around him. One, then another sucked his cock. Some deep and with an experienced technique, others a mere kiss or lick. A few of the ladies simply gave him a kiss on the cheek and a loving look. Their feeling was more maternal, but they understood a man's needs. As his orgasm roared toward him, Steven was just conscious that the last mouth, throat really, that engulfed him belonged to the bodacious Bonnie. But that thought exploded in his mind as sound and vision mixed with feelings and pleasure beyond words for what seemed like ages.

His next clear thought was of the ache he felt deep in his gut. He couldn't decide if it was painful or not. Finally, he realized that he had come. A gigantic orgasm. Buckets of cum. He looked around him and he counted half a dozen smiling beautiful faces of his Leche League buddies, each with at least some of his cum glistening from cheek or nose or lips.

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