Mother's Xmas Gift to her Twin Sons


From what little his mother told him about his biological father, a real jock, captain of his track team, ace pitcher of his baseball team, and star quarterback of his football team, he made no mention of continuing any sports after high school and/or even going to college. Oddly enough, other than the few prom photos that she had of them together, the only cherished photo she had of him was one taken of him proudly standing with his car and wearing his high school, 12 letter sweater for running outdoor track and playing baseball and football. Running, running, and running, if he's even still alive, no doubt, he's still running. She still keeps the picture of him on her nightstand next to her bed. Obviously, he cared more about that damn car than he did for her or for his unborn babies.

With the financial help received from her father and the babysitting help received from her mother, Theresa was able to get a good job after high school and attended community college classes at night while working full-time. Being that she was tall, blonde, busty, and good looking, qualified enough by her looks instead of her administrative skills, she was hired as a secretary for an oil company executive. More concerned with what she looked like than what skills she had, she turned that one job into her career and her golden parachute when that oil company was bought out by another much larger oil company. No doubt, judging by what her boss paid her, she was doing more than just filing and answering the phones for him. After only working for twenty years and investing her money wisely, selling her stock options in the oil company after the stocks split and split again, she prematurely retired to raise her sons. Fortunately, untouched by recession, whether the economy was bust or boom, the oil companies were flourishing.

Sadly and tragically, an unrequited love that was never meant to be, she must have loved this mystery man, Vinnie, enough to never date again. Perhaps with two babies to raise, when they were both barely 19-years-old and just a year out of high school, it's a rare man who'd take on that kind of baggage to begin his life? Regardless of the hardships, never considering abortion or giving them up for adoption, with the help of her mother, she raised her sons alone and her boys appreciated all the hard work she did in keeping them fed, healthy, and safe. Yet, somewhere along the line, perhaps she was lonely or perhaps she saw something in Tom that she didn't see in Tim and that reminded her of Vinnie, her lost love. Actually, the spitting image of their father, they both looked exactly like their Dad. Nonetheless, as if she lost part of her mind, the part that reasoned and the part that had commonsense and decency, single motherhood took its psychological toll on her when she started an incestuous relationship with her favored son.

Being that this story has a Christmas theme, this story would have been an endearing story of a mother's love for a son and a story with a happy ending were it not for the triangular divide of a mother making love with one son and ignoring the other by not including him. Even worse that they were identical twins, had she included both her sons in a threesome orgy of incestuous sex, there'd be little to write about other than a mother sucks one son while fucking the other. Fortunately, for me the writer and you the reader, writing an incestuous story is more fun when there's plenty of jealous tension between the protagonist and sibling rivalry between the antagonist.

Always hugging and kissing, with a hand on a shoulder, an arm, or a leg, Tom and his mother were always touching one another. Whispering their personal conversations and laughing over their private jokes, Tim always scratched his head over the special relationship his mother enjoyed with his brother, one that didn't include him. Every time he walked in the room they stopped laughing and fell silent. Feeling ostracized from his brother when it came to his mother and feeling rejected by his mother when it came to his brother, he wondered what he did wrong not to enjoy the special status that his brother enjoyed with her. Then, one day, filled with as much jealousy as he was with hurt and curiosity, expecting the truth, he finally confronted his brother to confess his suspicions.

"What's going on between you and Mom?"

"Me and Mom? What do you mean?"

"She treats you better than me," said Tim deciding to begin by threading lightly while suddenly feeling as if he was one of the Smother brothers doing their comedy routine.

"She does not. She treats us the same," said Tom with a nervous laugh. "Ever since we were kids and for as long as I can remember, she goes out of her way not to play favorites."

Tim looked at his brother in readiness to read his face before dropping the incest bomb. Only, hard to read, his brother avoided making eye contact with him.

"Are you having sex with Mom?"

Still not looking up at his brother, Tom's face fell in direct relationship to his mouth falling open.

"What? Sex? Me having sex with Mom? Are you nuts?"

Although Tom finally and briefly looked at him, Tim watched his brother avoid making eye contact with him. As if his eyes were a video camera, he recorded his brother raising his eyebrows and quickly blinking his eyes. Based upon the psychology course he took in college, raised eyebrows and rapid eye blinking were two of the many off-the-cuff telltale signs that he was lying.

"You didn't answer my question," she Tim with purpose. "Are you having sex with Mom?"

He stared at his brother again only to read the same telltale signs. Obviously, no doubt, trying to preserve his mother's reputation, with incest a sticky and embarrassing subject, he was lying.

"Of course not," said Tom still not looking at his brother. "Why would you think that? You have quite the perverted imagination Tim. I'd never have sex with Mom and she'd never have sex with me. Eww, that's just nasty," he said still avoiding making eye contact with his brother. "What's wrong with you to even think that never mind ask me that?"

Being that they were twins, Tim didn't need his brother to answer his question to know that he was having sex with their mother. He figured that if he wanted to have sex with his mother, then his brother, no doubt, wanted to have sex with her too. Protesting a bit too much, Tom told his brother that he was just imagining things and, believing his brother, for the longest time he thought he was, that is, until he discovered differently when he monitored her bedroom with a hidden camera hooked up to his laptop computer. With his hidden camera invading his mother's privacy, even if he didn't find evidence of his mother and brother having sex, at least he could masturbate to his mother dressing and undressing. Knowing they wouldn't do anything while he was there in the house with them, he always made an excuse to leave them alone for several hours. With the camera on and Tim out, he finally had his proof that they were incestuously, sexually intimate.

Even though he felt like a real cad for spying on them, it wasn't fair that Tom always received a longer hug, the better piece of steak, a bigger piece of pie, the perfect slab of cake, and a smile instead of a scowl. Not really wanting to believe that his mother was an incestuous slut and his brother was a perverted bastard, if solely based upon their personal interactions, a connection that his brother obviously had with his mother that he didn't, he always suspected there was something sexual going on between the two of them. Yet with no evidence to support his suspicions, that is, until he had the video proof of his mother wearing nothing but a red ribbon and a red bow for Christmas, all his suspicions did was to fuel his hormone induced, sexual fantasies of his brother doing his mother while he masturbated to the thoughts of them together sexually.

Tim rode home with his mother from the airport in silence. He wasn't talking and apparently, with her son and lover going back into battle, she was too upset to talk too. Instead of talking, he stared at his mother. The first thing she did was to remove her coat before getting in the car and as soon as she sat in her car seat, he watched her skirt climb up in direct proportion to his cock hardening. Too hot and too uncomfortable to wear a heavy coat in the car, giving him something to preoccupy his mind and maintain his incestuous lust for her, he was glad that she was sitting beside him in her low cut blouse and her short skirt for the long ride home.

With her skirt hiked to the middle of her thigh and her long, shapely legs spread wide open to allow her to depress the clutch with one foot and the brake and the gas pedal with the other, he looked over at his mother. Even though he's already seen her naked in her room on his laptop computer, seeing her dressed like this was sexier than seeing her naked. Beginning to get horny while watching her short skirt riding higher up her slim thigh, if he leaned forward enough and cocked his head enough to peek between her legs, only too obvious to do that in a closed car, he could probably see her panties. Dressed to say goodbye to his brother at the airport, being that she wasn't wearing a bra with Tim clearly seeing the impressions that his mother's nipples made in her sheer blouse, he wondered if she was wearing panties.

Nonetheless her wearing panties or not, the sexy sight of her driving with her skirt nearly hiked up to her crotch and with her blouse halfway unbuttoned, made him horny for her. After all the times that he imagined what she looked like naked, after watching her undressing and stripping off her clothes, and after watching the video of her having sex with his brother, now he knew. Standing in where his brother left off, he was ready to have sex with her too. He spent years wondering what she'd be like in bed and now having watched her with his brother over and again on video, he knew that too.

"What's wrong? Why do you keep looking at me like that?" She looked over at her son before quickly returning her attention to driving.

Not wanting to cause her to have an accident, Tim had an uncontrollable urge to stick his hand up his mother's skirt and in between her legs to see if she was wearing panties, only he didn't dare. As part of the continuation of his early Christmas gift, he imagined his brother being treated to one last feel of his mother's pussy while French kissing her his goodbyes at the airport. He had the uncontrollable urge to stick his hand down his mother's mostly unbuttoned blouse and cup her big breast in his hand while fingering her big nipple. After seeing them together, kissing, hugging, and groping, he knew that his brother was all over his mother's big tits while French kissing her. Only, with his brother out of the picture for at least a year, not wanting to ruin whatever may develop between them, he had plenty of time to seduce his mother later.

"Oh nothing. I was just thinking about Tom going off war again. I'm sorry Mom," he said looking over at her while partially touching her naked thigh and her skirt. He left his hand there for a long minute before squeezing her thigh and before finally and reluctantly taking it away.

He was so tempted to move his hand in between her legs and move it higher up her thigh. He wondered what she'd do if he did. Would she stop him from feeling her panty clad or naked pussy by swatting his hand away or would she allow him to cup her panty clad or naked pussy? Whether she was wearing panties or not, he felt his cock swell and pulsate by the erotic thought of touching his mother between her legs and fingering his mother's cunt.

For an old broad, being that 41-years-old was old to him, his mother still had nice legs and when his hand was on her thigh, he could feel the heat of her body through her thin, short skirt. After now knowing that she was doing his brother, being that she was his captive audience in the car, he was so tempted to run a slow hand along the inside of her thigh and continue all the up to her panty clad or naked crotch. After his brother was done kissing and feeling on her, he wondered if she was as sexually aroused then as he was now.

"As if your brother is still here, we should continue with our lives and celebrate Christmas," she said giving Tim a soft, forced smile.

Not as smooth with women as Tom, a gross understatement, with his mind filled with incestuous thoughts and with his mother in the starring role, now with all the time in the world to do so, he wondered how to go about seducing her. He could blackmail her. He could show her the video that he has of her and his brother of having sex. He could flatter her before getting her drunk, drunk enough that perhaps she'd think that he was Tom instead of Tim or, in her case, Vinnie instead of her son.

Being that he was alone with her now, as his personal payback for her having sex with his brother and not with him, he could drug her, strip her naked, and tie her to the bed to have his wicked way with her. Only, just as she was with his brother, instead of forcing her to do something that she didn't want to do, in the way that she so willingly fucked and sucked Tom, it would be so much better if she wanted to have sex with him voluntarily. Unfortunately, not as sexually sophisticated as his brother when it came to bedding women, still an inexperienced virgin, he had no idea how to go about seducing his mother. This was his mother and not some slut he picked up at the bar.

Taking much of the pressure off himself to seduce his mother, he decided to take things slow and play things by ear. Maybe instead of acting his nerdy self, he could act more like his brother and watch football games with her as did his brother. With his arm around his mother's shoulders, his brother was always sitting on the couch with his mother as if they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Tim wished he could do that with her but he never enjoyed the relationship that he had with her that her brother did. Besides not much of a sports fan, he hated football.

He wished he could show his feelings to his mother but the thoughts of incestuous sex always got in the way of him touching her in the way that Tom was always touching her. The first time he ever touched his mother inappropriately was just now when he put his hand on her naked thigh on the way home from the airport and, just from doing that, he already had an erection. He wished he had it in him to take his incestuous lust a step further. He wished he could be so bold to ask her to pull over so that he could hold him, kiss her, and feel her in the way his brother just did at the airport.

Maybe now that he was alone with her, they could begin developing more of an incestuous sexual relationship by talking and becoming best friends, a bond that would supersede that connection of mother and son. Maybe now with his brother gone, they could transgress their mother and son relationship into more of a man and woman sexual friendship. The fact that she's already showed that she's lonely, perhaps after a while without Tom, she'll be horny too. Maybe he could play on her missing his brother, her son, to open a sexual door for him to walk through and fill that role. Maybe she'll give him rebound sex. Maybe, eventually, she'll want him as much as she wanted his brother.

With the outside of their house already decorated for Christmas, the house looked so much like a department store Christmas display. As soon as they pulled in the driveway, he jumped out of the car and ran to the other side of the car to open the door for his sexy mother. Having ulterior motives in mind that superseded him being a gentleman and a kind and caring son, he was more interested in finally getting an answer to his question. Was she wearing panties or not? With her skirt now nearly up to her crotch when alighting from the car, he knew full well that she'd flash him an up skirt when getting out of the car. If he was too afraid to have sex with his mother, he may have to settle for up skirts of her panties and down blouses of her bra and cleavage while masturbating in his room over watching her naked video of her having sex with his brother.

Good God Almighty, as soon as he opened her car door, with her legs spread as wide as his lust for her was and her skirt raised as high as his horniness for his mother was, Theresa gave her son a beautiful flash of her bright, white, bikini panties. Knowing that he was standing there staring, did she purposely flash him her panty or was her flash an unplanned accident? Then, when she leaned around her car seat to reach in back for her coat, with her legs spread even wider and her skirt climbing even higher, he saw her panty clad ass cheeks too. So tempted, he so wanted to put a heavy hand to his mother's back to hold her body down across the console while fingering her pussy through her panty and reaching around her to feel, fondle, and caress her big tits while fingering her nipples through her blouse. Only he was her son. He couldn't treat his mother in such a disrespectful way.

Playing miss innocent instead of playing her real part as the incestuous slut of a mother that she was, she looked up at him staring down at her. As shocking as it was exciting, she made no attemp to cover her exposed panty until she saw him staring too hard and too long. Obviously and finally, with his stare making her feel uncomfortable, she put a hand to the center of her skirt to push it down and closed. Then, once she alighted from the car and closed the door behind her, something he's seldom done since he was a little boy, he wrapped a strong arm around his mother and hugged her. Giving her a full body press, while pretending she was his girlfriend instead of his mother and so wanting to reach down to cup her sweet ass through her skirt in his hand, she felt so good in his arms. Perhaps, as did his brother, expecting him to kiss her and grope her, she surprised him when she just stood there frozen and not moving.

"Timmy, what's wrong?"

Every time she said, 'Timmy, what's wrong?', he couldn't help but think of all of those old reruns of Lassie that he watched when he was a kid. 'Is Timmy in trouble Lassie?'

"I miss Tom already," he said wondering if he could use missing his brother as an excuse to sleep with his mother tonight

A good plan on the surface, maybe tonight, on the pretense that he was having bad nightmares, he could go to his mother's room. He'd tell her that he couldn't sleep and ask if he could sleep with her in the way that he used to do when he was a kid. Only, this time, he'd wear his pajama bottoms, the one with the big opening in the front and, not buttoning it, he wouldn't wear any underwear. Undoubtedly, with his erection growing by being in bed with his mother, his cock would surely fall out during the night.

No doubt, as she slept with her nightgown hiked up to her waist and her naked ass within his horny reach, he imagined innocently rolling over and spooning his mother as she slept and as he pretended he was sleeping. He imagined his swollen cock resting between her ass crack while his other hand cupped her nightgown clad breast and gently fingered her emerging nipple. Imagining fucking his mother doggie style, he was getting horny again just thinking about spooning and feeling his mother. He needed to masturbate again. If his incestuous sexual fantasies were all that he had to look forward to, that would be okay with him, so long as his mother gave him some new up skirts and down blouses. Yet, even if she didn't and sat like a lady with her knees cemented together and even if she wore turtlenecks instead of low cut tops, he still had that naked video of her having sex with his brother to watch while masturbating.

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