Mother's Xmas Gift to her Twin Sons


"Me too," she said reluctantly returning his hug at first before hugging him tighter. "I love you Timmy."

"I love you Mommy," he said reverting to saying his favorite phrase of affection when he was just a little boy.

When they broke their hug, she surprised him when she kissed him on the lips. It was nothing more than a mother and son kiss and a kiss without tongues but he was surprised nonetheless. He couldn't remember the last time his mother kissed him on the lips. Is this how it started with Tommy with just an innocent hug first and then a kiss between a mother and her son? She was always kissing his brother and never kissing him, he always wondered what it would be like to kiss her, really kiss her, French kiss her. So wanting to return her kiss and so wanting to part her lips with his tongue while reaching down to cup her sweet ass before reaching up to feel her braless breast, he wondered if she felt his hard cock pressing against her soft belly while hugging him.

Hugging his mother in the way that he just did and, especially with her returning his hug and voluntarily kissing him, was as if he had just reached first base. Playing the obedient albeit submissive son, he helped her on with her coat while making sure that he lightly and inadvertently touched some part of her sexy body with his fingertips in the process. With the knowledge of the intimate and incestuous relationship that she had enjoyed with his brother burning a hole in his mind, figuring that he needed to take things slow, he didn't know how to parlay that incestuous information into having sex with his mother. Once inside the house, he helped her off with her coat while touching some part of her in the process with his fingertips again.

So wanting to grab her ass and/or fondle her breast through her clothes in the way that Tom was feeling her at the airport, he didn't dare. Going about his planned seduction more intelligently and intellectually instead of more perversely and erotically, it was his play it by ear plan to slowly drive his mother wildly crazy with incestuous lust for him. He needed her to want him as much as he wanted her. Waiting on her to satisfy her every whim, with her retired and him on Christmas vacation and on a temporary hiatus before starting grad school in the fall, he'd have all day and all night to seduce his mother. Maybe by New Year's Eve, getting her tipsy enough on champagne, he'd summon the courage to kiss her, really kiss her, French kiss her while feeling her abundant breasts, her round, firm ass, and pressing his hard cock through his clothes against her soft belly.

"Would you like a cup of tea mother?" Tim put on his mother's favorite Christmas CD, a selection of singers from Bing Crosby to Celine Dion. "I just need to change into something more comfortable," she said.

Figuring that she'd emerge from her bedroom wearing a nightgown, she changed into another blouse and skirt but this time, she was wearing a bra. Damn. And her blouse buttons were all buttoned. Double damn.

"Yes tea would be lovely," she said rubbing her shoulder. "Only, if you don't mind, I'd prefer something a little stronger, a glass of wine perhaps. I think I may be coming down with something. I'm feeling so very achy," she said stretching out her limbs.

"How about a backrub?" Tim imagined stripping his mother naked on the necessary pretense to rub her back.

"I'd like that," she said. "Tom used to give me the best massages."

Aha! Massages. His cock pulsated at the thought of his brother massaging his mother. Suddenly he was filled with as much jealously as he was horniness. Maybe that's how their incestuous relationship started with fucking back massages, that bastard. Tim imagined his mother on her stomach and naked but for a towel, a small towel, a facecloth that covered not much more than her ass crack. Tim poured her a glass of wine, handed it to her, and watched her drink. If only he had something to put in her wine, he could drug her and undress her on the pretense of putting her to be naked so that she wouldn't wrinkle her clothes.

He watched her gulp down half the glass of wine before putting the goblet down on the coffee table. Knowing that his mother was a one drink, giddy drunk, a cheap date, and knowing that his brother was a Casanova with the woman, maybe alcohol was how Tom got his mother in bed. Giving his mother the benefit of the doubt, he always thought more of his mother and less of his brother. For sure, his brother was the one who seduced his mother. Surely, it was his brother who took advantage of his mother and not the other way around. If that was the case, if his brother was the one who took sexual advantage of his mother, the question was could he take advantage of his mother in the way that his brother had?

Being that he was the good son and his brother was the bad boy, suddenly filled with disappointment, his heart sank with the realization that he'd never get his mother in bed. Nonetheless, going through with the pretense as his way of at least touching his mother, he agreed to give her a backrub. Maybe he'd see something he shouldn't. Maybe he'd allow him to touch something he shouldn't. Maybe after drinking her wine she'd fall asleep and he could touch, fondle, feel, and caress his mother where no son should.

"Close your eyes and relax Mom," said Tim gently rubbing her shoulders and back before kneading them.

Wishing he had the nerve to grab two, big handfuls of her bra clad breasts through her thin blouse instead of rubbing her back, he didn't dare. In just massaging her back, he was getting another erection. Never has he touched his mother in this way. Wishing she hadn't put on a bra, but glad that she did in a way, he could feel her bra strap through her blouse and when she leaned forward to give him access to her back, he could feel the back of her bra. Tracing the back of her bra with his fingers, he wished he had the balls to unhook it on the pretense that her bra was in the way of him massaging her back. Feeling his cock hardening with the mere thought of unhooking his mother's brazier and with the naked video of her fast forwarding through his mind, he felt as if he'd cum in his pants with the mere touch of his mother's sexy back.

"Oh, that feels so good Tim," she said rolling her head around from side to side. "You have wonderful hands."

Taking the chance that she would and nervous that she'd say no, he summoned the courage to manipulate his mother to his sexual benefit.

"Stretch out on sofa so that I can get the rest of your back Mom," he said knowing full well that with her short skirt already climbing to her crotch again that there was just no way that his mother could move and position herself to lie flat on the couch without flashing him her panties.

Only, not much of a drinker, she surprised him when she drank the rest of her wine and held up her glass for a refill before leaning forward to stretch out on the couch. Just as he thought she would flash him her panties, she flashed him her panties while looking up at him staring down at her. Only this time, she didn't put her hand between her knees to obscure his view between her legs. She immodestly and immorally flashed her son her bright white, bikini panties. He so wished that he could remove them with his teeth before fingering her and licking her.

"I think after seeing Tom off at the airport, I'm going to need to get good and drunk," she said looking at him and giving him the smile that she always saved for his brother. "Let's get drunk together, shall we? Yeah, let's get good and drunk, smashed, blitzed, and paralyzed," she said looking up at her son with a sexy smile and a lusty laugh.

This may be easier than he thought it would thought Tim. He imagined his mother drunk. He imagined her standing atop the coffee table and removing her clothes to the holiday Christmas music of Johnny Mathis singing Oh, Come All Ye Faithful, until she was wearing nothing more than just a Santa Claus hat and slippers. He imagined her helping her naked body to bed and, on the pretense of helping her on with her nightgown. He imagined touching and feeling his mother where no son should touch and feel his mother.

"Sure. Okay. That would be fun mother. It's been a long time since I've had one too many drinks," said Tim pouring himself a scotch while realizing that it sounded funny being that he was only 22-years-old and had only legally been drinking for a year. Actually, he had his first drink at 18-years-old and, just as every other male his age, he never stopped drinking.

Wishing he had the balls to bring his sexual scenario from sexual fantasy to reality, he wanted to tell his mother to unbutton her blouse so that he'd have access to her back, but he didn't dare. What the Hell, she was on her stomach and he couldn't see anything anyway. What difference would it make if her blouse was unbuttoned? Yet, if she unbuttoned her blouse, he'd have better access to her bra. He imagined rubbing her back while feeling the back of her bra before feeling the side of her bra clad breasts and before stealthily unhooking her bra as if he was opening a locked and alarmed safe. Only, having never unhooked a woman's bra before, not very coordinated, he'd probably need a pair of scissors to unhook his mother's bra.

"Do you want me to remove my blouse so that you'll have access to my back?"

What? Huh? Are you kidding me? Speechless, he didn't know what to say and how to respond to her question.

Forget about asking his mother to unbutton her blouse, did his mother just ask him if he wanted her to remove my blouse? Too stunned to talk, way better than just having her unbutton her blouse, Tim couldn't believe his mother offered to remove her blouse. Oh, my God. His cock throbbed to the sexual anticipation of seeing his mother in her sexy bra, even if it was only seeing her bra from the back. Even though he's already seen every part of her naked body but, with his hidden camera of not very good quality and watching the black and white video as if it was someone else on a security camera in a department store or a casino, seeing his mother live and in person, even if only in her bra, is better than any video of her naked.

"Sure, yeah, actually that's a good idea Mom," he said trying to play it cool and as if her removing her blouse was no big deal.

"Turn off the lights first and light the Christmas tree. I don't mind you seeing the back of my bra in dim lighting," she said with a little chuckle and an unexpected show of modesty, "but I don't want to give you a show of my bra clad breasts," she said with a laugh.

Quickly Tim turned off the over head light and lit the Christmas tree in time to watch his mother sit up again and flash him her panties again. He loved seeing her panties and with her thighs so shapely and her legs so parted, this time he saw the impression of her pussy slit through the thin material of her panty. "Turn around," she said with a little laugh while unbuttoning her blouse.

"I've seen you in your bra before mother," he said hoping she'd change her mind about having him turn around. He'd like to watch her undressing for him live as he imagined she undressed so many times for his brother.

"You have?"

"Sure lots of times. Always rushing around the house not to be late for work when you were working, you always emerge from your room in your bra and panty while putting on your bathrobe."

"I didn't know I was giving you a show," she said laughing.

"It's no big deal Mom. You're my mother and I'm your son," he said hoping she'd remove her skirt too after confessing that he's already seen her in her bra and panty. "I don't think of you in a sexual way," he said lying while imagining her naked and fucking her before having her suck him.

"Well, if that's really the case, being that the only lighting is coming from the Christmas tree in the corner, I should remove my skirt too so that I don't wrinkle it," she said.

No fucking way! He couldn't believe what he was hearing. As if she could read his horny mind, he couldn't believe that his mother willingly agreed to not only remove her blouse but also her short skirt. Either she was playing him and/or or teasing him or she was already tipsy from the wine. Either way, it didn't matter to him which, so long as he got to see his mother in her sexy underwear. Once she removed her blouse and skirt, with her lying on the couch in her bra and panty, he'd have much more access to the really good parts of her hot body. Much better than opening gifts under the Christmas tree, he couldn't wait to watch his mother unwrap her sexy body by removing her clothes.

He watched her sit up before standing. With him staring at his mother as if she was stripper on stage about to strip naked, she stood to brazenly unbutton and remove her blouse before the much appreciated eyes of her horny son. As if she unbuttoned her blouse in slow motion, he watched her unbutton her blouse one slow button at a time. Treated to the view of her cleavage, as if she was wearing her bikini top beneath her blouse, he stared at every inch of her lacy, low cut, white bra. From what he was seeing of her now that she was standing there with her blouse flayed open and remembering what she looked like topless in the video that he had downloaded of her, she has magnificent breasts.

When she unbuttoned her sleeves to slide her blouse over her hands to remove it, as if she was doing this to give him a prolonged view of her in her bra, he watched her fold her blouse and carefully put in on the ottoman. Then putting a hand behind her back to unbutton and unzip her short skirt, while mindlessly looking down at the carpet as if she was alone and undressing in her bedroom instead of undressing in front of him in the living room, she allowed her skirt to fall to the floor. He watched her flash her beautiful panty clad ass when she bent at the waist to retrieve her skirt. Even in the dim, colorful on and off flashing light of the Christmas tree, seemingly standing in a cheap motel with a hooker instead of standing in his living room with his lingerie clad mother, Tim got an eyeful of his mother standing before him in her sexy bra and white, bikini panties.

"You have a beautiful body mother," he blurted without even thinking.

Even though he was staring at her, he didn't want his mother to know that he was enjoying the view but he was.

"Thank you Tim," she said polishing off her second glass of wine.

Unable to reach all of her underwear clad body with the back of the couch in the way, he thought about asking her to get down on the carpet. As soon as he thought to ask her that, suddenly he had a vision of his mother on her hands and knees on the carpet in her bra and panties, while he kneeled behind her to hump her panty clad ass as he fondled her breasts and fingered her nipples through her bra. Trying to remove his horny mind from the view of his mother standing there in her panty and bra, it didn't help his over active libido when Jingle Bells started playing. Instead of jingle bells he thought of jingle balls. Instead of jingle bells, he thought of jiggling breasts. Having more access on the bed and being much more comfortable, sensing that his incestuous sexual desires would be so transparent if he asked her, he wished he had the nerve to ask his mother to lie on her bed instead of on the couch or on the carpet but, too afraid, he didn't dare.

"Unless you want to get down on the carpet mother," he said waiting for her to respond and when she didn't, figuring she didn't want to get on the carpet, he altered his suggestion. "Take your place on the couch mother and I'll--

"Let's do this in my bedroom. We'll be more comfortable there," she said giving him a sexy smile that she only reserved for his brother before but now flashed him.

Is this really happening? Is this how it all began with Tom? Did his mother seduce his brother in the way that she's seducing him now. Is she seducing him now or is he misconstruing his mother's words because of his incestuous intentions? Is that what this back rub and underwear clad massage is all about, a seduction instead of a back manipulation? He didn't know. Is that what she's doing? Too twisted by the lust that he had for his mother, he had no idea. Is she manipulating him for sex in the way that she manipulated his brother? He could only hope. Is she seducing him now or is she only interested in having him give her a massage? If only she was. Out of his element when it came to women, even with his mother and especially with his mother, he had no idea if she was trying to seduce him or not.

"Okay," he said following her. "Sure."

"Wait, I'll need another glass of wine," she said with a look that told him that she was well on her way to becoming inebriated. "Drink up. You're lagging behind me," she said with a laugh.

Tim poured his mother a third glass of wine and him another scotch before heading in her bedroom. As if she was already passed out drunk, she was already face down in the middle of the bed when he entered the room and, wishing she was naked and he was naked too, he stood in the doorway to stare at his mother's round, panty clad ass and her bra clad, shapely back. Even for an old broad, she was so incredibly beautiful. She had such a wicked hot body. If he didn't know how old she was, judging her just by her perfectly, round, firm ass, he'd think that she was more his age.

"I'll put your wine on the nightstand mother."

"Okay," she said. "I'm ready for my massage only," she said turning to look at him. "Please be respectful," she said pointing an index finger at him before putting her finger to her lip as if she was about to tell Santa Claus that she was naughty instead of nice and he had better be good instead of bad.

"What do you mean?"

Already having intentions of touching her, feeling her, and groping her where no son should ever touch feel, and grope his mother, he knew exactly what she meant.

"I mean, just because I'm on my bed in my underwear doesn't give you license to touch me inappropriately and to feel me where no son should ever touch and feel his mother." As if she could read his mind, she said the same words that he was just thinking. "I mean, of course, I realize all young men your age have sexual needs," she said pausing to look at the bulge that was forming in his pants. "But don't forget that I'm your mother and not some college tramp that you're about to seduce."

Bullshit. What a crock of shit, he thought. She's playing her innocent Mommy card. Maybe she's waiting for him to make the first move on her. Maybe that's what Tom did. Maybe he made the first move. Only with her already dressing like a slut before with her short skirt, half unbuttoned blouse with no bra, flashing him her panties, and kissing him outside when the returned from the airport and now with her on the bed in her bra and panty, she's already made the first several moves.

Only, no doubt, waiting for him to make a move, how far will she go in her seduction of him? With how far he's gotten with her already, he didn't think he'd have to make any moves on his mother with her making all of the moves on him. Moreover, if only she knew that he was not only an incestuous pervert but also a virgin. He wondered if that would make a difference or not to her wanting to seduce him or not seduce him. He decided to keep that as his little secret for now.

"Oh course mother. I wouldn't dream of inappropriately touching you," he said lying again while thinking of her on her knees and sucking his cock. "I'll be a gentleman."

Only, now that he saw her lying face down with the sides of her bra visible, he wished she was topless with the sides of her squished, big breasts visible. At the very least, he wished he could at least see the sides of her breasts to that he could take that image of her back to his room and masturbate over his topless, panty clad mother.

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