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Motorcycle Gang


It was starting to get dark and Jodi knew that she had left too late for Dallas. The drive usually took about 3 ½ to 4 hours so she usually tried to leave herself enough time to do it all in daylight. But there was the women's guild meeting at church that she had to attend today and as always, it had lasted way too long. So here she was, with 3 hours to go and it was already after 6pm. The drive on I-69 and then I-75 wasn't a difficult one but it was boring and she always needed to stop a couple times just to keep herself sharp.

Jodi was a very attractive woman in her late 30's who looked to be about 10 years younger. She took good care of her body with frequent workouts at the gym and she knew still turned heads. At 5'2" tall she was slight of build but she had all the right womanly curves. Her breasts, although not large, still stood up proud and her ass was well toned and very sexy in the light summer dress she wore on this trip. Her red hair was permed for ease of maintenance with her church work and taking care of her one child. Her strappy heels made her legs look sexy and she had a cream colored thong on under the dress with no bra. All in all, she was a pleasure to the eyes.

Jodi had a secret addiction that she kept as a deep secret for the past two years. No one could see it or even guess that this very attractive wife and mother was helpless when it came to her need for black men and their big cocks. Her marriage was sexless because of her husband's deep religious beliefs and his advanced age as well as his medical condition which prohibited him from getting hard anymore. He was 25 years older than Jodi and she had a woman's needs and desires. She wanted to fight the addition but she always failed. She needed sex and she needed it from well hung black men. To Jodi, it wasn't just the sex that made her into a true slut, but her strong need for the dominance and the humiliation by these black men when they were with her. The names they called her and the way they treated her like a piece of fuck meat drove her crazy. There was nothing she wouldn't do to feel that way again and again.

What Jodi couldn't understand was the way black men could always tell by just looking at her that she was theirs for the taking. So many times she would be shopping or in a bar when a black man would approach her and just take her to his car or hotel room or apartment and use her for hours. Many times no words were even spoken. She just followed them. Sometimes she wondered if they acted that way with all women, but she knew differently. It was her and she radiated this scent or aura that told them she was theirs to use. If a black man was standing in front of her, Jodi would feel helpless and weak kneed and begin to tremble. When they entered the room or apartment she always just kneeled in front of them and then undid their pants to get at the big cock that awaited her mouth. Most times they called her a whore or a slut and this just made her crazy with the desire to be used exactly that way.

On many occasions, she was used by more than one black man and sometimes it was just Jodi and seven or eight or more black men who gang fucked her and used her for hours. She knew this was dangerous and that it would ruin her life if her activities were ever revealed to her family or friends, but she just couldn't stop. She needed it. And that was the main reason for this trip to Dallas. Her parents still lived there and she would take a few days each month to drive there and see them. But her main reason was to be away from prying eyes and to be where she could get picked up and used as a fuck toy by as many black men as she could find. Her routine was to go to a restaurant around noon and to be in a room getting used within 30 minutes. Then she would be back at her parent's home for dinner and tell of meeting up with some old friends or going shopping up in Plano. She wore her hair permed so it would be much easier to wash up and rinse out the cum when they were through with her. Jodi had a well worked out plan. Her routine was always set except for this time when her trip would detour and her life would change forever.

With her excitement about finally being able to get away from home and get what she needed, Jodi felt relaxed as she anticipated the next few days. She saw the Atoka exit ahead for the stop she always made on this drive south. It was more of a convenience store with a bar/diner connected to it and it was way out in the country with not much else around. They served food in the bar and she knew if she didn't eat now that she wouldn't get the chance again before she reached Dallas. So after parking her car and getting out and stretching, she walked the 20 feet to the bar entrance and walked inside. It was fairly dim inside and she knew the place from the other times she drove this road. Booths were along the walls and tables were scattered in the center of the place. Tonight it was slow and she walked to a booth and slid in.

Looking around she saw an older couple who were at the register paying their bill and one other guy who looked like a trucker getting some coffee. The bar had two older men sipping their draft beer but the rest of the place was empty. The bartender came over and she ordered some chicken and a Coke. As she sipped the Coke and waited for dinner, she heard a low rumbling sound that seemed to vibrate the building as it got nearer and nearer. She couldn't place the sound but could feel the vibrations and wondered if several big rig trucks had just begun to pull out at the same time. The sound then got much louder and then started to drop off until it was gone.

Jodi was still a bit puzzled by the noise but then the door to the bar opened and she was shocked to see a stream of big black bikers begin to come inside and head for the bar. The two older white guys immediately threw some money on the bar and left. Jodi could see the backs of their leather vests which read "Black Knights." They kept coming in and eventually there must have been 25 of the toughest looking black men she had ever seen. She was also surprised when she saw that there were several white women with them who were all dressed in biker type clothes and were obviously with this group. The women seemed to be ignored by the bikers except when they would get shoved out of the way when a biker wanted to get closer to the bar.

Jodi took in the sight with both fear and excitement. She loved the hard look of these black men and their presence made her tremble with sexual tension. She looked over the white sluts with them and it seemed they all were dressed the same way. They had on tight tank tops with no bra and each wore the gang vest (the colors) over it. They all wore short black denim jean shirts and it was obvious that they either had on thongs or nothing at all underneath. All had short black cowboy style boots on their feet. The thong question was answered quickly as a big, tall biker grabbed one of the women and pulled up the back of her skirt to deliver a hard slap before he just moved on down the bar. The sound resounded in the room as Jodi saw that the woman had no panties on at all. She also made no attempt to pull the skirt down as the biker moved away from her. Jodi's cunt was getting wetter by the minute.

As she was watching the bar area, she noticed that a sudden shadow was cast over the front of the booth she was in and as she turned her head she saw a huge black gang member standing about a foot away from her and looking down at her. He had massive arms and a bare rippled chest and the jeans he wore were tight and showed the endowment he possessed. His head was shaved bald and his face was very dark and shiny. He looked down at her and it was easy to see he was at least 6' 4" or taller. As their eyes met she was lost and began to slide out of the booth. When she got to the end and was about to drop to the floor on her knees, he placed a hand on her shoulder and she knew what to do. Sitting there on the edge of the booth she reached out and undid his large shinny buckle and then pulled his zipper down and released his fat black cock. He stood there with hands on hips as her small hands circled the big piece of meat and then she began forcing her mouth around it. Her hands were jerking the black dick as her mouth took as much as she could between her stretched lips. Her actions and her need were something very familiar to her and this is what she craved more than anything. She loved the feeling of the cock growing harder as she worked it. She wanted to service him and let him use her any way he chose.

"Sit your slut ass on the table, whore." He demanded.

She reluctantly released his cock and stood and moved over until she felt the edge of the table top on her ass and then moved back until she was on top of it. With Jodi now in front of him he reached down and with one motion grabbing her summer dress at the shoulders and tearing it down until it ripped open to her waist. Then dropping his hands lower her ripped again and it was gone. Her thong was next and then she was totally naked in front of him. His big black hands took a knee in each palm and she was then spread wide for the monster in front of her. His fat cock pushed forward and then as he split her swollen pussy lips he thrust into her with one hard push. She gasped loudly at the sudden invasion and from the initial pain, but it was all welcomed and all part of what Jodi had to have. Her legs pulled back and her heels locked at his hips as he pounded her exposed cunt savagely. He looked down at her as he kept up his hard stroking.

"Tell me, you bitch," he snarled down at her.

"Oh, fuck me. Fuck me like a whore. Please fuck me," Jodi almost screamed as he increased the assault on her. She was delirious with the sensation and the abuse and then she was cumming on the hot black dick and she moved her cunt with him and came like the cheating wife she knew she was. She came from the hard cock and the rough treatment and also from the humiliation of knowing what a dirty black cock whore she had become. Her orgasm was a very long one that kept rolling through her and she reveled in the sensation and knew she would do anything to have this again and again.

But he wasn't done with her and pushing her back flat on the table he could see her small tight ass hole. He placed his wet dick at the entrance and forcing himself forward, he popped into her as she screamed from the initial pain. He pressed hard and she felt the pain and pleasure of the big man lodge himself fully into her. Again he kept his pace as he took her ass and relentlessly fucked her until she was panting from the incredible sensation building inside her again and racing to another orgasm. Sneering down at the white wife beneath him he spoke again.

"Tell me, bitch. Say it."

"Fuck my ass with your big cock. Pleaseeeeee, do it hard. Cum in my ass, please cum in your slut's ass."

Jodi was near delirium as he used her so brutally and kept this pace going for so long. She loved this cock that had already been in her mouth and cunt and now her ass. She wanted to feel his cum shoot inside her ass and she also knew she was about to cum again. Her moaning and crying was continual as he brought her to another earth shattering orgasm as he began to cum deep in her ass. She couldn't stop cumming on his cock and squeezing it and draining it of the cum she craved. Her breathing was ragged as she stared up at him as his big cock slowly pulled from her ass and was followed by a stream of flowing cum. He reached over to her torn dress and wiped off his dick before pulling his jeans back up and walking over to the bar.

Jodi watched as she lay there with cum flowing from her ass as her black attacker went over to one of the white female followers and pointed back toward her. She seemed to protest but he reached out and grabbed her by the neck and then slapped her hard. She stumbled over to where Jodi was spread on the table and immediately dropped her face into her open cunt and began to eat her. Jodi looked at the sexy woman work on her clit and then lay back down and enjoyed the sensations. The woman was expert at eating pussy and Jodi was approaching another orgasm quickly. Her right hand reached down and took a fist full of the blonde woman's hair and pulled her mouth tight to her cunt. She felt two fingers enter her wetness and go deeply inside as she fucked her hips at the mouth that was bringing her to orgasm once again.

"Oh, yes, eat my cunt. Make me cum," she shouted as her body exploded in ecstasy and her fluids flowed into the sucking woman's mouth. When she finally pulled the woman off her, this blonde slut stood and began to take off her vest and tank top and jeans skirt until she was naked and the clothing was neatly folded beside Jodi on the table top. The woman's body was very hot, with big full breasts and a thin waist and nice hard ass. Even though Jodi had just cum again from this woman's very talented tongue, she was aroused when she saw how sexy this blonde was.

As the naked woman turned to walk away, she said to Jodi, "These clothes are now yours. Rodney just replaced me in the gang with you. You are now a cum dump for the Black Knights. Rodney wants you in, so I'm out."

Jodi was stunned by this statement but both excited and very afraid. She was a wife and mother and couldn't just drop her existing life and disappear with a black motorcycle gang. But, another voice deep inside her said how much she wanted them to take her everyday and use her and allow her to worship their big black cocks. She looked over at Rodney who looked at her with a hard look and just slightly nodded his head in her direction. Jodi slowly nodded her head to answer.

It was done and she had just accepted a new life and a new reality as she felt hands on her knees and looked to see another biker with his jeans opened and his hard black cock pressing forward and plunge itself deeply into her waiting cunt. Instinctively, her legs pulled up as she felt him take her ankles and place them on his shoulders as he drove hard and deep and made her groan from this attack. She knew the rules without them telling her. She was their cunt to have any time and in any way. She also knew that one day this new life would end just as abruptly as it did for the blonde whore who had just sucked her to orgasm. But Jodi accepted this and would do whatever she could to please them and be their cum-dump for as long as they would have her.

Her biker pulled her ankles down and flipped her over on her belly and spread her legs wide as he entered her from behind. His cock pounded her from behind and Jodi could tell that she would cum on this cock very soon. Then there was a big hand in her hair pulling her sideways and then forcing another big dick into her mouth as the one in her cunt kept her moaning. She sucked and licked the new cock and tightened her lips to give him maximum satisfaction. Her ass was moving on the cock behind her and taking the fierce fucking and giving him the best ride he could remember. Suddenly, she had another huge orgasm and moaned and bucked on the black dick as it move deep within her. He pulled out of her cunt and she felt herself being pulled down to the floor and to a kneeling position. She then saw both men stroking their cocks in front of her and she opened her mouth as they both began to shoot cum on her face and in her hair and down her throat until they were empty. Both men zipped up and walked away as she kneeled there covered in cum and recovering from the hard orgasm she just experienced.

One of the other women walked over to her and asked for her car keys and registration and any cash that she had with her. Jodi complied with this request and knew that as soon as they had her things that she was stranded and totally at their mercy. Strangely enough, this feeling did not upset her at all as she gladly gave the short dark haired woman her things. Her life would never be the same and she knew it. She welcomed it and wondered how many more black cocks would use her body before the day ended.

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Great Start

I don't know why I enjoy reading this type of story, but the complete submissiveness of the women turns me on. I do not enjoy reading about bondage and discipline, but this so far us void of and B&D.more...

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