"Mouse! Get over here!" Michaela inwardly winced hearing her nickname shouted from across the gym. A couple of the volleyball players snickered as she hurried over to Coach Gedren. Michaela hated her nickname but it suited her so well. Standing at 5'4", short brown hair, delicate features and a pair of glasses a little too large for her face, she looked to be more at home in a library or behind a computer rather than in a gymnasium. But her college roommate Ronnie had asked her if she wanted to be the coach's assistant. Well, technically, Ronnie didn't ask. It was more of a demand that Michaela meekly complied with. At first, the shy young woman fouled up more than she helped but soon, Coach Gedren had to admit that Michaela had been a huge help. And damn cute, to boot.

Coach Sonya Gedren knew that her assistant had a bit of a girl crush on her. It wasn't the first time that this had happened and normally, this wasn't a huge deal. Sonya did nothing to encourage or crush Michaela's desires. But Sonya had recently broken up with her partner and the lack of sex was driving the older woman to distraction. It was bad enough being the coach of a bunch of college age volleyball players but to have this young woman, so small and vulnerable, near her was sweet torture. It took all of Sonya's willpower not to give into her base impulses. She watched as Michaela ran over, noting that some of the player's eyes were following the freshman's body. "Listen, I have to run to the bank before it closes. Lock up after they all leave and enter today's notes into the computer. Got it?" Michaela nodded and smiled, pleased that the Coach had so much trust in her. Sonya gave the girl a rare brief smile and then left on her chores.

Practice was soon over and Michaela ran to Coach Gedren's office, shutting the door behind her. This was the part of being the coach's assistant that she looked forward to with dreaded anticipation. She adjusted the blinds so that she could peek out without the other women seeing her. The familiar tingly sensation coursed through her body as she watched in rapture as the team stripped down and prepared to shower. Nine women, their bodies toned from years of exercise, grabbed towels and headed to the back of the locker room. The coaches office was situated so that most parts of the locker room could be seen, including back into the shower area. Michaela's eyes widened and her breathing quickened at the sight of the volleyball team rubbing their soapy hands all over their bodies.

In high school, Michaela always hated gym class. She was always one of the last ones picked for teams and it always seemed that the other kids targeted her; hitting the soft ball in her direction, spiking the volleyball directly at her, laughing as it bounced off her body. But what she really hated was shower time. The other girls would laugh at her body. Most girls in their mid teens had developed breasts but it seemed like Mouse, as she was called, would be cursed with a rather flat chest for a woman. But, it was more than that. Michaela had started noticing a funny feeling coming over her when she was showering. Surreptitiously looking around, she would try to steal glances of breasts, asses, or even the treasured fur covered mound. She never acted on those impulses, knowing the social ostracization that came from being branded a lesbian.

Michaela thought that going to college would change that. No more gym class, no more temptation. But, here she was, peeking through the blinds, watching nine beautiful women lather their sweaty bodies, rinse off, and wrap themselves in towels that did little to cover their nudity from Michaela's lustful gaze. Her right hand traveled down her body, to the waistband of her shorts, and slipped inside. Her panties were already damp and her breath caught when she rubbed her clit lightly through the material. Her other hand reached under the front of the shirt and began to rub her nipples through her bra. She watched as the team started to get dressed, covering their tight asses with their panties, adjusting their tits when donning their bras. Michaela couldn't stand it anymore. She pushed down her shorts and panties and then removed her shirt and bra. Now naked except for her socks and shoes, Michaela began to masturbate furiously to the sight of all of the women in the locker room before her.

She could hear their laughter and muffled voices and imagined that they were talking and laughing about her. They had to know what she was doing, even with the shades pulled down. Michaela could feel the burning shame as she closed her eyes. In her mind, she was out there, with them. The others were all clothed now, watching her as she debased her naked body, bringing herself closer to climax. They were laughing at her, calling her "Slut" or "Dyke". She could here Ronnie's voice saying "I knew you were a little lezzy Mouse. Wait till I get you back to our room." Tears began to fall down Michaela's face as her orgasm built up higher. In her mind, she could hear the other women began to cheer her on, whooping and hollering and then clapping and laughing as Michaela finally crested. After the very real orgasm finished pulsing through her body, she opened her eyes, her legs shaking, her breaths coming in ragged gasps as the women had finished getting dressed and were leaving.

Knowing that she was going to be alone, not expecting Coach Gedren back, Michaela decided that she wasn't finished pleasing herself. Alone time was a precious commodity in college and she planned on taking full advantage of it. Looking around for something to pleasure herself with, Michaela spotted several pieces of sports equipment. Tennis racquet, lacrosse stick, softball bat; each one was more improbable than the last. In her desperation, Michaela started opening the drawers to Coach Gedren's desk. A twinge of guilt shuddered through her as she realized she was violating the coach's trust in her but in her lust filled haze, Michaela didn't care.

Finding nothing in the first four drawers she tried, Michaela reached for the last drawer but found it locked. Sighing in disappointment, it then dawned on her that she probably had the key. Digging the set of keys out of her discarded shorts, Michaela searched for the right key. With trembling fingers, she opened the lock and pulled the drawer open and gasped at what was inside. A large dildo, beige colored, with realistic veins running down it's length sat on top of some folders. It must have been at least eight inches long and thick as Michaela's wrist. The dildo even had a set of balls at the base. Almost reverently, Michaela reached down and withdrew it from the drawer. Without even thinking, she sat down in the coach's chair. Draping her legs over the arms of the chair, she scooted forward until her ass was at the edge.

Michaela started to run the tip up and down her slit, moistening the plastic with her juices before positioning the dildo at the entrance to her pussy. She was a little nervous. Aside from her fingers, nothing had ever been inside her before. But, she was bound and determined to fuck herself to another orgasm.

Sonya was furious with herself. She'd driven all the way to the bank and then realized that the papers she needed were still inside her office. If she hurried, she could grab the paperwork and still make it back before closing but it would be close. Fortunately, luck seemed to smile on Sonya as she missed most of the red lights and didn't run into any police. She parked the car and ran to the outside entrance off the locker room. Something was off. The door hadn't been locked. That fact did nothing to improve her mood. Michaela knew she was supposed to lock it when she left. That's when Sonya noticed Michaela's bicycle still locked up in the parking lot. The reason the door was unlocked was that the girl hadn't left yet.

Now, more curious than angry, Sonya quietly opened the door and silently walked inside, locking the door behind her. It was most likely nothing, she thought to herself, but she didn't want to take a chance of someone walking in just in case. The blinds were still down in her office. Michaela knew that Coach Gedren liked them up. She crept forward, then smiled when she heard a shout emanate from behind the closed door of her office. Sonya knew that shout well. It was the sound of a wonderful climax. Sonya softly padded closer, not wanting to giver herself away. When she got to the door, she tested the handle, trying not to tip Michaela off. Sonya briefly considered her next step. Barge in and act surprised or do her best to remain quiet? She decided on the quiet approach. Easing her spare key she always had with her into the lock, Sonya eased the door open a fraction, just enough to see Michaela's nude form sitting in her chair. The girl's eyes were closed and she was fucking herself with Sonya's dildo she kept in her locked drawer.

Michaela was too far gone in her self pleasure to notice anything yet. Her chest was heaving as she plunged the plastic prick in and out of her pussy. She'd only been able to get half of it in but that was enough to get her off. She had gotten herself off thinking about the volleyball team but now her fantasy was of Coach Gedren. Michaela had always been in awe of the red headed Amazon. The definition of her muscular arms and legs. The way the coach's shorts hugged her ass. And then, there were Coach Gedren's tits, barely contained in her sports bra. Michaela felt another orgasm brewing as she pictured the coach, standing over her, catching her in the act, angrily demanding that she be punished. Michaela's breathing quickened at those thoughts; the fear and shame she would feel when the woman that she had a crush on caught her in the act of pleasing herself. She was just about to cum when her eyes flew open in shock.

"What the HELL is going on here?" Sonya had waited to say something until the right moment. She'd been enjoying the show that Michaela was giving her. The girl's tits were small but her nipples were hard and pointy. The smell of sex permeated the room and Sonya had noticed a shiny spot on her chair between Michaela's legs. Sonya did her best to look angry but in her mind, she had to laugh at the young woman's expression when Sonya announced her presence. The term "deer in the headlights" came to her mind.

Michaela was passed the point of no return and her body betrayed her by orgasming so hard that she lost her breath. She closed her eyes, praying that when she opened them, Coach Gedren wouldn't be there and that it was a very vivid hallucination but no such luck. The poor girl quickly removed the cum coated dildo from her vagina and tried to hop to her feet, covering her tits and crotch with her hands as she felt the heat rising from her face. Michaela's eyes started watering and she did her best to say something but the most that came out was "I...I...I..."

"Shut it, Mouse. I trust you to be able to follow my instructions and instead you betray my trust by going through my desk, touching my personal things, and fucking yourself silly in my chair." Sonya could see the girl was about to break down and felt a twinge of sympathy for her. Hell, the bank could wait. God had sent a treasure to her and Sonya was not going to let this opportunity go to waste. "Arms at your side. NOW!"

Michaela jumped at the order and quickly complied with Coach Gedren's wishes. The sticky dildo was still clenched in her fist. She wished that she'd never agreed to become an assistant. All sorts of scenarios were flashing through her mind, not one of them like her fantasies that she'd just gotten off to. Michaela couldn't help herself. Tears began to stream down her face as the embarrassment of getting caught and the shame of betraying her idol's trust caught up with her. She sank to her knees, letting the dildo fall to the floor and covered her face with her hands, crying her eyes out. "I'm so sorry." she kept repeating over and over.

Sonya watched the crying girl for a moment, letting the situation build in intensity. She'd never felt this much power in her life. Sonya had always been the alpha in her relationships but never had the opportunity to actually act on her fantasies; those being able to dominate a young woman, to truly punish her, break her down and mold her into a perfect little sex toy. "So what? You know I can have you tossed out of here. This will go on your permanent record. Absolutely no college will admit you. Hell, you'll be lucky to get a job." A fresh round of sobs emanated from the young woman. "Unless..." Sonya bent over and picked up Michaela's discarded clothes. Walking over to her chair, she used the girl's shorts to wipe off the juices from the leather before throwing it and the rest of the clothing into the small trashcan that was next to her desk. She then sat down and swiveled around, looking at Michaela, studying her. The only sound in the office was that of soft sobs and the wall clock, ticking the seconds away. Sonya then reached her foot out and tapped Michaela's ass. "Stand up." Michaela complied, rising shakily to her feet, her head bowed and her hands by her side. She started to turn towards Coach Gedren when she was suddenly stopped by Sonya. "Did I tell you to turn around, Mouse?" Michaela shook her head no and just stood there, trembling.

Sonya studied the girls backside. It was well formed and creamy white. Sonya's hand twitched at the thought of turning the white ass bright red. She sat there for a minute longer, thinking of the next course of action. What she was contemplating could get her fired. On the other hand, this was the opportunity of a lifetime. It was too good to pass up. "Turn around Mouse." Michaela complied, still looking down. Sonya licked her lips at the sight of the girl's pussy. It's lips were still red and engorged from the self pleasure that Michaela had engaged in. The hair covering her mound could use a good trim or, even better Sonya thought to herself, be shaved off all together. But there would be plenty of time for that later. "You know you're in trouble, right?" Sonya asked. Michaela barely nodded. "Speak up girl! I asked you a question."

"Yes Coach Gedren." came the whispered reply.

"Do you want to get tossed out of here?"

Michaela let out a choking sob. "No."


"No Coach Gedren." Sonya giggled to herself. God, this was so much fun.

"So Mouse, here's the deal. There are two ways this can play out. The first way is that you agree to let me punish you as I see fit. If you do, then the matter is dropped. You're still my assistant if you want and nothing is ever said again. The second is if you don't agree to it, I'll give you back your clothes, you go back to your dorm room and pack because the second you walk out that door, I pick up my phone and call the dean's office. I figure we have about an hour before the janitor get's here to clean so you better decide quickly."

Michaela just stood there, absorbing Coach Gedren's words. She knew that there really wasn't a choice. A small shiver ran through her body. Fantasies were one thing but the reality of the situation was much different. She nodded in acquiesce.

"What? I have to hear you say it, Mouse. You agree to be punished?"

"Yes Coach Gedren." Michaela mumbled. Gedren waited for a minute, eyeing the nude body standing in front of her, before replying.

"Pick up the dildo." Michaela bent over and gingerly picked up the sex toy from where she'd dropped it. It was still a little sticky from her juices and little bits of dirt had collected on the surface. "Good girl. Now, clean it off." Michaela moved to get a tissue from Sonya's desk but stopped when she heard Gedren's voice. "NO! With your tongue." Michaela's eyes got big before she squeezed them shut. Blushing furiously, she brought the dildo to her face and slowly began to lick it clean of her juices and debris. After a minute or two, Coach Gedren stopped her. "Put it on my desk Mouse, and come here." The nude girl opened her eyes and complied with her commands, standing next to the seated woman in front of her. Sonya reached out and caressed Michaela's leg, causing the young woman to flinch. The skin was soft and smooth. Sonya had to fight back the urge to just pick Michaela up, slam her down on top of her desk and ravage her beautiful pussy right then.

"You know what's about to happen, don't you?" Michaela nodded and Sonya gave her a quick slap on the hip.

"Yes Coach Gedren." Michaela quickly said, wincing from the stinging slap. " are going to spank me."

"And why is that?"

"Because I was naughty."

Sonya smiled a wicked smile, fished Michaela's panties from the trash and pushed her chair away from her desk. She didn't say anything, just grabbed Michaela by the wrist and pulled the girl across her knees. "Open your mouth." Michaela complied and Sonya crammed the panties into her orifice. "Spit them out if you want me to stop. But if you do, you're out of here. Understand?" The girl nodded her head, squeezing her eyes shut again in dreaded anticipation. Sonya began caressing the bare ass cheeks, building up to the moment before...SMACK!

Michaela's eyes flew open. She'd never been spanked before and the shock almost caused her to open her mouth wide in response which would have caused her to drop her panties. But, instead, she bit down on the silky fabric, determined to not get kicked out.

SMACK! The sound of the spanking filled the office. SMACK! Another blow came down, quickly followed by another. In truth, Sonya wasn't actually spanking the girl that hard, just enough to make it sting a little. She paused for a moment after delivering three spanks to each cheek, admiring the pinkish hue of the girl's backside. Then, she really started in.

Blow after blow rained down onto Michaela's ass causing her to kick her legs out. She bit down harder on her panties as tears began to fall from her eyes. Still, her body betrayed her. She could feel the tingly sensation starting in her pussy again as the realization of the situation finally sank in. Here she was, getting punished for being a naughty little girl, laying over the lap of the woman she had a crush on. Each blow that Coach Gedren delivered caused Michaela to grind her pussy against the woman's leg. The heat from her ass seemed to flow down, right onto her clitty. Michaela felt her stomach tighten as she lost count of how many times her ass had been smacked.

Sonya noticed the change in the young woman. She could feel Michaela's fluids seeping out onto her leg and smiled. She thought about spanking the girl to an orgasm but stopped short. Michaela's ass cheeks were a bright red and as Sonya began to caress them gently, she could actually feel the heat radiating off. That's when she brought her hand a little lower and ran her finger through the wet folds of the girl's pussy.

Michaela's body reacted on pure instinct at the intimate touch of Coach Gedren. Her legs spread open and her breathing quickened. Then she felt the tip of the woman's finger at the entrance to her vagina. She pushed back, trying to insert the teasing digit inside her and let out a muffled whimper when Coach Gedren complied.

Sonya inserted her index finger deep into Michaela, feeling the soft sponginess of her inner wall. Curling her finger up, Sonya began to finger fuck the young woman. A technique refined from years of practice in pleasing women with her fingers quickly brought Michaela to the edge of an orgasm and when Coach Gedren inserted a second finger, it was too much to take. Sonya could feel Michaela's pussy clench down and her hands were coated with the girl's juices. She continued to pump her fingers in and out, only stopping when Michaela's body went limp. Withdrawing her fingers from the girl's juicy snatch, Sonya brought her hand to her mouth and licked her fingers clean, tasting Michaela's orgasmic fluids.

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