tagFetishMouthing Off Ch. 02

Mouthing Off Ch. 02


It was as if an electric shock had shot through her. She went rigid and her face flashed brilliant red.


'Don't say another word.' I said. 'There is only half and hour and unless you want to greet them with fresh cane stripes on your ass, go and get ready now.'

She ran off upstairs. When she returned fifteen minutes later, she was wearing red four inch heeled shoes and lipstick to match. I hadn't specified shoes, but it was the right decision. She looked ravishing. I could barely resist taking her there and then.

The greeting of the men was amazing. She opened the door to each one as they arrived, showed them into the lounge and got them a drink. Every one had a stiff dick by the time he sat down.

When we were all present I said:

'Welcome to the meeting. This is Donna, your hostess for this evening. She has compiled our entertainment and she will serve your food and drinks. As you are all devotees of the female mouth, she will also provide a little extra service. Everything that leaves your prick during the next three hours will be into her mouth.'

I had not told Donna this beforehand. There was shock on the face of everybody present except me. It was a wonderful moment.

'As Donna is naked, it is only reasonable that we should be as well. If you would like to take off your clothes gentlemen, Donna will store them in the hall until you leave.'

This broke the tension and the guys got to whipping off their kit. Donna collected it all up and took it out.

When all was done I asked everybody to sit down. They all still had tent pole erections. Donna appeared at the door and I told her to start the video and indicated to her to come and kneel between my legs. As she took me in her mouth I told her that she was to go round all of the guests and suck them off in turn. She couldn't answer, but I felt her nod her head before I pulled her in to take me fully down her throat. When I massaged her cunt she was dripping.

While I was pumping Donna's throat and watching the enchanting opening scenes I told the members of the group that she would be coming round to them each in turn to suck them off and when she had finished that job she would kneel in the corner ready for whenever they needed her for the urinal services that they could now see her providing on the screen. As I got to this last part of the information Donna spasmed into orgasm, clenching the two fingers I pressed into her pussy. I shot a huge load in spurt after spurt into her mouth and she gulped it down.

When she had licked me clean, I lifted her head, gave her a kiss and said.

'You are fantastic darling. Go and do him now.'

I had never shared her with another man, let alone five of them, but she went to it with enthusiasm. She had the ramrod stiff prick right down her throat in just the same way as she did it for me. With the lead up and her skill, it was only a minute or so before he groaned and stroked her hair as he shot his load. Then in a really wonderful touch, Donna looked up at him and showed him her mouthful before swallowing. She was a star.

Not surprisingly, the other four didn't take any longer. Only twenty minutes into the show, Donna had sucked off all six of us and swallowed every drop of cum.

When she was preparing to do the welcomes I had laid out a rubber sheet on the floor in the corner opposite the TV and I taped up a sign on the wall above it saying 'URINAL'. Now I told Donna to pause the video and indicated the corner to her.

Gentlemen. I think that now is a good time for a comfort break.'

Donna is a very trim and attractive woman and she likes to keep it that way. (Possibly because I thrash her if she puts on weight). She has a little device called a slimming belt. It is a narrow belt which is adjustable and has a red piece of elastic at the front. You set the adjustment so that exactly one inch of red shows when you clip it on. If you put on any weight, the measure behind the elastic shows exactly how much the elastic has stretched. I use this to check that she is keeping herself in proper condition for me. Now I had another use for it. I bent down to Donna who was kneeling in her urinal and clipped the belt in place. I explained it to the guys and showed them that the red band was just a fraction over one inch.

'That bellyful of our cum is probably the cause of this little extra girth. By now I should think that Donna's mouth is a bit sticky and it is time to rinse it out for her. During the evening we will see how much her belly fills out.'

With that I turned back to Donna and she opened her mouth. It was a bit difficult to get started with all those eyes looking on, but when it did come I gave her a really strong jet. Her mouth was full very quickly and I stopped to allow her to swallow. As soon as her mouth reopened I gave her another one and continued until I was finished. When I invited the others to follow me they were all obviously keen although nobody really wanted to be the first to rush forward.

To break the pause I tapped the nearest guy on the shoulder and nodded him forward. Donna was brilliant. As he stood waiting for it to start, she licked his pee hole as she does for me some times when I am slow to get going. Soon he was in full flow. Without a break she took the contents of all six bladders. We looked down at the belt and the red elastic had stretched out to more than an inch and a quarter.

'OK chaps. Lets get back to the video. Donna. You will top up the drinks and the snack bowls. When you have done that you suck any guy who is hard. Whenever there is nothing else to do you will return to your urinal and wait to be used. When you need a piss you can go and do it, but it would be nice to see how much you can hold in and before you go you must pause the video and show us your belt.'

I thought that she would probably need to go for a pee immediately. She had a bellyful of piss and cum from six men and it actually showed, but she didn't. When she had done the drinks and stuff, she went straight to a guy who was gently rubbing a semi hard as he watched a pretty young Japanese bukkake girl have her cum covered face washed off by four fat, hairy, middle aged white men pissing on her. She kept her face turned up and her mouth open as they did it. You could hear the producer saying things in Japanese in the background. I think it must have been telling her to swallow. Every few seconds she would close her mouth and gulp down and while this was happening a man who had finished would give way to another with plenty of piss.

Donna quickly had the guy up to a full hard and sucked up very actively for several minutes before he came his second time.

There were a couple of gaps over the next hour when there were no men with stiff pricks and Donna went back to kneel in the corner after she had seen that all glasses were full. Nobody used her to piss in and she still hadn't gone to the bathroom herself.

I decided to call another comfort break. Pausing the video I said.

'Come on gents. It is time to make use of the facilities.'

Again I was the first to empty my bladder into Donna, but I did not have to encourage the others to follow. One after another they were in there, filling her mouth as fast as she could take it. When the fourth man had finished, she put her hand up before the fifth guy could start and stood up.

'Sorry Sirs. I simply must go and let some out.'

I placed my hand on her shoulder.

'One moment darling.'

We all looked at the red band. Nearly one and three quarter inches. Her belly was visibly larger.

'Please, please. I must go, she whimpered.'

It was clear that Donna had held on until the very maximum she could stand and had probably hoped that she would be able to take all six of us for the second round before she gave in.

'OK.' I said. 'But we are coming to watch.'

She didn't have time to argue. She rushed off followed by all of us and we crowded round the WC when she let it go. It was amazing. Gallons of yellow piss gushed loudly into the bowl and we were wide eyed watching the little red band shrinking back to about one inch. Amazing.

Without letting her up, I indicated to the last two that they should give her their donation and start on filling her up again. While this was being done. I went to the basin and washed my ass very thoroughly. I told the others to do the same and when the last guy had finished pissing into her mouth I put my ass to Donna's mouth and told her to rim me. It was delicious. When I had enough, I offered the same to the others and, of course, they all accepted. The third guy to have her tongue up him, put both hands behind him and pulled her head hard into his ass at one point. It was a really erotic sight to see my girlfriend's face crushed into a hairy ass. He said:

'I don't know if you've tried t his, but it is a really fantastic buzz to pull them in tight like this so that they can't breathe. At first they try to push their tongue in further because they think that's what you want and you do, it's good, but then they just need a breath and actually suck your ass while they are trying to get some air in.'

At that moment I could see Donna going almost purple and her throat pumping as she gasped for air.

'Oh yes. He said. 'Absolutely beautiful baby.'

And he released her head. Donna emerged spluttering, looked away from the big, hairy ass towards me and then immediately returned to put her tongue back in.

Well that was a new one for me and it looked good. Poor Donna was short of air doing each of the rest of them and when she was finished I had another go just so that I could give it a try myself. Bloody fantastic.

We returned to the lounge where we finished the video and Donna was used continuously. When she wasn't sucking cock, she was being pissed into and usually the guys turned round after pissing and demanded that she lick their ass.

At the end, everybody thanked Donna with a kiss and said that they had never had such a wonderful evening in their lives. A few days later we had a delivery of champagne, flowers, chocolates and a voucher for a free meal for two at a very expensive restaurant.

She had been quite shocked by having her face forced into the ass, but it made her realise that I was not the only man around who liked to push a lady to her limits and she actually found it a thrill when it had happened.

Donna has now agreed to be the hostess for our meetings once a month and she has said that now she knows everybody and likes them she will take requests for any new additions they would like her to make to her service.

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