Movie Theater


I am a avid movie buff, I would go nearly every day if there were enough movies coming out. It's sometimes hard to find someone to go with me so more than not I go by myself. I went last week and did some crazy stuff while I was there and just had to share.

Everyone had gone away for the week and I couldn't go because of work. So when I got off early one afternoon, and couldn't stand being around the house any more, I decided to catch a movie. I hopped in the shower while trying to decide what to wear. I took my time considering I didn't have anyone waiting on me. The water felt nice streaming down my body and I just stood there loving the feeling and listening to the water hit me. After shaving my legs I couldn't decide just how much of my puss that I wanted to shave and how much hair I should leave, so I shaved it all, it had been a long time since I was bare. I usually just leave a small patch just about my clit. Doing this helped me to decide what to wear.

I toweled off and walked into the bedroom forgetting until then that I had left the curtains open. Anyone who looked toward our house might be able to see me. I loved it. Standing in front of my closet I pulled out a black blouse that buttons up the front and is see through. It has pockets where my nipples are so really you can't see anything unless I bend over and shift from one side to the other. I guess it would depend on the lighting as well, I've been told that when the sun is at my side that even the pockets get transparent. The skirt that goes with it is made of the same material but is only see through on the sides. So people can tell that I am not wearing panties. it's not really that short, it comes just about 4 inches above my knees, but it is a loose fitting material. So for me, one makes up for the other. I pulled on my knee high boots and was ready to hit the door. My hair is short enough that I really just have to push it back a few times and let the wind do the rest. Sounds bad but I like it.

I had two stops before the theater and till had plenty of time before the movie started. I wanted to get something to eat first and then I had to get some more cash. I don't really like to eat alone in a restaurant so I hit my favorite drive though burger place. It has four windows, I know what the hell for. It is so busy inside that they have to have that many so that there aren't too many people waiting, so one is for ordering, then paying, then condiments, and finally your food. The best thing about it is that the windows are almost always manned by very good looking guys. So I get to tease a little while getting my food. I always get the same thing so I didn't have to waste my time in front of the menu, but I stopped there anyway.

I checked myself in the mirror and undid two buttons on my blouse, so now it was open to just about where my pockets started, one more and I would "almost" be exposed...I undid the third. Looking at my skirt is was way to low, I lifted my rear and pulled in up some. If you looked hard enough, you could just see a hint of my pussy peaking out, too far? Nah, I pulled forward to the first window. The guy here was new, or at least I hadn't seen him before. He hadn't noticed me before I started talking, then he glanced my way with that look of a drone that so many people have when they are at work. His eyes widened and he just stared at me for a moment. I let him look me over and then I ordered like I was oblivious to anything he was looking at. I had to repeat myself before he snapped to and pushed in my order. Not wanting to let me pull forward he tried to sell me half the store. I pulled to the second window and the guy there was already looking for me, the first guy had already told him about me. This window I had to reach out to pay this one. He wasn't as cute as the new guy but overall not bad. he told me my total and I reached through my window with my right hand and gave him a little peak.

He nearly dropped my money looking at my tits. When he was handing me my change back he wasn't watching what he was doing and he dropped my money on the ground. Embarrassed, he told me to wait and he would get it for me. He came running out of the building and picked up all my change and gave it to me right there, I thanked him and leaned over and put the money in my center console, when I looked back he was still there looking at my legs. he caught me looking and flushed he ran back inside. I didn't need any stuff for my burger so I just took napkins from him. Too bad for him to be at this window. The guy giving me my food was ready for me as well. This window is sticking out from the building just a little which nearly puts him right on top of me. He couldn't keep his eyes off my legs, trying to get a look at my pussy no doubt. I took my drink and while taking my straw I looked him in the eyes and he looked down again, when he did, I quickly pulled my skirt up and gave him a plain view of my bare pussy, he nearly fell over and with that I drove away.

I ate on the way to the bank and when I got there the stupid drive through atm machine was being serviced. That meant going in to the one just outside the lobby. No problem really but it was almost five and I know there would be a line. I had to drive past the guys working on it, because I was already in the lane, no turning around. They stepped aside and stopped me when I reached the machine, the guard that stopped me took one look and then asked the other guy if he was almost done. He was actually if I wanted to wait just a couple of minutes, no problem While I was waiting the guard leaned on my door talking to me about dumb stuff, nothing really important. He really had his attention on my tits that were nearly about to fall out, I let him look, it was not better to be waiting here than in line inside. When they were done they were both talking to me until a car behind me started to honk its horn. They both nodded their appreciation for my patience and let me go through.

I got to the theater in plenty of time, I had my pick for where I wanted to sit. I like to sit right under the projection hole so I picked the back row, in the middle. Settling in I let my skirt ride high and got comfortable. It was an early movie but I had expected more people. When the light lowered for the movie to begin the closet person was about tend seats down on the next row. Too bad for him. I got into the movie and hadn't really noticed the young couple that had sat down at the end of the row I was on. I had been holding my pussy and stroking myself lightly without really meaning to. I heard the girl giggle and from the corner of my eye I saw them looking at me. The guy tried to unbutton his girlfriend shirt and she just laughed and pushed his hand away.

Pretending not to have notice them I leaned way back and put my right foot on the back of the seat in front of me. They being on my left had a pretty good view of my actions. Having an audience made me want to play. I started stroking my pussy and didn't try to hid it from them at all. They got quiet and watched me, the guy slipped his arm around his girl and they were into me more than the movie. I was playing with my pussy with my left hand and reached into my blouse with my right and started rubbing my nipples. I was making myself very wet and I felt more bold because of it. I slipped a finger into my pussy and then sucked of the juice from it. Still pretending not to have noticed them I unbottoned my blouse all the way and pulled the fabric back from them. I glimpsed their way and he was now working his hand back and forth under her skirt. She had her hand on his crotch and both of them had them had their eyes glued on me.

I felt as if they were into it enough that I could stop pretending, so I leaned my head back and turned and looked at them. They didn't look away and when I motioned for them to come closer they didn't hesitate. They sat down beside me and started to say something but I held my hand up to her lips and they were quiet. She took my hand and licked the juice of my fingers. Her boyfriend seemed surprised by this but just smiled real big and reached up under skirt again. She took one of my nipples in her hand and started to roll it between her fingers. I joined her boyfriend and put my hand under her skirt. She was wearing panties and that would just not do. I pulled his hand from her and pushed her back against the seat. I motioned for him to unbutton her shirt and this time she didn't refuse.

As he did I moved down in front of her and slid my hands up her thighs, grabbing hold of the waistband of her panties and pulling them off of her. I looked up to see the most lovely pair of tits that I have ever seen. I reached down on pinched my own clit while burying my face into her wet pussy. She tasted good, very good. I tongued her clit and hole as fast as I could and I still couldn't keep up with the juice that flowed from her. I looked up again to see her playing with her own nipples and that he had pulled his cock our and was stroking it, I reached for it and I think he nearly came right then. I was going to cum soon and knew that I couldn't hold back this time. I took her clit between my teeth and flicked it as fast as I could. I could tell she was going to and by the way his cock was beginning to swell he was as well.

I came first, biting down on her clit as I did which send her into spasms and seeing that he started spurting cum from his dick in truck loads. I know it had to be shooting into the next row. I ended up having it on my back and in my hair. I couldn't take this and quickly stood up pulling my skirt down as I went. I was nearly to the bottom of the stairs before I remembered to button my blouse. I don't know how many people saw me with my tits hanging out. The thought of that didn't help any at all. I hurried to the bathroom and found an empty stall. I tore open my purse and pulled out my traveling vibe and shoved it into my pussy, damn I needed a cock and normally my vibe does the trick but not this time.

I went back out and headed for my truck, I just had to get out of there before I raped some poor soul. Climbing in to the back of my truck I fumbled around for my spare vibe, I have a back up almost everywhere. This one is shaped more like a dick and is a little larger. I plunged it into me, forgetting that the door was still open. I heard some voices and looked up to see two young women staring at me in disbelief. Hell If I were in their position I wouldn't have believed my eyes either. They were parked directly next to me and just leaned against their car and watched, fuck! I was about to explode. When I did, I started screaming at the top of my lungs, it felt so good to feel such release. Most of the time I have to be some what quiet and now that I was letting go and doing it in public and in front of someone, I mean really, can you imagine. While catching my breath, I heard them comment on how hot that just was and that they needed sex now.

Hearing their car door close I leaned up closed my own door. I guess I laid they for sometime, when I looked up again it was dark. With that I decided I needed a swim and a shower...

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