tagNonHumanMoving On: Alexia Ch. 04

Moving On: Alexia Ch. 04


*****HAPPY NEW YEAR*****

I have some free time and so I've had time to write. Writing is a great distraction. This chapter was a hard chapter for me, and I'm sure you'll know why when you read that part. I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment. All characters are over 18. Chapter 5 is being written. This story will end soon, so please simply enjoy.

Chapter 4

"Alexia, sit down." Levin ordered. She moved to one of the large chairs in his office. Levin then faced the three males. "Now you three, explain to me why there is so much aggression in this house this morning?" Levin asked. He already knew. He could feel the anger emanating from Deacon and Declan in groves, and he could also sense the apprehension in Kwame. He could actually read him. Levin thought this strange since Kwame was not a member of Gaines and he should not have been able to feel anything from him. He and the other alphas needed to talk.

Alexia spoke and tried to explain, "Alpha Levin, Declan and Deacon were concerned about me. They saw me talking with Kwame and overreacted. No real harm was done."

Levin paused. He looked at all four young people. "Alexia, this man forced you, impregnated you, and has yet to be called to task for doing so. Deacon and Declan are upset, as are many others here." Levin took a breath. The brothers agreed. Levin exhaled a deep breath. He faced Kwame, "You were under the influence of a demon. I can understand that, but it doesn't change the damage you've caused here."

Kwame gulped. "Listen Mr. Alpha, Sir. I know I messed up, and I've never tried to hide from my responsibilities. I'm here and I want to be held accountable for my actions, but this morning, I just wanted to make sure Alexia was alright. I didn't mean to cause dissension."

Deacon and Declan scoffed. "You walked up to her and had the nerve to act like you can tell her what to do." Deacon declared. "Who the fuck do you think you are?"

"Out of respect for our alphas, we have not ripped you apart." Declan added.

Levin looked at Deacon and Declan, "Calm down, or I'm ordering you two away for the night. What do the two of you suggest?"

"We want a chance alone with this guy. A fair fight Alpha Levin, that's all we ask. What he has done is not something we can let go of, and ..." Deacon looked away. He was furious. Since they were kids, Alexia was theirs to protect. When they were kids, she mostly protected them, but this time this guy needed his butt kicked. He never should have touched Alexia.

Levin nodded. "OK, you three can fight, not to death. When someone submits, the fight ends. I'll notify Lakota and Alpha Ryelle. This fight will happen today at noon."

"What? Wait!" Alexia declared, clearly upset. Deacon and Declan smiled. Finally, this guy would get handed his.

He immediately sent to Lakota. Kwame called out to Ryelle who answered immediately. Alpha Ryelle, I have been ordered to a challenge today. Can the alpha here do this?

Wait, Kwame. Let me address the alphas, I'll come talk to you when I learn more. Ryelle replied. He headed straight for Levin's office. Lakota had gone to his office, and the women were not the ones who called this challenge.

"Alpha Levin, my pack member says you've sanctioned a challenge involving him?" Ryelle questioned.

Levin was not fond of the Dark Alpha. To him, Alpha Ryelle Jackson came across as arrogant. However, he did come here to rectify the crime committed against his niece. Levin took a moment before speaking. Years of dealing with many types of people, Levin was always polite. "Yes, he faces both Deacon and Declan at noon. I'll make sure the rules are fair." Levin turned to walk away.

"That's it. You think you have the right to endanger my pack member. Alpha Levin, this is unfair and I will not allow it." Ryelle declared.

Levin turned, fury warring with common decency. "Either, they fight it out, or we risk your wolf being attacked without our knowledge. What if he's with Alexia and is attacked. She could get hurt. The baby could get hurt. I know you may not like it, but having him face a challenge will give our wolves a sense of closure on this." Levin looked closely at Ryelle. It was obvious that he was truly worried, as he should be. "The fight will be fair. Only two wolves can fight at a time. At no time will Declan or Deacon attack him together. I'll see you soon. I must make arrangements." Levin excused himself.

"Alpha Ryelle, do you need anything?" Thomas asked. He was concerned. When Alphonso lived, he would have known how to comfort his friend. On this trip, he was a confidant, but he knew Ryelle needed to speak with someone he could trust. "Father faced this often, didn't he?" Ryelle whispered.

"Do they think they can rule over me because they think we're inferior somehow?" Ryelle fumed. Thomas waited. "No, no, Thomas I will not allow these males to harm him. If these monsters think they have another whooping boy on their hands, then they can take me on too." Ryelle declared, furious. Thomas remained silent. "I can't protect him. If I refuse, and Levin is right, he could be attacked at any time, but I don't agree with a two on one match."

Thomas waited, "Centuries ago, Alphonso and I were always being challenged by fair Weres. Although they accepted us as pack members, many still believed we were less than them because of our skin. Problems really arose when several females took an interest in us. The males did not like it, and often we found ourselves fighting. There were times Alphonso and I wanted to leave, but the pack was our sanctuary." Thomas paused.

After a moment, he continued. "One day, my Hattie arrived and I knew, she was the one for me. My fair brothers decided that pay back was fair play and they flirted with her, charmed her, and made sure I knew. Alpha Bertrand waited and did not order them to stop. Once I confronted him and he laughed and stated, "You must stand your ground Thomas, or men will always think that you are weak."

At first, I was upset with the alpha and then one day one of the men taunted me, and I reacted. Hattie witnessed this and my actions upset her even more. It was then that I issued a challenge to any male that felt they had the right to malign me in any way. Two accepted my challenge and I bested them. My bravado impressed Hattie and she came to my side. It also sent a message to the others, and they learned that with Alphonso or not, I was not one to mess with. Soon after, Hattie agreed to be mine and we mated." Thomas smiled, lost in a memory.

"This girl is Kwame's mate. He knows this, as do the males here. They are upset that she was forced and rightfully so. Kwame is a fighter, Alpha Ryelle, and he will stand his ground. Just like you had to fight to win Tasha, he must earn her respect. I know it seems unfair, but this is something that must be done." Thomas explained.

Ryelle nodded. He knew Thomas spoke the truth. However, Thomas was not finished. " You must remember this, Ryelle. Kwame is strong. He needs to defend himself and show these wolves that he does not fear them. After all, he will be a father soon and can you see him abandoning his son?"

Ryelle sighed. "You are right. We will be there supporting him. He has been trained. He can handle himself."

Love, what's wrong? Tasha sent. She could felt his fear and anger.

One of the alphas has sanctioned a fight between Kwame and two of his betas. It's a two on one fight, it's not fair. Ryelle replied.

Kwame is one of our strongest fighters. He can handle himself. Even if he does not win, you know he will give his all. You must have faith in him, love. We all do. Tasha replied, sending her alpha waves of love and support.

I love you. We'll be home soon. Ryelle sent. He needed to talk to Kwame.

Kwame was in his room, but he was not alone. Ryelle paused to knock at the door when he heard someone speaking.

"You don't have to do this Kwame. I'll talk to Uncle Levin and Uncle Lakota, and see if this fight can be stopped." Alexia explained.

She loved her cousins, but a two on one fight was wrong and they knew it. They were just so angry they were not thinking straight.

"Alexia, you don't know me. You don't know where I'm from or what I've had to survive. I understand those two guys. If someone had done something like this to a member of my family, I wouldn't wait until the alpha granted me permission to attack. He'd be dead. I was not careful and allowed another to influence me. Because of my failure, I hurt you and now we have a baby that will be here soon." Kwame took a deep breath.

"Can you tell me what happened?" Alexia asked, sitting on his bed. Keon was active once again. She rubbed him, telling him to calm down. Kwame reached out and gently touched her stomach and the baby kicked him. They laughed.

"He's active, huh?" Kwame asked.

"He's your son. You should know." Alexia teased. They both laughed.

"Let me start at the beginning." Kwame suggested. Ryelle listened as Kwame began to explain to her what happened that night.

"Alpha Ryelle, can we speak a moment?" Lakota walked up and stopped him from knocking.

Ryelle faced the Gaines Alpha. "I want the other alpha with us. We need to reach some sort of understanding here." Ryelle demanded.

Lakota smiled, "Levin is waiting for us in my office. Come when you are ready." Lakota walked away.

"Alpha, do you need me with you?" Thomas asked.

Ryelle sighed, "No, Thomas, see if you can speak with Kwame. I can handle this." Then he went to meet with the alphas.


Randall was sitting in his room at Valdemore. The estate was magnificent. Someone knocked and soon entered his room. He smiled, Dermic Valdemore came home. He wanted to address this young man.

"You're human now?" Dermic asked.

Randall sat up, 'Yes, my father granted me a reprieve. He is allowing me time to pursue my life mate."

"You think that woman is Lacy." Dermic scoffed. "What were you? What type of other?" Dermic demanded.

"Angel, but now I'm merely a man." Randall explained.

Dermic shook his head, "You swore the demon would pay, yet you go and be turned into a human male. How will you protect her if this creature comes after her again? Your life is forfeit. You cannot keep her safe." Dermic declared angrily. "Can your immortality be restored?" He asked.

Randall was completely alert now. Her uncle was right, as a man he stood no chance of protecting Lacy. Yet, he knew that she was protected. As Dermic ranted, Randall sent up a quick prayer. Father, I am a mere man, but I ask of you protect Lacy and those that love her. You alone have the power to bring this nightmare to a close. Stop this demon. Bring him to a heel and end this nightmare for so many. Amen, and thank you father.

Dermic stopped talking. Randall had his eyes closed and it was obvious he was meditating or something.

Randall opened his eyes. "Mr. Valdemore, I have faith. My father told me that he sees and knows all. He told me that this demon would be dealt with. I believe him. I'm not sure when or how. But I plan on staying by Lacy's side until he is caught." Randall exhaled.

Dermic huffed, "I really don't like this. Lacy has had a hard enough life. She deserves to be treasured, protected. Yet, she really likes you and my wife, Francine, has forbid me from kicking you out. So for now Randall, welcome to our home. Just know that I'm watching you. If you make her shed one tear, you're gone."

Randall smiled. "I would die to protect her, sir. You can trust me on that."

Dermic nodded. "What did Lacy tell you about the call from her mother?"

Randall stood and put on his robe. "She hid a lot, that's why I had her call your wife. She said that she called and they have a strained relationship, but it was what she did not say that concerned me."

"It's not my place to tell you about her relationship with her mother, but long story short, Katrina is a piece of work. Her calling like this makes me wonder if she has something to do with this attack on Lacy and her friend." Dermic sighed. "You knew the other girl. I assigned Lacy to guard her. What can you tell me about Alexia Thompson?"

Randall sighed. But he had a question. "What does Alexia have to do with this Katrina person and this demon?"

"I'm not sure, but the demon had some sort of control over the young man that attacked her. I wanted to see if you saw any type of interaction with her and any other type of creature besides Lacy." Dermic explained.

"I didn't know this Katrina person existed. From what Alexia and Lacy explained, some guy was ticked off at them for not talking to him at the bar, but that's all I know." Randall explained, but Valdemore made him start thinking.

He remembered when Alexia first came with this idea of using natural plants to help increase memory and recall. She met so much opposition. Many at the university called her research a waste of funds, fantasy. Yet, she persisted. From day one, Lacy had her back. The two women did not go out often, but on this night they needed to blow off some steam.

Alexia was hesitant, but Lacy talked her into going. He had no clue danger would befall them or he would have been there. "If I had known, I would have gone with them." Randall whispered.

Dermic scoff, "Your father knew though. Didn't you say he knows everything?"

Randall was instantly offended. He was about to say something when a voice called to him. Randall, be still. Let the vampire vent. He is afraid and angry. Say this to him

Randall paused and relayed the message.

"Valdemore, things happen in life. Sometimes we face challenges not to break us but to help us understand how strong we are. Alexia and Lacy survived being attacked in the most evil of ways. The monster that did this is being dealt with even as we speak, be patient vampire. You'll have your turn." Randall stopped speaking

Dermic was stunned. Whoever just spoke to him was not a mere man, but something more powerful. He had questions but found that he could not speak. "Randall, Francine and Lacy are waiting for you downstairs. Breakfast is ready for you."

Randall simply nodded and Dermic left him alone. Randal hurried and dressed and joined the ladies in the kitchenette for breakfast. The first face he saw was Lacy. He smiled. No matter how scary things were, one look at this girl and all was right in the world.

Randall ate as the ladies talked. "Have you talked to Alexia?" He asked.

Lacy smiled, "Last night. Alpha Lakota found the guy that raped her and he's with her at Wildwood now. Apparently, he was under the influence of the demon and could not control himself. Aunt Francine, I know you all are concerned about mother, but can I go see Alexia even for just a day. I need to make sure she's safe."

Francine frowned. "The young man that attacked Alexia is at Wildwood?" Dermic! Francine sent. The male that attacked Alexia is at Wildwood. He may know something about this demon.

I know, we talked to him. The demon we seek is known as a Sorgen, they are easily angered and petty. This particular one is called Sri. He won't live long. As soon as I find him he will suffer. Dermic sent.

Lacy wants to go to Wildwood and see Alexia? Francine sent.

The human stays home; she can vanish in and out quickly. Dermic replied.

Francine smiled, "Lacy, you can pop in and see your friend, but if Katrina shows up at all, get back here."

Lacy smiled, "Really, come on Randall, let's get a car."

"No, Randall stays here. He's human and cannot vanish. Vanishing is safer for you." Francine explained. "You won't go alone. I'm going with you." The possibility of Katrina showing up was great. Francine wanted to be the one to confront mommy dearest.

Randall sighed. He leaned over and kissed Lacy on the cheek. "Tell Alexia hello for me and make sure she's taking care of Junior."

Lacy relaxed. "I won't be long, ok. Rest, Ok."

Francine looked away to give them a moment's privacy. Soon the young couple shared a sweet goodbye and she and Lacy were headed to Wildwood.


The time was 11:55 am. Everyone had gathered for the fight. Deacon and Declan were ready. Kwame stood alone with his Alpha and his friend. Alexia knew this was not fair. Deacon and Declan were two of the best fighters in the pack. She needed to speak with Kwame. Before he went out, Alexia walked over to him. "Kwame, don't go out there. This is not right. I can't believe the alphas agreed to this."

Kwame smiled. He'd only been here a few days. So far, this girl was amazing to him. She should hate him, but she did not. "Alexia, they need this. The pack needs this. Besides, they might be good, but I'm better."

He winked at her and headed out. Alpha Levin went over the rules and the fight began.

Two wolves would fight at a time. At no time would the fight be two on one. When someone tapped out, the fight ended. This fight was not unto death, but surrender.

Deacon attacked first. He shifted and mid-pounce, Kwame changed forms. Everyone gasped, they'd never seen a wolf with his coloring before now. Kwame' gray and charcoal gray coat, highlights with auburn specks stood out in the ring. It was an unique color. No one had ever seen a wolf quite like him. As soon as Deacon went down, Declan attacked. Kwame flipped, rolled leaped over them and still held his own. Lakota and Levin were impressed. This dark Were was a worthy opponent. Thirty minutes into the fight, Declan delivered a bite that should have been fatal, and the crowd froze, stunned. Alexia screamed, Uncle Levin said this fight was not to the death. The crowd gasped as the Dark Wolf stood. He was bleeding, but not beaten. Kwame kept fighting.

Ryelle knew. Thomas knew. That for the wolves here, this was a fight to avenge a wrong, but for Kwame, a dark were, this was a fight to stay alive. Ryelle and Thomas watched, with a sense of pride in the young warrior that fought to defend himself against what seemed to be impossible odds. Win or lose, Kwame Jackson would establish himself today.

Levin wanted to call the fight, but Ryelle refused to let him. Kwame had not surrendered. With a quick throw from Deacon, Kwame was rendered unconscious. Deacon went to attack when his alpha halted him. Levin had no choice but to call. Medics rushed out to treat the Dark Were. Kwame had lost so much blood, his heart barely beat. Declan and Deacon stood, victorious, but realized they almost killed the other man. Shifting they redressed and rushed over to the infirmary.

Thomas and Ryelle waited. "No," Ryelle screamed. His alpha bond to Kwame vanished.

Lakota and Levin saw Ryelle's reaction as they both formed a new bond with the Dark were.

"Is he? Is Kwame?" Ryelle questioned.

"He's fine. He'll recover." Levin explained.

"How do you know?" Ryelle demanded. His bond had severed. Only two things could severe a alpha bond, death or changing packs.

"Kwame is now a member of Gaines." Levin explained.

Ryelle paused, "Wait? What?"

"He is a member of Gaines. Alpha Ryelle, he should be out of surgery soon. Let's talk once he's stable." Alpha Lakota suggested.

Ryelle looked at Lakota. He didn't give two flying fucks about what the other alpha had to say. Kwame was his to protect and he needed to make sure he was going to be alright.

Lakota stepped aside as Ryelle walked off. Levin joined him. "I know he's upset, but his manners need work." He observed.

Lakota sighed, "Levin, think about this. If we had just witnessed a member of our pack be dismembered by two men, and all of a sudden lost the connection to that member while he is in major surgery, do you think you'd be all smiles and talking?" he asked.

Levin was quiet. "Are you saying I should not have allowed the fight?"

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