Mr. Clark's Classroom

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Sara lives out her dreams with her teacher.
4.5k words
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Author's note: The following characters and events are made up though based on a very real fantasy I have had especially in my senior year and throughout college. If you have similar fantasies I urge you to find a consenting adult to role play with. If you like the story please feel free to comment. I love knowing that my words get like minded people off. If you have similar fantasies I would also love to hear about those.


Mr. Clark is holding me against the white board. I can smell the faint alcohol of the dry erase markers. One hand presses the back of my neck holding me in place while the other lifts up my skirt slowly to expose my panties.

"You need to earn a higher grade." He says to me with an angry disciplinarian voice "It's going to take a lot of work, it's going to be hard, and you are going to remember it forever."

I pant loudly. "Yes Mr. Clark" I say.

"In my class and F stands for: fucked in the a-"

"Sara," A voice chimes in. "Oh Sara, you with us?" I am snapped back to reality.

"Sorry Mr. Clark" I say.

"No need to be so formal." He says in the kindest, least disciplinarian voice possible "You are all almost graduated and my peers. Please call me Rick"

But what if I want to be formal? What if I want him to be stern and keep me in my place? "Yes sir." I say shyly. The class laughs around me.

My name is Sara. I am in the last month of my senior year. And while teachers keep saying things like "We're almost peers" and "It's time to make adult choices." It really doesn't feel right yet. I turned 18 four months ago and it doesn't feel like I am any more adult today than I was before.

I guess in some ways I have felt like an adult for years. I've been 5' 4" since the 9th grade and have given up hope of being taller. Similarly my A-cups and 36 inch hips don't seem like they are going to even out anytime soon. Sometimes I think I will look like Tinkerbell trying to escape from the drawer forever. But I am mature in other ways. Nobody has to wake me up for school and in spite of what my fantasies about Mr. Clark might say, my grades are quite good.

In other ways I am not even close to grown up. I don't have a job and am terrified of having to get one. I still have a lot of stuffed animals lining my bed. I'm not a prude but far from experienced in the ways of love and sex. Like, I've fooled around with people before. Mostly handjobs and oral sex and regular old vanilla penetrative sex a few times but nothing wild. Once with my friend, Mia, after we stole a bottle of her dad's wine. But the fantasies I have about Mr. Clark are far from my lived reality. So much so they can actually surprise me at times.

I have had something for Mr. Clark all year. He is young which means he still gives a shit about teaching. He is handsome standing 6 foot tall with short hair, a well kept beard, and obvious muscle under his standard short sleeve button ups.

Weirdly, his wife also worked at our school as the math teacher and seemed to be his total opposite. She was cold to everyone. Seemed mean to the kids who didn't get it and distant to those, like me, who had As. She wasn't ugly by any means, but always seemed poorly dressed and awkward. Like she was dressed the way she thought a middle aged high school teacher should dress and was just waiting her whole life until her age and profession matched her wardrobe. She wasn't old either. Probably a few years older than Mr. Clark but that puts her at maybe thirty. But the way she acted was like she had totally forgotten what it was to be a teenager and that acting like one was unreasonable.

A few minutes after Mr. Clark had snapped me back to reality my mind began to wander again. He has me pressed against the white board again, my skirt lifted, ass exposed. "Yes your grades are so bad we're going to have to go back to the basics. A is for ass" SMACK. His hand comes down hard on my left ass cheek. "B is for bondage" SMACK. This time my right ass cheek. "C is for cock sucker" SMACK. "D is for dominated" SMACK.

My brain makes it as far as "S is for slut" before the bell rings. "All right" the real Mr. Clark says "make sure to work on your final essays. And Sara could I speak with you for a bit after class" my heart skips.

The rest of the class hurries out as I slowly pack my backpack. Finally I timidly approach his desk. "Hey there" he says kindly "I just wanted to check in because you seemed to space out a bit more than usual"

"Sorry Mr. Clark" I say quietly.

"No reason to be sorry. And again, you can call me Rick" he says "I get it. Last period of the day can be rough. I just wanted to check in to see if everything was okay." He gently touches the top of my hand that was resting on his desk. It's subtle and probably meaningless but it sends a shiver through my nerves.

"Thanks" I say "everything is fine."

I hear the door open behind me. Mr. Clark says past me "I'll be ready in a few minutes" then turns back to me "Well Sara, if you ever need anything please let me know." If he only knew what I needed.

I turned and walked past Mrs. Clark who was waiting for her husband. She doesn't even acknowledge my existence.

The beginning of the following week something would light a fire of action in me. Not from Mr. Clark but from Mrs. Clark. She told our class to make sure to turn in our work early as she would be gone on Friday for a training session. I don't know what came over me but I thought "That's my chance to have him alone." And I became obsessed with it.

On Friday I picked out the shortest skirt and lowest cut top I could get away with without being dress coded. I had to make it to the last period.

By the time Mr. Clark's class had come around I was so excited I just felt out of control. Mr. Clark was talking about banned books, the subject of our final, but it was so hard to focus.

The bell rings and the normal Friday shuffle pours out of the class. I take my time packing up my things. And wait until the room is finally empty. Mr. Clark is at his desk. "Sara, what can I do for you he says"

"Sorry Mr. Clark," I say, "it's just, you know how you said last week I could come to you with anything?"

"Of course." He replies.

"It's just, I have been distracted a lot. As you know and it's just, well it's dumb really."

His hand touches mine again encouragingly "I'm sure it's not dumb" he says softly.

"No, it's just boy stuff. There is this boy and I know he is out of my league and there are such risks involved."

"Sara, you are a bright, attractive, nice woman and any man should be able to see that regardless of whatever 'league' you put him in."

I threw caution to the wind and just bent over and kissed him. To my surprise he doesn't pull back. I slip my tongue into his mouth and slowly he reciprocates.

It isn't until our deep passionate kiss ends that he says anything "Wait, Sara this is-"

"This is what?" I respond. "I'm 18, this is my idea, you aren't tricking me. I have given this a lot of thought" I kiss him again.

He quickly stands up. For a second I think he is going to get angry and kick me out of his room but he sits me on his desk and he starts to kiss me. His hands explore my body, rubbing a hand over my chest. Rubbing my nipples through my shirt. I never wear a bra and it finally pays off. He continues to move his hand down until it is on my inner thigh working it's way up my skirt. "This is what you want?" He asks. All I can do is nod. His fingers move farther up my legs to my damp panties.

He pauses causing my body to almost flinch with anticipation. "I've never done this before," he whispers.

I look at him puzzled.

"What I mean is with a student." He explains "I'm a good man."

"I know you are" I say back to him as my hands gently work their way down his toned chest. "But now I don't want that kind self. I want the Mr. Clark of my dreams."

My hand can feel the bulge twitch in his pants. He starts to rub my vulva over my panties. "I want you Mr. Clark" I say to him in a half moan, "I want you to do everything to my body. Make my fantasies come true. You can punish me. You can fuck me"

I unzip his fly, reach in his boxers and pull his cock out. It looks huge in my thin hand. I start to rub it. "It feels like you want that too" though I can see the conflict in his face.

I hop off the desk. I look in his big gorgeous eyes as I undo his belt and pants. I pull his pants and boxers to his ankles and push him into his chair. I pull my shirt off and toss it to the floor before kneeling in front of him. "You want this don't you?" I say to him "You want to use my body. My lips, my throat, my pussy, my ass. I can see you do."

The look in his eyes is of disbelief as though the thought of this ever happening has never crossed his mind. I grab his cock in my hand again and slowly extend my tongue and flick just the very tip of his penis. Soft and quick flicks up and down side to side. I start to move my tongue around the head in a circular motion.

I look up and smile "Do you know Braxton Johnson?"

"He's in my third period class, why?" he says puzzled.

"I sucked him off on a Cross Country away meet. He would have already cum all over my tongue." I say laughing. This was actually not true. He had asked me to and I was repulsed by him but he told everyone I did anyway so I thought I would play into the rumor.

"Don't speak too soon" he says "I still might."

"I would swallow every drop" I say before placing the head between my lips.

I am bobbing shallowly on his cock while my hand jerks the base. Suddenly there is a click at the door. He and I both freeze in fear, his cock still in my mouth. Panic has set in and I can't move. I hear a familiar voice say "Hey we got done early but that bitch president of the PTA was there and she- WHAT THE FUCK?"

It was, of course, Mrs. Clark. Her meetings were done early. But suddenly I felt the fear leave me. I finally realized the power I had. She couldn't fail me. I had a 98% in her class. And if anyone found out about this it would drag us all down. But Mr. Clark doesn't see this. He starts stammering "Honey it's not, it wasn't." I can feel him trying to pull back but I decide at that moment to get what I want. I would never have another shot. So I let go with my hand that was on his shaft and faster than he can pull out I go deeper and deeper down.

He can't resist letting out a moan. I pull almost all the way back until just the tip is in my mouth. He tries to pull back again but I just take it even deeper and longer than before. Letting out a small gag.

"Jesus Christ!" His wife says angrily "We had that arrangement for when I went to the conference in Des Moines not so you could fuck the ginger school slut" she picks up the purse she had dropped in shock ready to storm out.

It's only then that I pull my head back but I quickly grab onto his cock with my hand again. Right before she makes it to the door I say "Unless you are going directly to the divorce attorney or to report this I would stay." She pauses. It is at this moment she realizes the power I have too. "Why don't you sit and watch? Catch some pointers so he doesn't run off to the 'ginger school slut'" She doesn't move for a moment and then takes a step back away from the door.

Mr. Clark starts "Honey I-"

I interrupt him by looking her dead in the eye and slap his cock against my face. He moans again. "Honey" I say in a mocking voice "I think he likes it."

I plunge his cock in my mouth again. Any softness he had from seeing her disappears as I can feel him getting rock hard.

"You're so fucked." She says to me as she sits on a desk in the first row.

"I really hope so." I say in the brattiest voice I can before engulfing his cock with my mouth again. I think he is going to pull back again so I am surprised when I can feel his hands behind my head as he thrusts his cock upwards into my mouth and throat. He holds it there for a long time as I gag. Drool runs down the base of his shaft leaking from my mouth. Finally he lets go and I pant.

"Stand up," he says. It is the voice from my daydreams. No longer the sweet affirming teacher who thinks we are peers. This man is sure we are not peers. He is sure he is in control and it couldn't turn me on more.

I do as I am told. He hikes my skirt up and pulls my panties down. I lean over slightly with my hands resting flat on his desk. I don't know what to expect but I want to be ready for it.

I lock eyes with Mrs. Clark. Her eyes are like fire looking back at me but she clearly address Mr. Clark "Oh I don't think she is ready for that. At least I hope she isn't." I have to fight the urge to look behind me to see what she sees.

"I don't think she cares Jill" he responds. It occurs to me I have never heard someone call her by her first name and I can't help but laugh.

"Yeah Jill." I say in my most arrogant disrespectful tone "Keep your fucking opinions to yourself"

Smack! I hear the sound before my body registers the feeling of something long, thin, and hard smacks across my ass cheeks. I would later realize it was a yardstick. A bit cliche but effective. My eyes roll as I wince and bite my lip. When I look forward I see Jill smiling at me with a mean glare. I don't want to see her feel that she has any kind of win so I smile and say "again please sir".

The yardstick comes down harder this time. I focus all of my energy into not wincing again and just holding my smile. "Again please sir"

SMACK. The hardest hit of all. All of my nerves ignite. Those of both pain and pleasure. My smile widens. I feel almost animalistic, as though I will start panting or howling. The look on Jill's face has faded back to a scowling frown. "God yes," I let out "I love it. Give me what she can't take."

Mr. Clark starts using the yardstick more now. Slapping me once, twice, three times all in quick succession. I can feel my ass burning with the pain of it but love every moment of it.

The feelings quickly change as I feel Mr. Clark slip a finger in my vagina. From behind me I can hear him say "Wow, she is really wet." His attention turns to me "You've been fingered before"

I nod remembering my time with Mia

"Did you like it?" He asks

I nod again.

"How many could you take?" He asks.

I pause, puzzled by the question. "Umm," I respond tentatively, "one."

I feel a second finger slip in me.

"Wow," he says to Jill "She is pretty tight."

His fingers start to slide in and out of me. He increases speed but every so often he pauses, takes them out and rubs my clit.

A third finger enters me and I breath heavily as my body starts to adjust to the fullness. "I'm impressed" Mr. Clark says "This is usually Jill's limit"

"I am," I say between pants before smiling at Jill "surprised. I thought I was way tighter than her." Jill's eyes reignite with rage.

My eyes widen as a fourth finger enters me. "Tell her what is happening." Mr. Clark commands me.

"You're" I start and then correct myself looking at Jill I want to just address her. "He has four fingers pumping into me. They're deep. They're filling me up."

"Do you like it?" He asks.

"I love it." I am still dumbfounded by how full I feel. There is a twinge of pain as he slips a finger from his other hand into my asshole. but the good sensations all blend together. "I just." I pause catching my breath and he starts to pump into me faster. "I just wish it was your cock."

He pulls his hand out, slaps my ass, grabs me by the back of my neck, and bends me over further. I'm pressed against the table when he says "You want to get fucked? How do you want to get fucked?"

"Yes" I let out "I want you to fuck me hard. Just the way you want me to."

I feel his hard cock start to enter me.

"Yes" I say "do it."

He thrust into me hard and I gasp. For a brief moment he pauses deep in me. He then proceeds to slam himself deep in me over and over picking up speed with every thrust.

One of his hands is still pinning to the desk which is shaking violently with every thrust. The other slaps then grabs my ass repeatedly. As the fingers squeeze into my ass cheeks I can feel the tip of his thumb slip into my ass.

Once, when playing with myself I had fingered my own ass to see if I would like it. It was a totally new sensation. I had even fantasized about this with Mr. Clark. While I had fantasized about all of this for a year, experiencing it now was something totally different. All of my senses were hightened as I was being fucked hard and I was no longer sure what I could take.

Just then, as if she could sense my doubt, Jill said something that reinvigorated me. "Oh uh little slut" She said "I know where he is going with this. I don't care for it too much but I think it might just break you." With that, this became as much about toying with her as it was about my or Mr. Clark's pleasure. Before that was just a bonus but now it was a priority.

My face pressed hard against a desk, my red hair messy in my face. But between thrusts and moans I let out in half grunts "What - Ever - You - Can - Take - I - Can - Take - Harder."

There is a momentary pause. Mr. Clark pulls out of me and briefly backs away. This sudden change feels jarring. I hear Mr. Clark fumble in a drawer. I hear a squeeze bottle and the sound of him slathering his dick with something. His fingers are back at my ass and I feel the cool wetness of lotion being rubbed in and around my ass.

I readjust and look back at Jill. "Mmmm yes Mr. Clark. Give it to me. Let me take it all."

One hand grabs my shoulder and I feel the tip of his lotion slathered cock just barely press into me. I fix my eyes on Jill and use all of my will power to not react as he very slowly presses into me. There is a mix of feelings. Some pleasure, a bit of pain, mostly an overwhelming fullness growing greater with every centimeter entering me. Finally he pauses. Maybe three quarters of the way in. We hold like that for a long time as he lets me adjust. The pain lessons and I am able to focus on the pleasure. After about 30 seconds I look back at Jill but address Mr. Clark "Yes, I like it. Please fuck my ass Mr. Clark."

He, very slowly at first, starts to slide in and out, back and forth. He is slowly picking up speed. "Yes" I say "God yes I love it. I love it in my ass." To my surprise this isn't part of the show for Jill. I am starting to love this sensation.

As he starts to pick up speed and depth Jill finally breaks a silence "Rick, for God's sake this is wrong."

He doesn't stop but he does slow to a crawl. I can tell her words had an effect. I know I need to break this. "No." I say "I asked for this. Begged for this. Begged to be fucked in the ass." I feel him pick speed back up. I am surprised at how much of him fits in me. My eyes widen as his entire cock is disappearing into my ass. His balls slapping against my pussy. I want to cum but this give me an idea.

"Wait." I say "I want her to be able to see how much of you is in my ass." He pulls out and I move him around the desk. "Lay down here." I say positioning it right in front of the desk she is at. I squat down over him, my knees spread wide to give her the best view of my pussy and ass. With one hand place him back into my awaiting asshole. "Watch" I say to Jill.

She is trying to avert her eyes but can't quite make herself. I start to lower myself onto him. I slowly get most of the way down and his hips thrust up to meet me. Filling me completely. I let out a loud moan.

I lean back giving her an even better view and as he keeps thrusting into me I start to rub my clit faster and faster. Moaning and gasping. I'm trying to say "The teacher's pet loves it in her asshole" but it could just come out as grunts and moans. I am not sure and don't care. One of his hands has reached up and grabbed my hair pulling it back and that is the last straw to start my orgasm. My muscles give out, making me fall completely onto his cock. I keep rubbing faster and faster and the rush of pleasure runs through me.