tagInterracial LoveMr. Right? Ch. 08

Mr. Right? Ch. 08


It's been a long time coming, but here it is. Drop me a line and let me know what you think. No sex in this chapter, so if that's what you're looking for, try back later.


Staci could barely move and she couldn't remember a time when she had felt so content waking up next to someone. She could feel Matt's nude body pressed up against hers, his hard cock poking her in the back. 'Matt really needs to put a leash on his morning wood,' Staci thought to herself. That thought was followed up by what she would have really liked to do with Matt's rock hard cock.

It was hard resisting the obvious sexual attraction that she had to Matt. His every movement spoke of sex to her and his smile, his laugh, the look he got in his eyes when he was hungry for her body, those called to her on a primal level. She wanted him.

Her eyes roamed over the planes of his body. She took delight in the way his muscles moved beneath his skin as he gathered her closer to him and rumbled contentedly in his sleep. Matthew Rosenbloom was definitely the kind of guy that she could get used to waking up next to. Part of her wanted to wake Matt up with a loving blowjob while the other wanted to roll him over, jump on his cock and ride him like there was no tomorrow. The decision was taken from her, though as Matt stretched himself out and rolled over on top of her.

"Morning, Ana."

Staci looked up at Matt, slightly startled because she had been so deep in her thoughts that she didn't even realize that he was awake. "Hey," she replied, her voice barely above a whisper.

Matt chuckled and nuzzled closer to her, his lips brushing against her face lightly. "Are you being shy with me? You do realize that you are bare-assed naked beneath me right now, don't you? The time for being bashful has long passed."

Staci growled before pushing against his shoulders. Wasn't that always the way it went? Here she was, thinking of making love to the man and he had to wake up being a cocky asshole. She liked him much better when he was sleeping.

Matt just smiled down at her, his body keeping her in place. He loved the way Staci felt against him as she struggled, her lower body pressing against his manhood, her nipples brushing against him, her breasts being pushed into him repeatedly as she tried to arch her back for more leverage. He could stay here with his sweet Ana beneath him forever and say fuck the date. She would wear herself out eventually and then he could have his way with her. But what fun would that be? His Ana was at her best when she was being a spitfire, giving him attitude. He lowered his head and bit her shoulder as she squirmed.

The pride swelled, as did his cock, when Staci stiffened at the contact and he felt the wetness seeping from her core. So, his Ana liked that, did she? Matt stored that piece of information away for later. But, he hoped it wouldn't be too much later. "Once again, sweet Ana, you are in my arms and on your back. If I didn't know better, I would think that I was clairvoyant. And you didn't believe me..."

Matt watched, pleased with himself, as Staci's eyes glittered with her pent up anger at his comments. He loved the fire that burned deep inside her. It was one that invited him to be burned and it felt good to know that he could provoke that passion from her in a number of ways.

"Matthew, get your dumb ass off of me. I can't stand you when you're in one of your cocky moods. Like I told you before, you're lucky I even took the time to look at you. Now, move your ass. If you don't, I won't be responsible for the fallout, which may include the loss of your dick."

Matt just laughed, but he did shift his body so she wouldn't have such easy access to his manhood. "I've got you right where I want you, Ana. Why would I move? Look, I'll stop riling you up for now and we can talk about what we're going to do today instead. What do you say?"

Staci just sighed. It wasn't like she didn't enjoy Matt on top of her, so she agreed. But she wasn't going to let him think she was giving in. "Fine. But, if you get started again, I'm going to end it...And you won't like the way I do it."

Matt nodded and settled in against Staci's body, his larger form draped across her carefully, making sure he wouldn't crush her. He used her ample bosom as his pillow and sighed contentedly. "So how do you feel about the zoo after breakfast?"

Staci found herself luxuriating in the feel of his body on hers, though she fought hard not to notice how right it seemed. She ran a hand absently through his sandy locks, looking into Matt's eyes and watching as his eyes returned to their normal gray color from the bluish tint they took on when he was feeling amorous.

"Ana? Earth to Ana?"

Staci's eyes widened with the realization that she had been staring at the man, like she was in some kind of trance or something. Her mind had the worst timing. "What?"

"How do you feel about some food and then the zoo? I was thinking that maybe we could walk and talk, get to know each other better. And maybe I can convince you that I'm a nice guy, in fact, I won't stop until you're convinced that I'm the man that you've been waiting for."

Staci smiled down at Matt. "Oh yeah, and how do you know that?"

Matt's hand snuck up her body and rested on her left breast. "I just know. Don't you feel it here, like I do?"

Staci smirked. "No. I don't usually use my breasts as a gauge to determine if a man is the one for me or not."

Matt just shook his head. "I was thinking of looking a bit deeper inside of you, angel."

"Ohh...my heart." Staci felt a little dense at that moment, but who could blame her. Matt had been saying nothing but dirty things to her since she met him a few days ago. It was hard to think of him referring to anything in a non-sexual sense.

"I knew you were smart, Ana. Let your heart guide you and I'll do the same. But, right now, my stomach is doing the talking and it's telling me that I need some sustenance. How about you? Are you hungry?"

Staci nodded, not quite sure how to take his remark. Was Matt actually a sweetheart disguised as a smart-assed frat boy pussyhound? Although, she seemed to be the only pussy he was chasing at the moment, that didn't mean that he was thinking monogamy, per se. Staci wasn't even sure that what they had was going to last longer than a few weeks, but what she wanted for those weeks was a guarantee of sorts and she needed to hear the words. Staci took a deep breath and gathered her courage. She had to know for sure. "Are we going to be exclusive, Matt? I know you've talked about being a couple, but I want to know what that means to you."

Matt regarded her carefully, as if he wasn't sure what to think about her. "Here I go, giving you a compliment and there you are, making me rethink it. Anastacia Jones, I told you before that you are mine and that I am yours. I'm not really big on sharing, so you're just going to have to get used to the fact that I'm going to be the only man you're dating. I am the only man who will be bringing you pleasure, my name will be the only one you scream out while I do so, and I surely will be the only man looking at you in that bathing suit of yours."

Staci nodded again, relieved more than anything. She didn't want to assume anything, just in case, but she was glad to hear that Matt on the same page. She was still planning on taking things one day at a time and trying to keep her heart out of something that was so new until she knew exactly where Matt stood, but she definitely didn't want to share while she was figuring things out. "Ditto. I'm the only one that is welcome in your bed from now on, Matthew. If come in and find another frat whore crawling on your bed while we're together, I'm going straight Lorena Bobbitt on your ass."

Matt laughed while subconsciously cupping his privates. "Duly noted, Ana. That is a threat I won't soon forget. But, perhaps I should echo that with one of my own, though I believe OJ, allegedly, would be more appropriate as the person I'd imitate."

"That's going a bit far, don't you think? I'm only cutting off your dick."

"I'm a little jealous, what can I say?"

Staci just shook her head and smiled. It was going to be hard not to fall completely for this man, especially when she was so far gone already."So, tell me more about this whole breakfast thing you've got planned. I'm starving."


After Staci and Matt got ready, using the bathroom that was connected to his room, they ventured downstairs where the breakfast buffet that Matt had order had already been set up. Matt smiled as Staci shook her head at him. Of course, he knew that there were going to be several people staying at his place after the party and as the host it was up to him to provide them with some kind of breakfast. He wasn't going to cook for more than 10 people, so the breakfast buffet was the next best thing. It cost him a bit, but it was well worth it.

Staci piled on the scrambled eggs with bacon bits, home fries, hash browns, sausage links, a couple pieces of toast, a pancake and a few other items onto her plate. The night she spent with Matt really upped her appetite. The seating in the large dining room consisted of a long picnic table built for twelve, decorated with a blue and white, checkered tablecloth, and two circular tables that could accommodate six people.

Maia and Jesse were the only two downstairs at breakfast when she arrived, but Ted and Lexi had come down shortly after she and Matt started gathering their food. She took a seat at the picnic table next to Maia and Jesse, who had opted to share a room when it looked like more space was needed. She wasn't going to say anything about it until she noticed that Maia's hickeys had increased in number. Staci chuckled to herself before thinking, 'She must really get off on people giving her hickeys. Damn, there's even one on her shoulder.'

"Hey there, Hickey Queen. I see you added a few more to your collection. Or should I say it was Jesse who added them? Hmm?" Staci teased.

Maia glared at her before responding, "Well, well, if it isn't the Screamer. I don't think anyone in the house doubts that Matt laid it down last night, if what we heard was any indication."

Staci could feel her entire body flush as the heat of embarrassment overwhelmed her. "Shut up. I couldn't help myself."

Jesse had been keeping quiet but Staci could tell by the look on his face that he wanted to say something too.

"You shut up, too. I don't even want to hear it," Staci warned.

Jesse leaned across the table and whispered, "Not even the fact that Maia was so far gone that she didn't even notice your howling last night. I told her about it this morning."

Staci couldn't hold back her laughter. "Well, I feel a bit better then. At least I wasn't alone. So, you two are making a go of it, huh?"

Jesse beamed at her. "I think so."

Maia nodded. "What can I say? You were right, Staci. And I'm glad you were."

Staci grinned and then turned her attention to Matt who was sauntering towards her with two full plates in his hand. He had taken a minute to talk to Ted before coming to sit down. "Well, I'm happy for you both."

"And what about you and Matt?"

Staci turned to look at Maia again. "What about us?"

"Are you two dating or was it a fling?"

"We're official. It's kind of weird to think of him as mine, especially with all the hell Kathy was raising over him. But, I'm happy and hopefully things will work out."

Matt slid in next to Jesse, across from Staci, and smiled at his Ana. "Good morning, you two."

"Hey, man, congratulations on scoring one of the best girls I know," Jesse stated as he slapped Matt on the back.

Matt gave him a grin. "I guess I owe you some congratulations as well, seeing as your room was apparently tied with mine for the most orgasmic screams coming from it. Although, I think my Ana took the prize for volume."

"Matthew Rosenbloom! I can't believe you'd say that! A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell," Staci bellowed.

Matt could feel his smile spreading across his face as he took in the sight of Staci glowering at him. Goodness, she was so sexy when she was angry. He could only imagine what she would say if he grabbed her, threw her over his shoulder, and took her back to his room. She would probably give him an earful before he ripped her clothes off and gave her his cock.

"Who said I was a gentleman, Ana? I think it's hot the way you scream for me. And now everyone knows you're mine."

Staci couldn't imagine wanting to disappear more. Maia was trying not to laugh, but from the way her shoulders were shaking, it was a losing battle. Jesse was rolling and Ted, who had just walked over with Lexi in tow, was obviously confused and would probably ask for an explanation soon. Staci decided to head him off before any more embarrassing things were revealed about her.

"Lexi, Ted. Good morning. How did you guys sleep?" As soon as the question left her mouth, Staci wished she could take it back. It could only lead to more mortification.

Lexi and Ted exchanged looks. They had hit it off well at the party, spending a good amount of time talking and getting to know one another. It went so well between them that they had disappeared together before many of the partygoers had made their trek back to campus, choosing to forgo the rest of the party.

Lexi gave her a devious grin before answering, "We would have slept better if some noisy bitches weren't screaming the roof down around us. Must have been some night, eh ladies?"

Maia was quick to offer a retort. "Well, unfortunately, not all of us had the luxury of slipping off before the party was over. But, we heard you too, so don't feel left out or anything."

Staci added with a smile, "I don't think I've ever heard you cuss so much, Lexi. I was surprised but I guess that means that later you can tell us if he really did give it to you 'Southern Style'."

Lexi's mouth just hung open. Ted's grin did nothing to make the situation any better. If anything, he looked about as proud as Matt did.

Staci jut shook her head. What a way to start the day. "Alright, I think we're all sufficiently embarrassed right now. So, let's drop it and chow down."

Matt agreed, but got up and moved to Staci's side. Ted and Lexi sat on the section of the bench that he vacated. Staci felt her stomach flip as Matt settled in next to her. She knew what was coming. It was only a matter of time.

"How is the food, Ana?" Matt questioned.

"It's delicious. This was a good idea."

Matt leaned over and whispered in her ear. "I have many more ideas where you're concerned, angel. Most of them involve you without clothes on, though."

Staci just sighed. She knew he only sat next to her so he could try to rile her up by saying dirty things. "Too bad, most of the ideas I have for you involve you with my knee in your groin."

Matt winced. "Meanie."

Staci watched as Matt sat up and continued eating. This day and the date were bound to be anything but dull. She ate her food and contemplated going up for seconds. She could tell that she was going to need her energy today.


Staci could feel the ache in her cheeks increasing as the day went on. Matt was so funny and his constant inappropriate comments and jokes had been keeping her laughing. She had gotten used to the fact that Matt was just a dirty bastard who liked to say dirty things to her. Most of the time, she didn't mind, seeing as she was having similar thoughts after that last night in bed.

At first, Staci couldn't figure out why Matt would have wanted to go to the zoo for a date, not that she was complaining because she loved animals. But, as time passed, she noticed the many opportunities that Matt took to touch her, to wrap his arms around her and pull her into his body. It was the perfect setting for some casual cuddling and it also allowed them time to talk about themselves.

At one point, Matt had embraced her and moved her so that her back was flush against his chest, to help her see the vulture perched on top of its rocky home, but all Staci could concentrate on was the semi-hard cock nestled against her back. It was hard, resisting the urge to grab Matt, tug him into the bushes that lined the many pathways around the zoo, and show him how mammals got down, but Staci managed. They chose to take a break at a picnic table that was somewhat secluded, nestled back away from the main path. Staci watched the movement of Matt's muscles as he swept his hair out of his face and took a drink of his slightly overpriced soda.

She wouldn't soon forget how warm and safe she felt encased in the strong arms of Matt. It was something that she cherished and something she was looking forward to indulging in at every opportunity. But, that thought triggered another. How often would that be, with Matt living so far away?

"Hey there, Ana. It looks like I've lost you again. Checking out of that Mind Motel that Maia was telling me about?" Matt grinned. He was starting to like that far off look that Staci sometimes had. It usually meant that she was thinking about him.

Staci blinked, bringing Matt back into focus. "I got so caught up in the newness of this, I never considered how things were going to work out."

The frown lines that creased his forehead told of Matt's mood long before the words left his mouth. "What are you talking about?"

"You live an hour away. We're not going to be able to see each other as often as most budding couples do. How can we build a relationship when you're not even around?"

Matt crossed his arms and peered down at Staci. His Ana could be so dense sometimes. "Well, I definitely plan on seeing you on the weekends and an hour isn't that long of a drive, if you're motivated to make it...And believe me, seeing your beautiful face and being able to hold you is more than enough of a reason for me. If you wanted me in your arms every night, I'd be there. Also, there's this wonderful invention called a telephone. I don't know if you've heard of it, but it allows two people to talk to each other without even being in the same room. You'll have to try it sometime."

Staci crossed her arms, her lips twisting up into a pout. His smart-assed remark, while true, was not sitting right with her. "I'm serious, Matt."

"What? So am I. I'll call you every night, if that's what you want. I'll drive down whenever you want to see me and probably a few times when you don't want to even look in my direction. Hell, I'll even buy a couple of webcams if that will make you feel better. I don't think you get it, Ana. You and I belong together and I will do anything to make it work."

Staci worked hard to be skeptical but the sincerity in his eyes as they bore into hers made her realize her own folly. She went and fell for a man that she wasn't even sure could be in a committed relationship. But, the way he was talking...she could hope.

"Stop trying to find reasons for us not to be together and focus on the ones that tell you that this is real. What happened to follow your heart?" Matt continued.

"Alright, alright. You're right. I'm being negative. As long as you're willing to make it work then count me in. I was just trying to be realistic."

Matt frowned. "More like trying to break us up when we've only been a couple for a day. At least give me a few months."

"You think you'll be around that long?"

"If you'll have me. I plan to be with you for a long, long while, angel. Now, enough of this serious talk, I'm ready to hit up the reptile house."

Staci sighed. She was being ridiculous about it all. Matt was right, it was too quick to give up. They could overcome something like distance, it would just take a little bit of work. "Lead the way, Matt. Let's go look at some snakes...other than the one that you keep in your pants."

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