tagMatureMrs. J Ch. 01

Mrs. J Ch. 01


Author's Note: All characters in this story are eighteen years or older. This story is based on an idea posted on the Story Ideas discussion board and is a work of fiction.

For KathyJ


"How're you doing?"

Jason looked up and smiled. "Great, Mrs. J. The wedding is fabulous. You did a great job with the planning."

Kathy smiled back as she sank wearily into a chair next to him. "Thanks. That's three down and two to go, although it will be awhile before either Brian or Lauren gets married." She looked out at the dance floor - Brian and his date were dancing very close together. "Then again, maybe not."

The thought of another kid leaving her nest was a tad depressing, so Kathy changed the topic of conversation.

"Have you decided on a college?"

"Well, I've been accepted to both State and Tech," he said, "and although I have a partial scholarship to play soccer at State, Tech has a much better program. That said, it'll be harder to make Tech's squad. If they don't offer me a scholarship I might try to walk on. Tech is better academically, too, so I'm leaning that way."

"Well, if go to Tech we'll have you over for dinner often," Kathy offered. She went on. "Your senior prom is coming up, you must be excited."

Jason looked away, his brown eyes serious. "No, I'm not going."

Kathy was taken aback. "I find that hard to believe - a good looking guy such as you must have plenty of girls wanting to go with him."

His mouth twisted in a grimace. "It's not that."

His fingers worked the paper cocktail napkin in his hands until it tore. He exhaled heavily as if a great weight was pressing down on him.

"It was just about this time last year when we got Mom's diagnosis and when I found out, I wanted to cancel my date for the junior prom. But Mom took me aside and said, 'You can't mourn the living. You never know what life's going to bring, so enjoy it while you can.' So I went. After, she told me she missed her high school prom and so enjoyed proms vicariously through us kids. I promised myself I'd take her to my senior prom so she could experience it firsthand." Jason wiped away a tear forming in the corner of his eye. He paused before going on. "Since she's gone now I decided I wouldn't go - sort of my way of mourning the dead."

Kathy found her own eyes misty with tears. "Oh Jason, that's so incredibly sweet." She placed her hand over his and squeezed it firmly.

He squeezed back, lost in his own thoughts. Finally, he spoke.

"Do you know why she missed her prom? She never told me."

"I'm afraid it's my fault. You see, I had an accident and couldn't go, and I felt miserable about it. Your mother broke her date at the last minute to spend the evening with me. She never told me how important the prom was to her. She was always ready to set aside her own desires and wishes in order to help someone. I owe her so much."

They sat in silence holding hands until young woman in a short black dress approached. "Sorry to interrupt, Mom, but I was wondering if Jason would like to dance."

"Sure, Lauren, I'd love to." He took her out stretched hand and followed her to the dance floor.

Kathy watched them dance. Lauren sure was taken with Jason. If they didn't live so far apart they would probably be a couple. He had become a fine young man. Hell, she admitted to herself, he's pretty close to ideal.

As she watched them twirl, she was envious of her daughter. For Lauren the world was full of exciting new experiences and opportunities. It would be years before she would be bogged down with responsibilities and life became - what? Boring? No, that was too strong of a word. Routine? Yes, routine, predictable, ordinary.

Kathy looked across the room to her husband of twenty two years. Steve had a Scotch in his hand and the way he was waving it around while he talked, she knew he was well on his way to many more. And she knew later, when they were finally in bed, he'd press up against her, his hands touching her in that oh so familiar pattern until she gave in. She would coo and softly moan appropriately, her fingers digging into his back at the right moment when his body stiffened.

Shaking her head to dispel the images of the evening to come, Kathy laughed sadly and went in search of a drink.


The music changed to a slow romantic tune. Jason stepped closer taking Lauren in his arms. He looked into her eyes, the same emerald green as her mother's. Lauren pulled him closer, clasping her hands around his neck and resting her head on his shoulder. The heavenly scent of her hair filled his nostrils. He ran his hand through her auburn locks, relishing the silkiness. Lauren sighed and nestled closer. Like her mother, she was tall, long legged, just a couple of inches shorter than Jason. It was remarkable how closely Lauren resembled her mother, not only in physical appearance but also in the way she spoke, the way she laughed, and the way she carried herself with a quiet grace.

Jason thought all this while watching Mrs. J. across the room. She rose from her chair and headed over to the bar and as she walked, the slit in her dress revealed her well toned leg up to her thigh. Seeing the exposed flesh, Jason pulled Lauren closer; she responded be running her hand up the back of his neck to run her fingers through his hair. He envisioned he was dancing with Mrs. J., holding her tightly in his arms as she teased his hair with her fingers, her breasts pressed against his chest.

How long had he loved her? For years he had yearned for her from afar as he could not profess his true feelings. How do you tell someone who's old enough to be your mother, who's so close to your family you feel more connected to them than with some of your siblings? To tell, to confess is to risk losing everything. Would she laugh it off as some schoolboy crush? Worse, would she be horrified? Or would she brush him off gently with the graceful elegance she possessed? Fear of driving her away held his tongue.

Then, his dad accepted a promotion and they moved hundreds of miles away. Jason resented his father for taking him away from the woman he loved. Gone were the weekly get-togethers between the two families. Gone were Mrs. J.'s little visits, brief periods of bliss when she dropped by unannounced. When his mom was diagnosed with cancer Mrs. J. visited when she could but the visits were shrouded in dread. As his mom withered away from the sickness eating her from the inside out, so to did Jason's love for his father. At the funeral Mrs. J. looked splendid in her black dress and veil.

A soft kiss on his neck interrupted his thoughts. Lauren turned her head and kissed him again. If only those lips belonged to Mrs. J. would Jason be truly happy. He closed his eyes and for a moment he was dancing with Mrs. J., and the feel of her lips lingered for an eternity on his skin. Their bodies swayed together in perfect unison, fueling his desire.

Lauren felt his growing arousal and instead of shying away moved closer, her body pressing against his bulge. The song ended and the audience applauded.

Lips pressed against his ear. Lauren whispered, "Meet me out back in five minutes -- it's important."

With another kiss she was gone, melting away in the crowd. Jason headed to the bar, hoping it'd be unattended so he could pour himself a real drink. When he got there, he found Mrs. J. talking with Mr. J. Her husband had his hand on her back, whispering in her ear. She laughed, the tone musical and light. A stab of jealously ran through Jason. Mr. J. turned to him.

"Well, there's Jason. Can I get you something?"

"Um, sure, Coke, I guess."

Mr. J. walked around the bar and began fixing the drink. "Would you like something in that Coke?" There was a hint of mischief in his eyes.

"Yeah, that'd be great."

Jason swallowed hard, not because Mr. J. was pouring him alcohol but because he was standing over Mrs. J. Looking down all he saw was the smooth pale skin of her cleavage. The tightness in his crotch returned, bigger and more urgent than before. When he looked up he saw she was watching him intently. A private smile played across her lips. She crossed her legs and the slit in her dress exposed even more thigh. He looked quickly away to Mr. J. who was holding out a glass.

He took a sip of his drink and tried unsuccessfully to not react at the whiskey burning his throat. Mr. J. roared with laughter and Jason felt his ears burning with embarrassment. His ears burning bright red, Jason mumbled his thanks and walked away. He wasn't certain but it did appear that Mrs. J. was toying with him. His arousal was reaching the painful point. He hurried to find Lauren.


Kathy watched Jason walk away, admiring the way his perfectly tailored pants hugged his buttocks. He was very fit and lean. She could only imagine what his body looked like now. Easy, girl, she thought, that's just the alcohol talking. Kathy turned and smiled politely at a crude joke her husband was telling a friend. When she looked back she saw Jason heading outside, probably to look for Lauren, she mused.

The wedding planner approached. "Kathy, it's just about time to cut the cake. Can you gather the troops?" Without waiting for an answer, the planner turned and accosted a server, demanding to know what had happened to the bartender.


"There you are, I've been waiting," Lauren' words were hushed and urgent.

"Sorry, I got waylaid by your father. He made me this drink, though. You want some?"

Lauren took a sip and made a face. "Damn, did he put any Coke in it?"

They laughed as they walked along the lighted path. The spring night air was warm and still, hinting at another hot summer ahead. Crickets chirped happily in the bushes. Jason was the first to break the silence.

"I'm here now. What's so important?"

Lauren stopped and looked up and down the path finding it deserted. "I know you're a quiet kind of guy and a bit shy so I thought I'd make the first move. Come here." She took Jason by the hand and pulled him into the shadows of some large shrubs.

Turning, she quickly brought her mouth up to his and kissed him. Her lips were soft and sensuous, her tongue playful. To Jason, she tasted of alcohol and strawberries. He pulled her closer and kissed her deeply, imagining Lauren was her mother. Her hand ran down his back and cupped his buttock, his own hands roaming her backside. The kiss lasted for several minutes until Lauren pulled back, gasping for air.

Without a word, her hand caressed the bulge in his pants. Lauren bit her lower lip in the exact same manner Jason had seen her mother do. The likeness was uncanny, unnerving, and it made his erection even harder. Fingers fumbled at his belt and his zipper until his pants were down around his knees. Lauren squatted before him, her hand slowly stroking his length. In the dim light from this angle, she looked older, a twin of her mother. Her mouth was wet and inviting. Jason trembled slightly when she took him in, her lips and tongue electric.

High heels clacked on the pavement not twenty feet from where they were hidden. Undeterred, Lauren's head bobbed rhythmically as the footsteps stopped nearby. Through the foliage Jason could see Mrs. J. look up and down the path as if looking for someone. In the silhouette of the lamplight, her dress hugged her body, showing off her curves. He wished she was one kneeling before him instead of her daughter.

Lauren moved faster, her hand and mouth working in tandem, sensing Jason was close. His hands gripped her hair as he watched her mother turn and walk away. Once Kathy was out of earshot Jason could hold back no more. He exploded into Lauren's mouth; she swallowed then continued sucking him until he had nothing left. When finished, Lauren stood and hugged him.

"Thanks, that was --." He stopped and exhaled at a loss for words.

Lauren laughed. "Your welcome - my pleasure."

Jason let out a shaky breath as he pulled his pants up. He had just finished cinching his belt when a thought occurred.

"It was your birthday last week, wasn't it?"

"Yep, big eighteen. I can vote now."

"I'm sorry I missed it. I hope you had a good party."

Lauren pretended to pout. "Did you bring me a present?"

Jason laughed. "No, but maybe I can give you something else."

Lauren smiled.


Kathy paused outside the door adjoining her room with Lauren's. She raised her hand to knock but hesitated. What if Jason was in there with Lauren? She had always given Lauren space when it came to her relationships, trusting that Lauren would make the right decisions and could take care of herself. Besides, Jason was good kid.

Then again, kids have hormones surging through their bodies, something Kathy knew all too well. What if they had given in to their urges and Jason's naked body was on Lauren's? The thought both terrified and excited Kathy. She opened the door quickly only to find an empty room. Relief washed over her as she closed the door behind her and headed back to the reception.

Stars shone in the clear spring air as she walked along the path. What was it about the thought of Jason and Lauren together that made her so uneasy? Earlier she was happy to see them dancing, wanting them to be together. Why the change of mind?

Kathy paused, the alcohol making her head swim slightly. The alcohol, that's it. She'd had too much too quickly and it made her paranoid. She started walking again but stopped. Was that a noise from the bushes?


The breath caught in Lauren's throat when she saw her mother stop and peer towards their hiding spot. Jason's hand was stuffed down the front of her panties, his fingers dancing over her clit. Lauren's back was pressed against him; Jason's other hand down the front of her dress, his fingers tweaking her hard nipple. Even when Lauren's mom turned to look in their direction, Jason did not stop his ministrations. In fact, his fingers moved faster, driving Lauren to the precipice. She clenched her teeth hard to hold back a moan. Rigid with fear and an impending orgasm, Lauren watched as her mother took a step closer.

"Hello? Is someone there?" her mother called.

Jason silently fingered her for what felt like an eternity. Her knees felt weak and she was close to passing out. Finally, her mother walked quickly towards the hall. Fingers tweaked her nub firmly and she came as shuddering spasms wracked her body. Jason's strong arms kept her from falling as every muscle in her body went limp with exhaustion. Once she regained control, she stood wobbly legs.

"That was - ." She now found herself at a loss for words.

"My pleasure," Jason murmured. He gave her a kiss on the cheek. "I'll see you back inside."

"I'll be a few minutes," Lauren confessed. "I need to change my panties."


Back at the reception Jason found Brian sitting at a table with friends. He sat down and quickly joined in the conversation. It wasn't long before Lauren walked in and approached her mother. Her skin was flushed and vibrant. Jason wondered if Mrs. J looked that radiant after sex. As he watched them walk over to the cake table, he mused on what just happened.

The encounter with Lauren was incredible but all he could think about was how good it could be with her mother. Lauren was his bird in the hand, so to speak. She was beautiful, smart and sexy - just like her mother, but she wasn't her mother. Jason sighed. It was a pipe dream really, and he doubted he would ever be in a position to find out.

But then, a seed of an idea took root. He lost all interest in the conversations going on around him. The idea started to grow, to take shape in his mind. He sat up straight, his eyes fixed on Mrs. J. as she watched the cake cutting ceremony. Is it possible Mrs. J. would go out with him? The answer, surprisingly, was 'Yes.'


"Hi, Mrs. J., it's Jason."

It was two days later when the phone rang.

"Hi, Jason. I'm sorry but Brian's not here. Neither is Lauren," she added as an afterthought.

"That's ok, I wanted to talk with you." There was a long pause before he went on. "Remember what I told you about prom?"

"How could I forget? It was the most touching story I'd ever heard."

"You and my mom were close friends --"

"The closest," Kathy interjected.

"- and I wanted to take Mom to the prom to help her live out her dream. She's gone, though, so I was wondering if you could help me."

Kathy thought hard about what he was saying but couldn't make sense of it. "I'd be glad to help. What do you need?"

"Mom didn't go to her prom so she could stay with you. I was hoping you could repay her by taking her place." Jason waited, his whole body straining to hear her response.

Kathy mulled it over. On the one hand it was a very touching gesture. On the other, she was quite a bit older and would feel very out of place among all those teenagers.

"Mrs. J?" he prompted.

"I don't know, Jason," she began. "Wouldn't it be better for you to ask someone from your school or ask Lauren even?" There was a twinge of jealousy when she said her daughter's name.

"This is not about having a date, this is about honoring Mom and doing something for her," he countered. When she didn't respond, he quickly added, "Will you at least consider it?"

Kathy nodded. "Sure, I'll think about it. It's the least I can do."

"Thanks, Mrs. J. I'll call you tomorrow."

Kathy pressed the OFF button and set the receiver down. Her husband looked up from his laptop.

"Who was that, honey?"

"Jason." She shook her head slowly in disbelief. "He just asked me to his prom," and went on to tell him Jason's circumstances.

When she was finished, Steve said matter-of-factly, "Well, you'll just have to go. How can you possibly tell him, 'No'?"


I can't believe I'm doing this.

That thought played over and over on an endless loop as Kathy fixed her makeup. The past two weeks had been surreal; first, shopping for a dress (and explaining to the sales woman what the occasion was), and second, dealing with Lauren who exploded upon hearing the news. Fortunately, no one else was home at the time.

"I don't believe this!" Lauren had raged. "How could you do this to me? This is so embarrassing!"

Kathy counted silently to five before responding. "You think you're embarrassed? I'm the one who has to walk into a room full of teenagers arm in arm with someone young enough to be my child. But I'm going to swallow my embarrassment and do it for Carol. She did so much for me, this is the least I can do."

"I find it hard to believe you're doing this for noble purposes when you're going to wear this!" Lauren yelled, holding up the black dress. "Plus, I saw the way you were looking at him at the wedding!"

Taken aback, Kathy asked, "How was I looking at him?"

"The way a lion looks at a piece of raw meat!"

"God damn it!" Kathy's anger had spilled over the dam. "I don't want to fuck him! And I sincerely doubt he wants to fuck me! He'd rather fuck you!" The frankness of her words shocked Lauren into silence. Kathy exhaled heavily, drained by the argument. They stood, watching each other warily in silence.

Finally, Kathy spoke, her voice low and quiet. "I know you like him, and I'm pretty sure he likes you. But this isn't a date. This is for Carol, not for me."

In the end, Lauren grudgingly agreed and that was the end of the argument. Sure, she was still acting a little frosty towards Kathy but Lauren was a teenager and these things happened from time to time -- she would come around eventually.

Kathy checked her hair one last time before stepping back to see her reflection in the full length mirror. The evening gown was sophisticated and sexy, and looked good on her. The slits up the sides showed just enough leg but not too much. The fabric hugged her chest, pushing her ample breasts together, showing some cleavage. Kathy turned, admiring how the dress complimented her curves, how her heels shaped her calves.

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