Mrs K and Me Ch. 04


I then looked down at her belly which was soft and round and the line of hair leading down to her Mons venires and her tufted pubes, damp and sticky. I stroked her large belly and allowed my fingers to wander into her pubic hair. She lifted herself and allowed me to venture further down her slit towards her clit and on to her vulva. I cupped her vulva in my hand and felt her labia lips hanging all soft, fleshy and moist. I pushed one finger inside gently and slowly to find the hole of my dreams gaping open very wet, slippery and warm.

She moved her body up mine till her fanny was over my cock and got up on her knees. She took my wet cock and maneuvered it in between her thighs. I felt the course hair and then the softness of her labia lips and then the overwhelming moisture both mine and hers. It slipped right in the gaping channel of her vagina, until it could go no further. I had reached her womb. She groaned and muttered something about fulfillment. She wriggled herself into position and raised herself till my shaft was visible and then down again. It glistened with the moisture. I let my hands wander over her thick thighs and then her bottom. I was in ecstasy feeling this mature lady's generous curves and looking at her tits swing as she moved. She rocked gently to and fro then gently up and down. Her mature body moved like the waves at the sea shore. Her tits were all over the place almost flying; her hips and belly were wobbling in all directions. It was an erotic sight.

"Auntie, I cannot stop myself." I muttered as she closed her eyes.

"I won't be long." She whispered and groaned. That guttural sound I had heard twice before, but this was softer and lasted longer.

She then went into a ferocious movement, lifting her body up and then down very quickly. My shaft was subjected to some serious penetration and friction as she rode me. She focused the pressure on the top of my cock as she massaged her "G spot". Her fingers went to her clit and she erupted into a long loud guttural groan.

"ugh,ugh, ugh ,ugh." Was how it sounded.

I also exploded so the added lubrication which reduced the friction and she worked harder than ever. Her head went back her glasses fell off, her tits were swinging and her belly and thighs wobbled like perpetual motion. She grunted and sighed as she experienced wave after wave of intense pleasure. This lasted some time and she finally collapsed on to me covering me in kisses and crushing those great tits against my chest. Her bottom rose occasionally allowing my shaft to slip in and out of her fanny. I remained hard as I remembered the vision I had witnessed only seconds earlier.

She eventually raised her upper body and wiped her brow. We were both covered in perspiration and flushed beyond belief. She smiled and murmured something.

"John, I have never enjoyed the sexual act as much as I did just then. I have always wanted to take control and only when we did it at Mrs. K's did I realize how good it could be. Thank you for allowing me to do it that way."

"I loved it too Auntie," I replied.

She stood up slowly and the semen ran down her legs. She took her knickers and wiped it, but it continued to flow.

"Oh John you produced so much spunk. More that I have ever known. It must be because you are young and virile."

"It was the excitement of making love with you. You are truly beautiful and I love every inch of your body." I replied. "I would love to do this again."

"We shall and soon," Auntie P. promised. "And next time we do it your way and I will do exactly what you wish as long as I can have an orgasm again."

She covered her body with her dress and carefully looked outside before leaving the shed and saying to me "Bring the cushions, John."

I dressed and picked up the cushions and ran to her kitchen door. She asked me if I wanted to come in and freshen up. I did and we parted company with a passionate kiss and me feeling her tits through her dress. They hung down and her nipples soon became hard again.

"Come back for more gardening soon, John." She whispered as I left.

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