tagErotic HorrorMrs. Santa Claus

Mrs. Santa Claus

byMR. Gibson©

Bill Jones was a single, thirty five years old man and a very successful businessman at his firm and today his company was throwing an annual Christmas party.

Bill Jones sat at the huge company meeting desk with other top businessmen who worked with him as they talked and enjoyed their Christmas party treats which included gingerbread cookies, candy canes, and punch.

Bill was enjoying his treats when the company boss came inside the room. "Now for your pleasure gentlemen I bring you MRS. Santa Claus!" he announced happily.

Bill Jones looked around very confused wondering what was going on when out of the door came the most gorgeous woman that Bill had ever seen in his whole life.

This woman had a long mane of golden hair and huge ocean blue eyes with flawless porcelain skin.

Bill Jones drooled at her long skinny, shapely legs, fantastic ass, slim curvy waist and a pair of the most gigantic knocker's that he had ever seen on a woman as she strutted into the room dressed like a very sexy MRS. Santa Claus wearing a red Santa Claus cap and red thong bikini with six inch red fuck me heels on her feet, as she jumped on the company desk and started dancing seductively for the men.

Bill Jones and his fellow businessmen where all drooling over the woman dressed like MRS. Santa Claus as she gyrated her sexy body around the company table teasing the hell out of all the workers.

Bill Jones then saw the lady smile at him sexily as she took off her Santa cap and tossed it at him.

Still smiling at Bill she unclasped her red bikini top.

As soon as the lady unclasped her red bikini top her enormous bosom popped out awesomely, filling the whole board room with gargantuan tit.

The crowd hooted and hollered as the lady tossed this part of her clothing to Bill also.

"This lady want's you bad Bill. It seems." a fellow businessman said to Bill jealously as they watched the lady toss her bikini top to him.

Bill Jones just nodded his head as if in a trance as he stared ahead and watched the lady dressed like a sexy MRS. Santa Claus turn around and gyrate her very shapely ass in his direction as she pulled her bikini bottoms down.

As soon as the lady did this she kicked her bikini bottoms straight up in the air and it landed right on top of Bill Jones head.

The instant her bikini bottoms landed on his head Bill Jones had almost creamed his jeans on the spot. Wow! he had to have this voluptuous vixen dressed in the sexy MRS. Santa Claus outfit later all to himself.

Bill Jones hard on throbbed mightily in his pants as he and his fellow businessman watched the very sexy, nude lady strike a very sexy pose as she shimmied her gargantuan breast's at them.

After the lady shimmied her gigantic boob's and wiggled her shapely ass at them for a few moments longer she quickly hopped from the table and left the room as the businessman at the table clapped their hands in enjoyment.

When the lady left the room Bill Jones and his fellow workers talked about how beautiful a woman she was along with that great body of hers.

The businessmen all agreed that even though the woman was very beautiful she was probably a prostitute hired by the company to do sexy Christmas shows like this.

Bill Jones did not care about all that though. He wanted that sexy bitch with the super-stacked body all to himself later and he would do anything he could to get her.

After the Christmas company party was over all the men at the table got up out of their chairs and left for home to be with their wives and children

All except Bill though. Bill had followed the sexy lady soon after out the door and watched her put her white fur coat over her very stacked body as she received payment from Bill's boss as she started to leave.

Before the very sexy lady could leave Bill grabbed her by the arm.

"Excuse me lady can I give you a ride home?" he asked her politely.

The lady then looked at Bill up and down apparently liking what she saw. "I would prefer if you would take me back to your apartment so you can fuck the living daylights out of me!" she replied smiling.

As soon as she said this Bill almost keeled over. "Excuse me miss?" he replied shocked not believing what she had said to him.

"You heard me honey. That's what you want to do to me anyway. Isn't it? I saw you drooling the most over my performance." she said very amused.

"You are certainly right about that sweetheart." Bill answered smiling.

"By the way my name is Bill Jones. What is your name dear?" he asked politely.

"No names honey. Just a night of pure sex that you will never ever forget ok?" she asked.

"Ok honey." Bill replied happily.

I know you probably have the money for it. Am I correct?" she continued.

"You are very correct.' Bill replied as he gently grabbed her by the hand. "I have a penthouse not far from here so let's go ok?" he said as the lady smiled and nodded her head happily and went along with him.

Bill Jones and the lady walked hand in hand outside his company building to his car on a very snowy winter's day.

Bill Jones then opened the passenger door to his red 1964 mustang as he let the lady inside. Once the lady was inside Bill closed the door and got behind the steering wheel as he started up his car and took off down the road towards his penthouse.

"Wow! you are sure some fine looking woman all right!" Bill said to the lady drooling as he drove fast to his penthouse.

"Why thank you. You are not bad yourself." the lady replied as they both laughed.

"It is good that you are driving me to your place because a lady needs to feel safe at times like these." she said.

"Your talking about that mad killer still on the loose that the police have not captured yet?" he asked .

"Right Bill!" she replied. "You can never be too safe these days huh?" she replied smiling.

That's correct honey." Bill responded smiling.

Bill Jones mustang then turned the corner as a big looming building appeared. "Well here is my penthouse honey. We are here!" he announced proudly as he stopped the car and opened the door for her to get out.

"Thank you. You are such a gentleman" the lady said to Bill smiling as he opened the door to let her out of the car.

"Your very welcome dear." Bill replied as he held her by the hand and they entered the building.

"Let's take the elevator over there." Bill said happily once they hit the lobby.

Bill and the lady had luck on their side as they just got inside an elevator ready to close it's doors.

"Whew! just made it!" the lady said smiling at Bill as they entered the elevator.

"Yeah, honey" he replied happily. "My penthouse number is 666" he continued as the lady smiled to him silently.

Bill Jones could not wait to get this sexy creature inside his penthouse and fuck the living daylights out of her. Wow! what a great Christmas present this would be! he thought excitedly to himself.

Bill Jones then saw the lady stare at him with an evil smile on her face as the elevator stopped and all the lights went out.

"Oh my god! What the hell happened?" Bill said in shock.

"It looks like we have an elevator break down honey. Try the phone over there and see if that works." she said concerned as Bill did what he was told and grabbed the phone.

"Darn it! This telephone is completely dead." he moaned in anguish.

"Well honey. It looks like we will just have to wait alone together in the darkness until the workers can fix the elevator and let us out." she replied not sounding too concerned with their plight.

"Well it sure does look that way sweetheart." Bill Jones responded not liking this situation at all.

Bill then saw the lady look at him with that same evil smile on her face. "You know what honey. Why don't we make the most of this opportunity." she said.

"What do you mean?" Bill said a little irritated.

"Oh Bill, you know what I mean!" she replied as she quickly let her coat fall to the floor and took off her red Santa Claus cap.

Bill then watched the lady unclasp her red bikini top again as her gargantuan boobies spilled out all over the place.

Bill still watching silently saw the lady take off her bikini bottoms and red high heeled shoes leaving her totally naked in the elevator with him. "Wow! you sure got some body girl." Bill drooled as he started to take off all his clothes.

"Thank you darling. So do you." she replied as she watched him peel off all his clothes and get totally nude too.

Once Bill was nude the very sexy lady shimmied her gargantuan boob's at him as she then jumped straight into his arms straddling him as Bill held her up off her feet.

"Fuck me good and hard baby!" she said as Bill's massive cock went into her sweet willing pussy as he started to pump furiously away inside of her.

"Oh yes Bill yesss! That's it boy! Fuck me hard. Harder Bill." she moaned as she quickly reached an earth shattering orgasm.

Seeing the lady cum this wildly triggered off his own orgasm as he came inside of her just as wildly.

As Bill was in eternal bliss he did not notice the lovely woman's teeth change into sharp pointy fangs as she bit him once in the neck killing him instantly.

A few minutes later the elevator door light went on and the door opened as people saw a very dead nude young man in the elevator.

The instant people saw this they screamed in horror as they called the cops.

When the police arrived they told everyone to get back as they checked the situation out. One of the cops was a rookie and noticed two big bites on the neck and mistook it for bullet wounds.

This rookie cop along with his fellow cops quickly warned everyone in the penthouse that the killer had probably struck again.

This same young cop then knocked on penthouse door 666. As soon as he opened the door he saw an extremely beautiful woman with long blonde hair and big blue eyes with some of the most enormous pair of tit's that he had ever seen in her whole life wearing a sexy MRS. Claus bikini outfit.

The young cop explained to the lady that their was a killer on the loose and that she should be careful.

"You really shouldn't dress like that lady with a killer on the loose." the young cop explained to her.

"Why not? I think I will be safe from any harm in here. Don't you? Especially with a strong handsome police officer protecting me like you!'" She said as she quickly stripped nude for him and let him in the penthouse and closed the door behind him.

The officer was too much in a trancelike state over her fabulous body to argue as he allowed her to let him in her place.

The strange ladies real name was Mary Hawkins. Better known to all in the vampire world as Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary was an ancient vampire killer that was thousands of years old but she still looked like a young woman of twenty five.

Mary Hawkins MO was posing as a prostitute as she sucked the blood from all her customers.

Mary Hawkins posing as a prostitute allowed her victims to come to her instead of she coming to them and Mary liked this a hell of a lot better.

The hell with being a prostitute. I think I will become a madam instead and run my business right here in penhouse 666. Mary thought evilly to herself as her fangs set down on the unknowing young policeman's neck!

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