Mrs. Sonnet

byL.A. Wicker©

'Yes!' Eva moaned wondering if she just let him fuck her where they stood. Her pussy hadn't been properly pleased in years, fingers and rubbing didn't count, she needed a stiff cock. 'I want you in me!' she growled, laughing, knowing her plans on sucking him more were shot to hell. Eva turned to face the wall, grabbed a towel rack, spread her legs and waited. Waiting for her eighteen year old lover, Pete to ravish her aching pussy until she begged him to stop or she fainted.

He smiled watching Eva turn and spread her legs. 'I'm going to fuck you,' he moaned moving behind her and rubbed his cock head between her legs. 'There it is,' he whispered, kissing her neck and slowly eased in her. Eva's muscles quickly locked around his cock and it felt like heaven. 'Oh mother crack!' he moaned, easing deeper in her warm, excited little pussy, enjoying her moaning and muscles squeezing him so tightly.

'Fuck me, baby! Fuck me!' Eva cried, wanting him to use her pussy hard. 'Just shove it all in!' she begged hoping Pete would push his long cock to her core. She needed to be fucked hard, to make up for all the times she'd cried herself to sleep, dreaming of this very day.

Pete couldn't believe what he had standing in front of him. The most beautiful, charming and horny woman he'd ever known and she was all his. He couldn't hold back and started moving in and out of her fast. 'Oh fuck!' he moaned, shoving her face first into the wall and went crazy fucking Eva, but her moaning told he that all was well. 'You like it this way, whore?' he asked ramming deeper, making sure that every inch of his cock was deep in Eva's pussy.

'Yes! I love it!' Eva cried enjoying his long cock touching places that she never knew existed until this very moment and she wanted more. 'I'm your whore, baby. Fuck me! Fuck your, whore!' she moaned, knowing her words would drive him crazy, she just hoped she'd cum first or soon after he did.

'You dirty mouth whore!' he laughed giving Eva's shapely ass a firm slap, enjoying the feel of her pussy muscles spasming around his cock. 'You dirty, fucking whore!' he said ramming deeper, giving her ass another firm slap.

She loved him slapping her and wanting just a little more. 'You fucker!' she said acting as if she was trying to free herself. 'Let me go,' she whimpered giving Pete a smile, letting him know that she was just playing.

'No way, bitch!' he growled grabbing a handful of her wet hair, holding it tight. 'I'm going fuck you all I want and there's not a fucking thing you're going to say about it,' he added, enjoying this game, but it felt funny being mean to Eva. He loved her so much and if she liked this, it would take awhile for him to get used to it.

'Well, fuck me then and stop playing!' she said through her pretty teeth. 'Take me to the bed and fuck me right!' Eva laughed, hoping he'd drag her to the bed and give her the deep fuck she'd needed for so long. 'Come on, bad boy!' Eva said shoving him back, ran out of the shower and towards the bed. Just before she got to it, he shoved her face down on it and landed on top of her.

'Now you're really going to get it!' he growled grabbing her hair, jerking her head back as he kicked her legs apart and he shoved his cock deep into her pussy. 'Oh mother fucker!' Pete couldn't help but yelling as he sank to her deepest depths. 'You feel so good,' he moaned as her tight insides squeezed and sucked him harder than ever and he fought to keep from cuming in her.

Eva lay under him in shock; he liked this just as much as she did. 'You like fucking mothers?' she asked as his hard cock slipped in and out of her stretched pussy. 'You like fucking Mommy's?' she moaned louder as Pete fucked faster, lifting her hips from the bed with each long and very deep thrust in her.

'Only yours whore!' he moaned holding her, enjoying the feel of her tight pussy and now, her perverted words about fucking a mother. 'You're so fucking nasty,' he laughed wondering if she wanted him to call her Mom or something.

'Oh yes, that's my baby!' Eva cried as his long cock fucked her with no mercy what so ever and she loved it. 'Fuck me! Fuck me, baby,' she whimpered and felt something she'd almost forgotten. 'Oh my God! I don't believe it!' Eva moaned when the feel of a warm, loving fire started grew deep in her pussy. 'Pete!' she moaned, trying to push her ass back to him. 'Make me cum, baby!' she cried trying anything she could to make herself cum on his big cock, but she didn't need to do a thing.

He held her and moved as fast as he could, watching his cock slipping in and out of Eva's wonderful pussy so fast, it was a blur. 'You better cum, whore!' he moaned giving her ass a slap. 'If you don't,' he paused to slap the other cheek. 'I'll fuck you all night!' he said slapping her again, enjoying her muscles giving him a quick squeeze before letting go.

'Make me cum, you fucker!' she yelled, not caring if anyone heard them or not. Eva had been dreaming of this day and she was letting go, enjoying it all. 'Come on, you mother fucker,' she panted as her own words came so close to making her cum. 'I love saying that!' Eva moaned, wishing that Pete had been her son; she would have fucked him years ago.

Pete had an idea and hoped Eva liked it. 'Come on, Mom! Cum for me,' he moaned trying to hold back his own release, but couldn't. He started filling her pussy with shot after shot of hot cum and it was good. Pete was cuming in the woman he loved with all of his heart and he knew life would never be the same. 'I love you, Mom. I love you so much,' he cried pumping her pussy hard and as fast as he could.

Eva heard his words and her brain went wild. 'Yes! Oh my baby boy! Cum in Mommy's pussy!' she squealed as loud as she could and at last it happened, she was cuming with a man. A wonderful, young man, but she didn't care. 'Fuck me! Fuck Mommy hard!' Eva screamed and screamed, enjoying her young lover bring her to this wonderful state of bliss that her husband never could.


Pete rested of Eva's back as the panted for air. 'Damn!' Pete laughed wiping sweat from his face. 'I hope it's like that every time,' he whispered kissing her shoulder and couldn't resist flexing his stiff cock as it lay deep in Eva's body, enjoying her muscles locked as tightly around him.

'Oh yes!' Eva moaned to Pete, hoping she'd be able to keep up with him and his very vigorous cock. 'I just hope you don't fuck me to death,' she smiled, wishing that they were face to face; she wanted to hug him so bad she hurt. 'Let's turn around. I want to hug my new guy,' she smiled again, thinking of Pete lying on her, with his stiff young cock deep in her as they kissed.

Pete smiled and gently eased his cock from her body. 'Ouch! I hate that!' he laughed watching his very beautiful lover crawling to the middle of the bed and held out her arms for him.

'Come lay with me,' she whispered, looking at his very, very stiff cock, knowing that she had truly found her dream man. Eva couldn't help but moan as Pete moved over her body. 'I need that again,' she whispered and felt him positioning himself. 'We're going to kill each other.' Eva smiled as he carefully moved inside her body. 'Oh my baby!' she moaned when he filled her, sending a breathtaking wave of happiness running through her once again.

Pete was happy as anyone in the world as he lay on Eva with his cock deep in her. 'I love you,' he whispered, gently kissing her lips. He'd loved her for as long as he could remember, but now, he was making love to her.

She couldn't help but smiling at him and for the first time in her life, she felt love and it was a wonderful feeling. 'I love you too,' she smiled returning his kiss and couldn't wait for her young stud to love her again. She needed him as badly as before. 'Do it again,' she whispered, looking to his eyes. 'Make me feel good.' Eva begged as she gazed into his love struck eyes, knowing Pete would do anything she asked of him. 'And,' she giggled hoping he'd do one other thing for her. 'I know you hate your mom, but will you call me that?' Eva asked in a loving voice.

He caressed her face and could feel his cock jump at her words. 'One condition,' he smiled, knowing he'd found the perfect woman.

'And, what might that be?' she asked with a grin, wondering what Pete had in mind, knowing she'd do anything for him too.

Pete gave her a deep kiss and slowly moved his hips back and forth. 'Later, when we go out,' he moaned enjoying her warm insides wrapped so tightly around his still cock, he felt like cuming again.

'I'll do anything you want!' Eva moaned as his stiff, young cock slid effortlessly in and out of her body. 'Just tell me what you want baby,' she whispered, hugging him as tight as she could, feeling that wonderful fire quickly building deep in her pussy.

Pete moved faster, hoping that she wouldn't mind his next words. 'I want to hug, kiss, do anything I want to you and call you Mom, when I'm doing it,' he moaned, going faster, deeper, hoping he could hold out until she came. 'Please, Mom!' he smiled watching a blissful look cover her face and he knew she was his. 'Come on, Mom! Cum for your son.' Pete whispered as a warm rush covered his shaft and he knew what was happening.

'I'd love you to call me that all the time, if you want,' she moaned and was at last able to move her hips with him and it felt so good. 'Fuck Mommy! Fuck Mommy!' Eva cried thinking of them living together as lovers, but pretending to be Mother and son. 'Fuck Mommy! Fuck Mommy!' she began screaming as visions of them living in her house, in her bed, calling her Mom each time they made love. 'Oh my God! Yes! Yes! Fuck Mommy! Fuck me!' Eva screamed louder as his long cock once again brought her feelings that her husband never could in twenty years. She exploded around his young, hard cock.

Pete quickly felt her cuming and moved faster, pumping her pussy hard and as fast as he could. 'Come on, Mom! Cum for me,' he grunted, fighting to hold back his own release until she was finished. 'Cum on me Mom, please!' he begged in a low voice as his cock slid in and out of her body and she felt so good. 'Oh Mom!' he yelled and stated filling her when more cum than before. 'Oh, I love you, Mom!' Pete said as tears rolled down his face, dripping on her heaving breasts.

She held him in her arms, enjoying his wonderful words as he filled her with his hot seeds, wishing for one other thing from Pete, but that would take a few months to know. 'Come on, baby,' she whispered holding him in her arms, wishing that Pete had been her son. He was so loving and a handsome boy.


'You look so good.' Pete smiled giving Eva a wink, looking at her full breasts under the sheer pink blouse. 'I'm glad you went shopping,' he added as his eyes wondered down her body to the very short black mini skirt that was wrapped so tightly around her hips, knowing that later, he'd be inside her once again.

She couldn't but blush at his sweet words and saw her man growing with excitement. 'Is this for me?' Eva teased reaching to hold it and she knew whom it was for. 'I guess I'm going to have to fix this again,' she whispered, feeling another warm rush cover her body. 'A mother's job is never done,' she whispered in a sexier, lower voice as she gently caressed him, feeling as if she could cum.

'I love when you touch me, Mom,' he smiled watching her eyes close and heard a soft moan escape her mouth. 'Will you suck me this time, Mom?' Pete added, knowing Eva must have been ready to explode and he loved it.

She couldn't believe just how wonderful it was to be this excited knowing Pete would please all of her needs. 'Would you like Mommy to suck you baby?' she asked with a big smile, wishing that there was somewhere for them to be alone. She wanted him now, fuck going back to their motel room. 'I could drop down and do it right here!' Eva moaned watching people walking by them, wishing they would just vanish.

'Damn Mom! Are you horny again?' he teased reaching under her skirt to gently rub her pussy and couldn't believe just how wet she was. 'You whore!' he whispered in her ear and moved to suck her neck. 'Always horny and,' he paused to enjoying the wetness on her panties before going on. 'Wanting your son to...fuck you!' he growled as quickly pushed two fingers deep in her body.

'But, I'm your whore,' she moaned as he carefully caressed her moist pussy, hoping that Pete would give her an orgasm right there. She'd love it so much. Eva always had a fascination about doing it in public and with all the people around them it would be perfect. 'Oh baby!' she moaned, hoping to hold back screaming. 'Yes! Make Mommy feel good again,' she whimpered holding him as tight as humanly possible, praying she'd explode right there in his arms.

Pete loved this and knew what he had to do. He turned her back to the passing people and started slipping his fingers in and out of Eva as fast as he could. 'Cum Mom! Cum for me,' he whispered sucking the side of her neck, wishing that he could mark her as his, but she was married and Pete didn't want to do anything that would hurt her.

'Yes! Suck me,' she moaned wanting Pete to anything and everything he could ever thing of doing to her. She didn't care about her husband or returning home with Pete's brand on her. She was his slave, his whore and now, his Mom too and she loved it. 'Do it! Suck my neck! Give me a big one!' Eva growled wanting Pete to give her a hicky. A big one that could be seen with ease and she'd love it so much.

Pete did as told and went crazy sucking the warm, tender flesh on Eva's neck. He'd never given a girl one, but here he was sucking her neck as hard as he could while fingering her wet pussy. 'Come on,' he whispered taking a quick break from sucking her. 'Cum for me, Mom.' Pete moaned hoping Eva could hold back her screams of pleasure when she came.

'My baby,' she whimpered as a new and very exciting feel swept over her so quickly, that if Pete hadn't been holding her, she'd been on the ground. 'Oh Pete!' Eva cried, burying her face in his neck, hoping nobody would hear her, but if they did, she didn't care. Eva was happy for the first time in her life and nobody was going to fuck it up now.

Pete smiled as Eva's body began squeezing his fingers and she trembled in his arms. 'Come on, that's my girl,' he whispered holding her tightly, knowing if he didn't, she fall straight to the ground. 'You have all the fun you want. Nobody will know,' he smiled caressing back, enjoying her soft moans filling his ear.

Tears ran from her eyes and on Pete's shirt and Eva knew life couldn't get any better than this. 'You are going to kill me!' she giggled giving him a kiss. 'I feel so free now that I have you. When I get back home, Bill and Bobby are out of my life and if you're interested, would you like to move here, with me?' she asked feeling so good and it started raining. 'Oh wow!' Eva smiled looking up and let the warm summer rain wash her past life away.

Pete stood holding Eva in his arms thinking of being with her and he knew his answer. 'I think it would be great being with you, but I do have one condition,' he replied giving her a wink, wondering what she was going to say.

'And what might that be?' she asked figuring with his age it was going to be a sexual request of some sorts. 'I'll do anything you want.' Eva smiled feeling both his hands going under her skirt and gently caressing her. 'We're going to end up fucking each other to death!' she giggled, hoping they get another chance to make love before the drive home and to rid her life of Bill.

He took a deep breath and could only hope for the best. Pete knew she liked him, but did she love him. 'After you divorce Bill,' he said feeling his hands shaking and his heart racing. 'Will you marry me?' Pete asked and his ears started ringing so bad he couldn't hear anything.

Pete quickly knew it was a bad idea to ask her such a thing after being married. Why would she even consider marring again so soon and to a kid? She had a son his age, why would she what to marry him?

Eva stood in shock at his words. She knew Pete had feelings for her since he was a small boy, but this came close to knocking her down. She did love him and knew he would treat her good, but this blew her mind.

'Are you sure about this? I'm twice your age and old enough to be your Mom,' she said caressing the side of his young face, trying to imagine life with her handsome, young love and all the fun they would have together.

Pete looked to her and knew this was a bad idea. She didn't want him after being married so long and he was nothing but a kid to her. 'Yes,' he said hoping that Eva didn't think he was just some punk that was playing with her heart. He'd been in love with her and had visions of them being together for as long as he could remember. 'I'm very sure.' Pete added hoping Eva saw his love and would want a man that would give her nothing but love and happiness.

She smiled at him and jumped in his arms. 'Yes! I couldn't ask for a better guy to spend the rest of my life with than you,' she said squeezing him hard, as tears poured from her eyes.


Eva walked in the house and to the kitchen. 'My God, what the hell?' she asked, wondering what Bill and Bobby tried to cook. There were so many pots, pans and dishes all over the counters and stove, Eva couldn't count them all. 'I am not cleaning this up,' she said shaking her head in disbelief.

'Where the fuck have you been all day?' Bill asked with anger as he walked in the kitchen. 'I've been trying to call you all day!' he added wanting to slap her face.

Eva looked at him and couldn't but laughing. 'We've been married twenty years and for you first time, you want to know something about me?' she asked with a big smile. 'You don't know one thing about me. You don't know what kind of flowers I like, you don't know what my favorite color is and most importantly,' she paused from her fit of rage to take a breath. 'You don't even know how to make me orgasm! I haven't came one time in all the years that you've fucked me and I'm sick of it!' she screamed, pointing her finger at him and if she'd had a gun, Bill would be dead.

Bobby walked in the room and laughed at his mother. 'What the fuck is up with you, bitch?' he asked wondering why his Dad hadn't knocked her ass out yet. 'You going to stand there and let that bitch talk to you like that?' Bobby asked his Dad and didn't see Eva's hand swinging to his face.

'Fuck you little boy!' she screamed at Bobby as he fell against the wall. 'I'm your mother! Don't you ever call me another name as long as you live!' she screamed louder thinking of all the times he'd called her bitch, whore, cunt and any other nasty name he could think of. She drew back her hand and slapped him harder than before.

Bill walked towards with his fist ready to hit her. 'I'm going to knock your fucking teeth out!' he yelled stepping towards her and stopped dead in his tracks.

Eva saw Bill and reached to the counter. 'Hit me mother fucker, please!' she begged him holding the knife to his dick, praying that Bill would touch her. 'I'll ram this right in your little, bitty dick and you'll just be dreaming of humping little girls' the rest of your life,' she laughed, enjoying the look on Bill's face. 'Yes, I know about all the girls' you try fucking at the factory. Do you really think I'm so dumb I wouldn't know? You forget that I own it! It's mine and the people there like me, not you!' she said thinking of all the people that she'd hired before she met Bill and how faithful they were.

'I called the bank, the credit card company and the factory. All your cards and passes have been canceled. I want you out of here. I can't stand you! I've lived in hell the last twenty years and that's it. I'm not living like that a moment more,' she smiled thinking of Pete and how good he made her feel. 'Get him, your clothes and get out!' she said giving Bill the most evil look a person could give.

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