tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMrs. Swanson's Boarding House Ch. 02

Mrs. Swanson's Boarding House Ch. 02


Miss Bridgeway led Carl out of the parlor and down the hall to the kitchen using his penis as a joy stick of sorts. "Did you enjoy your first session with Mrs. Swanson?"

Carl had just been masturbated by one of the founding Sisters of The Sisterhood a group of progressive women who advocated CFNM as a way of controlling the sexual urges of men, young men in particular. The year was 1971; Carl was the son of Dr. Roger Morton and his wife Sara Lee. He was a special convert to the CFNM movement because Dr. Morton was Mrs. Swanson's very first 'devotee' to the movement and Sara Lee Parker was the first young lady to be matched with a devotee. Carl was the first second generation devotee.

The kitchen was a large one as were all of the kitchens in the Victorian mansions on "Professors Row." Even so it had been remodeled over the years to suit the needs of Mrs. Swanson and the Sisters. The breakfast nook which had looked out on the large back porch on the south side of the house was now a "milking station" for the young men who were being trained to be devoted followers of the CFNM lifestyle. The bay window had been replaced with large glass pocket doors so that the kitchen could flow into the outdoors where the porch was now a comfortable entertainment area for the Sisters during the summer months. The doors themselves were mirrored on the inside so that the Sisters could watch activities inside without being observed themselves.

Miss Bridgeway placed Carl's clothes on a center island and then led him to the clothes tree in a corner of the kitchen. "Do you recognize this Carl?"

"Yes ma'am; it's just like the one in the parlor."

"That's right, Carl. It is the easiest way for you to know that you are in a CFNM household. When you visit a CFNM home and your hostess invites you to 'make yourself comfortable' she is really telling you to strip, but that's so vulgar, isn't it? Besides it is so much nicer when a man submits willingly and cheerfully; don't you think?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"There is a proper way to arrange your clothes. Let's hang your clothes on the clothes tree the way you would if you were undressing; ok?"

"Yes ma'am."

"First, you would hang your jacket like this; on these 'shoulders, they're like a hanger. Next you would take off your shoes and socks and put them on the shelf under the seat. Then, you would take off your trousers and hang them neatly over this top bar; your tie goes on top of your trousers and your shirt should be draped loosely on top of the tie. Is that clear?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Lastly," Miss Bridgeway continued, "you will take off your underwear; folding it neatly with the shorts on top. That makes sense, doesn't it?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Now that you are naked you are ready to present yourself. There are many things you need to learn about presenting yourself but primarily you should be open and unashamed. You should be proud of your genitals and happy to show them to the Sisters; never, ever cover yourself. Is that clear, Carl?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"One more thing, Carl."

"Yes, ma'am."

"There will be times during the day or evening, when you are studying perhaps, that you will be distracted by thoughts of a sexual nature. If you are going to be successful in school you need to be able to concentrate. Your energies should be focused on gaining the knowledge you need to qualify for medical school; if you are thinking about sexual matters you can't concentrate! Isn't that true, Carl?"

"I suppose so, ma'am."

"When that happens, Carl, I want you to feel free to find me and ask me to help you. You can come down to the kitchen any time you feel too distracted to study. Never play with yourself! If Mrs. Swanson or I, or any of the Sisters observe you fondling yourself you will be punished with a spanking in front of the entire household. Is that clear?"

"Yes, ma'am, I will try very hard to keep my hands from idly playing with my penis!"

"That's a good boy, Carl! You have pledged your self to The Sisterhood and your penis is ours now to enjoy but I think you will find that we can be very kind and caring mistresses. In exchange for the gift of your penis you will receive the training that is necessary to be successful professionally, socially and emotionally. That being said, Carl, it's not nice to be vulgar; never just pop in and say 'I want you to jack me off or give me a hand job'. That's so gross!" You should be obtuse; say 'I'm very uncomfortable will you help me? Or, 'I can't concentrate will you help me?' Do you understand?"

"Yes, ma'am."

Carl's penis was indeed very stiff and it had been since he left the parlor. He was uncomfortable and was becoming more so. Miss Bridgeway knew that and was prolonging his agony on purpose. She crossed the room and sat down on the milking bench. "You may proceed."

Carl walked towards her with his arms at his side and his erect penis jutting out nicely and said, "Miss Bridgeway, I need your help, I'm very uncomfortable. Will you please help me?"

"I'd be pleased to help you, Carl! Your erection is so nice; but I can see how it might be distracting." She reached between his legs and fondled his genitals. "Oh my yes! Your balls feel like they could use some relief." With that she stood up and gestured towards the "milking bench", "This is our milking bench, Carl. Once a week we will give you a special milking that includes massaging your prostate; but not right now!" She pulled on his penis and led him to the center island. "When you come down for breakfast, by the way, breakfast is at 6:30 am sharp, you'll be naked of course, and you'll eat breakfast here at the center island. On this end there is a small pull out shelf where I can place a bowl to catch your semen if you should have a morning erection. You have those don't you, Carl?"

"Yes ma'am, almost every day."

"Not to worry, dear, I usually do each of you boys first thing in the morning just to get the day started right."

Carl gulped, "you'll do me in front of the others?"

"No need to be shy, Carl, as a CFNM devotee you will find yourself in the company of naked men most of the time so you'll get used to seeing other men being masturbated and you will be masturbated in front of them, always by women of course."

"Yes, ma'am"

Miss Bridgeway pulled out the shelf and placed a small bowl on it. "When you spurt this time Carl, I am going to aim you at this bowl and collect your semen. I'm not going to take as much time as Mrs. Swanson because you have to get back to your studies." She opened a drawer and took out a small tube of lotion and applied some to her hands. "This should feel nice." She said as she began to stroke Carl's throbbing cock rhythmically.

"You can steady yourself on the counter if you wish."

Carl leaned in and let out a low moan.

"That feels nice doesn't it, Carl?" Miss Bridgeway cooed.

"Oh, yes ma'am. It feels very nice."

"Better than doing it yourself, Carl?"

"Oh yes! Much better!"

"Tell me how it feels, Carl. Let me know how much you like it!"

"Your hand is so soft but so strong! It feels so good when you pull and squeeze." Carl's butt cheeks were clenching and his hips twitched.

"I can tell you are getting close, Carl. You can't help but be excited."

"Oh, yes!" Carl moaned.

"We don't allow vulgar language, Carl, except when you are sexually aroused. Now close your eyes and tell me how it feels."

Carl moaned softly. My cock feels like it will explode! Each time you pull it's like my nuts are going to be pulled out of my cock, I love it!

"Think of my hand as a very strong pussy, Carl. You are fucking your future wife's pussy, it's the only pussy you've ever wanted and you are the only one who can fuck it. She plays with penises all the time but you are the one who serves her pussy. You are her pussy slave, you love to kiss it, and you can suck on her tits and her pussy endlessly and never tire. She is fucking you, Carl. Her pussy is fucking you!"

"Oh, yes!!!" Yes! Fuck yes!

"Do it, Carl. Give me your cum! That's it! That's a good boy! What nice strong spurts! You're going to make one of the Sisters a very fine husband!" Miss Bridgeway kept up her encouraging patter as she squeezed the last few drops of semen from Carl's penis. "All done! Let me clean you up and then it's off to your room.

Miss Bridgeway soaked a towel in warm water, wrung it out and cleaned Carl's genitals gently. "Feel better?"

"Yes, ma'am, very much so, thank-you, ma'am."

"You're welcome, Carl. It's a pleasure to be a part of your training! I mean that, Carl, your mother has done a marvelous job raising you to be a fine young man. You really will be a wonderful husband and father!" Miss Bridgeway applied lotion to his genitals as she spoke. She tugged on his penis as she said cheerily, "Time to go study!"

Carl went to pick up his clothing but Miss Bridgeway stopped him. "Get dressed Carl, you came downstairs dressed you'll return to your room dressed. I'll wait."

Carl dressed quickly and followed Miss Bridgeway up the back stairs and down the hall to his room. Miss Bridgeway looked into each room as they went and asked each of the occupants to come to Carl's room.

Carl felt strangely awkward as the other boarders filed into his room; naked; Thomas Murphy, Scott Butler, and Lawrence Klein were all studying to be doctors. They were all at least a year ahead of him in their studies.

"Gentlemen, you have all met Carl but its official now, Carl made his decision to be a devotee of The Sisterhood to Mrs. Swanson this afternoon." The applause from the three young men startled Carl and he blushed knowing that they all knew what that meant. He felt strangely uncomfortable being the only one of the four that was clothed.

"Thank-you, gentlemen. I know that you will all be accepting of Carl and you will all be as helpful as you can but remember the only topic of discussion that is forbidden is anything to do with the Sisterhood. Besides that we expect you to help each other in every way possible. After all, we have a tradition to uphold, since Mrs. Swanson took over this rooming house no young man has failed to complete medical school and become a respected and successful member of the medical community. This past spring Omar Gonzalez became the twentieth young men to complete his training under Mrs. Swanson's guidance and Mrs. Swanson expects to help at least twenty more before she retires! You can get back to your studies now, except you Lawrence! It looks like little Larry is jealous!"

"Yes, ma'am." Larry blushed.

"Very well then, off you go! I'll join you in the kitchen in a moment." Miss Bridgeway smiled as she spoke. She really loved her job. No where else that she could think of would she be encouraged to play with so many penises and not be thought of as some kind of slut!

"Are you two all right?" She asked as she gently cupped their genitals.

"Yes, ma'am," Tom replied, "At least for now."

"Yes, ma'am." Scott added.

"You know where to find me." Miss Bridgeway stated coyly as she left the room.

"Congratulations, Carl." Tom said as he held out his hand.

"Yes, Carl, congratulations! If you're anything like the rest of us you will love submitting to the Sisterhood." Scott continued.

"You have no idea!" Tom concluded as they left his room.

Miss Bridgeway called to them from the end of the hall, "Don't forget gentlemen, supper is at 5:30 tonight, wear your dress clothes.

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