tagGroup SexMs. Marca Ch. 21

Ms. Marca Ch. 21

byMs. Marca©

"Mr. Dean,” you nitwit, Marca said to herself his over sex horny long legged date for the evening, "I think you took the wrong turn, are we lost?" Marca said it in a nice sexy voice to the 59-year-old businessman; Mr. Dean slowed the big Caddy to a crawl as he tried to make out a street number, but was having no luck staring into the pitch dark. Under her breath saying to herrself "Now what," Marca groaned, and thinking "well, you've done it, if you had been looking at the road and not my tits we would have been on time, now we're never going to make it to the reception!

He was a big time client and she had done some modeling for his company. They were to be at a company function at 8 PM. " Mr. Dean retorted, "don't worry, once I get turned around and back on the main road I'll stop at a service station and get some directions!" He pulled the nose of the big car into a dark alley and was just about to put it into reverse, when both doors were flung open and both of them were jerked out of the car and thrown to the ground! The two car jackers hopped into the Caddy and calmly drove off leaving Mr. Dean and the 25-year-old Marca stunned and dazed in the middle of the dark alley!

"Are you all right, Marca honey," Mr. Dean asked! "Oh, god" she moaned, "it feels like they ripped my arm out of its socket!" After helping her to her feet, Mr. Dean offered, "We got find a phone and call the police, let's go!" Just as they were turning to head down the street, a sinister voice from the darkness said, "I don't think you'll be going anywhere for a while." Seconds later, the middle aged white guy and the hot young date he had was surrounded by a group of young black toughs! "Ya know what," one of them stated, "you're in a lot of fucking trouble!"

"Bring them along," ordered a tall muscular man of about twenty, "and if they give you any trouble, cut'em!"

"Where are you taking us," Marca sputtered, as one of the gang grabbed her by the arm and pulled her down the alley?"

"Not far," one of them replied, "in fact, were here," as he kicked open a pedestrian garage door and threw Marca inside!" The rest of the gang soon followed, accompanied by a stumbling Mr. Dean!

The door was quickly closed and someone turned on the lights revealing a clubhouse of sorts, with a few old chairs tons of empty beer cans, along with a smattering of drug paraphernalia. "Whadaya wanna do with them, Rom," one them asked the obvious leader?"

"Well," he replied with a sick laugh, "I think I wanna fuck the bitch here and show her hubby just how it's done!"

"Mr. Dean," Marca begged, "y-you can't let them touch me, please stop them!"

"Now see here," Mr. Dean began, but was brutally cut off by a hard shot to the mouth and an admonition from Rom, "Now, shut your fucking mouth, I won't fucking tell you again, got it?"

With blood spurting from a split lip, all Mr. Dean could do was slip to the floor and nod in agreement! “He is not my husband, we are on our way to a meeting” Fuck you bitch, I still going to fuck you as he looked at the tall dark hair woman in a short mini dress.

Rom quickly turned his attention to Marca, who stared in disbelief at her injured date! "Okay pretty lady, you came into my 'hood, so I must assume that you wanted to meet me up close and personal, am I right?" Marca slowly began backing away as Rom moved towards to her, as the horror of the situation finally sank in! "N-now you stay away from me," she ordered in a stern but shaky voice, Please with a look of don’t hurt me, but she knew she would have to do all of them if one fucked her they would all want to.

"Ugh oh," Rom replied with feigned fear in his voice, "I-I hope a cop doesn't come in and arrest me, don't you boys?" The garage rocked with laughter at the sinister joke, but all at once his voice turned hard when he said,

"You ever been fucked by a brother, bitch?" Still backing away she replied, "Now you keep away, or I'll scream!" Rom looked at one of his buddies and remarked while shaking his head, some bitches are so fucking stupid, they don't know that it is over even when it's over!" Taking one last step, Marca was abruptly stopped by the garage wall, and a second later Rom was pressing against her!

She struggled to move, but he was strong as an ox, so he easily held her in place with one hand, while grabbing her dress by its front collar and giving it a hard rip downward, tearing it away and leaving her standing there in only her bra and panties!

"Whoopee," someone whistled, "look at those tits, the bitch has got some fucking guns on her!"

"Yeah," Rom replied softly, "look at them tits," as he grabbed her bra and casually tore it off her like it was so much wrapping paper. Marca's big boobs swung free, and in the cool dank air, her nipples immediately stood at attention! Her big tits were the one thing that got men aroused and with 40DD and a 23 x 38 body she was dream. "Hey, bitch," Rom said while kneading the big knockers in his large hands, "you gonna take off those panties for me, or do I gotta rip them off too?"

Marca was getting aroused as the big black stud rubbed her tits and fingered her nipples they were causing her to move her hips in time with the sway and roll of his movement with her breast. “Oh, Oh my, oh god please, oh no, Oh I’ll take them off!” As she moved her head back and looked up at the ceiling, and took hold of her thong with her thumb and began to push down the string like material over her hips to revile her honey pot. From the other side of the room, a small voice came from the corner and said, "P-please leave her alone, don't hurt her, please."

Rom turned around and spat to one of his men, "Take that piece of shit, strip him and shove a cock in his mouth that’ll keep the little cunt quiet!"

"No, no," Mr. Dean pleaded, but it was for naught, as his clothes were pulled off him as he lay on the floor trying to cover his limp cock. His fat belly rolled out to expose an out of shape old man; a big black pecker was soon pressing against his mouth and forcing his lips apart! "Look, cunt," Rom crowed, "your bitch old boy friend is sucking' some Dick, and that's just what you're gonna do," as he pushed her to the floor in front of him on her knees and pulled out his big thick black tool!

"Okay, bitch, open wide for daddy, that's a good girl, do a good job on daddy's Dick for him!" Marca looked at the big black cock in front of her. She was ready to suck him it was still hanging down between his legs but she knew it would be as hard as her nipples when she ran her tongue over it and suck life into it. The garage was filled with whoops and hollers from the other members of the gang as both Rom and Jake got their big peckers sucked by Mr. Dean and Marca!

"Hey, Rom," one of them yelled out, "the old guys got a hard on, I think he likes sucking' cock!" That remark brought regales of laughter by the gang, but a wet tear slid down Mr. Dean's cheek as he sucked the big pecker and watched his date orally servicing the young black stud! After several more minutes of sucking, Rom ordered, "Okay, now it's time for a line up boys, get out the mattress and let's all have some fun!

Rom dragged Marca by the hair over to the old cum stained mattress and threw her down roughly face first and at the same time said, "Him too, lay him right next to her!" The gang formed a line of four each, one behind Marca and one behind Mr. Dean. Rom dropped to his knees behind Marca and pulled her ass towards him, until his erection was pressing against her now swollen pussy lips.

A big fat gang member did the same to Mr. Dean, only in his case; it was Mr. Dean's virgin ass hole that was about to get fucked! "On three," Rom said, "one, two, three, now, give it to'em," and with a mighty shove, his thick black pecker rammed its way deep into Marca's dripping pussy, causing her to orgasm within the first three strokes! Oh God yes she cried out oh yes it was a climax after climax that gave her full satisfied feeling. “Yes more fuck me more,” was all she could say as she looked back and could see the big black cock going in and out of her.

Mr. Dean, on the other hand, didn't have it quite so good! His ass hole had never been penetrated, and as the thick freight train like cock bored into him, he screamed in pain as the black jack hammer pounded away at his tight virgin hole! Over and over they got fucked, Mr. Dean in his ass, and Marca in her pussy! Even though she was totally repulsed, Marca's pussy betrayed her with a series of blinding orgasms courtesy of the hard thick peckers that filled her now aching cunt! Each time a new guy would enter her pussy she would moan and push back trying to get it all in and groan as they hump her hot pussy lips.

She looked over at Mr. Dean and saw him getting a cock up the ass and it made her wonder what he was going though. This fat slob had put his small thin cock in Mr. Dean’s ass and Marca knew she wanted no part of him. She could see 3 other big cocks standing and ready to fuck him. They will kill him if they all fuck him with those monsters, besides I could take them and enjoy it. She looked up at them standing in line and smiled and opens her mouth and rolled her tongue and licked and sucked her lips as if to tell them, “ I want all of you. ”

The other 3 moved to make a new line to let her suck them. She looked at Mr. Dean and he lowered his head in shame knowing that she had just saved him from being raped by 3 cocks that were 8” or better. After awhile, the pain in Mr. Dean's ass was slowly replaced by a sense of fulfillment that he had never before experienced! All at once he could see how a woman was at times almost desperate to have a penis inside of her, as his own cock had turned hard as a rock, openly displaying the devotion he was feeling towards the thick black invaders!

Mr. Dean was watching Marca suck and hump her butt back toward each thrust of the shaft as it went in and out of her dripping pussy. “Oh my god she is a sex machine.” Her moaning and groaning and each time one of the big black cocks went off in her mouth he could see her gulp it down and lick every drop of sperm that was on her lips. She was ready for each guy to put it in her mouth and didn’t miss a beat when they pulled out of her hot pussy; she just kept rocking and took the meat.

When they were finished, Marca was still on all 4’s wanting to have more cock given to her she was in heaven and they could see by the smile on her face she like it and was satisfied. On the other hand Mr. Dean lay crying on his side next to her curled up in a ball trying to hide, stunned into utter submission, and with a torrent of cum oozing from her pussy and his ass hole! "Well," Rom opined, "we're just about done, but for a last little fling, we want you to fuck your whore date for us, Mr. Dean, show us how you make the little tramp scream, climb into the saddle and ride that hot little cunt!"

When he didn't move, a hard smack pierced the air, as a leather belt bit into his ass cheeks, causing him to yelp in pain and scramble on to his knees and pull his cock up to her pussy! It was unreal, but true, even under these circumstances he was fully erect and fucking Marca like there was no tomorrow! He began grunting as his nut sack tightened in anticipation of his ejaculation, and incredibly, Marca screaming how good it felt and for him to give her more, she was into deep hard panting and approaching an orgasm of her own!

Both of them stiffened at the same time, while their genitals wrenched together as a mutually satisfying orgasm pulsed between them, and it wasn't for a few seconds that they felt a sprinkling of hot wetness dousing their bodies! "What's that," Marca stammered, "is it raining in here?" And it was, in a way, as all eight gang members had taken a place around the fucking couple and circle jerked themselves to one last cum, all over the unsuspecting love makers!

Now drenched in cum, both Marca and Mr. Dean were getting prepared for more humiliation, when all at once the lights went off, a door opened, and a shuffling of feet could be heard exiting the garage! Just before the door closed behind them Rom's voice could be heard through the darkness, "Now you take care of her, Mr. Dean, you got one mighty fine fuck doll for a date, see ya around, kiddies!"

Marca was still on all 4’s and Mr. Dean was behind her holding her ass as his cock went limp and was slipping out, subconsciously she was still humping the limp dead meat trying to get the last ounce of sperm out of it she could milk. Both of them looked up as the gang left the building. They were just glad at being alive, when both of them looked and saw that they had taken all of their clothes. Marca said we got to get out before they come back even if I liked what they did. All she had on was her black 4” high heels, she looked around and saw a plastic garbage bag, and she cut a hole for her head and arms to go though, and slipped it over her head. It just did cover her pussy. You wait here I’ll go get us a cab.

Mr. Dean looked up and said, "And he's right, you are a fine little fuck doll!"

"Oh, Mr. Dean," she said softly, "let's get the hell out of here! And you can fuck me again.

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