tagFetishMs. Marca Ch. 31

Ms. Marca Ch. 31

byMs. Marca©

Marca paid him and he put the mower away and left. As Marca was bringing in her groceries from the garage, she noticed a magazine on one of the shelves. Marca picked it up and saw that it was not the only one but a stack of them was upon the higher shelve. A stack of Playboy and Penthouse magazines! She wondered if Ed had been looking at the magazines while she was gone. The thought of this Mexican yardman that they hired to keep the place looking like a show place was peeking at the naked women made her smile. Typical guy, she thought. She refused to admit the spark of excitement that ran through her when she remembered Ed coming from behind the garage with his jeans undone, but she couldn't easily put it out of her mind. He couldn't be, wouldn't be, in broad daylight? No!

The next week, Marca purposely came home early from her busy day of shopping, it is a hard job but someone has to do it. She entered the house and went to her room. Because of the curve of the driveway, the back of the garage faced the master bedroom at the rear of the house. The backyard was secluded, with a high wooden fence encircling that part of the yard that was used for nude sunbathing, girl has to keep this body looking good, the rear wall of the garage serving as part of the backyard enclosure. Marca went to the window of her large master bath and peeked through the blinds. Ed was working on one of the flower and plant beds and had his back to her. I think I’ll give the boy something to really get excited about.

Marca has a stunning figure. She works out 4 days a week and being of mixed descent just adds to her beauty. : She has ancestors from Europe, Latin, Africa and God knows where else; their blood has combined to create a gorgeous creature with a killer body, an exotic face and curly, flowing dark hair. Tanning won't do much for Ms. Marca’ dark skin, but she's not worried about looking good, because she knows she does - just feeling good. Today Marca has put on an awfully skimpy bikini. All of her swimsuits are revealing - she doesn't even own a one-piece - but this one is a little black number with spaghetti ties and a thong back that could pass for thick dental floss.

Marca goes outside to the patio and setup one of the lounge chair so she can get some sun and let Ed see what she has. She puts down a towel and makes a big deal of stretching onto her chaise lounge. There's a bottle of suntan oil on the table beside her; she keeps it out on the patio, so it's warm from the sun at all time. She opens the bottle and lets the oil drip onto her palm. She starts rubbing the oil over her arms, her shoulders and neck, her legs and belly. She sets the bottle down, lies back and closes her eyes.

After an hour of sun she went into the house and to her bedroom to see if she could see what Ed was doing. Ed was seated, leaning against the garage, looking at a Penthouse magazine. He wore cut off and no shirt. As he flipped through the pages, his hand idly toyed with the front of his jeans.

"That son-of-a-bitch", Marca thought. As she stared, Ed suddenly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down the zipper. Marca's breath caught in her throat has Ed removed a thick swollen cock from his Jeans. His hand only obscured half of his cock from Marca's view. I gasped OH MY GOD! He was huge, I mean he made guys in porno flicks look small. It looked like he had another arm. I couldn't believe it, no way!

He began to slowly stroke himself, still looking at the magazine. Unconsciously, Marca's right hand slid under her shirt and found her left nipple. Ed put the magazine down and leaned his head against the garage wall as his hand found a rhythm of long eager strokes. Perspiration trickled down his lean torso and his stomach muscles tensed with each stroke. Marca was lost in his pleasure with him, enjoying the sight of his large thick cock sliding through his hand.

Suddenly, his head tilted upward and his back arched. His hand began to move faster and his hips met the movement of each stroke. Marca was startled by the first spurt. It flew outward and landed in the grass beyond Ed's feet. Then another one, almost as strong, squirted from his brown hard cock and onto his chest. He nursed his cock deliberately, cum oozing down his shaft and over his hand. Marca turned from the window and caught a glimpse of herself in her bathroom mirror. Flames of red washed her skin, flowing from her chest to her neck. She couldn't remember getting that turned on. Iv had peeking tom’s for as long as I can remember, but here I was doing what they had been doing to me. She splashed water on her face and brushed her hair.

Marca exited the house as Ed was putting the mower away. She thanked him and paid him, but was at a loss for the small talk that they usually enjoyed. As she walked back into the house, she could feel the lips of her pussy sliding against one another as only they do when she is very wet and excited. She felt a little embarrassed while at the same time she wanted to flirt with Ed. Damn I had the urge to let him see me nude and let him jerk off to my body one more time!

This became her ritual, Thursday after Thursday, watching Ed. She came to know his method and his pace and she came to love the thickness and dark brown of his cock. But most of all, she loved to see him cum, the muscles tensing and the powerful squirts of semen. She longed to look more closely and she had on more that one occasion fantasized about feeling his warm cum squirting on her, on her breasts and face. She started do her sunbathing whenever Ed is around, wanting him to see her body, see her touch herself.

Then one day, she made a discovery that almost made her faint. It was on a day Ed was not working and she had been getting in some nude sunning. She was in the back yard sunning when she happened to go to the spot where Ed always jerked off.

She took his place and looked toward the window where she always stood. It is an over used phrase, but it is the best one to describe what Marca felt-that terrible sinking feeling. Her bathroom window was recessed a few feet from the rest of the bedroom. On the bedroom wall was a window and that window looked directly through the bathroom door. On the outside of the bathroom door was a full-length mirror. When the door was open 45 degrees, as it was now, you could see the exact place where Marca stood every Thursday.

"Oh my God", Marca whispered to herself. Had the door been in that position last Thursday, or the Thursday before? Because of the light, you couldn't see directly into the bathroom window, but the view reflected in the door mirror was clear and stark. Had he looked, had he seen, did he know?

The next Thursday, Ed arrived and Marca was out doing her thing as usual. When she returned, Ed was not in sight. She went in the house, determined to stay away from the bathroom. She grabbed a soda went to her room, but she couldn't stop thinking about the bathroom window. She knew if she were careful to close the door, Ed could not see her reflection in the mirror. Weak and wanting, she entered the bathroom and closed the door. Ed was there, leaning against the garage, reading a magazine. Marca felt horribly guilty, but her guilt was not as powerful as her desire. And since she had closed the door, all was ok.

Ed glanced toward the bedroom and a half smile appeared on his face. Marca was perplexed and a little troubled. Had he seen the door open before and now saw it closed? Did he know? She was actually frightened that she had made a fool of herself, a grown woman ogling the yardman. He might be mad or embarrassed, and rightfully so. She was turning to leave the bathroom when she noticed Ed ease himself up off of the ground. He turned and looked directly at her window. She knew he couldn't see her the way the light was but still in unnerved her. As he faced her, he slowly unzipped his pants and lowered them to the ground.

He kicked the shorts aside with his foot and stood naked in front of her. He was not fully erect but somehow he looked even larger and thicker today. Looking directly at her, he began to touch himself lightly, running his fingers down the length of his shaft and under his balls. Marca could feel the heat in her face.

He seemed to be looking directly into her eyes. Ed took his cock in his right hand and began to stroke it very slowly; squeezing clear drops of juice from the end. He rubbed the juice on the head and shaft of his cock, making his strokes slippery and intensely erotic. Marca could not move. No, that is not correct; Marca would not move. Ed seemed to be relaxed and totally involved, caressing his cock with profound arousal. Marca's hand snaked down her panties and found pools of juice between her folds. She sighed and probed her moist furrow, feeling so sensitive and alive and excited. She looked for the first time with open desire at Ed, pretense aside. "Oh yes, Ed, it is so beautiful, so hot, so exciting to watch your hand slide along your beautiful cock for me." She didn't even realize that she was talking out loud, but she was.

"Stroke it slow, make it last, let me watch forever. Watch me, Ed, my pussy is so hot." Marca was totally naked and covered with sweat, two fingers buried in her hot fleshy tunnel. She had given in to the moment and there was no turning back. Ed began to move his hand with urgency as Marca watched. So familiar was she with his habits that she knew what was happening. Quietly she whispered, "Cum for me Ed, cum for me. Cum on me Ed, cum in me Ed, fill my mouth with your hot juice, cover my breasts."

I want to feel it on me, dripping and sliding down my flesh." Just as Ed erupted, Marca's orgasm began and she felt the strong contractions against the fingers that were inside her. Her knees quivered as wave after wave of contraction erupted yet her eyes never left Ed's pulsing squirting cock. She wanted to lick him clean and feel his softening flesh in her mouth. She wanted the last sweet drops on her tongue.

Ed left that day without being paid. Marca could not come out of the house and, as she remained naked in the bathroom, she was already thinking of next Thursday. All week, Marca felt ill at ease as she went through her routine. She was distracted and by her anxiety and continual arousal. She couldn't get rid of the image of Ed so openly pleasuring himself for her. It made her feel vulnerable, wicked, nasty and more excited than she had been in a while. She had relived that moment in her fantasies several times a day, often adding twists to her fantasy that shocked her and made her confront the intensity of her desire. Yet, she had no idea what she would do when Ed arrived on Thursday or even if she wanted to be there, couldn’t stand to face him.

Again, Marca was out doing something when Ed arrived. When she got home, he was sweeping the drive. Marca had put on a V cut sweater and with a pushup bra her 40DD stood out like to sandbags that had been filled to over flowing. The 4” heels made her ass stick out and the tight ski slacks made her figure show as if she had nothing on. Ed eyes were all over her and she knew that she had his attention this time he could not help but look.

She paid him immediately for the last two weeks and apologized for failing to pay the previous week. Ed seemed to be his normal self, except for his looking her over more closely than anytime before. She went into her house and to the bathroom. “Put on the smallest bikini you got girl, today you make him go crazy!” She looked out her window as Ed crossed the lawn, shirtless and in his cutoffs as usual. She felt her wetness increase as Ed took his usual place against the garage. He wiped his face and chest with a towel and leaned his head against the wall. Just as his hand moved to his zipper, a horn honked in front of the house. Ed hopped up and ran to the driveway.

Marca ran to the living room and peeked out the window. The car drove away and Ed jumped in his truck and followed. Marca's heart sank as he drove away. A weeks worth of anticipation descended on her, bringing frustration and sadness. She went back to the bedroom and put on her bikini and headed toward her back sunning spot. She plopped down on the lounge chair. As she sat, the heat of the moment seized her, confronting her with how intense was her desire to watch Ed had been. She suddenly feels naughty, nasty, like a kinky little slut! Marca began toying with the flesh of her inner thighs, tracing light circles just below her thong line. She threw one leg over the arm of the lounge chair and ran a finger up and down her moist slit.

She increased the pressure of her fingers and it forced a low moan from her throat. She bent over and began to rub and finger her ass and her brown rose bud, and began to lose herself in her pleasure. Even with her eyes closed, she detected the movement something told her to open her eyes look up! Her eyes opened to see Ed standing at his place. Marca watched. When his zipper was halfway down, he paused and looked my way. She suddenly had a view of herself as she must have looked through Ed's eyes--leg over the chair, her hand busily playing with the nest of swollen folds between her legs, gaping and furry and a dark wet pink.

Marca was frozen. She wanted to call out! She wanted to hide! Oh God I want him to look at me look at my hand between my legs ministering to a ravenously hungry pussy? His calm face and relaxed stare gave her just a moment, a second, to hear a voice inside herself that she had repressed for so long. That voice was she, or a significant part of her that she never let out when others were around. The voice's message was simple; "this is who you are and who you long to be at this moment. Show him your pussy and your breast. Masturbate for him! Show me that big cock let me see that big thing shoot off your cream, your sweet cream of love! It's time for someone to see, to hear, and to know.

In a flash, the old Marca came back and she startled and began to raise her leg off the chair. Electricity bolted through Marca as she looked at him. His hand moved to his beautiful cock area and leisurely stroked the outside of himself before her. Ed was rubbing and stroking his pants as fast as he had ever done. He had to know I wanted him to shoot off on me! Ed came and stood beside her chair, his hand moving to his zipper. He took Marca's hand; fingers still wet from her pussy and raised it to his zipper. She immediately felt shy, but she tugged at the zipper and watched it slowly descends. When the zipper reached bottom, Marca pulled on his jeans with her hand grasping at the opening. Slowly, inch-by-inch, his shaft was exposed, until it sprang free in front of her. His erection curved upward and was red and swollen.

Marca lowered the shoulder of her bikini and caressed her breast. She saw Ed's pupils dilate at the sight. Her 40DD breasts were full, with the large dark nipples. Marca loved her breasts and loved the look on Ed's face as she caressed herself. She raised herself and turned to the side of her chair where Ed stood. She took his cock in her hand and felt the blood coursing through the shaft. She touched the head of his cock to her nipple, releasing a sigh from Ed's throat. She traced circles with him on her breast, spreading his moisture over her flesh. Ed watched with a quiet eagerness, eyes full of the soft flesh of Marca's breasts. A brief pulse of Ed's cock made him slip from her hand and bob in front of her face.

Marca briefly looked in Ed's eyes before her mouth engulfed the head of his cock. She felt the lips of her pussy flare and swell, opening as symbol of her own availability. She cradled his balls and sucked and licked and tasted. She wanted his flavor and hardness and heat. Marca had always been a cum swallower, but only rarely did she feel like she did now. That feeling of wanting desperately to feel a man swell in her mouth and flood her with hot juice, juice that she would savor and taste and consume and, yes, even begs for more.

Ed's knees began to weaken and low moans came from his throat. Marca's free hand found their way between her legs. Ed, choked out "I'm gonna cum soon." Marca, on the verge of her own orgasm, raised her eyes to his and removed his cock from her mouth. She buried her head against his thighs and balls and whispered, Oh Ed, please cum for me, I want it all Ed, please." No sooner did she slide his sweet cock to her breast than she felt him swell and heard his breath become jagged. His soft forceful squirts bathed her breast and nipples and her face as she tried to caught it in her open mouth to taste his wild sexy cream. She didn't want it to end.

Marca took Ed in her mouth to lick and clean his cum covered cock and did not remove it until he began to soften. Even soft, he was large and sweet and wonderful against her tongue. Ed backed away moved in front of her, gazing down. In a moment of purest naughtiness, Marca raised her hips and spread her moist lips between two fingers. Her eyes finally captured his away from her hungry pinkness and she reached to pull him down to his knees.

In a whisper she said, "FUCK ME YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH!”

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