tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMs. Marca Ch. 32

Ms. Marca Ch. 32

byMs. Marca©


HIM: I am outside Marca’s house waiting and hoping to see my amazon of a lady that can make my day. I have lost count of the night’s I have spent out here in the bushes looking for her. She has been living in this neighborhood for over 4 years and when her husband is out of town she leaves her blinds up and lets the world see her prances around nude. All I need to do is slip down here and look and see if the blinds are open, If they are I know he is out of town, it is like she is sending me a signal that I can watch. Tonight she has them open and “Oh damn I see her!” I see the light come on. My heart races as I start to wonder what it is I am about to see tonight.

MARCA: Damn I’m so horny tonight must be near my time of month; I get this way when I get near the curse. Home alone and I got to take care that itch all by myself. No matter how much I try and work out and use up this built up energy, when your horny, your just fucken horny!

HIM: God what a woman she has got to be God’s gifts to men who can’t have a perfect woman. I see you walk around the room putting little stuff up. My cock starts to stir a little when I see you bend over to open and get something from the bottom drawer. I am still hoping, wondering, wishing. Then it starts. I see you starting to pull your jogging pant’s down, you turn so your ass is pointed towards the window where I am standing. I assume you turned that way so you can sit on the bed when you pull them down. You take one leg off, then the other, then I see you stand again. You take off your bra while your shirt is still on. So I only get a very quick peek at your full 40DD breast, with their dark nipples. I get a nice view of your panty-covered ass while you are walking out of the bedroom into the bathroom.

MARCA: My pussy is so wet that my thong has stuck to my pussy lips and I can feel that suction bring it up my ass with each step I take. I would love to have something else doing some major suction on my ass. Better use my water pix and clean this love hole like it is a new hole. Shower and shave, got to keep the hair off the good stuff never know when you might find some helpless sloe that could use a decent pussy to eat.

HIM: I am standing here with my Dick getting hard and you’re out of sight again. That woman has a tan year round and looks like she lives on a beach, a nude beach at that. No tan lines on that bitch, my beloved goddess. You were gone for what seem like forever but it was for only 40 minutes when I see you come back in the bedroom. You then lay on the bed, facing the television. I am sitting out here on a moon-less night wishing that you would do more, but I am content with just seeing your long legs disappear under your robe.

Than you raise one leg up, I can see you are not wearing panties, and my Dick grows even more. You are looking though the channels when you find a good music video. I know that is what you found because you turn up the sound on the television and I can hear it. I get a little more hope when you pull your towel off your wet hair and watch you run your hand and fingers though and down your long black wavy hair watching as the drops of water fall on the damp towel. Water drops have fell on your breast and lower and you take my breath away as you wipe up and rub your belly. You are letting your fingertips slowly run little circles on your tummy. Then your hand disappears under your robe. First one, then the other.

MARCA: Nothing like a hot shower to make you feel like a new woman. The extra time I took using my water pix up my ass and pussy didn’t hurt my itch that I had. I can feel my pussy twitch even after I had help getting some release from the showerhead I used.

HIM: Can make out that you are rubbing your breast. I can see your robe being moving while you are playing with them. Then I can see one hand start to move down your body while the other one continues to play with your nipple. The hand that you stared moving down is going over your belly button, to you inner thighs. You rub around on your inner thigh for a minute or two then your hand moves over to your crotch, your honey pot, your sweetness, your FUCKEN PUSSY, OH GOD TO JUST LICK THAT CUNT!

MARCA: Damn when a girl needs a good tongue never one within a mile, I could use a good tonguing tonight. Hell I could use a good dildo tonight! Thank God I got 4 to pick from and they say boy scouts are always prepared.

HIM: I can see you rubbing around where your pussy hair should be; damn that bitch keeps that thing bold like a cue ball. You slowly starts to move your fingers down lower into your dark slit. Your other hand is going to town on your dark nipples. Your head is rested back on the pillow. Your hands are working on your body big time. By the way your head is turning, and your hips are working, I can tell you are really getting into it now.

MARCA: Shit! I got to stop are I’ll get myself off again with just my fingers. My old stand by Black Beauty (a 10” black dildo that is also a vibrator with 3 speeds) is the name of the game when I get this way!

HIM: Then without a warning, you sit upright in your bed. I am startled and hoping that you didn't see me or hear me while I was playing with myself. You take both hands and pull your robe off and throw it in the floor. When you lay back down, both hands starts working on your breast again, I can see you squeeze them, rub them. Pinch your nipples.

MARCA: Oh my love bags are so full, they get blotted this time of month they feel so heavy and hurt. Rubbing them and squeezing them makes the hurt subside a little and my nipples just stay rock hard when I get like this.

HIM: I am jacking on my Dick while I am watching my mysterious neighbor doing her most private things to herself. I then see you push one breast up, and your tongue snake out and you start licking you’re own nipple. When you start doing that. Your other hand disappears down to your spread open legs and rubs your cunt. I can see your whole body, as it is nude before me. You lay back on the bed, a perfect view for me as you are turned a little toward the window. I love the way your face looks when you start to play with yourself again. One hand is still working on your nipples, and the other hand is slowly stroking your now very wet pussy. Then both hands go down between your legs. You use one to open your pussy up, and the other to rub your clit. I can see a finger disappear inside you. I see it moving in and out while your other fingers are rubbing your clit. “What is she getting out of that night table next to her?”

MARCA: My hips arched, and I moaned softly. Lifting the dildo I trailed my tongue over the shaft, and twirled it around the head. I licked all around the rim. I kissed it and suckled that hard cock. I wanted to feel the dildo driving up into my pussy over and over. I felt my clit throbbing I was deep throating this black dildo, and whimpering.

HIM: Jesus look at that club she has that damn thing is like a nightstick! Your licking that thing like it is a cock and the way you’re sucking the end of it, damn it looks like a cock. That is a black cock! I hear a moan escape your mouth. Your eyes are closed and the look on your face tells me that you love the feelings you are giving yourself. I can see your finger being wet as it comes out of your pussy. You are rubbing it up and down, in and out. I love seeing your fingers disappear inside you. You’re sucking this cock head and fingering your pussy at the same time!

MARCA: I stared at its size, and imagined how great it was going to fill when I jammed its length into my dripping snatch. While I continue to finger my throbbing, wet cunt I started sucking the head of the gigantic dildo.

HIM: I have my cock out, and I am rubbing it like crazy, wanting so much to be able to cum with you. My Dick is so hard it could cut diamonds. I want so much to climb in through the window and give you a fucking like it looks like you want. I see your turn the top of it and then you place it on one of your titties. I see you’re run it around one of your nipples. I watch your face as your mouth opens slightly letting me know that you enjoy the feelings it is giving you. I don't know if I should watch your titties, your face, or look where you have your legs spread wide open.

MARCA: The dildo was so long that it moved my womb against my stomach, and then all of my insides up towards my lungs. I couldn’t breath; my pussy was aching, so full that I had to spread my legs as far as I could to allow for movement. I rubbed my clit hard with my other hand while I shoved the last inches of the huge toy into my soaking pussy. I pinched and ground at it with my fingers and hand. I started working the dildo fast and hard into my cunt, taking it from side to side, and abusing my fuck hole until it gave to the full length and width of the toy cock.

HIM: You help me with my decision by moving you vibrator down you belly. I see it disappear between your outer lips as you place the tip of it right on your clit. Your back arches when you feel that. Your legs get bent at the knees and you raise your hips a little in the air when you put some of your toy inside you. You just hold it there while you rub your clit with the other hand and your vibrator is being held still inside of you. Your hips are rising up and down while you are rubbing yourself. Then you take your vibrator out from inside you and place it back on your clit and slowly rub it up and down. After a few minutes of the vibrator/dildo being on you, you put it back down on the bed and start to work with your fingers. I can see you spread your pussy wide open, giving me a good view of it. Your fingers start rubbing it. Then they go inside you for a second. Then back rubbing!

My mind is getting dizzy from how hard my Dick is, and how I am imagining way it would feel to be sliding in and out of you. I can feel the cum in my balls starting to get worked up. I can also see that you are about to cum too from the look on your face and the way your hips are bucking against your fingers.

You go back to the dildo and ram that big thing back into your wet pussy and see your turn it on full speed. All of a sudden, I can see your body tense up. I know the time is now, so I rub my cock faster and faster. I see you spasm as the first sprays of cum shoot from my body.

MARCA: My hand slid the vibrator deep into my hot, wet cunt, and I scream as I hit an orgasm. "AHHHHHHH, AHHHHHH, Ohhhhh"

HIM: Your body shakes, and I swear I can hear a moan over the television, and through the wall. I love hearing that sound and it makes me shoot even more. You slowly come down from your orgasm by rubbing yourself lighter and lighter. You decide you need to put your toy back up, so you get on your hands and knees giving me a great view of your ass. Again it is pointed right towards the window.

Then right when I thought the show was over; I see your left hand come up to your ass cheeks and watch you open your pussy up wide-open doggie style for me. You hold it open for 10-15 seconds before turning back around, blowing me a kiss, and then closing the shades all the way. Now I am trying to wonder if I used you, or you used me. I guess I will never know. But I also have to think; this was the best hour and a half I have ever spent.

MARCA: I just love to tease these circle jerk guys who only know one thing, peek and jerk it! They wouldn’t know what to do if I stood in front of them bent over and spread my ass and handed them a condom.

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