tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMs. Marca Ch. 39

Ms. Marca Ch. 39

byMs. Marca©

I drive a black Buick Park Ave. with all the whistles and horns that anyone can have, if I only knew how to use them. As most of you know I have a figure that gets a lot of attention (40DD x 23 x 38 and at 5' 10", 140# what can I say) and driving on the freeway I get the truck drivers attention more than I would from a guy in a car. My girl friends tell me I get carried away sometimes letting them have a show and I guess I can get rather wild. Get in rush hour and you just go a few feet and stop, will you got to do something to make the time go by. So I like to give the boys a show, I like to flash!

I should give you an idea of what I mean by wild. Its this devil may care attitude I get into sometimes. One time I was driving to have lunch with one of the girls. It was hot, even with the air conditioning going. I was dressed to fit the weather, which that should tell you I didn't have that much on. I made sure my pussy was shaved nice and close so it will be smooth for whatever comes along, you never know. My dark eyes had just the right amount of eye shadow and the glossy red lipstick made my full lips stand out. I chose to wear a black lace thong this time. I buttoned on a black, silky blouse. A black push-up bra, with nipple-less opening that let my hard nipples show and this bra made my breast look even bigger and the cleavage was the center point of my frontal view.

I looked at myself in the full-length mirror. I slipped on 6" high heels and looked at my reflection, the heels made my 5' 10" be over 6' 4". Picture this, black blouse, unbuttoned down to the start of my cleavage. The shirt was thick enough but you could see the outline of my nipple's but not the darkened color. Good! I did not want to be THAT obvious. The black, silky shirttails looked nice flowing over the roundness of my ass. I turn this way and that, admiring the view in the mirror. You can see my clean shaved pussy peeking out through the front tails of the blouse. The black lace thong did a good job of trying to hide the pussy but you couldn't say I didn't have underwear on. I picked out a short red plaid pleaded skirt that came down to mid thigh and was showing off lots of leg.

As I pulled out of my drive on to the side streets and a few blocks later I'm on one of the main 4 lane streets. I can see that almost every guy driving has a pickup or a SUV and they are all trying to get a shot of my lower body. They pull up on my right side so they can look in my passenger side window to see what they can see. It seems that every guy has some kind of 4-wheel truck that gives him a view of my lower body. Every deliver guy, plumber and even the banker all have some type of wheels that make them set up above me and my Park Ave. The first stop light I come to a bus pulled up to the same stop on my passages side and I know every guy on the thing was looking at my legs, that was about all they can see. We both pull away and I can hear and smell the bus with its collection of squeaks and the raw odor of exhaust.

Having all these guy looking at you I sometimes wish I had a open top and something that gave me a full view, or should I say gave THEM a full view. I once ask my husband if I could get a little sports convertible, he looked at me and said, "YOU WANT TO CAUSE A PILE UP ON THE FREEWAY!" Damn the boy knows me; sometimes I think he is 2 steps ahead of me. I got that same look when I ask him if I could get a webcam,

As I got into traffic I saw in my rearview mirror a face behind the wheel of a silver pickup. The man's features are partially blocked by the glare of the sun, but his eyes are fixed on me and I can see him staying with me with every lane change I make and stop I make. The face on top of that chest was beautiful, too. His hair was thick, sun-lightened and matted to his forehead with sweat. Deeply tanned prominent cheekbones. Strong chin, 2-day beard. This boy-man was any female's erotic daydream.

I suddenly realize that he is following me and doing more than staring back at me and I keep looking away, embarrassed for a moment that I got caught looking. Then, I look again. He makes his move trying to get up next to me so he can look in the window. My left hand held the steering wheel firmly set to its course and I move my right hand down to my lap and run my fingers over the hem of my skirt, just above my right thigh.

I can't help but hike my dress up just enough to make it look interesting for him. I can't see or look at him because of the height of the pickup, the truck had some landscaper's name on the door but I can feel his eyes taking me in and I feel as if he is seeing right through the skirt. He is looking straight at my pussy my clean shaved pussy that is making my thong wet. "God I love it when guys give me the once over and think nasty things!" I opened my legs wider and pulled back my dress some more.

I place my right hand down on my lap and let my fingers run over the edge of my skirt and feel the flesh of my upper thigh. I look at the road as if nothing is happening but I'm like a dear caught in headlights, avoiding his gaze. I find this to be both frightening and exciting. I feel myself getting wetter and can't decide if I'm more excited by this mysterious driver or the fact that I was sexually aroused from earlier and just needed to get off.

I got the notion to open my blouse and expose my bra. This is the day I should have put on a tube top. But as luck would have it, his I think, I pulled on to the freeway and he was right behind me trying to get back up beside me. His lane is slowing down and I continue on and turn onto a different freeway and he is no where to be seen. Will big boy better luck next time and there is always tomorrow as they say. Traffic began to let up and I was doing about 60 and was thinking about the guy who had been trying to get a peek and wondered why guys make a big deal out of seeing a woman's legs and that is all they can see. Sometimes I think you guys are dumber than my blond girl friend.

Then I began to come up on and passed one of those big trucks. I glanced up and can see the drivers face reflecting in his out side mirror and he has his eye fixed on me as I pull up beside him and hold the same pace. Like the pickup driver I knew his eyes were glued to my body, my tits, pussy legs. I could just feel him take it all in. Instead of stomping on the gas to get by, I slowed down so I stay even with the truck. It was like I wanted him to see what I could show; here I was again calling my own bluff. That scene went on for a good two or three minutes. The trucker blew his horn, a quick short blast like he was say "HI!" So you like what you see, how would you like to watch me play with myself, how about my wet pussy?" I reach down and run my hand up under my skirt and could feel my damp thong and than he gives me a big blast with that air horn (I think that is what they call it)

"That's the look .he wants I'll give it to him!"

I started playing with myself. I unbutton 2 more buttons on my blouse and grabbed my titties and pulled each one up so that the nipple was showing out of the bra. My nipples were as hard as a rock and were about to bust out of my bra. I figured why not put on a show for someone who appreciates it. Suddenly I realized with a shock what my fingers were still doing to my pussy. Oh my god, I'm masturbating! How nasty and inappropriate could I possibly be? My heart pounded and the excitement spread all over my soft naked body. The more excited I became the more my finger slid deeply and slowly in and out of my freshly wet hot pussy. How could I be doing this?

Finally, I made like I was going to wiggle out of my panties. Oh god, he was looking right at my almost naked pussy and my finger was going inside my thong! I briefly gained control of myself and removed my hand, but to my amazement my finger traced quickly up to my mouth and inserted itself there. Involuntarily my pink tongue darted out and licked up the fresh wetness of my throbbing pussy. Oh how wonderful it smelled and tasted...but oh dear god what was I doing? Tasting my pussy juice! Right in front of him! That was the most private and secret thing that any woman can ever do while masturbating, and I had just done it in front of some guy in a truck. I felt so wild and wanted more I wanted to go off, I was hot and ready to climax.

I wanted to get naked and exposed myself and just having my secret let out like this. I caressed freely up and down my smooth gorgeous body. Oh how it felt so good to just let go like that, to let it show, to play openly with my lovely cunt. I wanted to show off my cunt. It pleased me so much right now to do that. Oh yes, how I wanted him to see me fingering my wet cunt. Oh Jesus, I thought – I wasn't even being subtle now. I was showing off for him. This thought filled me with a delicious apprehension and excitement.

I reached up under my skirt and hooked my thong with my right hand and raised my ass up so I could pull down my thong. When he saw I had it to my knees he gave a blast on his horn and than I shafted legs and slipped it off one leg and than the other and when I raised each leg up to slip it off he got a view of my naked pussy. I held my wet pussy-juiced black lace thong in my right hand for him to see. This made the guy's day he began to make that horn sing. My stomach was doing flips. I was absolutely ecstatic. I couldn't believe the effect it was having on me. My pussy felt like it was on fire it was sucking wind the lips were throbbing and I could feel the wetness seeping through on to the car seat, thank God for leather they wipe up easy. I moaned and made a face to let him know that I was enjoying myself. I also arched my back so that he would have a better view of my smooth clean pussy and I pulled the lips back for him to see pink.

I put on the gas and was down the freeway and to my exit and went off the freeway into a backup at the exit I took and forgot all about him. It seems the light was out at the cross street and you had to take turns to get though the intersection. I was not paying any attention to who was around me just looking at the car in front of me moving at a snails pace, when all of a sudden a air horn went off and scared the shit out of me. It was the guy in the big 18-wheeler and he had moved up beside me and was on my side, he could not see anything but my face and a little of my breast. He had his window down and shouted at me "I LOVE YOUR PANTIES!"

I reached over and picked them up off the seat and said these and held them up for him to see. He nodded yes and I said here you can keep them and I held them out for him to grab. He put the big rig in park slid across the seat and opens the door and reached out for them, as he took them I said "YOUR GOING TO LOVE THAT AROMA THEY HAVE!" All he could say was "OH SHIT!" as he put them up next to his face, I turned right at the intersection and never to see him or my panties again.

So if you guys see a big 18-wheeler with a blue and white cab and a pair of black lace thong panties are hanging down from his rearview mirror, just tell him you know how he got them. I bet he has never washed them.

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