tagLoving WivesMs. Marca Ch. 40

Ms. Marca Ch. 40

byMs. Marca©

Ch 40: Ms. Marca Meets Her Husband

Everyone ask how we got together and it is a long story but I’ll make it short. He had been a widower for a few years. He lost his wife and little girl (3 years old) in a car wreck, and was not into seeing anyone, it was almost a year before he went out on a date. I was told that he just went into a shell and just did nothing but work to get his mind off his lose. After about 3 years he did have a date once in awhile. One day he asks his secretary did she know anyone that was a real looker that would go with him to a black tie dinner?

She called a friend of mind who was a model, tall blond very nice looking girl, and asks her if she would like a date with her boss for a black tie thing. Of course the answer was yes, but when the secretary told her the date of the dinner, the blond had to turn it down. She had a shoot and she would be gone during that week. The secretary asks did she know anyone who was good looking that might go out with him. “What type of girl does he like” Well he goes for tall, dark hair and someone who can carry on a conversation. I’ve got just the girl for you he will love her. What the blond did not hear was the word HAIR, all she knew he liked tall dark girls. No jokes about a blond!

A few days later I get a call from him and he introduced himself and we talked on the phone for about 20 minutes. Something told me to meet him before the dinner, so I suggest that we meet for a drink and he could tell me more about the black tie affair. (I made good points with that) We were to have a drink at a bar near his office the next day after work. I went to the place a few minutes early and told the bartender who I was and that a gentleman would be asking for me and that I would be over at that table. He comes in about 10 minutes after me and I see him asking the bartender something and turns to look around and than I see the look on his face.

OH! I could see he did not know I was of mix race, I have a mix of Latin, white, black and god knows what else blood and some call it the Tiger Wood rule. I told myself “Girl just be cool I’ll make the most of it.” He comes over introduces himself and orders a drink and we began to talk. He was a gentleman, a very tall good-looking gentleman and very polite he had manners. I know he was looking for some way to get out of this, so I decided to let him out easy. (Big of me) “You were not told I was black were you?” No I wasn’t! He told me it was a business type black tie dinner and I knew he would be uneasy about taking me. We had one more drink and said our good-byes and went our separate ways. I was not hurt from not being asked he made me feel good, I had been in the company of a gentleman and I felt good about myself. I think that was a first, I had not been around a man who was not trying to get in my pants like that in my life, he was Mr. Right.

About 5 weeks later I get a call and was ask if I would like to have dinner? He said that he had made a mistake not taking me to the dinner. Would you just give me one more chance to make it up to you? “Yes” We have been having dinners ever since.

OH is that not sweet, what a Lifetime movie that would make. For you ass holes that is the channel we girls watch to get a good cry over. OH GO FUCK YOURSELF! I know what you said.

Back to my story.

My husband is 15 years older than me and is a very much the businessman, who watches his ways because of his business operations. He is the perfect man all us girls have been looking for all our life. I married a man who has made me very comfortable and I have all I want..what a life. But as Paul Harvey would say “The rest of the story!” My husband is not what I had been use to when it comes to sex. To put it on the table..not a good lover to say the least. Least that is a good word, he is one of those men (6’2” 195/205 lbs. Gray hair looks good on men) just a Hunk, until he drops his pants and what is between his legs, that is no way a hunk. I have found over the years that a man who is not endowed is not much of a lover, not that they don’t try. It’s got to be something in their mind that since they don’t have Mr. 9 inch they can’t make a woman happy. Out side of the nice house, car, fur coat, my shopping, our sailing trips to the West Indies, will they are right! I’m just being honest, hey when you have spent the night at the Four Season it’s hard to go and stay at Motel 6. I have had the big ones and I know the difference. When a woman tells you it doesn’t make her any difference, she has not been fucked by the guys I have.

I had 4 or 5 dates with him before I let him make a move on me in a sexual way and I had not seen him in anything but a business suite. You just can’t tell what kind of a package a guys has when they wear that type of pants. (Damn) The night I let him explore me was a night that told me he might be the CEO/President of the company and a smart businessman, but boy I’m the CEO when it comes to sex. I let him start as the aggressor but I soon saw that he needed help in making this a complete transaction.

He was the type of guy who we all knew in high school who had his head in a book all the time and not in some pussy. Will in the end, he got the good pussy and the guy who had that pussy in high school and forgot the books, can’t afford to even come on my side of town. So all you young guys get your head out of that ass and go study.

Back to my life! That night his hands were all over me and his lips were making my nipples ready to bust as he sucked them. I was in heaven, had this hunk, he had money, successful and he wanted me for more than sex I could tell. Than I reached down to feel his cock to hold the object of my affection. You have heard of the mans cock that goes limp when he got turned off. My nipples went limp when I put my hand on his thing. Damn did he leave home without it! I had a girl friend who said any guy who’s cock is not longer than her middle finger is not a cock, but a PP, all it is good for is to just used for him to take a PP with.

I did think long and hard about us getting married, race, social factors, education and the size of his cock. On the other hand, his house, he love’s to sail, trip to different places, a Park Ave. just for me and clothes anytime I want. Let’s see what to do. FUCK ARE YOU CRAZY! So money won out I did start our marriage out on the right foot; I didn’t have sex with anyone but him for 5 minutes, oh that is a little joke. I waited 5 months after we were married.

I know my pussy was thinking I was trying to punish it I kept thinking that late at night after we had sex, if you call it that, I could hear my pussy talking to me. “Damn woman what was that a finger?” “I’m still horny, I would like to feel the damn thing when it goes in!” I kept telling myself “I just need to show the love hole how much it missed the good stuff,” god did I/it, us.

I didn’t plan on going off the wagon, it just happen, thank God! Just before we married my husband moved his company to a different state and we moved just after we were married. Some 5 months after the big day, I went back to my old city to attend a funeral of a dear old friend of my family and just visit some friends. While their I went to one of the local malls to do some shopping (one of my duties in this new life) and ran into a old boy friend who had the full package and than some. “Let me buy you one drink and visit for a few minutes!”

How could a girl say no to that? We enjoyed our drink and caught up on all that had happened in the months/years since last we met, neither of us bringing up the sexual nature of our past relationship. Than he looked at me and said. “Lets go spend the afternoon doing what we both want to do!” "Ohhhhhhh... you don't know how tempting that is. " I sighed, realizing how vulnerable I suddenly felt. "But, I am still a married woman. " and you’re a married man. My pussy was throbbing and I think I could hear it calling out “YES GOD DAMN IT YES!”

One drink later we were down the street at the Holiday Inn and my pussy was calling out “THANK YOU SWEET JESUS!” It didn’t take long for us to remember how to do it with each other. We got to the room and he put a deep French kiss on me and I could feel his big tool. I went to the bathroom to do my girl thing and strip so to give him a full picture of what he wanted. I came out and their stretched comfortably on the king size bed, naked, was one of the sexiest looking black men I had known. I had forgotten that his body was a deep, chocolate tone that showed his muscles that seemed to bulge all over his hard body. I moaned as my eyes suddenly locked onto the cock that lay halfway down his leg. It was darker shade than the rest of his body, blue/black. I had so enjoyed that big thing several times and I trembled as I tried to envision what that cock had felt like.

“Marca you are still one hot lady. " I had goose bumps all over my body and my insides seemed to flip as I got into the bed, he moved closer and put his soft lips on mine, his long tongue slithering into my open mouth, a huge dark hand squeezing one of my 40DD breasts roughly. It had been a long time since I was kissed like this; this powerful black man could kiss. I could just imagine how those full lips and that long velvety tongue would feel somewhere else. He slowly worked one and then another of his huge fingers between my open legs in rhythm with his exploring tongue. My God it hit me his big finger was the same size as my husbands little PP, my girl friend was right. I reached down to grasp his ebony pole, stroking it slowly; trembling as I realized my hand would not reach around the throbbing monster.

I nervously started licking and kissing my way down his dark, muscular torso, my hand still stroking his huge tool. I was suddenly eye to eye with what had to be at least a foot of hard, uncut black cock. Sliding the thick hood back from his purple head, I let my tongue flick out, swabbing away a trickle of precum fluid that oozed from its slit. Slowly, enthralled by the majesty of the dusky organ, I bathed its entire length with my wet tongue, feeling the thick veins pulse and throb in reaction to my efforts. he groaned slightly as my mouth closed over one of his golf ball sized balls, sucking it gently before giving its twin a similar treatment. "Ummmmmm, God Marca your good, real good. " he murmured, his big hand suddenly grasping my hair and pulling me back toward his cock head. "Suck me baby I want you to swallow all of my cock, no one has ever taken it all but you!”

I got up on all 4’s and helped him to his knees so I could deep throat the monster. My mouth was unbelievably stretched as I ran my lips over his oozing cock. With each suck I gave the big rod I took a couple of inches of the throbbing meat into my salivating mouth.

"Yeeeaaaaaaaahhh... suck it Marca!" he moaned, his big hand on the back of my head, forcing my mouth toward him until his throbbing organ touched the back of my throat, so thick that my gag reflex wasn't even triggered, although I found it a bit difficult to breathe. "Oh God suck me with that hot, wet mouth, Marca. "

As he held my head, pumping his pulsing rod deeper and deeper into my stuffed face, I reached down, working two of my fingers into my gaping cunt that soon gushed with orgasmic release. My mouth was so stuffed with his cock that I couldn't even utter a word of pleasure to let him know how much I needed this. "Mmmmmmmmm...Marca, gonna cum... gotta cum!" He growled, "Oooooohhh... yeeeaaasssssss!" I mumbled around the throbbing cock that filled my mouth. All I could think of was fill my mouth, cum for me, honey. I want to eat your cum.

As much as I wanted to eat his cum I had forgotten how much a pair of big balls like he had would produce. I was no way prepared for the flood that flowed into my mouth, spurting over my tongue so rapidly that there was no way I could swallow it all, feeling it dripping from my mouth and onto my chin and down my breast. “Damn Marca only you can do that!”

“Your turn big boy eat my pussy!” As he rolled over onto his back, I was amazed to see that his still oozing ebony spear was still hard. Only a 29-year-old could do that. He ran his tongue over, in and out of my pussy, I could tell that he wanted my pussy for that big cock of his and I was not going to protest. I could get my pussy eaten at home any night I wanted, but this monster I had in my hands was what I wanted in my love hole. I turned and straddled his muscular frame, my hand grasping his pulsing rod, guiding him into my hot wet cunt. I jump slightly as I felt the thick mushroom head parting my stretching my love lips, slowly entering me. I had forgotten how well a big cock felt. "Yeaaaahhhh... fuck me with that big cock you son-of-a-bitch!" His big hands grabbing my swaying tits, mauling them roughly as I further impaled myself on his swollen manhood.

"You miss my cock Marca?" he asked as I rode up and down, stuffing myself with his meat. "Am I filling your hot cunt real good?" “Can your husband give you cock like this!” As he asked this, he pulled me to him, his hot, soft lips and nimble tongue working over my tits that throbbed almost painfully for the mauling they had been receiving.

"OH GOD, GOD DAMN YOU, DON”T STOP OH PLEASE DON”T STOP!” I wailed, riding up and down on his monstrous pole. Why did he have to remind me of my husband!

You guys can say dumb thing; sometimes you’re just got shit for brains.

Oh but he was right I had missed his cock, I had missed any big cock. "Soooooo big and hard, I love it... I LOOOOOOOVE ITTTTTTTTT!"

I was so wrapped up in the exquisite torture this powerful man was inflicting on my cunt, that I lost complete track of where his hands were. Than I felt one of his hands on my pumping ass, followed quickly by the feel of a thick finger working into my puckered rosebud. OH GOD YEEEEEESSSSSSS!" I cried out as I suddenly felt two of his fingers pressing against my sphincter that refused momentarily to yield to his assault. But than my Brown hole open up and that made me see stars and I went off and fell off him, I had what was the best climax I had in over 6 months. When we left the Holiday Inn, he turned to me and said “Marca you got the best pussy in the world, you know how to fuck!” I looked at him and smiled and said

“I don’t know about the world, but I did fuck at a HOLIDAY INN TODAY!”

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