tagMatureMs. Marca Ch. 44

Ms. Marca Ch. 44

byMs. Marca©

"Boy this is the life," Marca mumbled out loud while slathering her naked body with a generous helping of sunscreen! After being cooped up in the city for weeks this past year, she just had to get away. The photographer she had just worked for said she could use his cottage that he had on a small hidden island in the West Indies right in the middle of the BVI's.

To get to this small island she had to take American Airlines to Port Rica and than a short flight to the BVI capitol Roadtown and than a boat with all her supplies for the few days she was to be here. She had put her things up in the small one bedroom wooded cottage three days ago and had as yet not seen another single solitary soul, which was just fine with her.

As rest and relaxation was just what the doctor had ordered! She had spent the first three days on the beach in a hammock and after the first day she had gone topless and today she just didn't put a damn thing on. While her portable radio oozed out some cool jazz on the hot day, her mind began to float as she slipped in a state of semi consciousness, drifting away on the clouds floating through her mind. She had fallen off to sleep and was coming around just as the last rays of sunlight were ending. So she was quite unaware when a stranger walked into her beach area and stood silently beside and over her!

In her groggy state she didn't quite no why, but Marca got the sense that something was amiss, and after slowly opening her eyes, she was stunned and terrified to find that a tall thin old man was standing not more than five feet from her! Since all of her clothing was inside the cottage she had nothing to cover her body with, and in a display of modesty she covered her firm 40DD breasts with her arms. At the same time trying to cross her legs so as to cover her clean shaved pussy and in a very shaky voice stammered, "W-who are you and what do you want?"

"The name's Henderson, Ben Henderson," he replied with a broad smile, "I just noticed your cottage and decided to come over and introduce my self!"

"Where did you come from," she asked nervously? "Right over there on the other end of the cove," he explained, "I have that 40 foot sail boat and going to drop anchor here for a few days and happened to notice your place!" "What are you doing here," she asked, but now a little less afraid than a few seconds ago did? "Oh, I just thought I'd try a little fishing and maybe some swimming," he replied, "oh well, I just wanted to say hi, I'll see yea," and then he turned around and walked back to his boat!"

Marca sat upright and watched Mr. Ben Henderson walk away, and while she was a little bit miffed that he'd barge in on her like that. He seemed like a pleasant enough old fart, and since he didn't seem to be any kind of threat, he look like he was late 60's maybe 70, she lay back down and went to back to sleep!

She wasn't sure how much time had passed when she finally awakened, but one thing that was evident was the savory inviting aroma of freshly frying fish! She got to her feet and slipped quietly into the sea for a quick dip, and went to the cabin to wash her hair and clean the face, got to keep up that cover girl look.

After putting on some makeup and putting on some shorts and a tank top, she went out to watch the stars and take in the night sky. A campfire was going down toward that cove where the old guy came from so she wandered over to Ben's camp to see just how many of those fish he caught!

"Hi Mr. Henderson," she said brightly while coming up behind him, "how goes it?"

He looked up from his frying pan and with a wide grin replied, "Well, three sea bass in twenty minutes warms the cockles of my heart, please, have seat!" The two of them made small talk for a few minutes as the fish continued frying, until Ben asked, "Say, the smell of these fish didn't bring you over here did it?" She covered her face with her hands to cover her laugh and replied, "Well, that might have had something to do with it!" "Here," he said while handing her a plate of fried fish and potatoes, "I just can't stand to see a young lady starve!"

The two of them gabbed away over dinner, pretty much going over the stories of their lives. While the sun disappeared over the horizon, casting a red glow over the gently lapping waves of the beach, all at once Ben stood up and announced, "It's time for my bath, got to take one everyday." Without waiting for her answer, he stood up and stripped off all of his clothing. I gasped OH MY GOD. He was huge, I mean he made guys in porno flicks look small. Ben's cock was the most incredible thing she'd ever seen. It was so thick and from where she sat, his cock head looked to be as big as her fist. Marca's nipples went rock hard and shivered, imagining what it would feel like to try to work it into her pussy. As if he could read her thoughts, he looked down at her and smiled and ran into the water!

He dove under the surface and swam out about thirty feet or so, before turning around and yelling, "Come on it, the water's fine!" She looked on at the thought of skinny dipping with a total stranger, but before she could reply, he shouted back, "Oh, come on Marca, remember I've already seen everything you've got!" "You just saw what I got so we don't have anything to hide!" After rolling her eyes and looked up to the heavens, she slipped off her shirt and shorts and yelled back, "Okay, ready or not, here I come!"

The two swimmers cavorted in the water together for the better part of and hour, and after a while Marca began to feel more and more comfortable with the old guy, her new friend. So much so, that when he Marca was coming out of the water she stepped on a sharp rock and let out a cry, Ben came up behind her and put his arms out to help her out of the water. His hands hugged her from the side and back, and with her big breast his hands rubbed up next to them instead of recoiling away, she pressed her body against his an allowed him to caress her firm breasts with his large powerful hands!

While her mind began to spin as he continued his touching, he whispered softly in her ear, "I know this sounds crazy, but you make a old man feel young." Her breathing was quickly becoming more labored, and when he gently turned her around and pulled her to him, she offered no resistance as he placed his mouth on her breast and began to suck on her rock hard nipples.

She finally broke way from his grasp, and with strong powerful strokes headed back to the beach where she scooped up her things and ran back to her cottage! The next morning Marca woke up and wandered down to the beach, while walking slowly in the ankle deep water, she casually glanced over to Ben's boat, and much to her surprise, found him too wading in the crystal clear water, too! Still embarrassed at what had transpired the night before, she was about to turn tail back to her cottage when his loud voice called out, "Good morning beautiful lady, it's a beautiful day isn't it?" "Ugh yes it is," she shouted back! "How about a little breakfast," he yelled back, "I've got some flap jacks going in pan?" "I'm really not hungry," she replied, "maybe some other time," and before he could respond, she jogged out of the water and back to her cottage!

She spent the rest of the day reading and sun bathing while trying to ignore her neighbor, but it seemed that every few minutes she was glancing across the cove to catch a glimpse at what he was doing! She didn't know why she was taken with him. Here is a man 50 years older than she is and she can't keep her eyes off him as if she was afraid of missing something maybe seeing his hugh cock or was it just him. But something about him made her feel like no man ever had in her twenty-three years of life, and the feelings that swept through her last night in the sea had nearly overwhelmed her! She was right in the middle of the last chapter of her book when from out of the corner of her eye she saw him coming through the undergrowth towards her.

Her eyes went right to his crouch area to see if he had a bulge and damn if he didn't. Even as he approached her, a knot began twisting in her belly! "Hi there," he said while entering her area, "I was kind hoping we could have been together today!" She shivered a little at his closeness, and in a slightly husky voice she replied, "Well I had some reading I wanted to get over with, you know how it is!" "Sure," he replied slowly, "I know exactly how it is, but what I really want to know is why you're so afraid of me?"

"I-I'm not afraid of you," she stammered while averting her eyes, but lowering them to peek at his bulge. "What makes you say that?" "Oh I guess just a old man's wild ass dreaming about a beautiful girl that looks like you." "Got to go, see you!" Before she could say a word he was half way down the beach headed for his boat.

The cottage had an outside shower that had just a small wooden fence around it to give you some privacy. I was totally relaxed in the shower as the warm water dripped over me and the fragrance of the bath oils engulfing me when I heard sounds coming from the brushy area to my right. A gentle smile played across my lips as I kept my eyes closed and heard him moving in the under brush and knew he was trying to get closer to see me. I heard the sudden inhale of breath, damn it was I and my stomach was doing flips. Shit I wanted to have him see me and watch me touch myself. Ben gazed at my nakedness luxuriating in the shower.

He just stood there and stared. His hard-on straining against his shorts. He regained his composure and began to unbutton his shirt, shedding it onto the ground. He sat down on a log. The shorts finally came off, releasing his cock and he looked down as it sprang to life. I opened my eyes slowly and smiled, knowing that seeing me was arousing him. I watched him stare at my breasts and slowly turned and open the door to the shower and let him see it all. I bent over and spread my legs and took the soap and washed my feet, up my long dark tan legs and over my ass.

I was ready to give him the big show; I was taking the bar of soap in my hand and running it over my breasts, slowly soaping them up. Ben watched in fascination as I ran the soap down to my belly across my navel. Then sensuously down each leg again, running my hands along with the soap, lathering up then rinsing off. Ben sat there stroking his engorged cock as I put on a show for him, turning in the shower on my hands and knees and lathering my ass and pussy up one more time. After finally rinsing thoroughly, I stood, water dripping off my body, and stepped from the shower. I reached for the towel and walked back to the cottage without drying off or covering myself.

At the cottage door I bent over and spread my legs and used the towel on my long dark hair to help dry it. My breasts giggled and bounced as I ran my hands and towel though my damp locks. "You old bastard look real good look at my hard nipples. God I'm horny. " I turned and looked back at him with my hands on my hips rubbing the cheeks of my ass. The long damp curls hanging down over my breast with my nipples looking at him as if he had 4 eyes on him. As he stood on the hill looking down he stood and was about to walk away, just as he was about to turn before him she took her hand and spread her pussy lips so he could see the pink he was about to have. He walked slowly toward her as she played with her pussy and nipples.

"Y-you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen," and as the fury inside of her whirled out of control, he lowered his mouth to her breast and gently sucked her rapidly stiffening nipple!" "O-oh, Ben," she gasped while cradling his head to her chest, "I want you so much, please, take me!" Now quickly standing up as the urgency of the situation over took them, "Ben stood naked before her with his erection growing before her very eyes! Never in her life had she been so ready for a man to make love to her, and that was an apt description of what was about to happen.

God he was big, I couldn't believe it; no way I could handle that thing. I must have looked frightened because he pulled me close and said I've had this cock a long time and know how to use it. I won't hurt you; promise and you will be able to handle it all when we're done.

I had my doubts but was totally turned on by its size. They were about to make love not have sex, and as he climbed on top of her and slid easily inside of her, the first of many orgasms rushed through her now demanding vagina! She quickly wrapped her legs around his slim hips, effectively locking him in place, but it was of course completely unnecessary, as he was exactly where he wanted to be and wild horses couldn't have pulled him away!

Sweetly but forcefully Ben moved in and out of her, opening her eyes to what real love could be. Ben's strokes turned from gentleness into an almost brutal assault on his lover's helpless vagina! "My god," she gasped as the invading marauder slammed in and out of her with piston like efficiency, "I-I've never felt so good, oh Ben, fuck me, oh yes, fuck me harder!" Just hearing his lover begging for his member was more than Ben could take.

While Marca was holding on for dear life, his whole body stiffened while his stiff penis spit load after load of his sperm deep inside of her, until finally he collapsed on top of her, totally spent and wiped out!

"Jesus that was right up there with the best I've had" Marca said as she kissed him. "I think I have a new outlook on...'older' lovers," she smiled. "Marca, you were magnificent! This old man thanks you for letting him relive a fantasy that he thought was dead and gone," Ben told her.

When he was finally able to speak, he lifted his head and kissed her softly on the cheek and whispered,

"Was it good for you, too?" With her eyes shine with tears, she gently nibbled on his ear and whispered back as she felt his rapidly stiffening member harden inside of her, "Oh yes, but do it once more, let's make sure!"

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