tagHumor & SatireMs. Marca Ch. 45

Ms. Marca Ch. 45

byMs. Marca©

Marca in her last year of high school had the world by the cock, sorry I mean tail, and I like the word cock better. Anyway as I was saying at 18 and looking like a woman of 20+ I was enjoying the good life until I got home to get the in your face shit that was waiting for me from my father and to some degree my mother.

I had started doing some modeling when I was still in school and at 5' 10" I had a body that was looking like a grownup long before my head had grownup. All young girls and I guess boys have to learn to fight the good fight to get to that point to where we know everything. At 18 all I had to know was that if I look good, keep smiling and walk so that my ass had the catwalk swing and let my 40DD be the center of the world, I could make guys do anything I wanted. What else do I need to know?

At this point in my young life I was getting into the world of modeling whenever I could and had talked my father into letting me model at the local mall on the weekend and 1 or 2 afternoons after school. The different merchants in the mall put on some type of show every weekend to get people into the different store. One weekend I might be on a catwalk showing the new fashions from different stores and other times I might be standing next to a power saw trying to get guys into the hardware store.

Will this brings you up to where I had to have a sit down , come to Jesus meeting with my folks and explain to a father (in his words) "Just what are you doing young lady! " "Your mother and I have been told that last Saturday you were parading around the mall in your underwear and men were making obscene sexual remarks about you and some even used nasty commits about how they looked and what they would do to your body."

"WOW..They must think I'm hot, who were they!"

"MARCA! I'm serious young lady were you parading around in your underwear?"

"Daddy I was modeling lingerie!" As I said that I was thinking.. Damn Hot Sexy, Make your Cock jump lingerie.

"Who told you could do this so called modeling?"

"Daddy you said I could get a job at the mall."

"I though you were a sales girl?"

"Daddy I'm a sales girl, I show the people what they can buy at the different stores and they go to that store and buy it."

"You can go get a job at a fast food place and work!"

"Daddy they only pay $3.00 an hour."

"How much do you make doing this modeling crap?"

"$40.00 a hour."

The look on my father's face. I had him, he looked at me than he looked at my mother and back at me and you could see him doing the math. "You make $40.00 an hour?" "That is over $320.00 a day, I make only $300.00 per day and I have a college degree!"

"But daddy you don't look like me… they are not paying me to think, I'm just paid to look good!" Gee, mother can't you explain to him how it is? Who told you I was in my underwear at the mall?

"Honey Mrs. Wise came over today and told your father and I about seeing you at the mall Saturday and wanted us to know, she was just thinking of your good name."

"MRS. WISE!..That fucken bitch wouldn't know lingerie if it was shoved up her ass!" "OH….Sorry daddy I didn't mean to say that out loud."

"MARCA don't you talk like that in front of your mother!"

"Yes sir..I'm sorry."

"Will I think you know how your mother and I feel and we will visit about this later, you can go." I look at my mother with that same look on my face that I always have when we have these family chats about something Iv done. By this time in my young life she and I have that language between us that just a look can say volumes.

"Marca your father and I need to talk some more run along and just be nice." That told me that everything was cool and go on with life. I get up from the table and kiss my father on the cheek and say to him, "Daddy everything is OK, I'm a big girl!" I walked off and as I was about to leave the room I turned and said to them,.

"OH …ah ah.. Daddy I wouldn't come to the mall on Thursday after work, I'm modeling for the Sporting Good store, something to do with a Bass boat and I'll be wearing a hot pink bikini thong with 5" pink matching heels."

He just sat looking down and shook his head and under his breath I heard him mumble "Oh God help me!"


That fucken bitch WISE, I'll get you! You fat cunt, your life is going to be a shit sandwich when I get though with you and your family. I went to my room, had to get ready for my date and had to start thinking of a game plan for "OPERATION WISE…FUCK THAT BITCH."

Mr. & Mrs. Wise was a couple who had moved to out street about 2 years ago. Mr. Wise had sold his business and took early retirement and they were enjoying the good life. He was 55 and Mrs. Wise was about the same. Both were the same size, 5' 5" and had to be over 180 pounds, he was a slim ball and she was a fat bitch. They had a son off at college who I had never seen but all you heard from that cunt was "my Dickey this and my Dickey that." I think Dickey was short for Richard, God for his sake I hope it was.

The weekend came and I had my battle plan ready to go. It was time to put my enemy away, destroy my foe in other words make her fucken life hell. The first thing I need to do is get dress for WAR!

Let's see I need my 4" heels, short skirt and a low cut sweater that shows lots of cleavage. Oh yes and a black thong. Let's see it's 10 AM and Mrs. Wise should be going to the grocery store as she does every Saturday morning, as I look out the window I see that her car is not in the drive. To Battle!

With my best face on (Lots of makeup, heavy on the eye gloss, pink gloss on the lips and some hit of glitter under the eyes) I go into no man's land, I cross the street and I'm at the battlefield, the front door of the Wise home. As I ring the bell I think to myself, Ding, Dong Avon calling. But Mr. Wise opens the door and the look on his face made me think he was looking at "MARCA WARRIOR PRINCES."

"Hi Mr. Wise I'm sorry to bother you so early in the day but is Mrs. Wise home?"

He just stood their looking at me his eyes going up and down and always coming back to my tits and it was as if time stood still. He was undressing me and still I just stood like a sweet girl that I can be and smiled my biggest smile. I could see that I had my enemy off guard. Things were going well in the first few minutes of the battle I had pulled off a surprise attack and it was working

"Oh Marca she is not here, ah..ah..she went to the store …ah..ah she will be back after lunch. You don't want to come in do you?" Thinking to myself God no I don't want to be near you, you grease ball.

"If I'm not disturbing you … love to." I do that catwalk swing into his living room and can feel him watching my ass wiggle as I cross the room. I turn to look back as if to say you like, he just smiled and offered me a chair and a Coke. I sat down on the sofa and crossed my legs to let him see the good stuff. He went to the kitchen and got me a Coke and sat down in a chair across form me so he had a perfect shot up my legs.

He had this shit ass looking grin and his eyes bugged out when he spoke up and said "Marca I was at the mall last Thursday and went by the Sporting Good store and saw you modeling."

"Oh yes..lets see I was wearing a bikini and showing the Bass boat." "Did you see the boat?"

"Ah..I didn't get a good look at the boat, but you sure looked nice."

"Oh I got a lot of complements about my thong bikini and how good I looked in it and the high heels were just the right touch to make the outfit perfect, didn't you think so?"

That 5" pair of heels had my ass sticking out and with each step I took the giggle of my ass cheeks was bring the men on. What a way to meet guys, get a job at the mall.

"Next week I'm working for the video store, I don't know what I'm wearing but I think it has something to do with that new video they have coming out. GIRLS ON SPRING BREAK. or GIRLS GO TOPLESS ON SPRING BREAK, something like that!" Whatever it is I'll have to dress to fit the title.

"OH ..OH .. I'll try and be down as soon as you open!"

"They have some wild videos in the back of that store I got to go see one the other day when I went by to go over the promotion program!" I smiled and gave him that devilish look like I had been peeking and seen the porn.

"Marca did you like..ah.. what you ..I mean what you saw on the video?"

"Will don't say anything to Mrs. Wise, she might tell my mother, but I think it is hot to watch them I get so excited when I see all those naked bodies on the screen and the men ..you know touching their thing. Oh I should not be telling you all this Mr. Wise you will think I'm some kind of sick O….you're not going to tell anyone I said that are you?"

"Marca oh you sweet thing that is our little secret, but would you like to see one?"

"WOW..you got one here?"

"Honey I have about 300 of them, but Mrs. Wise doesn't know and I keep them out in my workshop and she never goes out to my hide out!" Damn, I bet as a kid he had a tree house with a stack of Playboy's in the corner. "Come on I'll show you some of them."

He jumps to his feet takes my hand and the short fucker is almost running out the backdoor to the workshop and it was all I could do to keep up with "JUMPING JACK FLASH!" His workshop had all the saws and tools that any guy would want. He had more shit than the hardware store had at the mall. He close the door and locked it, oh girl have you got yourself into something? Opens up 2 big cabinet doors and there is row after row of screwdrivers hanging on clips. He pulls down this 4x4 sheet of plywood where the screwdrivers are hanging and damn if he didn't have a home entertainment center, big screen and all.

"Here Marca set down here honey on this sofa and tell me what you like to see."

"Ohhhhh…. I love to which men jerk off and shot cum all over the place!" The SOB mush have though he had just died and gone to heaven.

"Oh I can do that for you..ah.. I mean I got a few like that… oh shit!"

Bingo no sooner said than up on the big screen is some one hung hunk and this blond and both are getting it on, this had to be one he was watching the last time he was out here. About 5 minutes into the porn I ask him if he was sure that Mrs. Wise was not going to be home for a while and he told me she always calls before leaving for home so he can open the garage door and help her with the bags. Sounds good to me.

" I don't think I want your wife to know I was out here with you she might get the wrong idea and if she found us watching the porn she might think we were doing something else, you know how people can say bad thing."

He had put his fat ass down next to me and was as close as he could get and I told him I didn't wanting his wife or anyone to know about this he reached over put his hand on my leg and said this was out little secret. I had moved around on the old sofa crossing my legs and uncrossing them getting as much leg to show as I could. I took my left hand and put it up to my right breast and let out a low moan and a OH ME! The girl on the screen was rubbing her pussy and licked her fingers. I turned toward him and said

"Sometimes after I'm in bed and I can't sleep I do that to myself and guess I look the same way she does and I know I got to put the pillow over my face so I don't scream out and wake my father. With that I turned and moved my face up next to the old slim ball's face and kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear that the porn was turning me on.

I told him I know how guys feel when they see me in my thong and I've had guys tell me they would love for me to just stand in front of them and let them look at me and jerk off for me.

"Yes Marca I know that feeling I've had that same feeling so many time when I see you at the pool parties. The last one we had that you were at I had to go home before we had burgers and jerk off to keep from going off in my shorts. "Oh you naughty man, your so bad!" I pulled back and looked at him and said "You were thinking of me when you were out here jerking your thing, oh I wish I had seen that Mr. Wise." "Oh let me show you will you take off your things?" "So you like to watch me play with my wet pussy?"

I stood and looked at him and said "Mr. Wise you're going to think I'm bad girl if I take my close off, I know your wife doesn't like me!" His eyes widened and he said "You're so beautiful I'll do anything for you Marca. To hell with my wife!"

I smiled and slipped off my sweater and dropped the skirt. Just my bra and thong on I looked at him and ran my hands though my hair and looked down at him and gave him that pucker lips kiss. "Oh… my God…" he muttered, I lowered my hands to my back and unhooked the bra and a set of 40DD made the room glow. I thought he was going to have a heart attack as soon as he saw me. 'Do you want me to touch myself here?" One hand grazed my breast almost imperceptibly, teasing a swollen nipple, making me shudder and arch my back as if I was going to pinch it off.

"Or here…?" As my other hand pressing against my sopping thong that was hiding my hot wet pussy.


"Yeah." He could barely manage coherent speech.

"You want both, Mr. Wise?"


Suddenly one of my breasts was being kissed with hot, wet lips, my lips! My tongue was swirled around the nipple teasingly, doing everything, it seemed, but taking it into my mouth where it belonged.

Then the fingers of my other hand went down the front of my thong and were spreading open my labia, dividing the lips and releasing a flow of hot juices. My hand caressed and stroked me tantalizingly as my hips started to undulate, trying to maneuver my fingers to my clitoris.

He had his little stub of a cock out and was jerking the wet noodle as fast he could. Mr. Wise you want me to take my panties off? "Please Marca please show me your pretty pussy, please!" I took my thumb and put them in the sides of my black lace thong, I began to pull them off my swaying hips that were moving from side to side as inch by inch the small black lace string of the thong slipped from my hips. I could feel the damp wet lips of my love hole cause the material to cling to my hot pussy and when I had reach a few more inches down my thigh's the crouch made a popping sound as it broke lose. That was when he let out a ..ahhhhh.. and looked at me and said thank you.

I'm bent half way over and have my thong down just past my pussy and this ass hole has already shot his load. God Damn so much for letting me do my stuff. On top of all that the fucken movie wasn't any good.

As I'm getting my things back on I look to see what kind of load the shit head shot and it was about as much as you could get in an eyedropper. After looking closer at his balls I couldn't see why he had that much, his balls were the size of two grapes and I think they were fast becoming raisins.

As I was going out the workshop door I told the old fart that I still needed to talk with Mrs. Wise and we had to keep this our secret and next time we watch a movie he might like to see me finger myself. "Yes oh yes Marca next Saturday I'll have everything ready!"

"Ahhhhh.. Mr. Wise I will have to see I think I'm busy?" You dick head I'm busy for the rest of my life. I kiss him on the cheek and whisper in his ear "I'm going to hold you to what you said that you will do anything for me, bye, have her call me, and you're going to be my sweet boy?"

Girl you got to get to the mall and have the other men get a look at what your selling!!!

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