tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMs. Marca Ch. 48

Ms. Marca Ch. 48

byMs. Marca©

I was bad last night; I made him jerk off again as I played with myself and than made him watch me as I use my big pink dildo on my hot wet pussy. Many of you have told me how you read my stories and jerk off. I got to thinking about how you jerk your beautiful cock and I like to see him do the same. Last night I had him lie on his back and use his right hand to jerk his tool. He played with his balls with his left and I was setting beside him and once in a while I would run my left hand down to his balls and use my long nails on his balls as I squeezes them to one side in his sack.

The first time I ask him to do this he was a little embarrassed to jerk it in front of me. At first I had to get him started by using my hand on him and than take his hand and place it on his cock with my hand and we both jerked it together. With me holding and rubbing him gently I got it hard and ask him to help me stroke it with me. I got him hard the first few time this way and when he saw I was going to stop, he took over and kept up the jerking, he is getting better at doing it and he knows that I like for him to do it.

But after months of me helping him will, last night he just went to his cock as soon as I said, “jerk for me baby” and I ran my right hand over my nipples as he got started. I know he can tell I like to watch because of the big smile I have and how my pussy gets wet and I get wide eyed when I see him stroking it.

He is not the biggest guy in the world but he does everything I want him to, he knows how much I love sex and he does want to please me and just jerking his cock makes me get excited. I had to tell him to slow down last night I wanted it to last and I wanted to make sure his cum was building up and that he had a nice load for me to lick up as it ran down the side of his rod.

But that was long time coming before I let him get off I wanted him to know and understand that I like to make him want it so bad that he will beg me to let him cum. I some times run my nails down his leg and inside his thigh and down to his ass and make circles around his ass hole and he knows to raise his legs up and pull back to allow me to finger him in that area. I know he wants me to run my finger up his ass but I don’t, not at this time, lots of time for him to have his little ass rose bud finger fucked.

I feel so powerful when I make him jerk his cock and I get to the point where I tell how I want him to do it and what I’m going to do and ask him if he wants me to do things to him. I watch his balls and when they get to that point where they are going to go up inside his sack I know he is about to go off. I reach around his sack with my thumb and finger and this will allow me to hold his balls in place and make him hold off from going quicker than I want. The look on his face is one of frustration and he keeps jerking but he can’t go and his balls want to bounces up high into him.

I keep telling him “take it slow baby take it easy make it last don’t get in a hurry!” He can’t understand why he can’t go off and I just smile and tell him “let me help you baby I’ll make you shoot it big time!” “Get up on your knees honey and let me finger your ass.” I have him bend over just enough so that his ass is open and I can run my middle finger up his ass but at the same time I keep a hold on his balls not letting them lose to go off. His testicles hang loosely down about four inches from his body and are covered with sweat. The skin is redder than before and the veins even more prominent. He just looks at me like a little puppy dog and tells me as he keeps pumping “yes help me!” All I have to do is let go of his sack and his balls will shoot up into him and he goes off big time.

I run my fingers over his ass and rub his cheeks with my free hand and keep fingering his brown hole and using some of my pussy juice I wet the tip of my finger and slip it in up to the first joint. I slowly finger fuck his but and with each stroke I go just a little deeper until I have my finger all the way in. He has moved to the edge of the bed to where he has one foot on the floor and he is bent so that he is using one hand on the bed to hold himself up. I have moved to his backside and still holding his balls I began to butt fuck him with my finger faster and every once in a while I will hold it in and wiggle it around and feel his inter ass hole.

He continues to pump his cock as fast and hard as he can, the poor baby wants to go off so bad and he just can’t quite do it. I move him to where he is stand on the floor and I’m setting on the bed and his cock is at eye level. I look up at him and smile and stick my tongue out and lick his Pee hole and tell him, “Shoot off on my face cream my lips with your cum, jerk it real hard for me baby!” He takes a deep breath and looks up at the ceiling and with his eyes closed he starts pumping his rock hard cock as fast as he can and groaning every few strokes. I hold his balls and at the same time I run my fingers over them and back to his ass and up his hole and keep telling him how much I want to eat his cum.

I have made him jerk it like this for as much as 20 minutes and sometimes I egg him on telling him he must not have any cum for me or he doesn’t want to shoot on my face. I get to the point to where I’m begging him to let me eat his cum and all he can do his jerk and pump his cock faster and harder than ever and still no cigar. “Honey we got to practice this more so you can learn how to shoot off the right way!”

I look at him and tell him “here honey let me show you how to make it go off, I’m better at doing this than you but your learning!” I get him back on the bed on his back. I tell him to get his breath and just relax and spread your legs wide so I can get my hands on your balls and cock at the same time. Eventually, I took it in my hand and began stroking it. I lowered my head and began kissing and licking his balls. His sack was taunt. He jerked back when I began trying to get both of them in my mouth. Once inside, I began humming and moaning in order to cause a vibration. After a few minutes, I replaced his balls with his cock. I take hold of his cock and kiss the head and run my tongue over the Pee hole and jerk him about 3 or 4 long stroke as I rub his balls with my other hand.

He shoots off with it going up on his belly and I hold his cock so it will run onto his lower belly. I milk him and squeeze every drop out his tool as I can. I want it to form a pool so he can look down and watch me lick up his cream and see me lick at it like a cat licking up milk. Before I suck it off his belly I clean his cock with my tongue as he watches. I take long licks with my tongue lapping it up and into my mouth and suck his shaft, knowing he is watching my every move. As I clean it I tell him how good it tastes and how much I love eating cream and I could live on it. I had to have that nectar in my mouth. There is nothing else like the taste of a man’s sperm, creamy white, slimy, gooey love nectar.

After I licked and suck his shaft, I took my finger and dipped it in the cum pool on his belly and put some on my nipples and I leaned over and offered my nipple to him and said “here baby suck it for me!” The look on his face was oh no I can’t do that, but I told him how much I loved his cream and I wanted him to taste it and be part of my lovemaking. After he sucks on my nipples and tastes his cum, I pull back and lower my head and with one long slurp I suck up the remaining cream from his belly.

I roll it around in my mouth where he can see me taste it and I open my mouth to let him see it laying on my tongue and I tilt my head back and let it run down my throat. I look down at him and lick my lips and than I give him a big deep tongue kiss and whisper in his ear “watch me fuck myself with my toys and see how I make my pussy run with my own cum!”

I roll over on my back and pull my knees up and back over my head and spread my legs. My pussy is open wide and I run my fingers over and into my dripping pussy as he looks on. I insert two fingers into my love hole and moan and work them around as if I’m trying to touch every inch of my canal. I pull out and place my fingers to my mouth, tasting the juices that are flowing freely from my cunt. I lick one of my fingers and than hold the other one up for him to taste and tell him “suck my finger and taste my cum!” I have no shame. My fingers moved up to and pressed against my pussy. My own excitement seeped through my pussy lips and made my fingers moist. I casually removed my fingers from my love hole and up to my mouth, lightly sucking my own juices from my index and middle fingers.

Air streamed across my labia and I felt myself get even wetter. A finger slid into my pussy and I clenched around it, hard. I look at him and tell him how I’m going to fuck my toy and how I want him to talk me though it help me get off. It is so exciting to lay beside him as he is watching me, hearing myself beg him to fuck me. My urgency of needing a good fuck and the heat radiating from between my legs. I could tell that he saw how I wanted it inside me soon, and that I was already excited by the way my nipples had become hard and were standing up on my 40DD breast.

I look up at the ceiling and I watch the fan turn slow and spread a cool air over my hot body. I laid down among the bed pillows and brought my trimmed pussy nearer to his fingertips. “Rub my pussy baby rub it and kiss my sweet juices!” The slight sweet scent was overwhelming to our acute senses.

I than get my big pink dildo out and rub it on my wet pussy and watch him as he looks at me and I keep talking to him about how good it is going to feel when I get it all in. It was very warm in my hands, and told him to get some oil from the bathroom and that I wanted to watch him oiling it up as I rubbed the fat head all along my pussy. Using first his palms and then only his fingers, he spread and rubbed the oil over the dildo and than he oiled/cream all over my thirsty skin.

The fan was making my nipples stand out from my full breasts. I spent a full minute pinching them slightly between my slick fingertips. I could feel my engorged clit push out from my body, requiring me to move his right hand. “Finger it for me baby, finger it hard!”

I have many dildos and I use them when he is out of town are during the day when I need to have a release. Over the years I have collected a few sex toys, one or two were given to me by lovers but for the most part I picked out all the others and just special ones that I knew could work for me. This one has 4 speeds and can make me see stars when I have about 8 inches of it in me and the damn thing is on full speed. I keep the last few inches out of my pussy so not to let him think I can take it all with one push and make him feel as if I want or need a full 12 inches when all he has is about half that.

I have developed my pussy muscles over the years, had a lot of practice, where they can milk a cock or a dildo (for that matter anything I can put in my love hole) without me using my hands. I suck it into me and can make it slip in and can force it out and make my cunt suck it back in deeper if I want.

The look on his face the first time I did that was one of disbelief when I worked it in and out of my hole without using my hands. Than I turned it on and the humming noise and it working in and out made him get excited all over again. That was the first night I had him jerk off for me as I fucked myself with the monster dildo and used just my pussy muscles. Tonight I will let him use it on me and tell him how good it feels and what to do as he holds it for me and I tell him to go slow and see if I can take it all. I make him think that it is hard for me to take all of any of my big toys, but as you know from my stories I have had enough big cocks over the years that no cock real or fake is that big.

He watches me as I roll my eyes and roll my head from side to side and tell him how good it feels and that the vibrating is going to make me cum big time. How I can feel my pussy sucking on it to try and take it as deep as I can. “Don’t hurt me, take it easy!” I smile at him and let him know that I’m enjoying this trip and I want it to last. My nipples are rock hard and the juice from my hot pussy is running down the crack of my ass, he can smell my sex and I tell him to lick my juices, lick my pussy lips lick them clean.

I pull my legs back up over my head and spread them wide and with the dildo in my pussy I have him get down and lick my juices as they flow out of my pussy. He laps it up and all this does is make me go off more and that cause more juice to flows for him to suck up. The juice is running down the crack of my ass and I put my hand on top of his head and push him down to where he is licking my ass and I tell him to tongue it, French kiss it! He looks up at me and can’t bring himself to lick my brown hole.

“Oh baby run your hot tongue over my rosebud, please baby!” He lowers his head and I feel his tongue reach out and flick just the surface of my hole and I let out a moan. He licks at it and runs his tongue up and back down my ass hole and I try and pull it open more for him to slip his tongue in and French it. He licks at it again and this time I hump at his tongue and pull his head into my ass and tell him to lick it hard run it in my hole make me cum, cum on your tongue, make my ass cum!

I could feel my juices sliding down my legs. After several minutes of this wonderful deed, he pulled my ass cheeks apart and darted his tongue inside my anus opening. I love getting my ass hole reamed. The sigh that escaped from my lips gave me away. He continued going back and forth between my pussy and ass until I felt my first orgasm creeping in. When he ran his tongue up to my pussy I would pull out the dildo and let him lick my pussy dry and back in it would go when he went back down to my ass.

I have one hand on my dildo and the other on his head making them both get me off and wanting them both to fuck deep into each hole that they occupied. He reminded me of a kitten lapping at a saucer of milk. Actually I found his tongue to be quite soothing. I told him that it felt good and gently held his head in place. This continued for a long time. He didn't seem to want to stop, and I wasn't about to stop him. My husband loves to lick my pussy try to bring me to orgasm. Also, it was nice because I didn't have to worry about any messy cum falling on the bed sheets. "Clean it, baby!"

Oh if he only knew how I wanted him to put that cock of his in my ass and hump me as I fuck the dildo. But God his tongue is making my ass pucker and the way he is Frenching it I’ll have my ass juices flowing any minute. I slammed the vibrator into my cunt harder and harder as the voice in my head kept telling me "Faster, Faster...don't stop yet Marca!" I knew I would cum very soon and turned the vibrator up to max speed, the humming sound filling the room along with my whimpers and moans.

So close, I knew at any second I was going to explode, harder, faster, oh yes, yes, yes, God yes! When I go off I just lay like a limp rag on the bed trying to get my breath. I look over and he is stroking his cock, trying to get it hard he wants some of what this dildo had. If he only knew where it had been he can’t and will never get that deep. Not many men can, reason I have a 12-inch dildo. I smile up at him and see that he trying to get it hard. “Baby if I get it hard can we do it like I want to?” What do you think he would say, “FUCK YOU HELL NO!” I get my mouth around it and in a few minutes it is back to standing up.

I get on all 4’s and look back at him, “Baby do my ass I need that tonight!” I wait for the feel of his cock to touch my ass. As I feel the head of his cock pushing at my ass hole, I moan, "Here, smear some of this on my ass hole, first," I insist. I pull away from him long enough to grab the Astroglide out of the drawer. I always tell the guy to grease that fat cock of yours too if you want any of this tight ass!

He grabs my cheeks, and spreads them open. I suck in my breath as I prepare to take his thick, hard pleasure deep into such a naughty place. "Nice and slow, okay, big boy!" "I'll make my ass fuck your cock and make it pleases us both, Mmm, fuck me! Fuck me, big guy!" By telling him how good it is going to be, just makes him more excited and this will speed up the big blow he will have.

He holds me down with his hand on my round ass as if I might actually attempt to escape. With my face buried in the sheets and my 40DD tits smashed against the mattress, I inhale and exhale at an alarming rate. Partly because of my increasing excitement and partly because of the rough manhandling he gives my ass. My legs dangle over the side of the bed, with my feet several inches from touching the floor. In this position, I feel deliciously vulnerable, decadently submissive, and delightfully fuckable!

I grind my partially impaled ass back against his cock, hoping my urgency will cause him to drive harder and deeper into my tight, gripping flesh. But he penetrates me slowly, with just the head at first. Then he buries his entire length inside until I feel his hairy balls kissing my pussy.

"Mmm... Don't move, big boy," I whisper with a husky voice into the sheets. I want him motionless for a moment. I want to feel him. I'm so close to cumming just feeling my soft ass impaled on his huge hard on.

He doesn't wait for very long, though... he has to move, and I know why. My tight, squeezing ass, its heat, the vulgarly sexual way his thick meat looks shoved deep into my female ass, is too much for him. I moan loudly as he starts thrusting in and out with long, hard strokes, driving me crazy. His fucking makes me feel like a wild animal. I'm sweating and panting from the intensity! My whole body is on fire. He pounds into me, and leans forward to bite at my soft shoulders, sending a thrill throughout my body and mind. And when his hands find their way up under me, one at my clit and one on a protruding nipple, I begin to whimper. It's almost more than I can stand. It just feels too good! He rubs my clit firmly and roughly pinches my nipple, never moving his teeth away from my shoulders and neck. I feel as if I might pass out from over-stimulation, but I hang on to my crumpled sheet as I burst into an explosive orgasm.

Damn what away to go to sleep. Night everyone!!

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