tagLoving WivesMs. Marca Ch. 60

Ms. Marca Ch. 60

byMs. Marca©

Most of you guys know me, but those who don’t my name is Marca, (x model) I’ m tall.... 5’ 10” and slim with rather large breast, would you believe a pair of 40‘s. Some say they are perfect and my legs, will they go on forever. I had one guy tell me, “your legs go from the floor to heaven!” What he didn’t know was that all men are dieing to get into heaven. My figure is 40 x 23 x 38. I do a lot of set-ups to keep that 23.

By the time I met my husband at age 27, I had had a wide variety of sexual experiences, including cocks of all different sizes and every color on earth. So when I met Tim I definitely felt as if I had "sown my wild oats." Tim and I met when I was modeling. Tim is 20 years older than I am. Has made his money and boy can I spend it. He is very handsome. I was immediately attracted to his intelligence, his bank account, and his good humor and did I mention his bank account! We began dating and slept together about three months into our relationship. The sex was not good it was no way excellent! Now I am not going to lie (sorry boys) but size does matter.

However, size is not the be all and end all. The most important thing is the interaction between a man and a woman. How they communicate. Do you feel free and uninhibited with your partner? Not afraid to take a risk with or without each other! To say and do what you really feel? BULLSHIT! I love a horse size cock period. Tim had been married before and will see Ms. Marca Ch. 40 His experience in the bedroom was mince 5 on a scale 1 - 10. I had to show him how to eat pussy (I told him it was just kissing me on my other lips!) When Tim would fuck me, It was comfortable, but never exciting the way it was with my lovers.

I took the dominant role in the bedroom about 6 months into our marriage. I didn‘t do it in one night, but by the second year I was in total control calling the action. I directed all our lovemaking and the different positions to have sex. Our first time to go at it anal was interesting. I wanted to try him out on my ass.

"Tim, I would really like you to make love to me different this time, do me in my other hole, my ass baby, please do this for me."

Even though anal sex is one of my favorite things, I made it out to be something new. All he could do was look on in total shock and watch me as I obediently rolled over onto my all fours and presented my ready ass to my man.

“Please baby you are the one to take me there. Be gentle, don’t hurt me!”

As if that little PP could hurt anything. Out side of the bedroom he was the head of the house, will he thinks he is, other than that we have a normal healthy every day relationship.

One night not to many months ago after a hot long bath and doing all the little things a woman does to get ready for a great love session (great for him). Tim mentioned, as he looked me over in my black sexy nightgown with my fun bags about to fall out, that I was much too much a woman for any one man. He meant it more as a compliment than a complaint as I truly am a hot fuck. Let me make this clear, Tim is not the man that my lover’s are and he can’t or has he ever satisfied me in the way that a big cock does. I had always made it a point to make his world rock when it came to sex; in fact I do that with all my men.

As I got into bed I cuddled up next to and ran my long fingers over his front and down toward his manhood. (little manhood may be a better term). I started to giggle out loud as I grasped his little wiener-shriveling dick.

"Oh me oh honey, you think that it would take two men to see that I was satisfied? Oh God two men trying to see that I was having what I need, the way you think I need to be or should be satisfied?"

I wanted to see where I could take this; I was going to be exploring, checking out his sensitivity, his interest as I continued.

“Having two guy’s hands all over my body, caressing my nipples, kissing my nipples, and licking my pussy? Kissing me deep as one of them thrusts his large cock into my wet hot hungry pussy!"

His cock just came to life in my hand without me doing anything to it. It was as hard as it's been in months. I bent forward and kissed the tip. A bit of pre-cum touched my lips and hung in a small trail as I moved back. Bending forward again I kissed the head and then opened my lips, taking him inside my mouth. I swirled my tongue up and down the sides of his cock and covered the tip of it with my lips and then sucked. I increased the pressure of my sucking, sucking his cock head into my mouth. I sealed my lips around the fleshy pole and began to suck harder.

When I had taken all his little cock in, I glanced up at Tim’s lust-contorted face. "Oh, that's fantastic!" he gasped, dropping his hands down to my long tangled hair, his fingers intertwining in the silky curls as warmth began to ripple along his belly. My lips glided on his cock, and with every stroke I increased the tempo of my sucking. I massaged and fondled his little balls as I sucked. I toyed with the boy like sac, enjoying the feel of his grape size nuts in my hand. Next, I soaked his prick with hot saliva and continued to suck him.

It doesn‘t take much for Tim to go off and he shot off with in minutes of me telling him about two hung men. My sucking him had to help him go, but my telling him about the men was the main cause for him to come right then. His cum was spent, but my pussy just kept on shuttering in spasms. I don't know why it had that kind of effect on me, but I don't think that I have ever been that turned on in weeks.

I squeezed his balls, then his cock root. I wanted to make sure I had completely drained him before freeing his prick from my mouth. Then I let his softening prick slide from my lips and I sat up on the side of the bed slowly. I smiled and gave him that nasty sexy look that told him he was naughty. He blushed and closed his eyes and looked away. He had been found out about his untold thoughts. I grabbed the sides of his head and pulled his face around toward me and kissed him hard. I surprised him as I forced his mouth open with my tongue and drained all of his cum into his mouth. As our tongues danced in the pool of sperm, I found his cock getting rock hard again. I could not believe it! I felt completely in control, a woman with power, and he knew it.

I gave him a kissed on his cheek and flashed a broad smile back at him. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom and saw in the mirror that I had cum on my chin, damn girl your slipping if you can’t get all of Tim’s little squirt! I came out of the bathroom with a wash cloth and found him on the bed spread out still breathing hard. His cock was going limp; my poor husbands little PP shrinks up to almost nothing. Like a one-inch, maybe one and half inch nub on him. I sat down next to him and began to wipe it with the damp cloth.

"Why don't you play with my tits while I clean my little boy’s cock? I know you love them. You know how I love having my tits massaged and sucked, it really drives me wild. You are such a nasty perverted little boy, but you’re my little boy!"

As I cleaned his little PP with the wash cloth I would milk his wiener and let his pre-cum drip on my fingers and I would slip it to his lips and lick my finger and tongue and finger it into his mouth.

I whispered in his ear that I wanted him to eat my pussy. I tingled from my belly to my knees when he moaned and shook his head yes. He fondled and sucked my breasts, then began kissing his way down to my pussy. While his hands gently caressed my hips and ass, his lips and tongue worked on my thighs and pussy, moving slowly toward my inner lips. Finally, his tongue opened me, and he began to lick my pussy. I spread my legs farther, offering my entire pussy to his mouth. I never feel so beautiful as when a man's face is between my legs.

“Oh Tim that is so good baby! Do you think those two men would do that to me as you watched?”

This made him lick faster and move his hands over my body. This had him getting excited with each picture I painted of men making love to me. He swallowed all the juices that I had, just wish I had more to offer him. I couldn't stop moaning as his tongue ventured farther and farther into me. He started licking my hard little clit with his agile tongue. He did this rapidly, but ever so gently.

“Oh Tim having my pussy licked as I suck a big cock. Both of the men are taking my body, as you stand across the room watching me/us!”

He looked up at me with his eyes like a deer in the headlights. He was seeing them in his mind eye sucking me and licking me. I kept telling him what all I wanted them to do to me and what I would do to them. His pace of eating my pussy was going at a faster pace. He was a man on a mission and this one was not that impossible. I could feel his little thing spring back to life, the more I told him what I wanted the two men to do to me the harder it got. I reached down and pulled on Tim’s head and smiled as he looked up at me and I whispered “Fuck me baby, fuck me hard!”

His throbbing prick slapped against my thigh, as he climbed up on me I lay sprawled beneath him, my large tits splayed out wantonly as my breath rasped in my chest. My long legs stretched out wide in anticipation of his little cock slamming into my dripping pussy.

"Yes, fuck me! Fuck me long and hard. Do it!"

He lowered himself onto me. I humped my hips upward as I reached down to grab his pulsing, little boy prick. I guided him to the entrance of my cunt and positioned the head just inside my soft pussy. Tim kneaded my tits as he moved his hips forward and rammed his little cock all the way into me in one plunge. . He pounded into me and squirmed his tight ass, trying to penetrating my pussy deeper and deeper with each stroke. Poor baby he had never felt the good stuff, the good stuff deep down in my love hole.

"Oh, yes, Tim! This is how I love to be fucked! Don't stop. Make me cum! Make my hot pussy explode. Fuck me hard and deep!"

He didn't need the encouragement, he pumped in and out of my smoldering tunnel as fast and hard as he could. As he fucked Tim sucked my luscious tits. He pinched and pulled on my ripe, stiff nipples, making me squeal with delight. He suddenly arched his back, driving his cock as deeply into me as possible.

"Oh, oh, yesss, yesss," I gasped, locking my ankles just above his ass as my pussy milked him. "Give it to me, lover! Give me all of your sweet cum. Blast it into me! Flood me with it!"

His only response was to puff and pant as he kept fucking his cock into my clutching hole. Then, grunting, he fell on me, burying his face against the fleshy pillows of my breasts.

“Oh Tim honey, I didn’t cum please help me do me some more, make me cum hard!”

He just looked up at me and with that embarrassed look of failure on his face all he could do was look away and tell me in a low voice.

“Marca I’m spent I can’t get it up anymore, I’m sorry honey forgive me!”

Knowing my love hole still had his sperm in it, I wanted to see if he would eat me and lick his cum from my hot love tunnel. I looked up at him with a plea telling him how much I needed to get myself off, If he wouldn’t do it I would do myself. I cup my breasts in my hands and slowly flick my thumbs across my nipples. My hand starts to trail down my body, I can see him follow its path with his eyes. I let my legs fall apart just a little, as my fingers slip between my legs and start to trace my pussy lips. Now that does feel good, I'm greedy though, I want more. I open my legs wider, so he can see me start to tease my clit. Its hiding but soon starts to swell and throb as I rub in little circles around it, just barely touching it. I can hear him breathing and I know he is becoming aroused, I can see it in his eyes.

"Can you see how wet I'm getting Tim? This is what I have to do when you’re not here!”

I open my legs still wider and start to rub my clit firmly, in little circles still, occasionally slipping my fingers lower to drag some moisture to my clit. It feels like it’s on fire! I start to move my hips uncontrollably, I slip two fingers into my pussy, in and out, fucking myself with them. My thumb rubbing my clit firmly.

A moment later, he went right to my pussy with his mouth and was between my legs licking as he tried to get his breath. I touched his head and in a low voice told him how much I needed to get off. He was licking and sucking on my bald pussy. I could feel my juices sliding down my legs.

“ Just make me go off baby, just make your Marca flood your mouth with my juices!”

He was hard at it lapping up my juices and he was way past his cum. He had eaten all that good stuff as soon as he was licking. After several minutes of this wonderful deed, I pulled my ass cheeks apart and held his head down on my ass hole. He darted his tongue inside my ass opening. I love getting my asshole reamed. The sigh that escaped from my lips gave me away. He continued going back and forth between my pussy and ass until I felt my first orgasm creeping in.

Oh I felt something on my leg running down my thigh. I looked down to see him look back at his little cock just as he still had a small amount of cum leaking. I was shocked to see that he ejaculated on my leg.

“Oh Timmy you’re sticky juice is leaking from your thing baby! Now be my good boy and lick up the mess you made on my leg. and kiss me just as I did with you!"

I lay there as he licked his cum off my legs and instead of kissing me with his cum he worked his head back in between my legs. After a few more minutes of his lapping at my love tunnel I pulled my legs back up over my shoulders and spread them as wide as I could. I pushed his head to one side and began masturbating. With that I had a tremendous orgasm! He had never seen me masturbate to a full screaming orgasm before and he was in a trance watching me rub my pussy and pinching my nipples as I went off.

We both fell into bed and slept hard that night, this was the first real big love session we had, notice I said we had in a few weeks. Like all married couples you get into that same old routine of just going though the motion and getting each other off. This was wild, hard, fuck me good sex! But I wanted to take this thing about Tim thinking about me with other men, them fucking me to the next level.

A few days later we went to the club for dinner. Tim told me how great I looked in fact he said I was hot! Tim still thinks I’m hot after 6 years! Such a good husband. Just the two of us had dinner with different friends stopping by to say hello and the men all looking down my front trying to see what was almost visible. Over the next 2 hours I danced with many men and all held me close to them trying to feel my tits and rub my ass in the low lights. I'd been grinding my crotch into one guy's while we danced and when the lights went down for a slow dance, I felt him move his prick up next to my crouch area and it was ramrod stiff. Almost immediately I could feel it beginning to pulse and he shot his wad there on the dance floor. I smiled at him and whispered in his ear

“Oh me did I cause you to do that?“

He seemed terribly embarrassed and hurried away after the music stopped. Then, dancing with another guy, I decided to try something more direct. While dancing a slow dance he moved his hand down on to my ass and squeezed and rubbed it. I whispered to him that his wife may see us do that, you might get in trouble should we make her jealous? I slid my hand down his ass and squeezed his buns. Pulling him close to me, His cock jumped and this boy had one to be proud of. It was making me wet having all these guys get hard when I danced with them just knowing I still had that special thing to get a guy hard. While slow dancing with my husband, I filled him in on some of the things I'd done. His breathing became fast and hard as if he was out of breath. Damn this was turning Tim on I think he almost came on the dance floor too as I ground my steaming crotch against the little bulge in his pants while cupping his ass and dragged my tits across his chest.

We returned to our table and ordered another drink. Before I was finished, I was asked to dance by a very good-looking guy. He had a superb, muscular swimmer's body and he was a wonderful dancer. Just what I needed! I thought to myself (I'll do it with him right here on the dance floor, God what a hunk.) he took me back to our table and I introduced him to Tim and asked him to join us for a drink. His name was David. His curly black hair and brown laughing eyes made my excitement grow. His taut athlete's body promised to be able to meet my growing need. As a married woman and a member of this club no such thing would ever happen.

In bed that night after the lights were out Tim ask me about all the different men I had danced with and we laugh about the guy who had an erection. (I didn’t tell him he shot off or that I felt one guys ass) I had my arm over Tim’s chest when I told him all this - there was nothing going on, just a married couple in bed, being comfortable with each other.

I felt his penis stir as I told him how the guy got it up and I felt it growing up my /his front. They like to rub up next to a looker and they like to be turned on. He leaned over in the darkness of the bedroom and kissed my cheek, he told me again how beautiful I was and that other men know it and enjoys my beauty. Love to hear all that can’t get enough. I began to tell Tim about how most men, like that David guy gets hard when I dance with them and they rub it up next to me. Tim’s dick twitched. Oh so he did think about the big guy holding me!

“David did seem to have a real hard one and he had it up next to me all the time we were on the floor!”

Once more his little thing reacted and he began to breath harder again, as if he had just had sex with me and did his task like a stud should. I told him about the different men holding and trying to feel me off. It seems he enjoyed the humiliation aspect of what I was putting up to him that his wife's body being used and felt up by other men and all the antics that I had done to tease them. I enjoy teasing guys, it’s a lot of fun doing what I do, and I think he seems to enjoy his wife doing it and telling him how big and hard other men's cocks are. How much I enjoy making them hard and feeling their larger cock next to me.

By this time I had moved my hand down to his crouch and let my fingers brush up against his little dick. Tim was hard again, that’s the hardest he had been since we last were on this subject! So he likes this, me telling him what I do and what other men do when they touch me Thinking about a guy rubbing his big over size hard throbbing cock on me, you bad boy! Tim began to shake and stutter he was at a lost for words.

"Would that excite you Tim, me with another man? Watching him touch me kiss my hard nipples, suck my tits!"

The more graphic the sex act I told the harder his little prick got. He had moved to where I had him curled up next to me on his side. I moved my right breast up to his face and offered it to his lips. He took it and was on my nipple like a man in need. Sucking like a baby on his mother’s tit. My arm was around him holding him close to my breast and with the other hand I was playing with his little balls and his little boy pecker. Oh he was sucking his mommy’s nipples so good, he had become my little tit sucker. He held my breast like a child holding them as if they were going to run away from his wondering tongue and lips. This was turning me on. I whispered in his ear this is so nice oh suck mommies big tits suck her nipples! I was ready to see if I had him on the road to kinky time or was he still just thinking about it.

“Oh Timmy baby your making mommies pussy get wet and mommies going to need a cock to make her happy!”

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