tagGroup SexMs. Marca Ch. 69

Ms. Marca Ch. 69

byMs. Marca©

I got home from a day of shopping to find that my husband had left a message on the recorder...that he was being held over until Friday night and his flight got in at 7:45 pm. I had been bored the past few days not having any dates. (some cock) So I decided to go to a backyard party one of my male friends at the gym was having, hey why set home another night. I didn't dress very practical considering I was going to an outside event in the middle of July. I wore a tight blue jean skirt that rode up every time I bent over. I had on 5 inch spike heels that made my ass stick out. Underneath I had on a red G-string. My top was just a tube top, naturally no bra, because I like to jiggle when I walk.

When i got to the party at 8:30PM it was already packed. The place was flowing with men and women...more men 3 to 1. It seems to be a group of rowdy young guys from college age guys up to my age 30 something. When I spotted the Host, Frank I went over and greeted him, sweet little kisses on each cheek.

"Shit Marca you look hot baby, no husband?"

"He is out of town be back on Friday."

"So you can party until Friday? I told a few of the guys that you might come, but you might have your husband with you, for them to be nice, don't mess things up for you, but all that is out the window?""

"Oh Frank you are so bad, but someone might get lucky." I winked and I walked over to the outdoor bar to get a drink, I noticed that I was getting a lot of stares from the half-drunk men around me. I decided to take the bull by the horns and flirt, I dropped my car keys and I had to lean a bit and bend over to pick them up. Which of course made my skirt ride up, I felt the cool breeze across the bottom of my ass cheeks about the time the men noticed.

"Oh My God! Look at that ass.", One of them said. I smoothed my skirt down and walked back to the patio.

Every guy within ear shot had turned to look when they heard the comment that had been made. My face was all smiles as I could already feel the heat building inside me. There was something exciting about having a dozen horny guys drool over my ass. A couple of the college students were feeling quite brave by that time and walked over to sit by me. One sat on each side of me. I looked them both up and down before speaking. "Hi fellas, Having fun?", I asked. They both replied, "Yea."

Both of them looked similar. I assumed they were brothers. They both had dark hair and eyes. A bit on the husky side, but not too much. They told me that they were football players at U.S.C. But had come to town to visit an uncle. So I assumed that extra weight they were packing was muscle. I smiled at the thought of doing a couple jocks. I hadn't done a threesome in over a month or has it been last winter at Jack's open house, damn how time flies.

One of the guys asked me to dance and we went to the patio down by the pool to dance to the jazz number playing. We began to dance and our dancing became what some might call dirty dancing. I leaned back, pressing my ass against him.

I could feel his cock hardening as he pressed himself closer to me. I glanced back at him, letting my eyes slowly roam down his torso. I gasped when I saw how big the bulge in his jeans was. My desire mounted when he slowly started to gyrate his hips against me as he went through the motions of slow dirty dance. He said, "Baby, your hot and your damn nasty!"

I nodded my head, and leaned forward as I felt him move closer if that was possible. He pulled me back upright by wrapping his arm around my waist. After the dance I turned to walk back to my seat, but he didn't move. I looked up into his mesmerizing eyes. He gave me a lustful look and said, "You smell so sexy." I smiled and took a deep breath. Then I slipped out of his arms and moved back to my seat. He followed me, sitting by me again. This time he pressed himself very close to me. I noticed that his brother had scooted closer too.

I could feel my juices oozing out onto my thighs as I grew hotter. i felt eyes on me...god i love to be seen and watched. I started crossing my legs and uncrossing then crossing again moving them up and down in excitement. My breasts bounced wildly as I turned to face my crowd of on lookers. By that time, all the college guys had moved over to my area. It seemed that I had a fan club developing.

"Don't you guys have dates tonight, they might get pissed if you hang around here?"

A tall hunk with blond hair spoke up. "We all came stag, you are our date, and we understand you came alone?"

I smiled at them then walked over to the bar making sure I gave them a nice wiggle to watch and picked up a fresh drink. I drank half of it before I sat it down again. I went back to my patio chair, I sat down and propped my feet up on the seat across from me. "Oh my feet hurt." It only took a minute for one of the guys to offer to give me a foot massage.

He slipped my shoes off and lifted my feet up as he sat down. He held them in his lap rubbing one then the other. I tried to concentrate on watching some of the guys moving around the yard. But the touch of his fingers rubbing my feet was sending tingles to my clit. He was the tall, blonde, with blue eyes and a great smile. He kept his eyes glued to me as I started to squirm. I parted my legs slightly, letting the cool breeze blow up my skirt.

The two guys sitting next to me, moved over by the foot massager. I moved my legs even further apart, giving them all a peek at my wet thighs. I watched as they strained their eyes trying to see more. I lifted one foot and moved it over to one of the other guy's laps. All of their eyes widened when they caught a glimpse of my shaved lips. My G-string did nothing to hide them. Someone handed me a fresh drink, which I downed within minutes. Then another was handed to me. I knew they were trying to get me drunk. But I didn't care. I was hot to trot that night. I wanted some cock and I didn't care what I had to do to get it.

It felt great to be getting attention from younger guys. I couldn't decide which ones I wanted to fuck. I looked them all over as I enjoyed my foot massage. Most of them appeared to be jocks. I wondered what it would be like to be with three guys at once again. The thought of a cock stuffed into each hole was very arousing. As my body temperature began to rise, I slowly started moving my glass down my cleavage. The cold glass felt great against my burning hot flesh. I was vaguely aware that the backyard was slowly emptying. I knew the party was going to end soon and the time was approaching. I noticed the host who had invited me had also been watching me. I smiled at him. He seemed to know the guys that were hanging around me, drooling. I pulled my feet away from the hands that had been rubbing them. Then I stood up, swaying a bit. I had drunk at least six drinks by that time and was buzzed. I walked over to the host and sat down next to him.

I said, "What time do you kick everyone out of here?" He glanced at his watch and said, "Ten minutes ago." I smiled and lifted the glass to my lips, licking the rim of it very slowly before taking another drink. Then I said, "Want to have some fun with me and these guys?" He smiled and looked around. My eyes followed his. I could tell that he was counting the number of people left at the party. He said, "Can you handle all of us?"

"Looks like all the other females have gone just me and a few good men!"

I stood up and climbed up onto the redwood backyard table. I said, "Who wants to party?" All the guys turned to look at me then walked over to the table. One of them yelled, "Dance for us, baby." I wiggled my ass for them, wondering how they expected me to dance without music. After a minute, a song started playing from the boom box that had been down by the pool. I knew they could see straight up my skirt. I began to rock my pelvis to the beat of the music while slowly untying my shirt. I pretended that I was getting fucked as I moved my body. The two brothers jumped up on the table with me. One behind and one in front of me. I thrust myself against each of them. They gradually moved closer, trapping me between them. I ran my hands down their bodies to the bulges in their jeans. I groped them, amazed by the size of their cocks. I let the guy in front of me pull up my top while his brother slid his hands under my skirt. My breasts sprung free, jiggling wildly. Both their hands began to roam my body, squeezing my tits and ass.

I moaned in pleasure when one of them slipped two fingers into my dripping wet slit. I gasped as he teased my clit with his fingertips. My knees started to buckle, causing me to kneel down on the table. Both guys wasted no time unzipping their jeans. They both moved around to face me, giving me a great view of two delicious looking thick cocks. I licked my lips in lust. I wrapped my hands around each shaft, slowly caressing them. I twirled my tongue around the tip of each one then sucked one of them in just as the host slid his fingers into my pussy. The cock in my mouth muffled my moans of pleasure.

I wiggled against the fingers in my pussy as I started to suck faster. I took it in and out of my mouth very fast for a few strokes. Then switched off to the other cock, rubbing the other one in the meantime. When I pulled my mouth off the throbbing piece of meat, I looked around and saw that the other two guys left were stroking. That turned me on immensely. I looked up at the two brothers and said, "Fuck Me!" They looked at each other and grinned. One of them said, "Let's double dog her." The host pulled his fingers out of me and said, "No way, I want to fuck her too. Let's triple dog her." They all agreed and one of the brothers laid down on the table. I took the rest of my clothes off then climbed onto him, straddling his cock. The other brother positioned himself behind me while the host stripped off his clothes and climbed up on the table. He knelt down and waited for me to mount the cock that was under me.

I slowly lowered my tight cunt onto the big staff. I gasped as it stretched me. He rocked against me, working it inside me. When the tip was buried deep inside my pussy, his brother slid his cock into my wet slit and wiggled it around. Then he moved it to my ass. I squirmed as he positioned it against my tight puckered little hole. "Hold her still.", He told his brother. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me flat against his chest while his brother pushed his shaft into my ass. I squealed as he moved forward, going in a bit at a time. After a few minutes my sphincter opened up enough to allow him to slip inside me. Then his brother released the hold he had on me. The host's cock was mere inches from my face. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head to him. I opened my mouth and allowed him to slide his cock into my throat.

The guy behind me set the rhythm. He slowly moved in and out of my ass, going deeper with each stroke. Each time he thrust, my pussy slammed down on his brother's cock and my mouth moved down the host's pole. The sensations were wonderful as those two big rods fucked my pussy and ass. They moved against each other through the thin layer of skin that separated them. I felt so full as the intense tingling spread throughout my body. With each pleasing thrust, I began to suck that cock in my mouth, faster. The trio of man meat moved deeper inside me with each movement. It seemed as if I had never felt such pleasure in my life.

Small climaxes began to ripple through me, as the guy ram rodding my ass quickened his pace. His balls slapped rapidly against me, making me moan in ecstasy. My cunt muscles rippled around his brother's shaft, milking him with each stroke. This set off a chain reaction orgasm. My quivering body pulled the cream out of the two hard cocks buried in my pussy and ass. They came simultaneously, over filing me with hot cream. I bucked and thrust against them which in turn made the host cum in my throat.

I gulped down every drop as my juices gushed out onto the guy I was riding. All three of them finished emptying their loads into me. Then the guy pulled out of my ass and hopped down off the table. The host scooted back letting his softening cock, slap against his leg. I collapsed against the guy I was sitting on. He sat up, and lifted me off of him. I laid down on the table gasping for air. I didn't have long to recover. Within a minute I felt a strong pair of hands lifting me up. I ended up on the lap of a large dark-skinned man. I looked down at his cock. It was huge. I started to protest for him to give me a minute to get some air, when he lifted me up and impaled me on it. I screamed in pleasure and pain as he drove himself into me. I thought his big shaft was going to split me into as he attempted to ram himself all the way inside me. After a few humps he was able to slide in and out of me very easily. I took over at that point. I put my hands on his shoulders and began to glide up and down his pole very fast. Each time I slammed back down, he grunted in pleasure. I rode him harder and harder, going deeper with each stroke. I tightened my muscles around his girth, milking him with the utmost pleasure. I bounced wildly on his stick, enjoying the sensation each time the tip of his rod hit my cervix.

My tits jiggled wildly against his face when I rose back up. Sweat poured off his face as I increased my pace. My cries of joy echoed through the open air of the night, making every guy that was looking on ache with desire. He panted and said "I'm going too cum." I moaned and moved faster, taking him all the way in just as his shaft erupted. He shot wave after wave of hot cum deep inside me, as my cunt rippled around me. "Oh Yes!", I squealed like a banshee. My juices trickled out of me, covering his balls as I shook with a powerful orgasm. When he was done, he picked me up off his lap and sat me down on another guy who seemed to appear from nowhere.

I recognized him as the one who had given me the foot massage. He pulled me close to him for a deep kiss. My lips melted against him as his tongue wiggled wildly in my mouth. When our lips parted, I felt breathless. He turned me around in his lap, facing away from him. Then he lowered my ass onto his cock. He slid into my tight ass as I tried to relax and open myself up to him. He was not any bigger than the other guy had been. I bit my lip as when he thrust hard, driving his tool deep inside me. He held my thighs open wide with his hands and began to bounce me up and down.

Each time he moved me downward, my body weight pushed me further down on his cock. He was buried balls deep in my ass when another guy approached and began to finger my clit. I squirmed as a pleasing sensations shot through me like a lightning bolt. The more I wiggled, the more that the guy in my ass seemed to be enjoying himself. He groaned each time I rocked myself. He started nibbling on my earlobes which nearly sent me over the edge. My nipples hardened to the point that they were aching. The guy that was teasing my clit took notice and leaned over to suck them. I cried out as he took turns with each in his mouth.

The speed of the ass fucking I was receiving increased as orgasm approached. I tightened my muscles up when I began to thrash wildly. This caused the cock in my ass to erupt with a hot gush. Hot cream shot deep inside me as my nectar sprayed out, covering his lap. I climbed off of him and lay down on the table again. Then the guy who had been fingering me, knelt between my legs. He lifted them to his shoulders and plowed his pole into my wet pussy. He thrust in and out of me very hard. I closed my eyes, enjoying the fuck as he moved faster and harder. I felt something pressing against my lips and opened my eyes.

There was a long cock in my face. I opened my mouth to suck it into my throat. I looked up at the guy as he maneuvered himself so that he was straddling my chest. He had red hair and looked about twenty one years old. I moaned in delight at the taste of his cock. It had been many months since I had sucked off a guy in his sexual prime. He groaned as the tip of his shaft hit the back of my throat. I slid my hands around him and squeezed his ass, pulling him closer to me. I started sucking him in rhythm to the fucking that my cunt was getting. I moved my pelvis to match every move the guy between my legs made.

It took all my concentration to mouth fuck the red head and works my pussy muscles on the other guy. Their groans of satisfaction told me that I was doing a good job. I felt the cock in my pussy begin to twitch. He came with a loud grunt then pulled out. I whimpered in protest. But I didn't have to wait long for another guy to take his place. I couldn't see who it was because of the guy straddling my chest. I started sucking faster when a very large cock gradually worked its way into my oozing hotbox. I moved my lips with expertise while licking the underside of the redhead's shaft. I watched his face as his pleasure grew. He started to shake when I sucked him all the way in and held him there. He said, "Oh my God!" as his cock shot a huge load of cum in my throat. I swallowed every drop before releasing my grip on his ass. He rolled off of me and walked away on wobbly legs. I licked my lips and looked at the guy who was fucking me.

He didn't have a really good rhythm going, so I sat up and pushed him backwards. He fell on the table. I climbed up onto him and straddled him, taking his whole length in with one stroke. He groaned when I began to osculate my pussy around his shaft. Up and down. Hard and fast, I moved. Taking him in deeper and deeper. I slid a finger between my lips, rubbing my swollen clit as I moved against him.

My pleasure was all I cared about at that moment. I worked my cunt muscles around him, enjoying the feel of his cock as it rubbed my g-spot. I moaned and cried out as orgasmic bliss rocked me. I continued riding him until I had climaxed three times. He finished just as I was ready to fall over in exhaustion. He gripped my waist tightly and rammed himself upward so hard that I thought I was going to pass out. I screamed as the final orgasm rippled through me. He held me tight as I fell forward against his chest. I lay there listening to his heart pound as his cock twitched inside me. He was shooting load after load of hot cum, over flowing my pussy with cream.

I went to the bathroom cleaned up with a shower and got dressed to go home, damn it was after 4AM I had been screwing since 1 or 1;30. I came out of the bathroom and started down the hall with a smile on my face, shit who was I kidding, I got lucky tonight. and ran into a short little shrimp of a guy who looked out of place with all these hunks around. I smiled at him and stepped into the den, bent over the sofa pulling my skirt up over my ass and looked back at him and said. "I guess it is your turn...!" I look down and saw he was small, just like my husband but hard, oh why not, 10 minutes later he was spent. I pushed my skirt down and went home.

More to cum ...

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