Musical Dorm Rooms Ch. 02

byIrish Moss©

Going for broke, I slipped my slick finger from her dripping pussy and spread her juices over her asshole, eliciting another moan, then slipped my finger inside. The result was pretty much what I expected, based on previous experience; she tightened up her ass cheeks and started to cum immediately and loudly. I pumped my finger slowly and gently while continuing to lick and suck her clit until her long and intense orgasm finally tapered off. Once I'd extracted my finger, she turned around and planted a passionate kiss on me, then we lay there for a little while longer before getting up. We took turns showering because of the one robe and one set of toiletries, but she went first because she would take longer to get done. When I came back to my room after my shower and found her there doing her hair in only her bra and panties, I wanted her again immediately. Unfortunately, my overworked soldier wasn't rising to the occasion.

We went to the dining hall for breakfast and I gave her a daylight tour of the campus before we headed out into the city for the day. When I asked her where she wanted to go, she replied that with Jim the only part of the city she got to see was Madison Square Garden, when the Rangers were playing, and the surrounding bars. There is so much more to New York City than that neighborhood, so we started all the way down in Chinatown and worked our way back uptown to the campus. By the time we got back that evening, we'd seen Chinatown, Soho, and Greenwich Village then jumped up to Park Avenue, Madison Avenue, Fifth Avenue and Central Park South before heading into Central Park, since it was a nice day, followed by some more exploration of the Upper West Side. We ate both lunch and dinner before arriving back at my dorm and were feeling pretty wiped out. I checked in with my friends to see what the plans were for the night then told them that we'd be napping until then.

With the door locked behind us, we slowly undressed each other while kissing and caressing one another's skin. We were pretty worn out from our busy day, but not too much to keep us from desiring each other's flesh. My cock was like a steel rod as she stroked it in her fist while I fondled her tits and slipped a finger into her dripping slit. She asked me to lie on my back on the bed and straddled me, guiding my cock into her hot, slippery pussy as I went back to fondling her luscious tits. She wasn't riding me too hard, I suspected due to a lack of energy, but her pussy still felt fantastic sliding up and down my tool and her breasts felt so soft and smooth, other than her hard nipples, as I caressed them. She started moaning pretty soon after she started riding me, which got me thinking that, just as I had, she had probably spent a good part of our day thinking about getting naked and fucking again. I can't say I wasn't looking at her a lot during the day while picturing her naked.

The volume of her moaning gradually increased along with her pace as she somehow found the energy to ride me harder and faster the longer we fucked. I could feel my orgasm gradually beginning to build but knew she'd cum before I did and I wouldn't have to resort to penetrating her ass again yet. I occupied myself with her tits as she got closer and closer to cumming, knowing that I'd never get tired of fondling, licking or fucking those beauties. She went into slow motion compared to the pace she'd been setting once she started cumming but continued to ride me until she'd finished. Assuming she'd be completely spent, I suggested that we switch places and was soon looming over her, slowly thrusting in and out of her slippery pussy while our lips met again.

While there was clearly no risk that I'd fall asleep mid-thrust, my energy was definitely waning, so I fucked her slowly while relishing the feel of my cock sliding in and out of her. She was raising her hips to meet my downward thrust and we were in total synch as my orgasm continued to build. Regardless of my depleted state, I still felt as though I would have been happy to fuck her through the entire night but, with her hot, wet pussy engulfing my cock, there was just no possible way. I enjoyed the slow, continual build of pleasurable feelings while our tongues explored each other's mouths until I felt my cock beginning to swell even more in anticipation of blowing my load. Finally, I pulled my mouth away from Irene's and let out a moan as I started to shoot deep into her. Once I was spent, I rolled off next to her and we were soon asleep, our naked bodies held close together.

We were actually awake and getting ourselves together when one of my floormates knocked on the door to see if we'd be joining them when they headed out. After confirming that we were, we finished getting done, then headed out to a few more parties around campus. I think we both put away a bit of alcohol and, though we weren't getting too physical out in public, I'm sure my friends surmised that something was going on between us. By the time we got back to the dorm, none of us was feeling any pain and Irene and I eventually excused ourselves to my dorm room and locked the door behind us. She'd worn a short skirt again so, as we were standing there making out, I was working the hem up so that I could fondle her ass. After massaging it through her panties, I slipped them down in back so that I could caress her bare cheeks. She still had her arms around my neck and seemed completely focused on making out until she pulled away from me and asked if I would fuck her ass.

My eyes must have gone wide because she smiled back at me sheepishly, but I managed to nod and started to turn her around. She bent over and supported herself with her arms against my mattress as I simultaneously raised her skirt and dropped to my knees. I didn't have any lube, so I just started slobbering on her asshole, licking it and probing it with the tip of my tongue, until I felt it was good to go. As I stood again, I opened my jeans and got my rigid cock out, first guiding it into her slippery pussy to get it all lubed up, too. After a minute or so of highly pleasurable thrusting, I slipped out and guided my cock between her cheeks, easing it into her ass. She let out the growl I normally heard as she was cumming and reached back with one hand to work on her pussy while I commenced slowly fucking her ass.

I knew right away that this wasn't going to last long. Her pussy was hot and slippery, but her ass was much tighter and I could immediately feel the stirrings of an orgasm after just a few strokes. Based on the noises Irene was making, it didn't appear as though it was going to take her very long to cum, either. I was holding her by the hips, her skirt up around her waist and was admiring her ass as my cock penetrated it repeatedly. We started with her standing, bent over, but managed to get her kneeling on the edge of my bed without losing our rhythm. When she started pushing back hard against me, I took it as an indication that she wanted me to pick up the pace. This, of course, would mean cumming sooner, but I figured that, if it made her happy, it would ultimately make me happy as well. My experience had been that a satisfied woman was a giving woman and Irene had already been extremely giving.

With her knees on the edge of the bed and her face against the comforter, Irene had both hands between her legs and that, along with my cock, clearly had her right on the verge of cumming. She was still pushing back against me and moaning loudly while I felt pleasure surging through me and knew that I'd be cumming soon after her if not at the same time. When I heard that growling sound again, I knew that she had beaten me to the punch, but I wasn't complaining. I kept fucking her ass as she came, my own orgasm still building and, by the time she finished cumming, I was on the verge of shooting my load into her ass. A few more thrusts and I exploded with a cry of pleasure. I kept fucking her until I was completely spent, then pulled out as she rolled onto her side. Without even getting undressed, she moved up the bed and may have been asleep before I even joined her.

The next morning it was my turn to get up early, needing to pee. I pulled my jeans back on, headed down the hall to take care of my business, then went back to my room. As I bolted the door again, I took a look at Irene lying there with her skirt still up around her waist and her panties still on the floor and couldn't resist lying between her legs and licking her pussy. Much as I had the previous morning, she gradually awakened and realized what was going on, her hand soon finding my hair as she rocked her hips in rhythm with my licking. I slipped a finger into her juicy pussy and focused on licking and sucking her clit, causing her to let out a cry. My cock was a steel rod in my jeans but I wanted to make her cum before it came out again. It was plainly obvious that she was well on her way and I could feel her pussy getting wetter and more engorged the longer I ate her. She was moaning softly, though getting a bit louder, and kept up the rhythm with her hips as my finger pumped in and out of her juicy pussy.

I surmised that she was getting much closer as she picked up her pace and, though I was really enjoying having my face buried in her pussy, lapping up her pungent secretions, I was also looking forward to slipping my cock into her again. She clamped her smooth thighs around my ears, drowning out her moaning as she started to tense up while I kept licking, sucking and fingering her. I didn't hear what kind of sound she made as she started to cum, but could feel the tremors coursing through her as she started to relax her grip. By the time she'd finished cumming, I could hear again. I raised my head and watched her chest heaving as she caught her breath, then moved up over her to press my lips against hers. After we made out for a few seconds, she pulled her mouth from mine and asked whether or not I was going to fuck her. I told her that, since this was going to be our last opportunity for we didn't know how long, I was not going to fuck her until she was completely naked.

I moved up off of her and sat back on my heels as she sat up, then helped her out of her shirt. She'd never even unfastened her bra the previous night, much less taken it off, so I remedied that as well, exposing her luscious breasts. I couldn't resist fondling then licking them as she worked to unfasten her skirt but, as she started to wriggle out of her skirt, I stopped to help her. I was still entranced to see her lying there naked on my bed and my cock was still throbbing in my jeans, so I stood up and slipped my jeans down and off. My cock was sticking straight out but I raised it up as I stepped closer to Irene so she could tongue my balls, then guided it into her mouth so that she could suck it briefly. I relished the feel of her mouth for a few moments before sliding my cock free and sitting on my bed while encouraging her to straddle me.

I guided my cock into her hot pussy as she sat on my lap, facing me. With her legs wrapped around my back, she started to ride my cock as I held her ass and helped her up and down. We made out as I relished the feel of her ass in my hands and her hot pussy sliding up and down my tool. I could feel her hard nipples brushing against my chest as she bounced up and down and, had my hands not been full with her sweet ass, I would have been fondling the soft flesh of her tits. While I didn't question that, after a weekend like this, we'd definitely be fucking each other again, I didn't know for sure when we'd be able to pull it off, so I was making sure that I appreciated everything about the moment we were experiencing. The feel of her hot, slippery pussy sliding up and down my throbbing shaft had an orgasm beginning to build in no time but, I'm sure due to her having just had an orgasm of her own, she seemed to be on the verge again quicker than I expected.

While I wanted to fuck her for as long as possible, I also wanted her to experience maximum pleasure so, going with what I knew worked for her, I slipped a finger between her cheeks and gently massaged her anus. I didn't even have to slip my finger into her ass before she pulled her mouth from mine, threw her head back and let out her signature growl as she came. Her pussy felt even more incredible as it was flooded with more fluids but, before I got much of a chance to fuck her longer, she climbed off of me and asked if I wanted to finish between her tits. I nodded enthusiastically and smiled as she lay on her back and I moved to straddle her ribs. Laying my cock between her tits, she squeezed them together and I began to slowly fuck them. I knew right away that this was certainly not going to delay my orgasm but, since she'd already cum, I wasn't too concerned about it.

I was looking down at her luscious tits wrapped around my cock, admiring her large areolas and hard nipples, which caused me to become even more aroused. Irene was watching the head of my cock while holding her tits and I had a feeling, based on how aroused I was, that I might get some good pressure behind my cum this time. The soft, smooth flesh caused my orgasm to continue to build and I was enjoying the increasing level of pleasure that I was feeling. My cock swelled further as I was on the verge of shooting my load and we were both focused on the end of my cock right up to the point where I grunted and started to shoot my load. The first shot hit Irene on her lips and cheek, so she immediately opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to catch as much as she could. By the time I was spent, she had a dribble of cum on her chest, a strand on her face and had caught a bit on her tongue. I lay beside her as she cleaned herself up and fondled her tits while licking and sucking her hard nipples.

Eventually we had to face the fact that she'd need to make her way back home so we got up and took our showers, then had a nice, long breakfast at the dining hall. She wasn't worried about telling Jim that she'd come to visit me, even though he knew my reputation, because she didn't think he'd be able to fathom that she'd even consider cheating on him. Of course, she was also sure that he was confident that she had no idea that he had already cheated on her plenty. She did plan to tell him that I'd flirted with her, tested the waters and, once she'd told me no, that I'd respected that and we'd had a great time. If he called me, I was planning to tell him that I'd fucked her because that is what he'd expect me to say, whether it was true or not. We figured we'd be okay and that would mean the door would be open for another visit. After breakfast, we made sure she had everything she'd come with, aside from one pair of her panties which she left in my care until the next time we saw each other, then we headed down to Penn Station.

As she got ready to board her train, we agreed that it had been a remarkable weekend and neither of us could wait until we figured out when we could get together again.

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