She liked the way he revved his engine and the way he gripped the custom shifter, like a race car driver fighting to finish first.

The engine purred as they took the sharp curves of the isolated mountain roads. Sunlit streams of blinding gold stuck them with every turn. His green eyes teemed with delight with every squeal of her excited voice as he put the pedal to the metal. White-knuckled, she grabbed the dashboard to steady herself.

It was difficult to keep his concentration on the road ahead. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her beauty. Her pale, petal soft skin and ice-blue eyes made his mouth water. Her smile radiated the joy he wished for so long. She wore a purple embroidered tank top that showed her cleavage nicely.

"Where are we going, Mike?" she said sweetly.

"It's a surprise, darling."

He knew that she liked surprises, especially the ones that involved his beautiful yellow Mustang.

His tires screamed as he turned the last sharp curve. She grabbed his leg and squeezed it painfully. He didn't care about the pain as she leaned over to whisper something in his ear. Her breath was warm and the way she said, "More", made his manhood stir.

She nibbled his ear as he downshifted and ran her fingers through his hair as he turned the wheel. Her eyes narrowed and her smile widened. She knew this was making him want her and it made her wet. As the car neared the summit of the mountain, he quickly reached over to touch her face between shifting.

"What more could I want?" he whispered to her as she slid her hand from his leg onto his erection. She played with his cock gently, while kissing his neck. She wanted him.

She wanted him inside her. Inside her sweet pussy. Inside her mind. Inside her heart.

The mustang pulled into a secluded parking spot. There was no one around. The sun was warm on their bodies with the top down.

No act of nature could stop what was going to happen. Nothing was going to extinguish the fire of their desire.

He shut off the engine and turned up the radio. Maroon 5 was feeding the passion in their souls. He grabbed her face and they kissed.

With his hands, he gently reached down her tank and squeezed her breasts, tweaking her hard, pierced nipples while she moaned.

While her lips parted and they shared the passion, she undid his belt, reaching into his jeans to find treasure.

An eagle screamed overhead as she took her other hand to adjust his seat all the way back. He sighed as she grabbed his balls.

"More, please" his voice shuttered.

Forcefully he undid the button on her skinny jeans, sliding his finger into her dripping, hot hole.

She groaned, "Yessss!"

With his rock hard cock out in the sunlight, she licked her lips and put her head in his lap, using her tongue to bathe the head of his manhood. She let out a breath, stroked his balls and shoved his cock inside of her mouth. He ran his fingers through her hair and he leaned his head back to stare at the blue sky.

He was in heaven and the world buzzed around him as she gave him the best head he ever had.

As she sucked the proverbial 'golf ball through a garden hose' she slid off her jeans. She wasn't wearing panties.

As she turned her body to 'table position', his wet fingers, slid past the sweet ass cheeks, to probe her hole. Her muffled moans were the proof he knew she was enjoying.

He played clit with her until moans became the orgasm they both desired, but the afterglow made her want more.

She jumped into his lap, facing his beautiful green eyes and kissed him.

With his wet cock and her wet pussy, she slid his manhood into the depths of her soul. She grabbed the headrest as she played rodeo on his cock.

"You like that sweet pussy?" she grinned.

He could not respond, but he gritted his teeth and grabbed her hips to help him deeper into her tightness.

"Fuck me harder!"

She looked up at the blue sky as he pleasured her. He flicked his tongue over her nipples as she went up and down on his cock.

The ebb and flow of the electric sex was more than they could handle. He slapped her ass as she dug her nails into his shoulders.

"Cum inside of my hot pussy!" she yelled. It echoed through the valley below.

He let out a yell that would wake the dead and filled her with his cum. It was the release they both wanted. It was the finale of the passion their souls shared.

They both collapsed in the seat and held each other as they watched the sun set over the horizon. All was quiet and life was good.

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