tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Arrogance Got Me Blacked

My Arrogance Got Me Blacked


It was Tuesday morning, about 10:15am. I was on my knees, head down, naked, hands tied behind my back. I was near the end of my bed, feet hanging over the edge. He was behind me, I suppose on his knees too, on the carpet. And I was finding it increasingly harder to resist his attention to my pussy.

His tongue was beginning to get to me, up and down, in and out; also my pussy was being subjected to a severe sucking. My clit was beginning to take control of my senses. I was getting aroused; my body was starting that familiar tingle when I get hot! And there was nothing to do to stop it.

I had also been thoroughly spanked; my backside was sore and stinging. But it had also set me on the road, of which I was now travelling.

I felt a finger tip work its way into my unprotected arse, as his tongue continued devastating me.

I had been a bloody fool; my arrogance, and self pride had finally caught up with me, and apart from being shot. Which I knew was never going to occur. I was now paying the ultimate price.

My husband had repeatedly warned me over the years, that I would one day; pay a price of sorts for my ways.

I was about to pay the price now, to be raped, but in truth now. I was being utterly turned on and seduced.

I would never have willingly let this man near me, not ever. But he was in control, he had me, I was his prisoner, his captive. My body was in his hands, along with my immediate future.

It had all started the previous day. I had just dropped off my two small children at school, and headed into town to do some grocery shopping etc.

I drove down a parking aisle near the door to the mega store, looking for a place, so I didn't have to walk too far. I was just about to head off to a further spot, when someone backed out, so I drove straight in.

What I hadn't seen was a car that had been waiting at the side, and was intending to claim the place. Well, that was before I drove in.

As I got out, and to lock my car, I heard a voice shouting at me, that the spot was his, he had been waiting, and would I please vacate it.

I pondered for a moment, then said. "Sorry, I'm here now, so you'll have to look elsewhere." And with that, I locked it, and started walking off.

"Hey, you!" A voice behind me said.

I turned and was confronted by an irate young black man.

"That is my place, I was waiting, now get back in your fucking car and move it!" he demanded.

I do not like people speaking to me like that! No one, but no one, speaks to me that way!

So I middle fingered him, and said quietly, but sternly.

"You can fuck off!"

With that I turned, and waltzed into the store, sashaying my hips as I went.

"Cunt," I said to myself, "who the fuck, did he think he was?"

I was about to find out the following day.

My problem was as I've mentioned, is my arrogance, I knew it had always been an issue with some people. But when you look like I do, the best thing I have always found, and to my advantage, was to use my looks, and to flaunt it.

I am Sian, I am 28 years old, had my birthday last week, and it was a blast.

I know what they say about women reaching their absolute potential and sexual maturity. I was now at that age, and would be for at least the next 10 to 15 years. I believed it.

I was, in my own mind, the most beautiful, sensual, alluring woman around.

The story goes like this doesn't it?

At the age of 8, you take her to bed, and tell her a story.

At 18, you tell her a story, and then take her to bed.

At 28, you can't tell her anything!

At 38 she tells you!

Well, as far as I was concerned, that was me!

I know it sounds bigheaded, but I was happy with my belief.

I was a tease, and had been unfaithful 3 or 4 times with my husband's friends, and once with the very dishy, young and cute teacher of my son. But only when the mood suited me, had I allowed them to seduce me.

They had been given the honour from me, allowing them, to fuck me.

I had my friends, I had my detractors, but if other women couldn't handle me being way more beautiful than them, tough shit!

I am 5ft 7" tall, and really I would have loved another 2 or 3 inches in height, but hey ho!

My hair is long, soft, glossy, silky, tapers down to a point in the middle of my back, and I'm blonde, all the way honey blonde.

I have been blessed with a beautiful face, I was hunted when I was younger for modelling, but I turned it all down in favour of wedded bliss!

My eyes are big and emerald green, long blond lashes.

My nose is pert; and my lips are full, with a seductive down turn at the corners.

My body is in sync with my face; my tits are lovely, full breasted without being too big, cork like upturned nipples, which I just love being played with, so so sensitive.

Slim waist, narrow but full hipped.

My legs go on forever.

And I love sex, that's why I've let others seduce me in my marriage, I always need more than Dave, my husband, can sometimes give me.

I first had sex at an early, but legal age. My dad's brother was my first lover, my uncle Larry, he seduced me one summer when I was staying with them on their farm. He taught me about lovemaking for a year, before we got found out, what a ruction that caused.

He showed me, and taught me how beautiful I was, even at that age; even though I knew I was special. And what it could bring me, if I used it correctly. That's where I got my arrogance from really. I learned to pout, I started being aloof, and non attentive.

It worked too, boys and men chased me from all corners, they just wanted to bed that arrogant bitch. Her, who just thought she was more beautiful, that she didn't care, and was better than anyone else.

But, I did have what most women didn't, beauty! Something that I worked on. In the end I was confident that I could gain any mans attention. Whether their women liked it, or not.

What they didn't know was, I was always fucking somebody on the QT somewhere.

Then I married. My husband is a 'safe pair of hands,' he looks after me. I know what I do is wrong, being unfaithful like I am, but it keeps me happy, and to stay with him.

He has a very good job, is extremely well paid, and we have a huge secluded 5 bed roomed house.

Like I said, we have 2 small children, so in reality, we have everything, it's just the urge to get my brains fucked out every now and then, that spoil things really.

And I was feeling that urge again these last few days; I had actively been considering whom, when and where, would get the honour. To be able to fuck and making love to, this beautiful sexy woman, in a once only deal.

Now back to my arrogance, I hope I haven't come across as a really shallow person, because I don't think I am. I am a good loving mother, and would kill for my kids.

I protect my husband, from anything I feel he needs protection from.

And, thank god, he loves me; I think he has suspected my infidelity, but not all of them. He is well aware I am a target for most men, and all boys of a lustful age. And indeed, I have been targeted by a couple of women friends too.

But I haven't gone down that road, yet!

This day, I had dropped off my children, and made my way home. I was in the kitchen, when the door bell rang. Thinking it was a friend; I opened it, and in walked the big young black man from the car park yesterday.

He grabbed me by my hair, held me down and walked off with me tumbling behind him. I heard, above my protestations, the doors being locked.

I was half dragged, and half walked upstairs, straightaway, I thought, he is going to beat me. And there isn't a sole around who could hear me if I called for help.

Dragged into the master bedroom, he let me go, and said.

"Now you bitch, you have pissed me off big time; no one does that to me, no one!"

"You are going to pay the price, and taught some manners on the way, by your superior. Me!"

"Get stripped off, and now!" He roared, which scared me to death.

I stammered, and stuttered, and hesitated, was this really happening?

My hesitation caused him to grab me by my hair again.

I was forced down onto my bed, face down; I felt my dress being pulled up. And felt my panties being ripped away.

Then I got a solid, severe, and painful spanking. I put my hands behind me to try and cover my burning rump. But he just collected my wrists, climbed over me and sat on my back, holding me down. Now I was totally defenceless.

He continued to thrash me, no one had ever treated me in this way, not only was it very painful, it was humiliating in the extreme.

I was in tears; no one had ever dominated me in this fashion. I had always been used to getting my own way. He was taking my dignity, my esteem. He was taking me over, commanding me, and I didn't like it one bit.

He even rubbed my pussy, and my little puckered brown hole.

But what could I do? Nothing! That's what.

I couldn't move, I was trapped, and at his mercy.


That's what I shouted for, to please stop, and have mercy on me. I was sorry for the rude crude behaviour of yesterday. That I would do anything he said, if he left me alone.

After a few more punishing slaps, he stopped.

He pulled me to my feet and asked me what he had ordered me to do?

"You told me, to, to get undressed." I replied meekly, as the tears fell down my cheeks.

"Well," he yelled into my face.

I quickly stripped after he raised his hand again.

"On the bed, now," he ordered me.

I got on, "get up on your knees, and hands behind your back!"

I did as told, and then I was tied.

I was seriously frightened now.

"Please," I begged, "please don't hurt me, I'm so sorry, I really am," I pleaded.

His answer was to yank me by my hips, so my feet were over the edge of the bed.

"Good," he said, as he stroked my sore beaten buttocks, "just how I had imagined you, er, what's your name baby?"

"Sian," I replied tearfully.

"You really are a beauty, aren't you Sian, I hope you can fuck, and suck, as well as you look" He chortled.

Oh Jesus, I thought, I am going to be had?

I heard him getting undressed; I heard his zip come down, then an odd grunt, as he threw his clothes to one side.

"Sian, I'm not going to hurt you, but I will lash your arse again, if you don't behave, okay?"

"I'll be good, I promise," and I meant it too. I wanted to get out of this as soon as I could.

That's when I felt the first lick and probe of his tongue.

He made me spread my knees; my pussy lips would be wide open to him. Which, could only heighten my arousal when it washed over me.

"You really are a sexy beauty Sian, aren't you?" he said.

I just muffled into the bed covers, not wanting to answer him.


I turned my head to one side and said.

"Yes, yes I am, for you I am, I will be anything you want me to be."

"Good girl, I'm sure we are going to have lots of fun today baby?" He told me.

"I have a question for you Sian."

"Yes?" I replied.

"Have you ever been blacked before?"

"No," I replied truthfully.

I had always wanted to be. I had always wanted to find out if it was as true, as it was rumoured, about black men?

But I had never had the opportunity. A friend of mine had, she was a blonde, she had loved it. All that black skin all over you, it's wonderful, she had told me.

And I, being the beautiful blonde that I am, was going to find out, the hard way!

His tongue was lashing my clit, as well as my pussy, his finger dipped in and out of my arse. And because my knees were wide apart, I had no defence to his probing tongue and lips.

He was beginning to burn me up, I had no way of stopping it, this was a fantasy I had dreamed of. Of being taken, used and abused by a dominant black male.

And it was coming true, wanted or not.

I tried to fight the feelings welling up from my clit, through my pussy, to my nipples. All around my body it went, and then into my brain. Where I would succumb to it, without any further protest from me!

But it was him, reaching up beneath me and tweaking, then twisting my nipples that sank me.

I had absolutely no defence to this sudden, all consuming attack.

I came; he ravished my pussy with his tongue. His fingers ravishing my stud like nipples. He lapped me all the way to the finish.

My nipples were driving me mad, or rather, he was.

I remember howling into the bed covers, as my orgasm shot through me.

It caved me in completely.

I sagged into the bed, my pussy was on fire. Now I wanted to be fucked; the fact that it would legally be rape never entered my head. I wanted cocking, and soon, real soon. I had been thinking of taking a one off lover, and here I was, wide open, now very willing, and very very able.

After what seemed like an eternity, he got hold of my upper arms and lifted me up. I was expecting to be raised right up onto my knees, but I wasn't.

I was shuffled forward up the bed.

A leg appeared then a knee, smooth black skin. I shuddered, if he was leading me like this, then I was going to be made to suck cock, his black cock.

I felt hands on my shoulders, holding me in place. Fucking hell I thought, where am I going to go? I was on my knees hands tied behind me, and at the mercy of this black man.

Two knees appeared in front of me, now I knew I was going to be face fucked, and before you ask, yes I do. I love sucking cock, it's an equal favourite, along with being rogered from behind.

Without further ado, his hands held me by my head, my shiny blonde hair was gathered, and he must have made a pony tail, using it like a handle. My mouth was jammed down onto the widest, hottest thing I have ever had in my mouth.

Then his legs slithered either side of me, and I was looking up lengthways at this black man who was treating himself to my mouth.

He rapped my head, and said.

"Get sucking and licking me bitch or, I will beat you 10 times harder!"

His voice was soft and gentle, but his words weren't, not one jot!

A further rap convinced me to obey, I went at him as hard and as fast as I could.

His legs under me held me up, so I was in what, can only be called the optimum position for my task.

I was pulled up the bed now, he wanted me where he could get at me, no permission asked.

He flopped back, and moaning in no time, so I must be pleasing him, I thought?

Lifting my head by my hair. He so slowly just lowered my mouth back onto his jet wash prick. It just eased its way in; I tried to move a little to give it a free entry.

It got one.

I started sucking as well as I could, I was so fully turned on now. I wanted to suck this big black cock, I kept my eyes wide open, so I could savour every moment of my degradation.

He began pumping my head up and down, he was making me wank him with my mouth. I loved it.

Then I felt heat, and then more heat, emanating from the apple in my mouth, I say apple, because that's what it felt like.

He was on his way, I redoubled my efforts to make him cum, and I got my reward. He shot cup full's of cum into me. I swallowed it as each blow out erupted.

I drained him as best as I could. He seemed very pleased with me too, he laid back and rested.

He caressed the top of my head; I just lay there between his legs, the head still in my mouth, looking up at him.

I was filled with pride, I know I shouldn't have been, but I was. I had made him cum, he hadn't cum on his own, I had made him.

As he rested, he relaxed his grip on me, I actually thought he was going to stop now, and let me go, no suck luck!

But at the back of my mind, did I want to be released? I had had that black baseball bat in my mouth; I now wanted it where it would do me more than good.

He pulled on my hair, it hurt like hell, but I slid up the bed to where he wanted me.

That's when he untied me, with a warning, that if I did anything that annoyed him, I would be in serious trouble!

He turned to me and sort of rolled half over me, took me in his arms, kissed me, his thick lips covered mine. His tongue found its way into my mouth, and he played tonsil hockey with me, I lost!

His fingers found my nipples and in seconds I was up the rigging again, boy, he certainly was pulling my strings, and pressing my buttons. I was dancing to his tune, and he knew it.

He guided my hand to his prick and said to get to work on it, he wanted it hard. So he could give me a fucking so hard, that it would teach me the error of my ways.

I almost said to him. "I think you already have shown me that," but I didn't want to deter him from giving me what I wanted most.

The fucking, he had just said he was going to give me!

I did what he wanted; I didn't need forcing to do anything now.

He was going to fuck me, I wanted a fucking. So?

I felt his cock swelling in my hand, it got bigger and bigger. God it was enormous.

I was looking at him, I was beginning to understanding who he was. He was quite good looking, his eyes were bright, his face was nice, and his teeth were white and even.

And he was very well built, a hard body, and he didn't smoke, I hate that.

More to the point though, for me was. He didn't smell, well, he did, but it was a man smell, and I liked it.

"Sian," he said, "I am pleased to have met you, I am going to fuck your brains out, just like I said. But the thing is, you want it now don't you? Mmmm."

"Please say you won't hurt me will you, promise me please?"

"If you promise me that, I will give you everything you want, as often as you want, I will, I really will?"

"And yes, I do want you now, honestly. I want you to fuck me so deep and hard, I really do!"

He lifted himself over me, "put me in you Sian, let's get going, okay?"

I did, he pushed in, he had to, it was much thicker than anything I had had, so there was no chance of it 'sliding' in!

I felt the great fat head of his cock, pushing the inners of my pussy to one side, it was the most incredible sensation I had ever had. It blew me apart.

All I could do now was, to hang on, he had already beaten me, and I don't mean the spanking.

It seemed to get bigger, and thicker as it did. God I was being stretched and filled like I had never been. Uncle Larry has a big cock, but nothing has filled me like this.

Then he started giving it to me, in seconds I was like a rag doll in a strong wind, I was being battered back and forth as he rammed his prick in and out of me.

It was such an intense hammering; I was cumming in no time because of what he was doing. He had a hold of my nipples; I don't know how it was.

I was being fucked as hard as I had ever been fucked, no, not that. I had never been fucked as hard as this, it was incredible.

I was cumming in a constant stream, it was devastating me. I wanted him to cum, to give me a respite, but it was several minutes before he did.

And when he came, if I hadn't been held down, I'm sure I would have hit the wall above my bed!

I think I must have passed out, because when I opened my eyes, I was laid next to him.

I then got my first real look at him, he squeezed a nipple.

I groaned with a new arousal, he knew what he was doing.

"Please stop, please, you are driving me crazy?"

He intensified his efforts. I moaned more and more.

I felt a finger tickle my pussy.

I turned and saw him, and it seemed for the first time too.

He was a very good looking man, or boy?

He was definitely younger than me, I estimated about 21 or 22 or thereabouts?

He pulled me, and turned me to him, then he kissed me, being so close to black skin like this was wonderment in itself.

I could see my blonde hair on his face, around his head. It was just so erotic. I had been totally turned on by him. He was handling me like he knew every inch of me, I was responding well, proper, and entirely.

"Who are you? What is your name?" I asked him.

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