tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Birthday Present

My Birthday Present


I was still in school and broke. I had a great girlfriend who was in the same boat. We got along great, she looked great, and she loved sex almost as much as I.

My birthday was fast approaching. I was lucky and it was on a Sunday this year. While I would work my job during the day, I would be home in the evening. And Karen, my girlfriend, told me that she was going to make my birthday something special.

Sunday came and just seemed to drag at work. It wasn't busy so I kept drifting off thinking about what Karen might do to me that night. That kept making me hard. Since I work fast food, having to hide my erection from the few customers that came in was no fun. Not to mention hiding it from my coworkers.

My shift finally ended, I got home as fast as I could, jumped into the shower, and headed over to Karen's place. I got there and gave her a hug. She felt my hard cock as I hugged her and smiled.

I noticed that she was wearing a long sun dress. That was strange, she almost never wore a dress. And I've never seen her in a long dress unless it was some formal thing. When I asked her about it, she told me it was part of my gift.

She had me remove my underwear and put my shorts back on. While I was doing that, she ran into the other room. She got back just as I was fighting to get my hard cock into my shorts. She smiled at my struggle but didn't offer to help.

She told me it was time to go. I followed and we both got in her car. I had no clue where we were going. And she wasn't talking.

15 minutes later, we pulled up to a beach we liked to go to. She parked the car and signaled to me to follow her. I did. And I was hard again.

She sat me down on a bench on the walking path right next to the beach. There are a few people on the path enjoying the night.

I will never forget what she did next. As soon as there was nobody nearby; she opened my pants and pulled out my cock. Right here, sitting on a bench at a public beach. She gave it a few strokes while I enjoyed what she was doing.

Next thing I know, she is straddling me. She pulled her dress up and over us so that it was covering us. My cock found it's way into her pussy. OMG, I just realized she wasn't wearing panties. And now she's fucking me in public.

She slowly goes down until I'm fully in her. She gives me this look and kisses me hard. I kiss back just as hard. After a few seconds, I'm really starting to feel horny and lose some focus on the kiss.

She starts to ride me. I'm trying really hard to be quiet because there are people walking by. It's really hard for me to stay quiet; she's moving slowly and each movement is like a bolt of lightning through my cock.

OMG, this is the best fucking I've ever had. I want to grab her tits but I can't because of where we are.

My orgasm starts to build. Karen must have felt it too because she stops and whispers in my ear "How do you like your birthday present?"

I whisper back, with a bit of a stutter, that I love it.

She lets a few more seconds pass and starts to ride me again. She's moving slowly so I don't know if the people walking by can tell what is happening. After another couple of minutes, as my orgasm is building again, she stops.

I notice that nobody is around so I ask her "Do you want me to cum when people are around"?

"No, it just makes it more fun for me" she replies and starts riding me again.

She continues this for a little longer. I'm so horny I can barely stand it. It is taking all of my focus not to moan and not to grab her and fuck her hard.

She stops again. I'm so horny that I mumble "Please, let me cum" in her ear.

She starts riding me again as soon as I ask my question but even more slowly. "OMG, please" I whisper in her ear.

She smiles at me, "But this is what you've told me you've always wanted; being teased and not being able to cum. So enjoy."

Hearing her tell me that, knowing that this was going to continue until she wanted it to end was making me enjoy it all the more. And it was getting really hard to stay quiet.

She's grinding her hips against mine; I'm almost at the point of no return when she stops again.

"Time for you to cool down a little".

"No, please" I beg.

"I can just stop if you'd prefer" she tells me sternly.

"No, please, no" I beg sounding even more pitiful than before. My reply, or my desperation, makes her smile.

It takes forever for me to stop feeling ready to cum.

A couple of minutes pass and she starts to ride me again. This time she is going a little bit faster. I notice people looking at us as they pass by. It doesn't take long before I feel my orgasm building once again. I've decided I don't care if people are watching, I just want to cum.

Before I cum, she slows down, almost stopping. It's as if she can sense how far she can push me. She stops riding me but starts grinding her hips into me.

"Oh my God" I blurt out a little too loudly. It makes the few people passing by look at us. One couple stops and stares. I can barely contain myself as she continues to grind.

They finally move on and Karen starts fucking me again. She is going excruciatingly slowly.

"Will you do anything to cum?" she asks me.

Without thinking, I reply "Yes". I let another too loud moan. Looking around right after, I notice a few people staring at us.

Karen gets up letting my cock fall out of her. She then stands up, letting my hard, purple, engorged cock out for everyone to see.

Quickly, she kneels down, grabs my cock with her hand and starts pumping. We've attracted an audience now; there are about 10 people watching.

I moan louder now. Karen continues to stroke me slowly. My orgasm is building and i'm getting close to cumming.

Another 30 seconds pass and I feel my orgasm start. I moan loudly as the the first spurt of cum shoots from my cock. She keeps stroking me and I continue to spurt cum all over. I don't know how long this lasted, felt like forever, I didn't want it to end. When it is over, I'm totally spent. I see cum all over my cock, some on my leg and some on the ground.

Karen puts my softening cock back in my pants and gets me up. We get back to her car and leave.

I will never forget this day as long as I live.

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