tagGroup SexMy Brother's Back Ch. 02

My Brother's Back Ch. 02


(This chapter is a bit disjointed as it puts some things into play for later)



My first week back in town I located a nice little bar that felt more like a pub. It had three necessary factors: a small familiar crowd, good liquor, and no gun checks at the door. Now I'm not a huge fan of a routine but sometimes you need a familiar place to unwind even if that means people looking for you can stop by for a 'chat'.

I notice the two of them at the bar when I come in. I'm hardly someone the bartender would consider a regular (I haven't been there at least five years) but he knows me and doesn't know them. He gives me a nod which I return. The girl member of the duo gets up leaving her beer and walks over to me. I keep track of her out of the corner of my eye. The guy tilts himself toward me making it easier to draw down if the situation demands it.

"Mind if I sit here?" she asks sliding in before I can say no. "Buy me a drink?" I give her a look over. She's attractive with rich full lips, medium brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her facial features are strong and well-crafted that accentuates her neck and broad shoulders. Her breasts are a B/C size more lined up with the center. She has a taut stomach and waist but fuller hips and legs that just won't stop. I imagine her ass is pretty nice too.

"What do you need?" I say in a bored voice. She gives me a foxy smile.

"Can't a girl sit down for a bit of conversation?"

"Is that the girl with the 9mm on her hip or the girl with the ankle holster," I stare at her. She doesn't move. I figure her partner is too far away to hear what's going on.

"Oh, well I suppose you would be perceptive," she admits. "Mr. Talle I would like to ask you some questions."

"Is SWAT outside waiting for me?" I interject. I am a mass murderer after all.


"Ask away," I tell her.

"Several bodies have been showing up dead recently. Would you know anything about this?" she asks.

"I plead the Fifth," I respond.

"At one of the shootings eight men were all killed with one weapon. That's some very impressive shooting skills," she hints.

"Maybe several guys juggled the gun back and forth," is my sarcastic alternative.

"There is some real pressure to deal with this. There is a fear that a major gang war breaking and that means people dying; some of them innocent," she tells me.

"What do you want me to do about it?" I wonder.

"Why don't you help us deal with this matter? We can help you out," she offers.

"You can probably arrest me but you are not which makes me wonder what is really going on here. Are you going to beat around the bush or can I go home?" I sigh impatiently.

"Do you want us to arrest you now? I'm sure you don't have a permit for that gun," she now threatens.

"It's in the car," I reply. She stares at me for a minute.

"Let's try this again. I'm Detective Serendipity Smith," she says evenly.

"Serendipity? Seriously? Man your parents must have hated you. I'm Christian Talle, but you already know that," I respond.

"I do, but what I don't know is what you are doing back in town?" she smiles.

"I've come back home and now I do odd jobs to get by," I grin back. Is it really a lie if we both know I'm making all this up?

"I am more concerned about what you are doing on these odd jobs. You are making things unsettled on the streets. People are afraid," she tells me.

"What is it that you think I am doing?" I counter.

"You are helping a new player move into the drug market," she answers.

"Now we are back to the question of why I'm not in jail," I relate to her. We look at each other for a few seconds and then I'm back 'In Country' except this time I'm the tribal warlord and she's the Government operative with the bigger enemy to fight. "You want me to keep up with what I'm doing but under your control," I suggest.

"That would be illegal," she gives me a wink and a smile.

"So, who do you want me to kill?" I inquire.

"It isn't that easy," she tells me. "It is more that we want to know who you are aiming for or who you having trouble with."

"What is in it for me?" I question.

"You don't go to jail today for one thing," she responds.

"Do you know when I came home all I wanted to do was work at a gym," I inform her.

"That doesn't seem to have worked out all that well," she points out.

"How do we communicate?" I ask. Serendipity hands me a card, which I see is not her official police issue; probably some sort of special task force that will never, ever admit to making any deal with me. "Is there any other person I should be talking to?"

"No, I think it is safe to say it will only be you and I," she answers.

"No. I want to talk to the person in charge. That's not negotiable. If you are working alone I might as well face a trial now where I can garner some sympathy for saving a girl's life," I reply. "How do you think you will avoid Foster long enough to get to trial?" she threatens me.

"I'll take my chances," I say in a blasé voice.

"Awful sure of yourself, aren't you?" she notes.

"Not really; you have a plan but so do I and my plan doesn't involve me being in general population. Now if you can figure that one out I'll give you a cookie," I glare at her. She studies me for a minute then nods.

"I'll arrange a meeting if possible or arrest you if not," she smiles. "Is that good enough?" It is my turn to nod. She's welcome to try and catch me if she can.

"One thing I would like to know on a personal level," she asks. I wait so she continues, "Why take the risk for Regina Blackburn?"

"She's a great piece of ass," is my glib reply. "Are you offering to take her place?" Serendipity smirks and gives me a 'ya right' expression.

"In that case I need to go," I tell her. I finish my beer and head out the door. I can feel her eyes upon me and in a way I almost feel sorry for her and her boss. Violence hates constraint and better people than a bunch of metropolitan cops have tried and failed. What matters right now is that I'm free to walk the streets. Being in jail would really limit my options.


I wordlessly welcome Jewel into off the elevator letting her stand inside fidgeting uncomfortably. This is the second time over tonight. Earlier she came by, she told me that a few of the others knew about our meeting and I sent her home after fifteen minutes. Her car has GPS after all so I make her come back in a cab paid for in cash. I don't want interruption.

"Come with me," I motion toward my living area. There Regina is waiting for us and Jewel gives me a curious look. I sit down in the chair closest to the couch giving the only two places to sit being on either side of Regina.

"What is this all about?" Jewel inquires nervously.

"Jewel we were friends; you of all of them kept in touch with me. You gave a crap. What I need to know now is if we are still friends?" I question Jewel.

"What? Of course we are still friends Christian," Jewel says with some relief.

"Prove it," I tell her as I stand up and hover over her.

"Christian, I don't understand. What is it that you want me to do?" Jewel wonders.

"Stand up," I command her. Jewel hesitates uncertain what to do then stands up. I cup her face in my hands and kiss her. Jewel tries to pull away but I'm far too strong. "Take off your clothes," I tell her next.

"Please Christian, don't do this," she pleads.

"Jewel, how many people have you asked me to kill for you? Did you think the price would be paid solely in cash? Now take off your clothes," I repeat. Jewel looks pitiful and frightened. She's hoped to keep her hands clean and rake in the money. I don't think so.

"What else can I do?" she begs.

"Take off your clothes," I say yet again. Jewel sees she's not getting anything with reason and undoubtedly hopes this is some perverse game on my part. The jacket comes off and falls onto the sofa. I pull her in and kiss her again with less resistance on her part this time. I know she doesn't have much sexual experience.

I move my fingers to her shirt and start pulling up. Once more she tries to resist feebly but it is more of a token resistance now as she starts sniffling. Clearly she can't believe this is happening to her. As I reach for the clasp in front of her bra and open it I give her one more way out.

"You can walk out right now -- one last chance -- and we are done. I'll leave you and the others for Cedric Foster to deal with. I'm sure he'll get me eventually, but I don't think you want to imagine what his killers will do to you. Walk away or stay; your choice," I state. Jewel is paralyzed. In my eyes she imagines the eyes of her killers and I can see the fantasies of easy money being swept away. I see the 'please' form on her lips.

I open her bra and begin massaging her breasts. They are actually quite nice, firm and large for her light frame. I kiss her again and this time she holds eye contact.

"Take off your skirt," I dictate to her. Jewel takes a deep gulp of air and pulls down the side zipper and wiggles out of her skirt. I see she has stockings not hose and high cut underwear.

Jewel is pulled up to my waist and hangs there in my grasp for a second.

"Wrap your legs around me," I instruct her between kisses. She does so with a tiny bit more enthusiasm but her eyes get really large when she realizes she's rubbing against my erection. I know she isn't a virgin but her sole encounter was this sole rocky relationship with some dipshit in Law School. I'm going to fuck her brains out.

When we get to the bedroom Jewel finally notices Regina coming with us.

"What's she ..." Jewel starts.

"She's going to be with us tonight," I tell her. She still looks skeptical so I repeat, "She's going to be with us."

I walk her on her knees to the middle of the bed before lowering myself on top of her. She gulps when she feels my weight on top of her. I place gentle kisses on her cheeks, nose, and lips until the fear starts to leave her eyes and it is replaced by a sexual curiosity. She even starts to ignore Regina reclining next to us.

"Christian ... you know me ..." she murmurs. I nod. I keep kissing her but move off to my side so I have a free hand. I start with her chin and neck, drawing sensual lines that make Jewel's breath deepen. After a minute I migrate down to one of her breasts which are already responsive in the extreme.

"Jewel, play with your other nipple," I whisper to her. My voice seems to shock her but she nods and moves her hand down to do as instructed. She quickly moans and gyrates her hips. I move down and start sucking on a breast and rub her tip and my teeth which cause her to cry out.

"Reach down and play with your pussy," I tell her.

"No please," she whimpers fearfully as she knows control is fast slipping past her.

"Do it through your panties," I offer. "You don't have to actually touch yourself." Jewel lies to herself and takes this as a viable option. She lets her hand slip down and I notice she gingerly starts playing with her private region. I now have one nipple under my mouth and the other between my thumb and forefinger, pinching and pulling.

My movements have given Regina an opening and I feel her move over my shoulder and look down on Jewel. I can feel Jewel tremble as the lock gazes then Regina leans in and starts kissing Jewel. Jewel makes a mewling noise that is smothered by Regina's lips. I can feel Regina's hands massaging Jewel's hair which reminds that Regina is a true professional. It is like sending a cougar to kill a rabbit.

By the time I work my way down to Jewel's crotch she is so sensory overwhelmed she doesn't realize I'm pulling her panties down until they are half way down her thighs. She clutches them; I decide to wait instead of forcing the issue. I leave them in place and start licking the top of her cunt. Again she whimpers and her pleas are lost in Regina's kisses.

I steadily push her thighs open until I can get a full lick along her length at which point her resistance starts to crumble. Her hand stops holding onto her panties and ends up hold onto my head. I push a finger into Jewel's incredibly tight box, Jewel shudders and when I start moving it around she explodes violently. I have to wonder how much she masturbates she is so tightly wound.

"You okay Jewel?" Regina asks sympathetically once Jewel calms down.

"What? Are we done?" she responds, halfway hopeful and halfway disappointed.

"Now I fuck you," I answer. I can see the reply on her lips. She wants to say 'no' but she has just had a mind blowing experience that promises to go on. She opts to close her eyes in denial.

I pull her panties down the rest way but start kissing thighs inside of going right in. I take her hand and place it on her crotch once more. There are no orders yet, just the suggestion of what she should do. Regina goes back to kissing Jewel's lips. I have no doubt that Jewel is a good lawyer but she's an infant in the bedroom where Regina is a pro and I'm a practiced participant.

I'm nipping her thighs when I see her hand begin to rubbing around her cunt. I feel good enough now to have my hand join hers and that makes her even more enthusiastic. Regina pulls down to Jewel's chest and alternates sucking on each breast. Regina starts moaning in return when Jewel's spare hand starts massaging Regina's nipples with growing inspiration.

I've worked my face into her crotch with another finger teasing the entrance when I feel her pulling her legs up higher and higher, opening herself up to greater access. I take up her invitation, pushing my finger into one of the tightest pussies I've ever had. Between that and my tongue I catch sight of her tossing her head back and forth.

"Oh, oh, oh," she starts panting then finally, "Please, please."

I move between her legs, pushing her knees apart and motion to Regina to fall back so Jewel and I can make eye contact. Her eyes are starving for attention and I hold that look as I press my tip into her. Her mouth opens in a little 'O' and then she grimaces as I push farther in.

I stop pushing, withdraw to the tip remains then push back in a little farther.

"Oh God," she groans. I start pushing a little harder until I'm finally balls deep in her and I let ourselves settle in. She adjusts to my size and her grip on my cock becomes less painful.

"Ready?" I ask softly. Jewel's eyes are near to tears but she nods. I start working in and out of her and soon she loosens up to the point we are both enjoying the experience.

"Christian," Jewel pants as I plunder her beauty. She reaches up and grabs hold of my shoulders and starts pulling me deeper into her. From her own descriptions of her sexual life I know that Jewel has never had sex like this, pushing her toward this level of fulfillment and the best thing is I'm far from done tonight.

I start rubbing her clit as I piston into her and she's soon fighting to breathe. This time when she climaxes she wets the sheets and wracks her body with soundless screams. I keep pounding into her until I come as well. I pull out and let her legs come back down before I roll to the side. Inadvertently she rolls over and places her head and hand on my chest and shoulder.

I'm not expecting an 'Oh my God that was fantastic' or anything like that. I've forced her to have sex and she's trying to adjust to that, but then I'm not done yet anyway.

I stroke Jewel's hair for a while then shift my body so that her head is sliding down. At first Jewel doesn't appear to know what is going on but when she does she turns her head and looks to me in a pleading gesture.

"I don't know how," she warns me. I keep pushing her down and though she tries to resist she soon finds herself facing my cock.

"Put your lips over it," I instruct her. Jewel gulps then does as she's told. She tries a few things before she learns to lick it with her tongue between taking my cockhead into her mouth. I give her five minutes to get into the rhythm before I start pushing her head down. She gurgles but gamely keeps at it.

"On your hands and knees," I tell her. She tries to figure out how to do it while keeping in my cock in her mouth before she decides she can't and assumes the position and I reinsert my cock into her mouth. At first she lets me fuck her face then she balances on one arm and works over my cock with her other hand. I put a hand on each side of her head and give her a steady motion.

Jewel is getting into it as her mouth accommodates my penis. I direct her as she licks the base and my balls and proves to be an apt student. I have to admire her dedication to pleasing me. She is taken off guard when Regina moves up behind her and spreads her legs apart then starts working her pussy with a dildo. She is soon moaning again around my cock giving me the incentive to push a little harder.

When she chokes I draw my cock out and let Jewel catch her breath. She looks up at me and gives me a strangely exotic glazed expression. She's getting into this. I look over to Regina who grins and gives me a nod so I pull Jewel onto my cock once more and fuck her with more force. Jewel is still taking it with gusto when Regina puts a vibrator against her puckered anus.

Jewel bucks and tries to move. My hands hold her head tight so she can't get away. She starts crying when Regina slips the vibrator in and I keep fucking her face. Regina and I build up our pace until Jewel is shaking to another orgasm. Her whole body is locked which grabs my cock in her throat and squeezes me until I shoot down her throat.

Jewel is chocking as I drop her to the side. Regina keeps her two implements in her for a few more seconds before having mercy. Now Jewel is sobbing uncontrollable and choking on my semen. Finally she gives me a pathetic look.

"Why?" she begs.

"Now do you know what I felt like when I saw you in the room with my so-called friends? You didn't just fuck me Jewel, you fucked my whole life. I'm probably not going to make it out of this alive. The rest of you want to use me as a body shield. What the fuck do I have left now?" I ask. She stares at me with tear streaked cheeks.

"You didn't think about this did you? You and the others want to be rich. To you it is all about chemicals and profits, while I'm supposed to do the bleeding and killing, neither which I want to do. The thing is Jewel, you were always good to me so if you wonder why this night happened I wanted to see if I had a reason to stay," I inform her.

"So ... so you fucked me?" is her shocked response.

"Yes, how does it feel?" I shoot back. Jewel gets up and staggers around trying to put her mind together.

"I want to go home," she manages to say.

"Fine, I'll call you a cab. There is one more thing," I add. "You don't see Alton anymore. That is his price for fucking me over -- he doesn't get you."

"What about the others; are you going to get them too?" she wonders.

"Cowan is going to get himself killed; of that I have no doubt. I'll figure a way to square accounts with Kris and Dallas," I assure her. At least she didn't ask me not to.

After I send Jewel home I put Regina in a cab as well. I'm a bastard, I'm angry, and I want to be alone.

(Saturday evening)

It has been a long day which has mostly consisted of hunting down a few of my old service buddies trying to put a team together to help me do my new job. I had five positive contacts and a meeting set up for Monday. Cowan tells me there would be another drug deal with the accompanying danger.

When the buzzer rings I am stunned to see Jewel waiting for me to buzz her in. I check that she is alone then let her come up. When she looks at me I have trouble figuring out the emotions behind her eyes. I wouldn't be surprised if she draws a gun and tries to shoot me. I motion her to join me in the living room without comment. I figure she wants to do the talking.

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