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My College Roommate


I am 25. I was perfectly toilet-trained when young, but fcr some reason, as a teenager, I began to become fascinated with fecal functions (and urinary ones too). I began to examine and handle my own shit. I soon began to enjoy defecating while still dressed, filling my panties and jeans with large loads, and leaving them there all day, feeling the warm shit spread all over my bottom and between my legs. I'd handle my shit and my greasy unwiped anus, then clean off my soiled fingers on freshly laundered clothes and school uniforms. I'd give myself very large enemas, retain and then expel them in a variety of positions and locations. I'd sometimes insert suppositories or take laxatives when I knew I was rather "full," then go out and take a big shit at a point where I just couldn't take it any more, wherever that was.

In my college dormitory I would often seek out my very pretty roommate's soiled panties, often streaked brown in the seat (she was such a careless wiper!) and rub that soiled fabric against my pussy as I masturbated to orgasm. I would always listen to girls next to me defecating in adjoining stalls and did my best to shit as vividly and loudly as I could, letting the big turds splash into the bowl so they could hear it. Finally, in my sophomore year of college, when I was 20, I found a classmate who shared my very special interests. It was an explosion of shared defecatory lust as we spent long weekends at her aunt's cabin giving each other enemas, shitting on each other, shitting into our panties and soiling ourselves as we took long walks in the woods, holding hands. Then, cleaning each other up.

Sometimes we'd behave like little girls, rather than two young women, squatting and shitting on the floor, making two big mounds, then reaching in and scooping up, playfully and laughingly slapping the fecal sludge on each other's clothes, soiling ourselves terribly, then excitedly fingering each other's pussies with greasy brown fingers. Once we went camping and shared a sleeping bag-for-two. It was tight but we were snug as two bugs in a rug. The next morning, when we both had the strong morning urge to piss and shit, we stayed there, inside the bag, tightly clenching each other as we filled the sleeping bag with our ample wastes. I had thrown that sleeping bag away, but now I so wish I had kept it, a memento encrusted with our shit, still reeking from our urine.

After a while my roommate Lisa suspected I was handling her undies and examining them. And once she actually caught me in her underwear drawer as she entered our room. She guessed correctly, and after that the brown skidmarks in the seat of her panties became even more regular and vivid. There never seemed to be a pair of panties in that drawer that didn't have brown skidmarks in the seat (and Lisa almost always wore plain white cotton bikini style panties, so the tracks were especially vivid). Then, one day, I noticed there were more than just skidmarks left there as a result of wearing those panties after careless or incomplete wiping. No, these were not just skidmarks, these were vivid brown smudges, not just stains but sometimes containing little specks of flecks of her shit. And the crotch was nearly always yellowish as though she let urine leak into her panties.

I now guessed that Lisa was actually wiping her ass with the seat of those panties after shitting, not just soiling them in the usual way. And the smell, as I brought the seat of those panties up to my nose was ever more vivid. In fact, when I opened her underwear drawer now I always detected an unmistakeable fecal and urinary aroma.

I must admit I am a filthy tramp, happily dirtying my fresh bed sheets by sliding my unwashed, deeply soiled body between those sheets each night. This was especially true the night Lisa woke up early, desperately needing to use the toilet. The previous night I had spent at a really raw and raunchy dyke sex bar. It had been a hot and steamy July. I hadn't bothered to shower for a week so I was really funky, each day a layer of sweat adding to the musky scent. Plus, I'd been especially horny and this always makes my cunt so very wet. Masturbating constantly made it even wetter and clammier. And I had stopped bothering to wipe myself down there after I urinated. So all that left my cunt as soggy as a well-used dishrag or kitchen sponge.

Now this night in particular left me funkier than ever. In the dark back room of the bar many hungry tongues had swiped away at my hairy, by now almost greasy cunt. They loved the "strong" scent and taste, several told me. Then, before leaving the club, I went to the toilet and found a stall with no door on the hinges. I didn't care. I just plopped my sexy bare ass down and took a long, long piss and a big, big shit as dykes walked in and out having themselves a good look at me pissing and shitting away with wild abandon. I'm completely shameless, as you know. The last big brown log I evacuated had broken off, leaving a small chunk of shit pressing against my anus, against the folds of my buttocks. Of course there was no toilet paper in the stall. Not that I would've bothered to use it even if there were! So I hitched up my sweat-soaked, filthy, and deeply soiled panties, and then my jeans, and headed home. With the little nugget of shit stuck down there, I could feel myself chafing with every step.

When I finally got to my dorm room and slipped into bed, stark naked and filthy (as always), I could hear my roommate Lisa, half awake, mumbling, "what's that smell?" I knew what it was, smiling to myself. Sweat, the odor of an unwashed female body and cunt (a very hairy cunt, I might add. I'd never shave down there; so unnatural and I'm very much a 'nature girl'!), the special odors that come from orgasmic excitability, and then, of course, urine, and shit. Quite a potpourri, all adding to one deeply ripe scent.

So now I'm in my bed and it's very early in the morning. I hear Lisa stirring, getting out of her bed. I whisper to her, "where are you going?"

"I need to use the toilet," she replies. I pull back the quilt and wag a finger at her,

"Don't go, come here, come to me." She slides into my bed, up against my warm naked body. We've never been intimate before. She tends to get cold at night so she wears a nightgown and panties underneath, while I sleep sans clothes.

"God, it reeks in here. You smell pretty raw, Denise. I thought I smelled something when you came in late last night." I chuckle.

"Thanks for the compliment, Lisa." Soggy from days of masturbation, failure to wash and failure to wipe, I knew I was one ripe, reeking bitch! She snuggles up closer now, despite, or maybe because of the strong scent I'm giving off and whispers.

"But I really need to go." The look in her eyes is priceless and she bites her lower lip.

"Go here," I tell her, "go in my bed, go next to me."

"B-b-b-but, it-it-it'll get so-so messy!" she replies.

"I don't care," I tell her, "do what you need to do. It sort of smells like a toilet here anyway, so you can truly make it smell like one." I'm thinking back to the time me and my then lover spent the early morning hours filling our sleeping bag with piss and shit, turning the bag and ourselves into a common toilet.

Now Lisa smiles.

"You love it when I soil, don't you, Denise?" I nod that I do "That time I caught you sniffing the seat of my panties. I felt so embarrassed at first 'cause I know I can be a sloppy and careless wiper." I nod again. "But then I saw that it really turned you on. So after that I wiped my ass on purpose with the inside of my panties after I shit and put them back in the drawer where you could find them."

"I know," I reply with a smile, "how well I know!" "And I know your panties are always filthy and soiled," she adds with a mischievous smile. I wasn't aware that she had been checking out mine as I had been checking out hers.

"I'm so full," she sighs, " I really, really need to go."

"To pee? To shit? Both?" I ask.

"Both," she says, "I need to urinate and defecate, pee and shit."

"Go on, then" I urge her, pressing her body tightly against mine, my lips to hers, "Do it! Do it right here, right next to me, in my bed! Make my bed your toilet, Lisa!"

She bites her lip, wonders whether she could go this far. So I reach between my legs and dig into my soggy cunt, bringing the fingers up to her nose for a whiff.

"Wow, that's strong!" she says, marveling.

Then I reach back between my cheeks where that little chunk of shit has turned into a brown clay-like mash, sticky between my sweaty buttocks. I run my fingers around the putrid, unclean and unwiped crevice and bring that finger up to her nose for another whiff. "Wow!" she says girlishly, sparkle in her eyes, as she takes in the harsh scent of my shit. Maybe this will encourage her. So now I wrap my arms around her and press her body close to mine, fusing my lips to hers in a kiss that takes her breath away. Then I feel it, even hear the faint sound as she begins to urinate. Immediately, the wet warmth of her pee radiates from her pissing pussy, soaking her panties, her nightgown, and wetting the bed and my skin. I reach down there to cup the crotch of her panties, drenched of course, feeling the urine seep through the thin cotton.

"That's it, Lisa, piss! Piss away! Piss in my bed." And piss she does. Morning pisses are always big, long ones. But she woke early with a desperate need for relief, so I wasn't surprised that her bladder was as full as it was. And is now emptying as she snuggles up to me and urinates freely, taking the kind of piss that I know feels especially liberating. That's when you piss whenever and wherever the fuck you want, all discretion and propriety thrown to the winds. I bring my fingers up to my mouth to taste them, to taste her urine. Then let her taste it. She hesitates for just a moment, but then eagerly tastes my fingers, curious and suddenly wanton.

"Mmmmmmmh," she coos happily, much relieved. "and now I have to do number two. I have to sh-- sh-- shit!"

There! She said it again! And even in the faint morning light that filtered into the room, I could see her blushing, blushing as she was about to empty her bowels.

"Uh---nnnnnh!" she grunts, a soft grunt accompanied by more blushing. I have my hand behind her, under the seat of her panties (I had lifted her nightgown) and immediately feel that seat bulge out as Lisa lets out all her shit at once, or so I think. The wet warm bulge my hand cups is massive. But it is to become even more massive as Lisa strains a little more (the sweet dear was clutching me tightly) and lets out even more shit, the bulge now astoundingly large, like a soft melon trapped under her panties, the panties unable to contain it as I now feel warm shit ooze from under the elastic. The aroma, of course, is vivid and unmistakeable. "What's that smell?" Lisa had said when I first tip-toed into the room and slid, sweaty, filthy, unwashed and unwiped, into my bed. But that smell then was faint compared to the frank pungent stench permeating our room now as Lisa fully and completely empties her rectum while laying next to me in my bed, buckets of piss and tons of shit having left her sleek young body.

"Oh God!" she moans, "I didn't realize I could be so filthy! You made me filthy like that, sniffing my dirty panties and stuff." I smile and kiss her tenderly.

"Maybe I did, but you had the love of filth deep inside you, you know that."

And what did we do for the next hour or so lying next to each other like that, my bed a toilet for Lisa's extravagant morning needs to relieve herself, to empty her wastes? I reached down and scooped up big handfuls of Lisa's shit, moistened with her urine of course, and spread and smeared that thick brown sludge everywhere, all over her nightgown, and then under it, over her naked body, and over my body. I packed it in between each other's legs, covering our vulvas with a thick layer of the brown sludge. I smeared it over our faces, and worked it through our hair. By the time I was done we looked like two giant turds in the shape of young college women, lying next to each other.

And then we kissed, the deepest, most blissful, most passionate of kisses. A kiss that took our breath away. Our lips sticky with shit, we pressed those lips together. I licked some shit off Lisa's face and then kissed her again, sharing the sublime brown essence. The look on Lisa's face was priceless. She was transported to a place of deep and deeply depraved ecstasy, of intimate, taboo bliss. We were in heaven, she and I, shit heaven!

"I think I'll need to get a new mattress," I finally said after hours of fecal frolicking, the two of us laughing like a pair of naughty schoolgirls...

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