tagLoving WivesMy Demise Ch. 03

My Demise Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Donald and Larry

That fucking washing machine I raged, it had broken down at the worst possible time, I had spent so much time getting myself rogered, by as many men as I could get my pussy onto, I was now slowly running out, of everyday clothes to wear, I had had to throw some out because of cum and juice stains.

Paul had told me to look in the yellow pages, so I did, but most of them said a week or more, then on about the 10 millionth time I rang someone, they said they would call the day after tomorrow, Thursday.

Oh happy days, if this didn't work then a new washer would have to be bought, this one had just gone out of guarantee, typical hey!

I was waiting hopefully early morning, I had on an old pair of slacks, and one of Paul's shirts, that hung right off me it was so baggy, and I had heels on, I always wear them because I'm so small, but the shirt was comfortable.

And easy to be got out of, as I was soon to find out!

A dirty white van drew up onto the drive, is it them I wished, yes it was, but first impressions? I wasn't impressed at all, 2 scruffy black men got out, as I watched through the front window.

I assumed they were of West Indian origin, because the bigger one had one of those Rastafarian hair jobs, and a silly woolly cap on his head, they were both wearing white T shirts, which were white to be honest, so maybe they just looked purposely scruffy?

One of them had a box, of what I supposed were tools, they went to my back door and knocked; I went and answered.

'Mrs Watson?' They asked?

'Yes,' I replied, 'are you the washer repair men?'

'Yes we are, beautiful lady.' The larger of the two said, 'here to your rescue, black knights are we!'

My surprise at his words showed.

'Don't worry,' said the other, 'he's always like this, shut it Larry,' he told him, their accents were definitely Jamaican, or something, it turned out they were from Trinidad.

'Please, come in.' I told them.

'The washer is in there, in the utility room.' I pointed to it.

'Okay gorgeous,' big man said.

'Larry!' The other admonished.

'Its okay.' I giggled, 'it's flattering.' I didn't know it, but that one comment, was to lead to my being fucked in the utility room and in my kitchen.

'What's been the problem?' The smaller guy asked, smaller? He was over 6feet, the other was about 6feet 4!

'Well, when ever I enter a programme, it just runs through it, but nothing happens.'

'Ah,' said smaller guy.

'By the way, my name is Donald,' he told me, 'Larry, you already know.'

'Hi I'm Shelley, pleased to meet you,' I offered my hand, they both took it warmly, Larry kissed it, boy that made me shiver!

'So, let's take a look shall we?' Donald said.

'Okay.' I replied, I went in with them, and during the course of me bending over, etc, and showing them what I thought the problem was, they both seemed to be in contact with me, at one time or another, my goddamn pussy was heating up, this has not got to happen, I told myself, not here, not in my house, again!

I excused myself, and went to make them a coffee, I took it in, and more touching seemed to ensue, I got out as quickly as I could, my pussy was positively leaking now

My pussy was at me again in my mind, I know there are cocks here that want me, it screamed, and black ones too!

I went upstairs, changed my panties, dried myself up, and put on a little body spray, I hoped they wouldn't smell my traitorous pussy.

I got downstairs, just in time to see them packing up.

'Is there a problem?' I asked.

'Not a bit of it.' Larry said, 'we've fixed it, just like we fix most things that need our attention, don't we Donald?' He said, as he pointedly looked at my tits, and pussy.

'Oh, that's brilliant.' I gushed, 'I'm ever so grateful, I'll make you more coffee, then I'll pay you okay?'

'You bet,' said Larry, 'there's nothing we like better, than a beautiful woman who is grateful, hey Donald?' And he smiled knowingly.

My kitchen has a breakfast bar, that is L shaped, with stools that are tucked into the L bit, they sat there, while I made coffee at the counter behind them, even then, one still managed to touch me accidentally.

I was well aware of their eyes on me, and roaming my body, I was getting turned on again, pussy was twitching me, stop, I told it!

I have never known how some men, can guess when a woman is in heat, and needs a fucking, or to make love, but I'm quite sure some of them do, I was about to find out, in about a minute, that these two did as well!

They were sat facing each other on the stools, I placed their coffee mugs between them and we chatted, I wasn't quite between them, sort of just outside their knees.

It was then, that Larry said to me. 'You really are a very beautiful little girl Shelley.'

I laughed, responded that, 'yes I am tiny, but I'm all woman!'

That's when Donald put his arm around my waist and pulled me between them, he turned me to face him, I heard a scraping of stools, as Larry behind me, closed the gap; I was trapped inside their knees.

Donald leaned forward, took my head in his hands, and started to kiss me, Larry behind me, reached around, found my nipples and they were twiddled left and right, I heard the fucking things scream. Yes, go on, yes!

I tried to shove Donald away, but where was I going to shove him to?

He was too big for me to do that, as we were battling away, he held the back of my head in one hand, and the other sank down, and cupped my pussy, it was my pussy's turn now to scream. Yes, go on, yes!

'Oh.' I gasped, my hands went there to try and protect myself, Larry then took it upon himself to kiss my neck, and bite that bit between neck and shoulder.

That was me done for, it was game over! I submitted to my fate.

'Please.' I was begging now.

'Please?' laughed Larry, 'Please what?'

My tits and pussy, made me say the next 7 words. 'Make love to me, please fuck me!'

It was the very first time in my life, that two men had kissed and necked me at the same time, Larry, behind and on my right, Donald on my left, I just didn't know which way to turn my head, to give them better access, my hands were fluttering around like deranged sparrow's, my mind had gone!

Larry was already undoing my husbands shirt, Donald was undoing my belt, my slacks fell down, at the same time as my shirt fell off too, all I had on now, was a thong and heels, the thong was ripped right off me!

My hands went to Donald's dick in his pants, in front of me!

Donald said, to Larry. 'I'm first big fella, okay?' I didn't know, he called him big fella, because his cock was big, but I did find out.

Donald lifted me onto the breakfast bar, dropped his jeans, and thrust his black, burgeoning cock right into my dripping pussy; he pounded away at me, while Larry went round the other side. to stop him from fucking me right off the other side, Larry continued twiddling my burning nipples, I came in torrents, Donald shot a load scalding cum into me, wonderful!

I managed to sit up on the bar, Larry picked me up, and carried me into the utility room, this is novel, I thought, I usually get carried by a man to bed, I giggled to myself.

He got some towels, and put them on top, of the washer they had just repaired, laid me on it face down, legs hanging down.

'Grab hold of the washer,' he told me, 'Im gonna fuck your brains out little girl!'

And did he ever, his cock was certainly bigger than Donald's; I loved the feel of it, poking at places, that I could only reach with my trusty vibrator!

He went at me like a piston, pounding in and out, 'I going to cum.' I yelled at him.

'Go on then, cunt,' he yelled back.

Cunt! He called me a cunt! How dare he! I thought, then BOOM BOOM BOOM! I came, my orgasm thundered through me, he had made me cum, because he had disrespected me, and my body loved it.

He unloaded into me; it felt like he had put mastic gun, or something, into my boiling hot pussy, it just seemed to fill me with his beautiful hot spunk.

He slowly pulled his mighty prick out of me, and I could only stay where I was, laid out over the washer.

I heard Donald saying, is she alright man, yep bro, I think so, time for round two, I heard Larry say

Yep, was Donald's reply, I wondered what he meant.

I found out 5 seconds later as Donald began to feed his cock into my arse, I couldn't stop him; I could not get up, off the washer, I was too weak from the two momentous shaggings, they had just given me.

'Have you ever, been fucked by a black man Shelley?' He whispered into my ear, as he leaned over me, keeping his rampaging cock now fully embedded, and up my open arse motionless, he was taunting me, I tried to wiggle my arse on him, but I couldn't move.

'No.' I said, as honestly as I could, Andy was black, but I think he was English, born black.

'Well now today, is your lucky day isn't it? He said.

'You are our, little white girl, black cock fuck slut now!'

His words drove me mad. 'Please Donald, fuck me.' I begged.

'Please, fuck your little white girl,' I begged again.

'Our little, black cock fuck slut girl,' he reminded me.

'Yes Yes Yes.' I cried, 'I'll be what you want me to be, but please fuck my arse now Donald, pleeeease.'

And then he did, oh did, he do me! I was lucky he didn't tear me, the way he fucked into me; it was hard, controlled fucking, I was cumming all over the place, I'm sure I passed out, not only from the pain, but the outright, all consuming pleasure, that was raging through my body.

That was the most punishment my arse had ever received, and to be truthful, I don't think I will want it like that again, too soon in the future either, but at the time, it was an out of world experience, he sure knew how to fuck a woman, up her shit box!

I was still laid prone over the washer; I couldn't raise myself when Larry came to get me.

'A nice blowjob for me,' he said, 'then we're off.'

I was taken back into my kitchen, he put 4 stools together, and laid me on my back on them, my head hanging over the last stool, I had no say, nor could I have stopped him, he took my head in his hands and pushed his mighty prick into my mouth, I sucked, and nibbled for all I was worth, until he came down my throat with a roar, I swallowed it all, beautiful cum. Mmmm, well I am used to it now, aren't I?

They each kissed me good bye, said there would be no charge today, because I had paid them in full, a last squeeze of my sore nipples, and they left, saying to call them, if I needed anything more, I had their numbers now too!

I was in bed sleeping when Paul came home, I never got up, I couldn't walk!

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