tagLoving WivesMy Demise Ch. 02

My Demise Ch. 02


I was now in a state of metamorphism, or something like that, I was evolving into a seemingly out of control sex machine, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, I was loving the sex, the danger, the thrill of the chase, because make no mistake about it, it was me who was doing the chasing, and very successfully too.

Here I am 21 years old, married only 3 months now, and absolutely consumed with sex, and as much as I could get! What was I going to do?

I knew this just couldn't keep happening, I was fucking, or getting fucked by as many man I could lay my hands on, my thoughts were even turning to women I saw in the street.

I looked at them and thought to myself, I wonder how good they would be in bed.

Then my thoughts turned to Allison, Tom Simpson's wife, I knew she was a hot sexy bitch, Alan had told me, she had offered herself to her husbands boss Joe, so maybe I could have my first taste of a woman with her, I called her without further delay, strike while the irons hot and all that, the trouble was, it was me that was hotter than hell

I invited her round for a coffee and a chat, she was a bit surprised by the invite, but pleased never the less, and she told me she hadn't made too many friends since moving to the city.

She came the following morning, and I had already made up my mind that I would get her to surrender to me, because she was obviously lonely, and in need of some love and attention, some TLC.

Even though I knew Alan was fucking her, it was love and kindness she needed.

It went better than I thought after my bravado overtook me. She arrived, and yes she did look good, but I had made sure I was looking even better; I was in tip top form.

Her skirt was short, showing plenty of shapely leg, loose fitting top, hair up, and she looked as natural as a lovely woman could, if I had been a man, I would have had a hard on for her, that's for sure.

I showed her into the sitting room, and sat her down on the sofa, which was where I wanted her, I made coffee, and placed a tray on the table in front of us, we chatted gaily, it was about Paul, it was about Tom, it was about work, then I steered the conversation to personal happiness, I mentioned I wasn't getting enough at home, she shyly admitted the same.

I said, I was even contemplating looking elsewhere, she nearly choked when I said that, but in her voice was the sign that she was too, I pondered on what to do next so I questioned her how old she was, "28," she said. 'Im only 21,' I told her, 'what a life we lead hey?'

'Shelley.' She said to me, 'you are just so beautiful and sexy, why doesn't Paul take care of things at home? 'He tries but just doesn't have the drive, Im afraid.' I told her. 'I think we both seem the same, we both need something else, don't we?' I ventured

'Yes, you might be right,' she giggled. 'But I need to be led, I'm quite shy when it comes to sex.' 'You mean you are a little submissive.' I asked? Thinking now of Alan. 'Yes, you're right,' she told me. 'I am.'

It was then, I took the chance I was looking for, she looked sad and vulnerable, like she wanting something, but didn't know what. Well I was about to offer her something she might not expect, nor might want to refuse, so?

I put down my cup, I know she was bigger than me by about 5" and a weight advantage, but I was hoping for surprise, a late response, and her own sexual loneliness, it was patently obvious to anyone who cared to notice about her, that would lead to her submitting.

I took her cup from her hands, she looked at me, not understanding, I quickly turned and climbed over, into her lap facing her, she looked at me uncomprehendingly, I wrapped my arms around her neck, whispered to her, that I was going to make her feel better, a lot better. I kissed her full on the lips, even I was surprised at how good it felt, she tried to pull away from me, but I held her tight, I was right on top of her, pressing her back onto the sofa, my knees were spread to each side of her thighs, so to throw me off, she would have to use considerable strength, that I realised she didn't have, even though I was as small as I was.

My arms were wrapped tight around her neck now, I pushed forward to keep her in place, raised myself up higher on my knees to gain a superior position, and mashed my lips to hers, I got my tongue in her mouth, she was mumbling, or moaning, or protesting, but I kept up my onslaught.

Her hands were scrabbling around, trying to get me off, but I wasn't having any, I was in for a penny, in for a pound. I had her head bent backwards now, as I kissed her, I gained more control, she couldn't get away from me, that's for sure.

Then she ever so slowly began to give in, I sensed her acquiescence, I kept my kiss in place, and my tongue in her mouth, my right hand, I now moved from around her neck and to her left tit, I found her nipple straight away, it was rock hard, and no bra to protect it, there was a definite moan of arousal now, her surrender to me was almost over.

I pulled her round, so I could get her on her back, and under me, hooking my leg under hers, I lifted them onto the sofa, and there she was, under my control, and under me, exactly where I wanted her, I never stopped kissing her, and she was trying to kiss me back.

Instead of trying to push me off her now, her arms had gone around me, and she was definitely into my kiss, I raised my lips from hers for a very brief moment, before I closed the gap again, but that was enough time for her to purse her lips to accept mine.

She forced her tongue into my mouth, well not really, because I let her, but it had a desired effect, she wanted this now, and I knew I was going to get her, and fuck my first woman, she was mine now, though she didn't know it yet.

I was squeezing her nipples in turn and not too softly either, she was Ooooohing and Aarghing into my mouth, I was there! No turning back, I broke the kiss and said to her. 'You know Im going to fuck you, don't you Allison?' Oh God,' she said, 'I don't know what you are going to do Shelley, but please, hurry up and do it!'

'Come on,' I told her, and got off her, and took her upstairs to bed, I had her clothes of in a moment, as I did mine, I forcibly threw her onto the bed, even though if we had been in fight, she would have beaten me hands down, being so much bigger, and physically stronger than me, but her mental state was submissive, I wanted her to know, I was the one, she would do as bid.

She was laid on her back, hands and arms above her head, stay still, I ordered her, she did, I climbed between her knees, and not taking my eyes off hers, I slowly lowered my tongue and mouth on to her now searing pussy, wow, did she moan out loud as my tongue hit her button.

It was my first time at this, but I knew naturally what to do, every woman on this planet knows where another woman's button is, my tongue hit hers with the force of a nuclear bomb, and she exploded into my mouth.

'Oh Shelley, please please.' She whimpered, I reached up and crushed a nipple, she cried out in pain and arousal, a woman knows these sounds, I was grinding my mouth and tongue into her now, then I suddenly stopped, if this worked with Paul, it would work with Allison I thought, and it did, I wanted control, and I was going to get it!

This 28 year old mother of two was now my plaything; and I made sure she knew it too. So I said, 'do you want to cum again Allison?' 'Oh yes please Shelley, Im desperate.' 'Yes I know baby, but you're not allowed to cum until I say so okay?' I attacked her pussy again, she was writhing about on the bed, trying to capture my head in her hands, but I slapped them away.

I was fully turned on too, and I wanted to cum myself badly, I jumped up, sat my pussy down over her face and ordered her to suck and lick me hard, very hard, in return my mouth and tongue found her clit again, I slapped her tits as I forced my pussy into her mouth, then I came, I heard her gurgling as she swallowed my juices, she had no option.

We settled into a loving position. Shelley, she said, 'I have never done this before; I can't believe how good it is, how good you were.' 'It's my first time too.' I laughed. Stunned? Yes, we both were.

We had 4 more hours of loving, she told me that she would always be there for me, and hoped I would call her. 'Yes kitten you will be, when ever I want you.' I told her, 'I will call you, and you have to get used to belonging to me now, don't you?' 'Yes,' she admitted.

'And the reason is, I am sexier, and more beautiful than you aren't I?' I taunted her. 'Please Shelley,' she whispered, 'I am, aren't I?' I growled, and slapped her tits again 'Yes, yes, you are.' She moaned.

'And what you don't know Allison is.' I said to her. 'I have already fucked Joe, Tom's boss, and if you say anything, I will fuck Tom too, right in front of you, if I have to, and you know I can, don't you Allison, do you understand me?' I threatened. She was aghast. 'Yes Shelley,' she bleated.

I told her to leave now, and await my call, she nodded, I kissed her passionately, and she left.

I felt so powerful having seduced Allison, knowing she would capitulate any time I told her to, but it left me a bit empty too.

Although it had been a huge turn on, I wasn't a woman's woman, I was a man's woman, and even though my orgasms with Allison had been tremendous, I needed cock, not more pussy.

I called Anton that same day; his sexy Italian voice turned me on, right away!

He was off work tomorrow, he told me, can I come and see your room then Anton, I asked,

I almost had to struggle to keep the begging out of my voice, of course you can he said, but you'll have to come in the back way he told me. Come in the back way, I thought, I'll cum any way you want me to Anton, I sniggered to myself.

I arrived as arranged at 9:00 that morning; he met me in the car park, and led me through the hotel, sometimes walking ahead of me, so as not to arouse looks from other staff.

We went up a service lift, my hand was in his pants feeling his lovely Salami sausage, right to the top of the hotel, and then I was in his tiny room, there was a single bed, a wardrobe, a desk, chair, and a small sink.

Wow, this is comfy I lied, and sat on the bed, he looked around himself, a little unsure of what to do or say.

I held out my hand, and asked him to sit with me, he did, I put my hand into his hair, it was lovely, soft and silky and jet black.

That's when he turned, I offered my lips to him, and he took them, I was now sure, I was going to get a very much needed fuck.

He put his arms around me, and I let him lay me down, he started to undress me, I helped as fast as I could, I got his clothes off him too, I leaned over to suck his cock, my favourite pastime apart from having a good prick hard in me.

His cock was a bit salty, well first time for everything, I said, happily to myself, but I gobbled away, until I got his load pumping down my very joyous throat, oh how I loved a load in my mouth, no wonder my hair, and skin was glowing, what with all the protein, my body was receiving.

His youthful stamina was evident too, thank God, for young men I thought, as he played with my soaking pussy, I stroked his still half hard cock, and chewed on his lovely balls, he was hard again in moments;

I lay on my back and told him I want a really good fucking Anton, and did he oblige? You bet he did!

He fucked me wholesale for a good 20 minutes; I shot my juices all over the place, but he just kept going at me, my feet were over his shoulders, I wasn't going to be able to get away until he finished with me, was I? He wasn't going to stop any time soon either I thought, and neither did I want him to.

He stopped momentarily, flipped me over and got in behind me; he just shagged, and better shagged me.

What is it with men and women's arse's I thought, they all want to fuck me there, not that minded because I loved it, but If I had a prick, I wouldn't shove it up some ones shit box!

He was in mine, without as much as a by your leave, and had me wailing away, he held his hand over my mouth while I screamed my orgasm out!

And then, that wonderful moment that I love so much, I felt his cock swell, he grunted, and he filled my arse to bursting point with a shit load of cum, the sensation in my arse, of being filled like that is more than I can describe, it's just so utterly mind blowing, and gratifying.

I hobbled out of the hotel about 5 hours later, my legs could hardly carry me, my arse, and pussy was still stiff, and sore from the battering Anton had given me, when Paul came home that evening, he asked why I was limping a bit, I told him I had slipped, and strained my hip.

Well, I wasn't lying really, I hadn't slipped, but my hips, after my legs and feet had been over Anton's shoulders all that time, were a little strained weren't they?

Then more trouble befell me, the fucking washing machine at home, broke down!

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