My Exhibitionist Wife Ch. 05


Jack put the panties to his face and inhaled deeply as she smiled at him and left the stage.

I looked at the guys and said, "Gentlemen, I think we have a party waiting for us in room four upstairs."

Aaron stood up and said, "Well what are we waiting for?"

We all stood up and headed for the stairs.

We made it upstairs and found a door with the number 4 on it and went in. It was a dimly lit room with soft plush couches and lush carpeting. There was a chandelier in the middle of the room and at one end was a bar with a scantily clad young lady who was our bartender and server.

She walked over to us wearing a very skimpy French maid outfit and asked what we would like to drink. She said, "My name is Sandy." We all ordered another beer and sat by the mirrored windows watching the action on the floor below us.

Soon the door opened and in walked our three wives. All three of them were still completely naked which should be no big surprise to any of us at this point.

Sue seductively walked over to me and sat on my leg. She looked me square in the eyes and asked, "Did you enjoy the show?"

"YES, It was fantastic and the guys down there enjoyed it also. All three of you were the room favorites tonight." I replied.

Sue said, "Good! We thought you boys might like a private lap dance after the show. Were we mistaken in that assumption?"

Aaron piped in at that point, "Oh Hell no! After that performance I need to get a little closer my dick is so hard it may never go soft again."

Rachael mewed, "Great because we may just test that theory tonight."

Cheryl said, "Before we get started can you boys buy a couple of girls a drink?"

Jack hollered over to Sandy, "Sandy can we get three of what ever the girls here want to drink?"

Sandy got the girls drinks and brought all of us another beer.

The girls all took a long drink and then Sue looked over at Sandy, "Sandy can we get the music in here turned up a little louder please?"

Sandy reached for the sound knob and turned it up.

Sue climbed off my lap as did the other wives and started dancing to the music. Sue reached down to spread my legs and writhed her gyrating body between my knees. She ran her hands over her full breasts, down her tight firm stomach, across her smooth little hips to her smoothly shaven pussy. She then put her hands on my shoulders and leaned forward till her breasts were hanging in my face and one of her nipples was resting at my lips. I could not resist and reached out with my tongue to lick her taught nipple.

She whispered in my ear, "No, No, patrons are not allowed to touch the girls and just one word from me and you will be thrown out of here. You are such a naughty boy."

With that she turned around and rubbed her naked firm ass on my lap. She had to feel my hard cock straining against my jeans. She then bent over, grabbed her ankles and put her ass and pussy only inches from my face. I wanted so badly to bury my face her wet glistening pussy and suck her hard little clit into my mouth.

I glanced over next to me and the guys were getting the same kind of treatment from their wives. It was an incredible sight seeing each of us sitting in a chair with our beautiful naked wives teasing us with their exotic dancing.

Sue turned back around and sank to her knees between my legs. She rubbed her hands along my thighs and up to my crotch. She ran the palm of her hand along my hard cock through my jeans massaging it. She then placed her head above my cock and raised and lowered her head as if she was sucking my cock. She looked up at me and winked as she unzipped my fly and reached her hand into my pants.

I nearly shot my load as I felt her cool hand touch my cock that was hot from the blood that was racing through it. She pulled my cock from my jeans and lowered her head to meet it. She did not suck it into her mouth as I had thought was going to happen she stroked it a few times and let her hot breath bath it.

She stood back up and turned away from me then slowly lowered herself down. She reached between her legs to grab my cock and guide it to her pussy.

"OH FUCK!" escaped my mouth as I felt the silky warmth of her pussy sliding down the length of my cock. She lowered herself completely onto it and sat there also enjoying the feeling of my cock inside her. She rose off my cock and then back onto it and started riding me.

I again glanced over and Cheryl had her legs thrown over the arms of the chair and was riding Jack's cock. Jack had his hands on her hips and one of her nipples in his mouth.

Aaron was sitting watching Rachael as his cock was sliding in and out of her mouth.

I glanced to the bar and had forgotten that Sandy our bartender was in the room. She had moved to a chair ten feet away and had her g-string pulled to one side and was masturbating to the scene before her. Her large tits were heaving under her apron as her slick fingers worked her clit.

I reached around Sue to grab her tits and pinched her taut nipples. When she felt the pinching and rolling she moaned, "YESSSSSSSS!"

Rachael had now moved into the same position as Sue and was riding Aaron's cock for all she was worth.

I let my hands slid to Sue's hips and let one hand slid to her pussy and quickly found her hard wet clit. As my fingers touched her clit she screamed, "OH FUCK I'm CUMMING." She sat completely down on my cock and shook as her body swept into an orgasm. Her pussy contracted on my cock and was milking it. I felt the cum rising into my balls and cock and moaned, "AAAAAHHHHH" as I shot a huge load deep into her pussy.

I caught Sandy out of the corner of my eye as she also slid down in her chair and moaned and writhed into an orgasm.

As I came down from my orgasm Sue pulled off of my cock. I looked over as Rachael was getting off of Aaron's cock and Cheryl and Jack had finished before us and Cheryl was curled up on Jack's lap just watching the rest of us fuck.

Sue turned to me and looked down. "My, My it appears that your cock enjoyed that and wants some more" she mewed.

It was true my cock was still hard and was ready for her to sit back down on it. She turned and walked toward Sandy who was still sitting in the chair with her wet pussy glistening in the dim light. She reached her hand out to Sandy. Sandy reached up to take it and she brought her over to me.

She said, "Sandy Hon I need to go clean up a bit as he shot a huge load into me. But, it appears he wants some more action."

She turned Sandy around and then backed her up to me. Sue actually grabbed my cock and guided into Sandy's pussy as she backed into me.

My head was spinning as Sandy sank onto my cock and engulfed it into her hot wet pussy. My wife had not only asked a strange woman to fuck me but also guided my cock into her pussy.

Sue said, "Sandy see if while I'm gone you can get his cock to go down." With that said Sue turned and walked to the door. Cheryl and Rachael were wide-eyed as they got up to follow her.

They went out the door as Sandy was riding my cock for all she was worth. I looked over to Aaron and Jack and they had their mouths hanging wide open in amazement.

Sandy was rising up and down on my cock as her hand was massaging her clit. I had my hands on her shapely hips and was holding her on my lap. Sandy stopped riding and stood up. She reached behind her and unfastened her apron and let it fall to the floor. She climbed onto my lap facing me. She put her legs over my shoulders and her hands around my neck as she sank back onto my cock. She was pulling herself up and down using my neck as leverage and I reached up to her magnificent perky tits and held one in each hand. I pinched and rolled her nipples. As I did this she moaned, "OH YESSSSSS I'm CUMMMMING!"

Her pussy muscles massaged my cock as they contracted and I also shot a load into her.

The girls walked back into the room as Sandy was coming down from her orgasm but was still rocking on my cock.

The girls just sat down in some chairs and finished watching as we sat in the afterglow of orgasm. My cock was shrinking and fell out of Sandy's wet pussy. Sandy stood up and walked over to Sue. She bent down and kissed Sue on the cheek and said, "Thank-You for sharing your husband. After watching all of you I needed a hard cock and a quick fuck."

Sandy turned to face me and said, "You sir have the best wife any man could ask for. Count yourself very lucky." With that Sandy left the room.

I was sitting in the chair with my flaccid cock still out of my jeans. The front of my jeans was a mess from all of the juices that had flowed onto them. I reached for my cock and tucked it back into the fly and zipped it up. I was thinking about what had just happened and I knew I was being setup. I know Sue wants to expand our marriage into different partners and she wants to continue flashing her body. I was not sure how I felt about sharing her with other men even now.

Sue got up and walked over to me with a bar towel and started wiping the front of my pants off. She looked up at me and asked, "Did you enjoy having Sandy fuck your big cock?"

Here again was another one of those setup questions. She knew if I said no I was lying.

I replied, "Yes I did. But, Sue you are all the woman I need."

Rachael and Cheryl walked over and got Aaron and Jack. None of them were saying a word. Sue said, "Let's go somewhere else and party some more. Your pants will dry on the way."

What the girls really wanted to do was show off some more in public. They all still had on their sequined bras and g-strings. They had each wrapped an almost sheer skirt around their waist. Through the sheer material you could see that they had nothing but a g-string on under them and the bras did little to hide their ample breasts.

Jack said, "I'm ready where are we going?"

Rachael replied, "Just down the street there is a great place to dance and party."

Aaron said, "What are we waiting for?"

Sue held out her hand and I grabbed it and she pulled me up. She then turned and hugged me and gave me a passionate kiss. She whispered in my ear, "I Love You Sweetheart!"

We all walked out of the club and turned to walk the block to the next club where I was wondering what is going to happen next?

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That's why all American males are such sissy-gay, pussy-whipped wussies - even a retarded Korean midget with a 3-inch dick is butt-fuckingmore...

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