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My Favorite Summer


Here is the story about the time surrounding my 21st Birthday and why I'll never forget it. This was 8 years ago.

My name is Rose and my 21st Birthday was only a week away. I had tons of planning to do. I had recently been married to my High School sweetheart his name is Martin. We were each other's first everything at least oral and vaginal. But sex wasn't a big part of our life. He had shipped out for the Navy a month after we got hitched. I missed him. My cousin Michelle was trying to cheer me up by throwing a huge party for my 21st. It wasn't going to be the same without him. I was super stressed with everything going on in my life.

Thankfully Michelle handled most of the party planning as she was a hardcore party animal and I'm more of a homebody. I'd rather cuddle and watch TV. She said she had some surprises in store and that I would be changed forever. She said she was going to make me a woman. Her words offended me who was she to say I'm not a woman, I am married and she's still having one night stands...

The day arrived, it was a Saturday in August and the weather was perfect. We were having the party at Michelle's house. We spent most of the day decorating. We have a large family and all of my cousins would be there. I got a call from my cousin Lisa...

I hadn't seen Lisa since my freshman year of college. I had been too embarrassed. I went to stay with her for spring break that year and I hooked up with one of her boyfriend's friends. His name was Richard and he was your typical 18 year old kid I guess. He was tall, thin and cute. Only issue I had was he smoked pot all of the time. We had a lot in common and he made me laugh.

He would stay late at Lisa's to hang out and most nights we talked for hours usually finishing the night with a make out session on the porch. On my last night there he and I went into Lisa's room and made out while her and her boyfriend watched a movie. At the time I was a virgin. He made me feel so comfortable that I was ready to lose my virginity. We kissed passionately on the bed for about 15 minutes, he touched my breasts and grabbed my ass at the same time, I've never been so horny and wet. Our tongues danced together and our hands touched each other all over. He carefully pulled my shirt off and undid my bra, I responded by unzipping my pants and taking them off. Richard got off the bed and took off his shirt and jeans. There we were on the bed both in just our underwear. There was a knock on the door then Lisa's boyfriend busted the door open and said "what are you guys doing come watch the movie and cut the puppy love crap" I was sooooo embarrassed. Lisa told Michael to get out and she told her boyfriend to handle his friend...

That was the last time I'd seen any of them. Michelle had invited Lisa and now Lisa was asking if it would be ok to bring a few friends. Not wanting to have any drama and committing myself to leaving things in the past I said bring as many people as you like it's going to be a huge party. I wasn't going to let anything mess up this party. I was in a good mood and I looked good. My hair was freshly done, long and light brown. My body is a little on the thick and curvy side. I had an outfit on that made good use of my 38c tits and my ghetto booty.

The party was so huge that I didn't even notice if Lisa and her crew were there or not. There was at least 300 people there and it seemed to be going well, drinks and jello shots were flowing the music was electrifying everyone was having a great time...yay for me...

I decided to quit being a boring host and started dancing with some random guys. Everyone was grinding on the dance floor and I must have bounced between a few different ones. The hype was being realized. Of all the guys I danced with one stood out, and now he was dancing with Michelle. I knew how much of a slut she was and if she wanted him she could have had him, what did I care I was married and I didn't even know his name.

Michelle came and grabbed me and said she had a surprise for me in the house. I followed her in there and the first thing I noticed was that the living room furniture had been rearranged and there was music playing. In came two "Male Strippers" they danced all over the girls and took off their clothes and they even did a special birthday girl dance for me. To be honest they were too feminine and I was glad when they left.

I was strangely drawn to the guy I danced with earlier. I decided to look for him. I searched the dance floor to no avail. I finally gave up and decided I needed to go pee. There was a line in the hallway where we had the restroom. In that line stood the guy I had danced with earlier. My heart started beating louder and I became nervous.

He got out of line and said Happy Birthday, I heard this party is for you. My name is Richard. I instantly remembered him. He had filled out and he dressed so differently, I really had no prior clue that this was the guy I almost let take my virginity 2 years ago. I still had to pee so bad...

Since we were at my cousin's house I knew there was another restroom in the master bedroom where my aunt and uncle slept. I grabbed Richard and took him in there without anyone noticing. I made him wait in the room while I went to the restroom. He went in there after I came out. We gave each other privacy. When he finished he came out and we caught up. He told me that he had joined the Marines and that he had just broken up with his girlfriend. I didn't really ask about the details. The night was winding down and he said he had to leave. This made me sad until boldness took over. I asked him to wait in the hallway. I went in the kitchen and grabbed a Post-it and a pen and wrote down my cell phone number, then I stormed over to him and kissed him full on the lips. He went straight for my ass and grabbed it powerfully. I felt like his woman and not a married woman. He took my number and left with the biggest smile on his face.

I spent the next day nursing a hangover. I had my own one bedroom apartment until Martin comes back so the solitude was nice. I was surprised that Richard hadn't called all day. I hoped he was ok. I faded in and out of sleep and had naughty fantasies about Richard all day.

It was Monday and I worked from 9-5. When I checked my phone I had a missed call from an unfamiliar area code. I called it back, it was Richard. We talked for hours. We talked about the last couple years and what life had been like. He told me about the Marines and I told him about my job at a pricey boutique. I forgot how much he made me laugh. I was good talking to him again, but I made sure to mention we were going to be just friends.

I had Tuesday off so I planned to do things around the house. Richard called at noon and told me that his Commanding Officer had given him the day off. I told him to come up and that I'd make him lunch and we could watch TV. I really wanted him around for some reason.

I had about an hour and a half to kill before he arrived. I showered and put on some new lace panties that Michelle had bought me for my birthday, they were sexy but not a thong. I didn't wear thongs. They were lacy and black. I put on some tight jeans and a nice blouse.

Richard showed up right on time and he looked good, he wore loose jeans and a button up dress shirt. He smelled fresh and clean. I made him a Turkey sandwich and watched him eat it. After we went into the living room to watch TV. After about an hour of TV and small talk he leaned in for a kiss. I thought that was innocent enough so I kissed him back...

We made out like old days except that this time nobody was there to stop us. He took off my clothes and then he took off his. He kissed me from head to toe and then he pulled my panties off. He gently kissed my inner thighs and then started to lick my pussy, he knew exactly what he was doing, he told me later that he used the alphabet technique. He gave me my first orgasm. It was like an out of body experience. He got in between my legs and I felt his dick poking the entrance to my pussy. I asked him if he had a condom. He said no and he looked so sad. I just pulled him in for a kiss and told him to be careful...As soon as he got about halfway in I felt my pussy stretching. It felt amazing, he worked it in and out at a slow pace and kissed me and touched me everywhere I had multiple intense orgasms as he continued to rock me slowly. After about 30 minutes of slow rocking He sped up his pace. He pounded my pussy hard for a few more minutes until he pulled out and came all over my legs, pussy and stomach. I wiped myself with a towel and then we went into my bedroom...

I turned on the radio and put it on the local R&B station as we continued to make love to the rhythm all day until the sun went down. I'd never done it more than once at a time before that. By 9PM we had both came at least 5 times. My room had a strong scent of sex in the air. It was what I had always heard about from Michelle and my older co-workers. As we both laid there completely naked and free I finally felt like a Woman.

We both took turns freshening up in the restroom when he came back I was trying to put my panties on and I was having serious difficulties due to my legs shaking. He told me to leave them off because he wanted me to ride it now. He was already hard again and that made me wet. I had never rode anyone so it was not working. He asked if I would switch to Doggy style and I said ok. He got me on and my hands and knees and helped me get just he way he wanted me. This was exciting because it was my first time being controlled by a man.

He stuck the tip in and told me to push my butt back which I did. It felt so dirty, in a great way. He was standing still and I was doing all of the work. He gently pulled my hair with his left hand and gripped my butt cheek with his right hand. Where did he learn all these moves, he was driving me insane. The way he was gripping my butt was making his thumb go inside my butthole every time I backed up. After a couple of minutes it began to stimulate sensations in my body. It made my whole body tingle I was curious and I could tell he was testing me by pushing his thumb in deeper each time. Finally he asked if he could try to put it in my ass... I reluctantly said yes and he took he thumb out and licked my virgin butthole for a few seconds then he asked me to wet his dick with my saliva, I spit on it and slobbered on it to ensure it was well lubricated. He stuck it in very slowly and my body erupted with tingling sensations everywhere. It was perfect the way my ass hugged his dick tightly as we both moaned and groaned with the rest of the sounds of the night. After about 10 minutes he stopped and sat on the bed he didn't come from the anal. I was thinking of what to do next. I had heard Michelle talk over and over about this blowjob technique that she used to get guys off quickly. I got on my knees in front of him and tried to do my best to remember her stories. I gently caressed his balls while I licked the underside of his shaft. I French kissed the head of his dick like a long lost lover and I made sure to swirl my tongue as my head bobbed up and down. I would stop every 30 seconds or so and pump his cock with my hand. Then he came all over my face and chest which I wasn't ready for. After we cleaned up I brought us some Gatorade and we fell asleep naked in each other's arms.

For the rest of the summer I continued to have amazing nights like that with Richard until about a week before Martin was scheduled to return. I needed to break free of the addiction before he returned. I've hooked up with him twice since then a couple years apart. I try to avoid him but I haven't changed my phone number. If he calls I'll be ready, he made me a woman and I owe him at least that.

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