tagLetters & TranscriptsMy First Letter To EmmaP

My First Letter To EmmaP


Darling Princess,

Are such letters like this out of style; with all the electronic stuff around us proliferating even while we think? In these latter days of fast paced life, is the mailman’s walk still wanted? It used to be that young and old would gate-swing, waiting - news and letters from loves long distant were daily and earnestly desired – and delivered.

Gates abandoned? Footfall silent on the pavement? I’m caring not, this passion refuses to be quiet. I’ll write to you anyway!

EmmaP I want so much to be with you; I’m dying in your absence. Did I not thank you for your sweet and trusting face, delightful scent; tell you how those elements so moved me? I hear and see once more that wild red bird outside your window - what a giggle we enjoyed as we watched it lose its balance while greedily stealing berries.

Was that creature not like me in my desire for you; did I not dance the jig of filling at your well my cup until it brimmed? I hope you also did at mine; I hope your drink was cool and long, refreshing as is only the very rarest nectar.

Again I want to comb my older fingers through your hair. I want to feel you moulding into me secure and warm. In my mind’s eye is painted your face’s fine shape; its delicate colour is so extremely pleasing.

Shall I describe the rest of you? Young lady, from pink painted toe to jet black thread of hair; the essence of you sweetens and delights me. I remember tracing your pretty legs; can you feel again my touch? I wanted to make a caress so soft that even the finest fairy would never try to match it. Was that the arrogance of a man - with fingers coarse and dry, uneven, split and worn, wasn’t it silly to try to compete with that?

Then I recall those arms of yours; where did you find such lithe and flawless limbs? The ease at which their daring digits draw from me my pleasure would make a grown man gasp – and did! EmmaP, your neck and ears are quite beyond description. I wish that I could slow, and take an hour to only kiss you there. Nibbling your neck has become a favourite game; do write and remind me how you like it played.

I haven’t even written of your eyes, green sparkling pools of light. When we’re together your gaze is surely irresistible. Now shall we chuckle once again about your smallish breasts? Of perfect size, I did admit – yes I did, with pillow swinging at my head! I so enjoyed your pleasure at my suck. Around your smooth and silky tum I traced my finger’s tip – do you hear the laugh you gave as I tickled you down there? Lower still and here’s some hair, another trace of black. Did you like how my little lick sent shivers all about you?

Your thighs… so open and inviting – you extended me so much with that unfolding gesture. Your sex allures me – of course it does; we played long in there, wetly and in love. Enraptured, that was me; were you?

EmmaP; you told me no-one had ever called you Princess – I shake my greying head bemused. I cannot conceive of anyone more likely to be called that pretty tinkling title. So much you mewed at my embrace, as if you never had been held like that – I know, the ego of this man would love it thus; truth is, I hope a shadow of that was so. I knew you had the urge in you, I had an urge in me; was I crass or over quick to start? As I asked you to take me soon to bed, my apprehension found its highest scary point. You cannot know how relieved I was, that no more words were needed.

You wanted me inside you; all of me; surely as I came I’ve never been so honoured. EmmaP - I’m struggling now… I simply cannot write as beautifully as I want; my words elude me artfully; they tease and I am lost. How can I without those elusive letters draw for you the heights to which I rose? Those peaks of love, of lust, and peace give my life a previously unseen side; a gentler side. My viewpoint’s changed, the old is gone and forever I’ll feel quite differently.

We parted without an encore set. As you consider what is next, our night is dwindling into history. Soon your memory will start to wilt a little – I urge you to refresh it! The date we had was when? My calendar says ‘just three days ago’… I think it has the year wrong.

Princess EmmaP, I’d love to hear from thee.


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