tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy First Nude Hike

My First Nude Hike


I've done my share of nude hiking ... it's a great turn-on. And a great way to experience the outdoors. The first time I did it I was years ago with my friend Betty on a weekday in Minnewaska State Park. We were on a ridge trail, and had just had a snack with my friend Ramona. Ramona was a friend who had a house nearby, with her own skinny dipping pond, which all three of us had briefly jumped into earlier that morning.

After the snack, Ramona had to go home and pack for a trip, leaving Betty and me to hike the remainder of the day. As it got later, the heat of the day increased. Betty and I looked at each other, and I said, "well, we've talked about it for years, I guess here's our opportunity to actually do it." She said why not, so we took off everything except our boots, and set off down the trail. Betty is tall and thin, with red hair, a nicely trimmed pubes, and the most luscious looking large nipples on her small breasts (although we're just friends, she once satisfied my curiosity by letting me have a quick lick of her nipples, and I can certainly say that they were as yummy as they looked!) I'm tall and thin, with dark brown hair and beard, and no pubic hair. So we make a pretty attractive pair on the trails. After a little giggling, we set off together.

For the first hour or so, every time we heard any noise, we jumped off the trail behind a bush. This is not a great idea when you're naked - you get scratched up a lot. But of course there wasn't anybody there. As the day wore on, we stopped jumping. After a while we were just hiking together just like any other hike.

I liked letting Betty go first, as this gave me a view of her pretty tush. Occasionally she complained that I was enjoying the view and she wasn't, so we switched.

We had a late lunch together at a viewpoint, removing our hiking boots, the only garments that we had left. Now we were totally naked. Having lunch together naked at a place where we could be discovered at any time was pretty hot. Betty was sitting cross-legged across from me, giving me glimpses of her pretty pussy. Seeing this made my cock swell just a little. The thought of taking it further crossed my mind, but we were just friends and wanted to keep it that way.

I said that at first we were worried about running into someone, but now we would be disappointed if nobody saw us. So after lunch, we set off back towards where we started from, but instead of the ridge trail, we took the woods road, which was wider and easier to walk on, and we could walk alongside each other. We expected the woods road would have more people than the ridge trail, but there still wasn't anyone! I entertained Betty by making a crack about "walking abreast."

Finally, as we were nearing the end of the trail, a bicyclist came riding towards us. He came upon us so quickly that we didn't have time to react or even cover ourselves. The bicyclist didn't stop, and he didn't slow down, but he did have an ear-to-ear smile! Our day was made, and my career of nude hiking was off to a flying start!

We got dressed to do the last portion of the hike, which took us past the area where there are lots of rock climbers. Every time we passed one we giggled together at the idea of how they would have reacted if we hadn't gotten dressed. We returned to our cars, and drove to a nearby parking lot that is a ten minutes walk from the local nude sunbathing area. We walked along the shallow stream to the area, past the "you may encounter nudity" sign, and came upon a few scattered guys there. We got undressed, and took a dip in the "bathtub", which is a small area where you can dunk yourself, only four feet deep, but perfect for the end of a hot day. Betty looked great all cleaned off.

After hanging out a while, we started walking back to the cars. Until we got past the sign, we figured were allowed to walk naked, so we did. On the way, we stopped to pee, separating from each other for some privacy. When we were finished, Betty told me that one of the guys from the skinny dipping area had been watching her, and playing with himself. She said he was creepy. I said he was only being appreciative. She said she didn't like the idea. So I didn't tell her that the thought of masturbating while looking at her had occurred to me as well. Instead I waited until that night, reviewing the day's activities in my mind.

So this was the start of my nude adventures in the woods. Pretty tame compared to some later stuff, but a day I'll always remember anyway.

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