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My First Seduction


The two women were standing together. Very closely together. The more curvaceous, chestnut haired one was standing behind the slimmer blonde. She had her arms around her. Her full breasts were just brushing the blonde woman’s back, her tummy was touching the pert bottom. The more curvaceous one was holding the wrists of the slimmer one. Not tightly but with a firm grip.

“One of the most important things with the golf swing is the takeaway,” the chestnut haired one said to the blonde. “It has to be slow and smooth like this,” she went on pulling the blonde’s arms backwards.

Mandy had never felt anything quite like it. It was as unexpected as it was powerful. As she gave her friend Sara a few tips on golf she suddenly had such a surge of sexual feelings that her entire body seemed to shudder. It was also quite embarrassing for she was sure that it affected her voice and in the way that she may have pressed her breasts and stomach rather more firmly against her friend than the demonstration of the golf swing required.

Sara was a little surprised that her friend was pressed against her but put it down to what Mandy was trying to show her. Even though she felt her friend’s ample breasts pushing into her back she thought nothing of it and concentrated on the slow smooth backswing that Mandy described.

They hadn’t known each other very long, just a couple of months. But since Sara had opened the café and high quality food shop near to where Mandy lived in London Docklands they’d become quite close friends. Mandy had met Sara as she’d worked on getting the shop ready on the ground floor of the apartment block in which Mandy lived with her daughter, coincidentally also called Sarah, but spelt differently. They’d chatted and had Sara had invited her to the grand opening. As it turned out it wasn’t that grand for very few people turned up.

Since the opening Mandy had got into the habit of popping in most days as a break from her freelance copywriting work to have an espresso or cappuccino. As this was usually mid morning between the breakfast and lunch time busier periods the place was often a fairly quiet and hence the two women could chat easily and, as the weeks passed, they got to know each other fairly well.

Sara was in her mid thirties, a little younger than Mandy as was Mandy but unlike her Sara was happily married with two children both under ten. Her Husband, Liam, was a corporate lawyer with a very high powered job with a leading firm of city solicitors. They lived in Islington, a trendy part of London, and had a live in nanny that enabled Sara to devote herself fully to her business. She’d started it because she felt too dependent on Liam and because, since leaving Durham University with a solid 2:1 degree, she’d never really worked or achieved anything, or so she felt.

Mandy had found herself telling Sara about the successful business that she and her ex had run and that led onto her, unusually, relating many of the details of her marriage break up to her new friend. How she’d thought that he was the man she’d spend the rest of her life with. How, until she’d caught him out in being unfaithful, she’d never even had a sexual thought about another man let alone done anything like that. How, though, after she found out the second time her views changed. How then she’d had an affair with David who she still thought was probably the real love of her life. How she had what she called her “red mists” that welled up when she suspected Kevin was drifting off again and in them she’d had two one night, well afternoon in both cases, stands. And how eventually she’d kicked him out when she found out about his philandering for the third time. She didn’t, though tell her about how both prior to her marriage, during it and since it ended she’d had affairs of one sort or another with a series of other women. Well that’s not the sort of thing one woman tells another is it?

Sara had responded by telling Mandy that she’d had a couple of affairs and that although happy in her marriage things were certainly not all they might be in the bedroom. She didn’t though tell Mandy that she and Liam hadn’t had sex now for almost three months.

Sara came from a moneyed, very middle class background as did her husband Liam. Her father had been a successful banker in the era before the wide boys took over that industry. She glided through her boarding school career doing well at most subjects and sports. University was taken for granted and there she also excelled.

However, her whole conditioning, really, was that she’d do the education bit but then she’d settle down, marry well and do what middle class ladies do best, breed children. It hadn’t occurred to her to question that and the thought of rebelling had never entered her mind. That is until recently. The past three or four years had seen her undergo a radical change in her thinking and outlook.

It had started with sex. Liam’s drive seemed to wane over a period of a couple of years and Sara often wondered if he was having an affair but quickly cast such thoughts from her mind for he was very straight laced. She put it down to the murderous hours that corporate lawyers work for it seemed that the completion of mergers and acquisitions always happened in the middle of the night. That and the frequent dinners he had to attend as a junior partner in the firm kept them apart a lot and something had to give. And that something was her sexual satisfaction.

Even now, three years later, when she looked back on the times with Barry she could hardly believe it had happened. She’d never been unfaithful to Liam before, never really even thought about it. So to go from that to having a full on affair with, of all people, a carpenter joiner was a quantum leap for her. Barry was building some cabinets in their study. Beautiful cabinets made by hand by him. Like many such true craftsmen he worked slowly, after all perfection can’t be hurried can it? So Barry spent many days in their sprawling Victorian, town house in Islington. They got to know each other well with him impressing her with his intelligence and free spirited attitude to life. He was eloquent, extremely well read and great at crosswords. Sara had been trying to do the Times crossword each day and, although not too successful, she was persevering, after all she had all the time on her hands to indulge that.

She took to asking Barry for answers and that led to them sitting down each day for coffee doing it together. That led to them sitting close together and that led to them talking about life in general. That led to him asking about why Liam was never around and that led to her opening her heart to him. And that led to him fucking her. And that led to her first affair.

The first time was traumatic for her. Traumatic, guilt inducing, a little demeaning but bloody wonderful.

And that led to them having sex twice or three times a week for almost a month.

At first the guilt and the sense of betrayal of her husband was hard for her to take. But she got used to it and soon she even found it quite exciting to have her secret from Liam. That made her second affair so much easier.

This time it was with a tennis coach. He was a few years younger than Sara and gave her lessons when she’d taken up tennis after a ten year break. Again she’d felt herself drawn to him but this time not by any intellectual force. It wasn’t Grant’s mind that impressed. It wasn’t his way with words or his manner or personality. She didn’t feel tenderness, a meeting of the minds or an emotional magnetism with him. No with this six foot three young man it was pure lust. She’d never experienced it before. Nice, well brought up middle class ladies don’t do lust do they? She did with him though. Almost from the first time she met him she wanted him. She’d find herself fantasising about him, thinking what he’d be like in bed and what he’d look like naked. It didn’t take her that long to find out.

After the first lesson he had a glass of orange juice with her and they chatted. After the second lesson, he played a few games of tennis with her and had two glasses of orange juice. After the third he suggested lunch and after the fourth he suggested sex. They made love in his car in a car park in the forest near to the club. It was probably the most exciting sex Sara had ever had. That was a few of years ago and it lasted the best part of a year before he announced he was getting married.

“But we can still see each other Sara, my fiancée lives in Birmingham,” he announced as she was getting dressed in the back of his car one day.

That did it for her. The sheer cheek and assumptive ness showed her what he really thought of her and Sara classified that as a frustrated married woman needing the diversion of a lover. A wife that didn’t get enough at home and was gagging for it on the side. However true that may really be she didn’t like the idea of him thinking of her like that and, worse of her being reminded of it. She finished it and had been faithful now for the past two and a bit years.

Her other rebelliousness from the confines of her “happy marriage” was the setting up of the café and delicatessen. She felt she was at last doing something herself. Something where she wasn’t bathing in the reflected light of her superstar lawyer husband. So she’d become freer, more outgoing and willing to try new things. So when her new friend Amanda had asked if she played golf Sara replied,

“I did before the kids were born and would like to take it up again, but I’ve only played a few times in the past six years or so.”

“Great,” Mandy had said, “why not come to my club, we’ll hit some balls on the driving range and then do a few holes.”

They made a date for the following Monday afternoon which was always a slow time after the lunch rush. They both took their own cars to the course dressed in their golf clothes. They hit a few balls on the driving range Amanda being quite impressed with Sara’s swing although she could see a couple of faults that she was sure she could help her friend overcome quite easily. Mandy had been having lessons on and off for some time and she was sure that was a main reason why she’d managed to get her handicap down to a very respectable fifteen. Lessons and playing two or three times a week since the divorce.

As Mandy put her arms around Sara to demonstrate the takeaway part of the swing the furthest thing from her mind was anything sexual with her new friend. Thus the surge of sexual desire that hit her was as surprising as it was powerful. Mandy had been with several women before. A couple prior to her marriage, one during it and two since. But all had come about either from circumstances or by an advance from the other woman. She’d never started anything and in fact had never looked at a woman in the cold light of day, as it was, and thought anything sexual about her. And most certainly she’d never felt anything like this before.

Yes she’d had feelings from other women. Very strong feelings. Feelings so powerful that those other women had given her orgasms. But never had she experienced the sensation of wanting to seduce another woman as she’d been “seduced.” She’d never been the predator or the hunter, no she’d been the prey, the hunted. True, she had to admit with the small number of women she’d been with, the hunt hadn’t needed to very long. She wasn’t, she knew, that elusive a prey and she hadn’t fought that hard to “escape.”

Not with the three girls at college with whom she’d formed a close group. So close that a few times they’d messed around as they experimented with their sexuality. Nothing very serious, just some mild snogging and a little touching of each other as the four of them smoked or drank a little too much. And not with one of that group who she’d been to wedding with in Scotland and they’d ended up making love. Her first time alone with another woman.

Not really also with Jenny who her husband after tremendous arguing and mental pressure had persuaded her to go with while he watched.

“It’ll bring the spark to our marriage,” he’d said.

“If you really want to save out marriage, you’ll have to be more adventurous,” he’d told her.

“If you’ve been with women before for your pleasure,” he’d argued, “you can surely do it again for mine, can’t you?” he’d gone on quite nastily, making Mandy regret ever having been so honest to tell him before they married, “so that they were no secrets between them.

Kevin had arranged it after Mandy had reluctantly agreed, her mind feeling torn apart by the prospect of Kevin leaving her if she didn’t “become more adventurous.”

To say that the time on her marital bed with Jenny changed her life is an understatement. It was not only such a mind blowing experience and such a powerful sexual reawakening to being with a woman, it also gave her the strength to see Kevin for what he was. As Jenny had slowly undressed her then made the most tender love to her while Kevin sat in a chair watching them, Mandy at last realised her marriage was over. As she’d returned that love and sex and had writhed naked with Jenny their fingers and mouths doing the most daring things to each other so she’d seen Kevin for what he was. And as she and Jenny had such powerful mutual orgasms as he looked on and masturbated so she’d known for sure that her marriage was over.

She managed to put it out of her mind during the few holes of golf but at home that evening, after her fourteen year old daughter had gone to bed and she was sipping a glass of dry white wine watching an episode of Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here the memory of it came back to her.

She couldn’t think of any reason why it had happened when it did. Sure Sara was stunningly attractive. Just above the shoulder, blonde hair, pale, glowing skin, deep, blue eyes, gorgeous lips and a slim but nicely rounded body with pert boobs and a tight bum. And yes they’d become close and talked of quite intimate things. But Mandy had done that with other girl friends, she’d talked to hellishly attractive women before about sex with their husbands and with their lovers and had never felt the slightest inclination to have sex with them. So why Sara? She couldn’t answer that.

“That was great yesterday Mand, when we going to play again?” Sara asked when Amanda went into the café for her coffee the next day.

As Amanda looked at her and heard those words it happened again. She was worried that she’d blush at the thoughts that went through her mind as her friend leaned forward, her elbows on the counter cradling her chin. Mandy climbed onto one of the high bar stools. She smiled and muttered,

“Whenever you like Sara,” as her eyes looked right down the front of her friend’s dark blue blouse seeing the outline of her small breasts in the white bra. God how she wanted to slide her hand in there and caress those tits she thought.

“Are you ok Mandy?” Sara asked putting her hand on Mandy’s wrist.

“Yes, yes I’m fine thanks love, just a bit of a cold I expect,” Amanda mumbled loving the feel of Sara’s fingers on her skin.

Sara was surprised at how Mandy had suddenly changed. She’d seemed her normal self when she walked in but had suddenly become hesitant, her voice had tightened and she was nowhere near as talkative as usual. She put it down to the cold and busied herself with Mandy’s coffee and pain au chocolate. They chatted away almost as usual for Mandy managed to pull herself together and put her naughty thoughts and the view down Sara’s blouse out of her mind.

But over the next couple of weeks the feelings kept returning both when she was with Sara but also when she was alone. These were sometimes the most powerful when she was getting ready for bed and several times she found herself with her hands between her legs and on her full breasts masturbating with visions of Sara in her mind.

As she did though it wasn’t just her friend that flitted through her mind. It wasn’t just Sara’s naked body she imagined and it wasn’t just her lips she imagined kissing. No those images were interspersed with visions of Toni, the neighbour that Mandy had “slept” with the very day she’d kicked her husband out when she’d found out that yet again he’d been unfaithful.

As her mind tortured itself with how she could pluck up the courage to make an advance to Sara so it recalled how Toni had done that to her. Sure she was vulnerable. Upset and distraught at having ended her marriage she was weepy and sensitive so that when Toni had cuddled her Mandy had felt warm and comforted. She’d felt a little secure and wanted after feeling so alone and discarded when Kevin left. And when Toni had run her fingers through Mandy’s hair as they’d sat with their arms around each other so her body responded. As she imagined herself doing that to Sara her thoughts returned to the way that Toni had lifted her face up and the realisation had hit Mandy that they were going to kiss. As she recalled those kisses and the first light touch of Toni’s hand on her breast so it was Sara’s lips against hers, Sara’s body that was in her arms and Sara’s breast that was being caressed by her, not hers by Toni.

As Mandy masturbated slow and very languid lying naked in the middle of her bed so she thought of how Toni had gently and tenderly undressed her and she visualised doing that to her new friend. As her orgasm started to rise the combination of how Toni had made her climax so tenderly and beautifully so many times during that sensational night of love and sex merged with her imagining herself doing that to Sara.

Sara also thought about Mandy quite a lot for she had few close female friends. But her thoughts never once focused on anything sexual. She’d never really been interested in women and only a couple of times had she been tested, both times having no difficulty in resisting.

“Oh shit, look at the bloody rain,” Mandy said as she and Sara huddled together in the doorway of the inside tennis courts. They’d been playing and when they’d got there the weather was fine but there was now an incessant downpour. It looked very much as if it was set in for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

“What’ll we do?” Sara asked smiling, “We’ll get soaked through in just our tennis gear.”

“Buggered if I know,” Amanda replied wondering if they could get a cab but knowing that at this time round Docklands they were almost impossible especially in the rain.

“It’s only a few hundred yards,” she went on, “I guess we’ll have to make run for it to my place. You up for a run Sara?”

“I suppose we’ll have to,” the blonde said resigned to the fact of getting wet, “at least it’s quite warm.”

“Come on the let’s do it.”

It would have been quite a sight for any onlookers or would be voyeurs as the two stunningly attractive women jogged alongside the docks as they made their way towards Amanda’s luxury apartment complex. Both in short skirts, Sara’s pale blue and Mandy’s pink, and thin, white tops that rapidly became almost see through, their bar, tanned legs were quickly soaked and glistened from the rain. Their hair was plastered to their heads and, as they ran, their breasts jiggled very alluringly and their bottom wiggled most attractively.

Laughing and out of breath from the exertion they got to the gates of Mandy’s apartment block and Mandy struggled in her purse in the rain to find the card for the security lock for the pedestrian entry. Inside that, eventually they made a last dash across the cobbled courtyard and got to her front door.

“Phew that was bloody awful,” Sara said as they went into the apartment, along the sandstone tiled entrance hall and into the kitchen.

“I’ll make some tea and we’d both better get in the shower quickly or we’ll catch our death of colds,” Mandy said, busying herself with the kettle, tea bags and mugs. “You use Sarah’s bathroom, you know where it is off her bedroom where you changed before we went,” she continued trying to avoid looking at the dark shadows of her friends hardened nipples that were so evident through the thin, soaked top.

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