tagLoving WivesMy God, You Look So Good!

My God, You Look So Good!


The story is 90% true, my husband and I kind of co-author these submissions. You can gain more insight about us by thumbing though our other stories. Again if you are offended by explicit descriptions about sharing your wife, go no further

This is a description of the first time I had a sexual experience with another guy since we married.

The Mars/Venus perception of reality at times differs, We are going to present these events as experienced by each and as you will see, our recall is at times slightly different.


Hi, this is Paul and this is my recall of that memorable weekend:

After years together, we know well each other's body and mind. We will spend hours slowly and gently enjoying each other, at times we spice these moments by reliving our past experiences, how we could had made them better as well as situations we would love to make true.

Sharing my wife has always been one of my deepest and darkest fantasies; I lived resigned that it would remain no more than such. How wrong she would soon prove I was.

At the time, we were planning to build our new home in a remote and secluded farm we had purchased a few years before. We yearned for a home that would blend in with our natural surroundings so we spent days researching architectural firms that had experience in scenic settings and eventually settled for a firm in Houston that fit the description.

Ann scheduled a preliminary meeting, I on the other hand was keeping a low profile, and intended to not get involved in the planning stage. I thought Ann should feel that it was "her home" and she ought to be calling the shots.

After the third visit we were comfortable with the project. ideas started falling into place, we are talking and Ann tells me:

"I am so happy with Robert, he has been so patient and understanding,"

She hesitated and then added,

"I have the feeling that he is hitting on me."

"Tell me about this" my curiosity now piqued.

"Are you sure you won't get mad? I know we have talked about something like this happening but I would never allow anything sour our relationship!"

"Hell no!, the idea actually turns me on, let's let it run and see what happens!"

That evening while making love we talked about it and latter while recovering she asked me if we should leave this as a fantasy or consider it a harbinger of things to come.

She arrived at about 7 PM from her next visit, while at dinner I got her to give me some snippets about what transpired, Curious I talked her into sitting with me on the sofa and fill me in with the details.

"Oh yes, this is for real" she exclaimed,

" Not only is he hitting on me, I left his office completely aroused."

I dogged her for details,

"He kept looking at my breasts" she tells me. "We were talking and he kept on staring at my breasts. It didn't help that I wore no bra and my nipples were pushing through my top."

"And I couldn't keep from noticing that he was hard, and I don't think he was wearing shorts under his pants either!"

"OK, that sounds great, but what is he like? What is it about him that turns you on?" I asked

"Well, mostly knowing that he's really got the hots for me! But it does help that he is the kind of guy that wets my pants. He reminds me of one of my early flames."

"So" I said, "describe him"

"He is tall, very tall and you know what that does to me!"

Ann is a little over five feet tall, thin, very fair skin with a very classic profile. She sports small but very nice shaped breasts, a narrow waist and nice hips with a gorgeous bubble butt. Her legs I could die for, I have always had a hang up for dancers, and although she never was one, her thighs and calves are strong and well defined.

She has always had a hang up for tall men, I am six foot two and at times feel weird next to her small frame. When we first met I thought her as fragile but soon learned otherwise.

She doesn't make a secret of her sexual preferences either, insisting that she needs to feel a strong man above her, and a large cock inside her.

No novice before we met, she had a collection of bad experiences and a handful of good ones by the time we hooked up.

"A small penis won't satisfy me regardless of how turned on I am or how good looking a man may be! I need to feel full to feel satisfied!" She told me on one occasion.

"And other than tall?" I asked

"He is thin but well built and I absolutely love the way he moves and carries himself!

I also like what I see inside his pants!" she tells me grinning like a cat.

100% sure by now that my fantasies were about to become true, I tried to foresee any possible problems that could come up.

"OK I guess you are committed to this going through but how about possible problems" I asked . "Didn't you tell me he was married? Has he brought this up or bought up the fact that you are married too?"

" Apparently not! He is married but that hasn't kept him from flirting with me and he has told me he would like to see me anytime I am available." She paused and then added

"I told him you were very busy and that I had a lot of free time. I left it at that! I have to keep him from even suspecting that you are in this with me!

The phone calls became more frequent and at times sounded furtive, I witnessed a couple and heard her side of the conversation. They became rather explicit and she would hang up the phone and be completely flushed and turned on. He kept her "motor" running continuously and he did a great job because she soon announced

"I have to fuck him!" she tells me with a wanton look, "I need to fuck him!"

Bingo, my dreams come true. They made plans for them to meet Saturday night in Houston and we worked on the plans. We booked a hotel near Galleria and made plans for Ann to leave Saturday afternoon, spend the night and return Sunday morning.

The next two nights I also did my best to keep her humming, I was gentle and loving.

I touched her, caressed her, massaged her and warmed her ear non-stop but refrained from sex, so by Saturday she was very, very, very ready!.

At noon we started our preparations, we picked sexy clothing , I trimmed and brushed her bush, We bathed and shampooed , while all along making comments meant to keep her feeling sexy. I wanted her to be very horny way before she hit the road.

As she prepared to leave, I kissed her face and mouth, I lifted her skirt, saw that she had decided to wear no panties, I nuzzled her nether lips, and found her swollen, slippery and sooo ready. My efforts had not been in vain!

"Please tell me you are sure about this" she told me. "As horny as I might be, if this is going to cause any problem I would rather not go through it!"

I laughed, "I love you and remember that this is for the benefit of both!",

I paused and added

"I do have two conditions though!"

"Conditions " she asked wrinkling her face, "what kind of conditions?"

"call me from your cell phone just before he picks you up, and again as soon as he leaves, that way I can lie in bed and fantasize"

" No problem, and the other?"

"Take a photo of yourself afterward so I may share a bit of your adventure" I told her as I handed her our old Mavica digital camera.

The first call came in at about seven, he was on his way to pick her up for dinner, she would try to call as she left the restaurant, if this was not possible she would do so after he left.

I then sat to wait. The experience was troubling, a mixture of apprehension and lust, a constant feeling of a knot in the pit of the stomach but accompanied by a raging hard on. It wasn't till after eleven when she called,

"Sorry I didn't call earlier, He came to the room and we were both so worked up we skipped dinner" "We spent all evening in bed, he just left, I'll get some rest and tell you the entire story tomorrow morning."

"What about the photo?" I asked

"Oh, Hang on, wait a sec!" "OK, I managed to shoot a few pics of myself".

It was now I who thought was going to die if I couldn't find relief! The conversation. kept on rewinding in my mind. After an uneasy night sleep I took care of early morning business and then laid down in bed trying to catch up with some reading till she arrived.

It wasn't till about ten, when she walked in the house and stood at the foot of the bed, a big smile on her face and looking absolutely beautiful! She bent over the bed and kissed me deeply,

I asked her," Did you enjoy yourself? Did you bring the photos for me to see?"

She gave me a big grin, moved to the side of the bed, quickly removed her blouse and skirt and crawled into the bed, She pushed me towards the foot, leaned back against the bed board, spread her thighs and said,

"Better than photos, he visited again early this morning and we fucked for another hour"

She looked down at herself, then turned towards my face and added:

"I brought you the real thing!"

She sat inches away from my face, swollen, reddened and oozing, then began to give me a blow by blow description of her evening.

"Oh my god, you look so good!" I mumbled

I couldn't stand it any longer. I dove between her thighs and found myself kissing her belly, then moved down to her mons, vulva and pushed my face between her lips

She had just been filled with another mans sperm and far from feeling disgusted I thought she felt and tasted sooooo good. We played most of the day and I must confess I came to love the experience of a freshly fucked pussy; it was heavenly, I am spoiled!

Hi, This is Ann, Paul had me proof the story before he posted it, and as much as I agree on the course of events, he cannot fully fathom what went through my mind that evening.

For years, while making love, we would make up different scenarios, talk about situations as a tool to spice up our love life. We considered these as benign means to enhance our love life.

As I headed to my first visit with our architect I did not know what to expect, but was very pleasantly surprised by how good looking and attentive he was. Although very professional, he did shower me with complements about my tastes, looks and attitude.

I left with my ego sky high. The next visit was similar, But I soon became very aware that these were more than gratuitous comments, so when it became time for my next interview I dressed a little more elaborately, wore a nice white silk blouse without a bra complimented by a well-fitted skirt that enhanced my butt.

The meeting went well, he was again very sweet and gracious, but towards the end of the meeting I noticed that he was steadily staring at my breasts, I looked down and saw that my nipples were erect and poking through my blouse. He then looked at my face grinned and I noticed he had a bulge in his pants. From that point on things moved at a dizzying pace. I knew he wanted me and I new I wanted him but I left slightly flustered and told him we would speak on the phone. I was a mess on the way home. I knew Paul would realize that something was up so I decided the best approach would be to tell him what had transpired. I did so and Paul's response was to laugh and tell me,

"I appreciated what he is doing for your ego! We have had fantastic sex after you come back from Houston. I didn't quite know why!" He laughed and went on, "You should thank him on my behalf, he saved me the foreplay!"

The next few days were torture, he kept on calling me, telling me things I wanted to hear and clinched it by telling me he had made wild love to his wife while all along making believe it was me.

I almost came there and then and decided on the spot that I wanted to, no, I needed to fuck him.

I then carefully broached the subject with Paul who allayed my fears and made me feel my anxiety was unfounded.

"It might be a great opportunity to live out my fantasy" he told me.

The rest of the week went by sooo slowly, he would call me and sweet talk me while Paul would listen in and tease me. I thought I would not make it to Saturday!.

Paul called the La Quinta, on 610 just above Galleria and reserved a room, I was to drive to Houston Saturday afternoon, meet Robert and then either come home or if it became late stay overnight.

Saturday finally arrived, we spent all afternoon preparing. Paul bathed me , trimmed me, perfumed me , kissed me , talked to me, and finally dressed me and sent on my way. When he told me about the calls and the photos, I thought this was somewhat kinky but at that time I would have agreed to anything!

The drive was a torture, I kept imagining and anticipating what might transpire. I finally arrived, checked in and waited for him to pick me up for dinner as planned. He called from the lobby, I asked him to come up and quickly called Paul to tell him the plans were on.

He knocked on the door, I nervously opened and found him standing there looking very handsome and appealing. I asked him to come in so I could get my purse, turned around and as I bent over the bedside table I felt him wrap is arms around my waist, hugging me from behind.

Everything from then on was a blur. We kissed, hugged, touched. Next thing I know is that I am laying on my back, sans my blouse and skirt, completely exposed and that he was standing at the foot of the bed undressing.

He must have noticed the effect he was having on me as he pulled off his shorts and kneeled at the edge of the bed. I have never paid that much attention to the details of a penis but he was impressive. Don't get me wrong, it was not only his size but he was rock hard, curving upward, a shaft not thick but long and a head like a purple mushroom.

The highlight of this experience was watching his expression as he spread my thighs and gazed at me, open and vulnerable. I could feel my pussy throbbing when he kneeled, lifted my knees and started to describe what he saw. I tried to conceal how wet I was but he looked at me in the face, spread my lips, gently touched me with his fingers and withdrew a long sticky string of wetness which he brought up first to his lips and then to mine.

I could no longer stand it, he tried to kiss my pussy but I begged for him to fuck me. Instead he mumbled something about how sweet I looked and buried his face inside me. I came and came and came but you know what? I can't be satisfied until I cum with a cock deep inside me!.

I pulled him on top of me, feeling the tip of his penis at my entrance. The anticipation of being pierced by a new penis for the first time is un-describable.

I made myself as accessible as possible, brought my knees up to my shoulders, pushed my pelvis forward and turned into what Paul has told me looks like as being a pink, soft, wet funnel begging for release. He then entered me oh so slowwly and that felt heavenly. but as he withdrew I felt something I had not experienced before, I felt like he was slowly turning me inside out, that his cock was dragging my flesh with it and when I felt I was about to loose him, he would plunge back deep inside me filling me completely again .

We danced attached for hours when I finally felt him tightening, I opened myself even wider, wrapped my feet around his back and urged him!. He began to pant, then let out a loud deep groan, I couldn't wait any longer, my cunt began to spasm as he ground against me. And I felt, yes I actually felt him spurting and emptying deep inside me as he pushed as deep inside as he could reach.

As far as I was concerned I had just had an orgasm that I would rate as an eleven on a scale of ten but soon found out it was not over! , I don't know if he took some Viagra or some such pill but he stayed hard and proceeded to fuck me in every position imaginable, He kissed me gently and sucked me hard; he explored every inch of me, kept it up for hours and must have come deep inside me three or four times.

Sometime before midnight, he told me he had to return home, that he had enjoyed himself immensely and that he would take a rain check on the dinner.

As I lay in bed glowing, swollen, filled and content I called Paul to tell him everything had gone well and I was too tired to go home.

At daybreak, I got up, showered, made a cup of coffee and started getting ready for the trip home. Suddenly the phone rings and it is Robert who tells me he is out for his morning jog but would like to come by say goodbye.

The goodbye consisted in another hour of wonderful sex. He walked in and announced that he was not through with me and proceeded to replay the previous evening. He turned out to not be the shy type. He opened all the shades and we laid at the foot of a full-length mirror. The view was awesome; I never knew I was such a voyeur. He laid me on my side and I could now see what I had only felt the night before. He made me watch as he entered me and then as he would withdraw completely, leaving my lips wide-open and then would plunge in again. I must have come twice when I saw his balls begin tighten, he squeezed me from behind, finally grunted, held me very tight and came inside me again and again. We spooned for while, did the hug, kiss and laugh bit when he told me he must leave. He said goodbye and left me a little worse for the abuse.

I did not bother to bathe again, I dressed quickly and headed home. I drove like a bat out of hell and as I neared town I phoned to make sure Paul was home so I could present him with his unsuspected bonus.

As I walked in the house I felt a lump in my stomach. I knew we had talked about this many times but this was reality and I wondered how he would really respond.

Would he be angry, Had this been an error in judgment?, an experiment gone wrong?

My doubts started to vanish as I walked in the room, he looked so eager almost pleading.

I decide to go for it come hell or high water, I crawled towards the head of the bed, turned to face him and gave him a first hand look at my beat up, swollen, and deliciously tingly pussy. His face told me everything, far from mad or hurt he looked he looked overwhelmed.

I started to tell him about my evening but he could not hear me, his hearing was blocked by my thighs squeezed against his head as he worked his lips, tongue and then his entire face between my lips and deep inside me.

It then dawned on me that last night's antics were just the prelude of a sex saturated weekend. You do not want to know what I felt like Monday morning.

You know, I still keep a copy those photos! Would you like to see them?

Grins. Hope you enjoyed and you may want to read part two.

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