tagIncest/TabooMy Halloween Party at the Mortuary

My Halloween Party at the Mortuary


Hello, I'm Tara, I'm going to tell, you a little bit about myself first, so that it may help you understand the story a little better.

I'm a 41 year old mortician / funeral director that operates our family's mortuary and cemetery. I'm married in a polygamist marriage ( not Mormon ). I have three children two teenagers and a two year old, now, I have 2 Sister Wives, Toni that's a year younger than me and she is also my biological sister with 4 children to our husband. Then, there's Kathy that is a good bit younger than us, she's 23 years old with 1 child to our husband.

Well, it was Saturday October 31st 2015 Halloween, me and my sister wives decided that since, we had no viewings or funerals scheduled for the week. To hold our usual, Halloween party in the mortuary chapel this time, instead of our house next door. Because, the chapel was more roomy and we could also use a couple of the empty adjacent viewing rooms. Well, the day before, I had my husband and the cemetery grounds crew boys. Move all the pews out of the chapel, and just leave a few against the walls for people to sit on. Well, our older brother (me and Toni's) came over that morning to help us girls, me, my sister wives and our cousin Kelly, decorate and stuff.

Well, I was dressed in my short little white tank top and my tight white yoga pants with Tennis Shoes. So, it was a little after 9 a.m. my sister, wife Kathy was up on the chapel stage setting up the sound equipment and my sister Toni, was making sure all the areas. That we did not want the guests to go into were locked, while my brother helped me, hang purple and black streamers, along with the purple twinkle lights from the ceiling. We had just got done hanging the lights, and in the midst of hanging the streamers. When I put by hand down and said to my brother, "Hand me a another piece of tape." Well, I turned my head and looked down, because he didn't hand me any tape. I said, "Jimmy hand me some tape! What are you staring at?" I said that, but I knew what he was staring at, my ass.

My brother replied, "Nothing!" As he handed me some tape, I took the tape and said, "Yeah right! You were staring at my ass, what a perv!"

Then my 18 year old daughter and her friend Amy, came into the chapel. I said, "Hi girls, what's up?"

"Mom, can I get some money?" she said.

I said to her, " Honey, I didn't get to the ATM machine yet, maybe your aunt Toni, wait a minute, here comes your dad, ask him."

Our daughter yelled, "Daddy, can I get some money please!"

I said to Amy, "Watch, he's going to give her anything she wants, she has him wrapped around her finger, thank God I taught her well!"

He replied to his little girl, "How much do you want?"

She replied, "Can I get $250.00 by the way daddy, look at the costumes me and Amy have, I'm going to be a vampire with a mask and Amy's going to be Cat woman from Batman. Not the old Batman, he was kind of gay looking!"

Well, he dug in his pockets and gave her exactly what she wanted, she kissed him on the cheek and the girls left.

It was a little bit after 5 p.m. when we were all done with the decorating, setting up and preparing the food. The party was to start at 7 p.m., but we knew, the guests were going to be arriving sometime after 6 p.m. We invited our friends, relatives and the ones that work for us at the mortuary and in the cemetery, so we were going to have a small army showing up soon.

Well, I went next store into the house to change into my Halloween costume, just as our teenagers were off to do their thing for Halloween and my mother and father-in-law came to pick up the little kids to take them for Halloween.

My little girl said to me, "Are you going to be scared, tonight mommy?"

And I said to her, "It's not the things that go 'bump' in the night that scare me. It's the things that go 'AAUGH!' Okay, grandma and grandpa are waiting, you, have a good time at the firehouse party, I'll see you tomorrow, love you!" I gave her a hug and kiss, then she went out the door and I went upstairs to change. I got upstairs, I slipped off my tank top and yoga pants, as I stood in front of the dresser mirror in my black lace bra and my tiny pair shiny black satin bikini panties. I reached down and grabbed the black halter top to the costume, that laced up in the front, with a pink ribbon. Next, I slipped on the short baby pink pleated skirt to the costume, then I reached in the dresser drawer and grabbed a pair of black thigh high stockings. I went over and sat on the bed and slipped on my stockings, I got up quickly, and grabbed my black boots out of the closet and sat back on the bed to slip them on.

After putting on my Halloween costume, I went back over to the mortuary, carrying one of those fireplace lighters to light the jack-o'-lanterns, the kids had carved out in front. As I walked towards the front of the mortuary, my brother standing out in front smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer.

My brother said, laughing to me, "Tara the way you're dressed, I can put you on a corner and make some money. So, sis do you need a pimp, because I'm willing to put you on the corner, if you do!"

My mouth dropped open and I yelled, "YOU FUCKING PIG!

Well, I bent over and started lighting the jack-o'-lanterns and just as I was lighting the last one in front of the mortuary door. As I was bending over, I looked up and seen my brother's reflection in the glass of the doors. He was like really looking up my skirt, big time. While he smoked his cigarette, I turned around and said, "Are you looking up my skirt?"

"No, I'm just standing here smoking my cigarette, watching light the pumpkins," my brother said.

I yelled, "BULLSHIT! I seen you in the glass of the door looking, what's gotten into you today, I'm your sister!"

My brother said, "Well, I couldn't help it, your skirt is so damn short, and those black silk panties you have on, they are sexy as hell, Tara!" Then, he yelled, "Hey sis, since I helped set up today, when I go home tomorrow can I have those panties you're wearing, as a thank you present! As I opened the door to go into the mortuary.

I screamed, "UGH!!!!" and I walked in to the mortuary.

Then just as the door closed behind me, my brother yelled, "I love you when you're mad, Tara!"

Well, it was a just a smidge after 7 p.m. and I said to my sister wife Kathy and Toni, " Holy shit, that is the second Darth Vader costume I seen walk in. I'm going to go put one of these pumpkins stickers, on our husbands shoulder. So, we can tell who he is," then I went and tracked him down, I put the sticker on him and said, "Don't remove it. there's enough Darth Vader's running around here, your wives want to know which one is ours!"

About 8 p.m. my 18 year old daughter walked in with her friend and Amy from college with their boyfriends one was dressed as Darth Vader and the other a storm trooper and they were both drunk. I said to her, "What are you two doing, drinking, you're both are only 18 years old. So, what happened to the party you guys were going to?"

My daughter replied, "I know mom, we're not supposed to be drinking, but it's Halloween, we're not getting into any trouble."

Then her friend Amy said, "The party got shut down, by the cops, for be too loud."

"I thought you were going the vampire with the mask and Amy was going to be Cat woman," I said.

My daughter said, "Well, Amy's costume didn't fit and mine didn't fit either, but when we switched with each other, they fit.

I said, "Okay have fun, stay out of trouble and don't let me catch you guys drinking!"

About an hour later someone spilled punch in the vestibule, I went to the utility closet to get the mop and a couple standing outside of it, that I couldn't remember who they were.

The girls said laughing, "I wouldn't go in there, if I was you, there's a couple in there having sex."

I rolled my eyes, so I went to the garage, where we park the hearses to get a mop. Well, when I walked in, on the other side of the garage was my daughter down on her knees giving her boyfriend, that was dressed as Darth Faded, a blowjob. They both seen me, so I quietly grabbed the mop, then I looked again. And I seen a pumpkin sticker on the shoulder of the Darth Vader costume. I didn't know what to say, I just quietly left. When I went out to go mop up the spill, I seen my daughter's boyfriend sitting there on the one pew passed out drunk.

A few minutes later, my daughter came up to me at the buffet table and said, "I hope you're not mad, that I was giving my boyfriend a blowjob in the garage.

"No, I'm not mad," I replied to her.

Well, I quickly went into the chapel, over to where her boyfriend was sitting passed out drunk and put a pumpkin sticker on his shoulder.

Then walked away, about 20 minutes later my husband comes up to me and said, "I know, you're pissed off, because you seen our daughter's best friend Amy polishing my knob. I'm sorry I couldn't resist, when she didn't say a word and just grabbed me, by the hand and led me over into the garage. So, I didn't say a word and when she got down on her knees in the garage in front of me. Yeah, I knew what she was getting ready to do, but I didn't stop her and when she was done, she stood up and said, something to me, then left real quick." But, I couldn't hear her with all this loud music, I'm sorry, I'm drunk, I shouldn't have let her do it."

Well, I didn't say anything to him and then bothered to inform him of what I knew, I just walked away, letting him know, I wasn't happy camper about it. But, I wasn't going to let that ruin my evening,, and be all pissy with everyone, it was Halloween, a vampires Christmas. So, I went back to the guest laughing and giggling and having a good time and deal with him, tomorrow.

It was approximately 9:15 p.m. the party was going smoothly and I was getting pretty corked from drinking. I giggling like crazy, because I do that when I get drunk. Well, I seen my sister Toni, was standing over by the chapel stage beside my brother, so I walked over and I yelled to my sister, "Toni I'm going outside for a cigarette Ok, I'll be back!"

My sister yelled back, "Go ahead take your time, take it easy and relax. Tara you did most of the work setting up, me and Kathy got it covered!"

My brother yelled, "I'm going outside to have a cigarette with you!"

As my sister walked up on the stage, I turned to my brother and pointed my finger at him and yelled, "Okay, but you better behave!"

Well, me and my brother went out front to have a cigarette, well once I got outside, it was dark out and chilly. It was about 55 degrees and I'm wearing a halter top and short little skirt. So, I looked at my brother and giggling like crazy said, "It got chilly out here, since it got dark out."

"Well look at that skimpy little outfit you are wearing sis," my brother replied.

I reply back to my brother, "I'm cold! let's go smoke over in my car, where I can put on some heat and relax." Well, when I started walking and I turned it said to him, "This way brother, I'm at the other end of the parking lot, away from the cemetery gates."

My brother said, "Earlier you were parked right in front of the mortuary, why did you park way over there?"

I said to my brother, as we started walking towards my car, " So, that there was plenty of room for the guests to park and I didn't want no one scratching my car. Plus, I couldn't put it in our private garage, because our husband has has tools and junk everywhere, and a casket on sawhorses. That I told him to take over into the mortuary, you men are so lazy!" Well, we got to the car and I hit the button to unlock the doors and said to my brother, "We're going to have to sit in the back, because I have a few cases of photocopy paper and stuff, I got at Office Depot on the front passenger seat."

So, I climbed into the car and slid over to the middle of the seat and my brother got in behind me and close the car door. I leaned over between the seats, practically breaking my neck, because I was drunk and put the key in the ignition. After starting the car, I reached over turned on the heat, then sat back is the rear passenger seat next to my brother.

My brother said to me, "Do you have a light Tara?"

"Yeah hold on a minute, by the way Jimmy, I want to thank you for coming over and helping set up for the party," I said laughing and giggling, as I started digging through my purse. I found my lighter and handed it to my brother.

"Your lighter is dead sis," my brother said, as he's flicking the lighter.

I said to my brother, "Hold on a minute, there's one up in the console!" So, I leaned up between the seats and I started digging in the console amongst all the receipts and pennies, looking for the lighter. Giggling and babbling out loud, "I know there's one up here, shit where is it!" Well being drunk and not paying attention, as I was leaning over between the seats. That my short little pink skirt of my Halloween costume had rode up and I was giving my brother a full view of my ass in my little pair of shiny satin bikini panties.

Then, as I continued to dig through the console for the lighter, suddenly, I felt my brother grabbing my ass. Giggling, I yelled, "JIMMY! WHAT THE FUCK!

My brother replied, to my to my outburst, " Tara, you have a beautiful ass."

Then, my brother was rubbing my ass and running his fingers over the material of my little pair of shiny black satin bikini panties. Giggling, I yelled back, " I'm YOUR SISTER! NOW STOP THAT!" Then, (CRACK) my brother slapped me on the ass and I yelled, "YOWL! HEY! There's the lighter, found it." While spilling some of my beer, I grabbed the lighter and quickly sat down in the back seat. Giggling, I said out loud, "I hope you enjoyed the view and had your fun perv!" As I was sliding over behind the driver's seat.

I lit a cigarette, "Now I know you're drunk, so I'm going to let it slide that you grabbed my ass and felt it up," I said giggling.

My brother took a sip of his beer and replied "Don't get mad sis, but earlier today when we were setting up for the party and you were walking around in those tight white yoga pants. I could see your tiny pair of pink silk bikini panties through, clear as day and they were sexy panties."

"Satin bikini panties," giggling, I blurted out interrupting.

"Then, when you changed into your sexy Halloween costume and you were out front over there bending over lighting the pumpkins. As I was standing there smoking a cigarette, I don't know, if you realize how short that skirt is. My dick was hard as a rock, shit, my dick hasn't gotten up in years.

"Okay brother that's a little too much TMI!" I said giggling to him, while taking a sip of my beer. Then I seen my cousin Kelly walking into the mortuary and giggling, I blurted out, "Look Jimmy, there's our cousin Kelly, you think my costume is skimpy. Look, she's dressed like that comic book character Harley Quinn and look at those red and blue booty shorts, she's wearing. Dammit, my husband is going to go nuts, he loves her ass. I see him always staring at it, I'm willing to bet any amount of money that, he's going to be banging her, in the ass tonight. And I'm going to end up getting pissed off, along with my sister wives Toni and Kathy, because I caught him before fucking her in the ass.

"Tara look!" my brother said.

I took a sip of my beer and then turned my head and looked at my brother, to see he had his penis out, giggling I yelled, "WHAT THE FUCK! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!

My brother said, "Tara, see how hard you got my dick. My dick hasn't gotten hard in years, your incredibly sexy ass, has worked miracles on my dick.

Giggling I yelled, "You mean the little fellow wouldn't work, BULLSHIT! you're just trying to get into my panties. I'm drunk, but not that drunk and I couldn't get that drunk to let my own brother get into my panties, Yuck! I couldn't get that drunk to do or commit incest, whatever you want to call it! What is it with all the men in this family, all trying to get in my panties, they don't bother the other girls in the family. My aunt's have warned me and told me to watch out, I have had both of my grandfathers and all of my uncles. Ask me to give them a blowjob or let them fuck me and now my own brother, WHAT THE FUCK!

"That's because Tara, you are sexy and have a great ass, along with that dark mysterious look that's enticing and enchanting. All of the guys in the family say that, and when we have the family picnic weekend at Pymatuning Lake every year. When all of us guys go down fishing, you were the main topic and the only topic of the conversation the entire weekend. You wouldn't believe, when you go swimming in the lake, in your shiny pink metallic Brazilian bikini. How hard our dicks are, watching you." my brother said.

I blurted out giggling, "HOLY FUCKING SHIT! quickly, I scooted over and leaned up front between the seats and lifted the armrest to grab something out of it. Then I sat down in the backseat and giggling I said, "I just remembered these were up there in the arm rest compartment, Aunt Marian gave me these 4 miniature (50 ml) whisky's (60%ABV). After hearing that, I need this!" I quickly downed three of them and poured the fourth one into my beer.

My brother said, "Come on Tara, take off your clothes, strip naked for me!"

I said to him giggling, "Boy you must be really drunk, if you want to see me naked!

"I bet you got a pretty little pussy, let me fuck it with a beer bottle and then let me fuck you!" my brother blurted out.

My eyebrows went up and my eyes opened wide, as my mouth dropped open, I looked at my brother giggling. I said, " HELL NO!" you aren't fucking me with no beer bottle! I'm your sister, now put your penis back in your pants Jimmy!"

"Come on sis, let me fuck you?" my brother said.

Giggling, I yelled, "NO! I'm not stripping for you, I'm not letting you fuck me!"

My brother replied back, "Okay how about at least a blowjob, Tara!"

Giggling, I yelled back, "HELL NO!"

Please Tara, I'm begging you, I need to get off sis, how about at least a handjob? no one will know!" my brother blurted out.

I looked at him and said, ""I can see you're not going to put that thing back in your pants, what the fuck! Spank your own monkey!" While almost choking, as I took a drink of my beer, laughed and giggled.

As I laughed and giggled my brother replied, "I would, if I could, but I can't, why do you think my wife Cindy, left me. Because, I have trouble getting my dick hard, it wouldn't get hard for her and when I try to jack off, I never could get off like that. You remember, when I was a teenager and you always said to me, "What's taking you so long in your room and why are you look so pissed off!" that's why sis."

I said giggling, "Yeah, you always did look kind of frustrated and pissed off, I just couldn't figure out why." I turned my head and rolled the window down, I tossed my cigarette out it. Then I turned and looked out the rear window of the car, to see if anyone was in the parking lot. There was only my one cousin Mike, and his wife Donna, along with my cousin Jelly, standing in front of the mortuary smoking. Giggling, I turned my head back and looked at my brother and said, "Okay, I'll give you a handjob only, but you better not tell anyone!"

My brother took a sip of his beer and said to me, "First can I see your tits, Tara?"

With a giggle I replied, "What the fuck! first you talked me into giving you a hand job and how you did that, I don't know. Now you want to see my breasts! Oh well, why not, were both drunk." So, I reached over and wedged my beer bottle, in the pocket on the back of the driver seat. Then turned in the seat facing my brother, I reached up in the back under my long raven black hair. I untied the string to my halter top, of my Halloween costume and looked at my brother. Giggling I said, "Oh my God, I can't believe I'm showing my brother my breasts, brother you're such a perv!" Then my fingers let go of the strings and the front of my halter top fell, exposing my breasts and my hard pink nipples. My brother was speechless, all he did was stare at my breasts. I said, "Hello anyone home, Ground Control calling Major Tom!"

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