tagMind ControlMy Immortal Ch. 01

My Immortal Ch. 01


"You're crazy, Carla."

I just ignored Calvin, knowing that he'd never change. Ever since we were little, he'd always been an unbeliever in things intangible. Didn't believe in the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. Didn't in the Bermuda Triangle or in Fate. And he certainly didn't believe in God. So when I told him that I'd been invited to a mind control seminar, his response was predictable.

"I'm not crazy."

"You have to be to believe in mind control."

"Why? It works and you know it."

"I know no such thing."

"Then why do you think they say 'mind over matter'?"

"Because it's a catchy phrase."

I smacked my brother in the arm, smiling at him. "It's well-known that mind control is used every day but people just don't come out and say that it's 'mind control'. They'd probably say that it's self-control vs. mind control. The words, 'mind control' may it sound like it something out of a science fiction show."

"Next thing, you'll be trying to convince me that Edgar Cayce has something to do with it."

I laughed. "You know, Cal, you really ought to come with me. You'd learn a lot."

"They'd probably put me to sleep instead." He gave me a kiss on the forehead, heading for the door. "You have a good time and tell me all about it when you get back."

The apartment was silent after he left and I finished my coffee in front of the picture window, gazing aimlessly across the parking lot. Well, I shouldn't say 'aimlessly'. I was looking for him. He'd promised that we'd meet today before I left for the seminar but with only minutes to go, I was rapidly losing confidence in that promise.

Maybe I should start at the beginning.

I first heard his voice a few months ago. I was half-asleep, snoozing on Calvin's recliner when a voice said, "Be careful. You're going to spill your beer."

I jerked awake, just keeping my beer from toppling and scared shitless. I knew that I was alone in the apartment when I went to sleep. "Who are you?"

Silence filled the room and I swallowed half of my warm beer, nearly choking with the effort.

"Be careful. You don't want to choke to death, do you?"

I screamed and jumped out of the chair. His voice was so close to my ear that I imagined that I could feel his breath.

"Who the fuck are you? Get out of my apartment!"

"I'm not in your apartment, sweet Carla. I'm in your head."

"What?" I quickly headed for the kitchen, yanking a beer from the refrigerator, popping the lid and swallowing desperately. "I'm losing my mind."

"No, you're not. Actually, I thought I was for a long time."

"Who are you? What are you?"

"I'm a human being like you. I was just born with this gift, I guess."


"To hear people's thoughts, to influence their emotions. Only with you, it's different."

"How so?" I never stopped to think that I was standing in the kitchen, talking to thin air.

He didn't answer right away. As I waited, I leaned back against the 'fridge and raised the cold beer to my head, rubbing the chilled glass against my skin as heat flooded my body. I suddenly felt the urge to undress, to feel the caress of vented air on my heated flesh. I reached down and unbuttoned my shirt, sliding the bottle into the valley between my breasts, then shifting it across to my left nipple. The sudden cold on my sensitive skin drew a gasp from my throat but I kept rubbing it until it was a hard, cold nubbin, sending spears of pleasure to my awakening pussy.

"Feels good, doesn't it?"

His words startled me back into reality and I was suddenly strangely aware of what I had been doing. "Y-Yes."

"I made you do it."

I'd never heard five scarier words in my life and the accompanying realization set me shaking uncontrollably.

"Are you scared?"

I contemplated lying but I figured that he'd know the truth anyway. "Yes."

"I don't want you to be."

"How can I not be? You have control over me and I have no idea who you are."

"If I wanted to hurt you, I could have done so a long time ago."

My insides still quivered, remembering how easily he'd commandeered my body. "I'm sorry." I answered honestly. "I am scared."

"Then let me try to prove it to you." She heard the words, then felt her hands moving down her body. "Let me make you cum."

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