tagMind ControlMy Immortal Ch. 02

My Immortal Ch. 02


At once, I felt a combination of fear and excitement, knowing that I would be the puppet on the end of his hands. Could I really do that? Could I give up my precious control and allow a total stranger to take me over? There was no doubt in my heart that I wanted and needed it badly. But could I really let go?

"Okay." I said shakily. "Take me."

"Will you trust me?"

I shook my head, then realized that he couldn't see me. "Yes, I will."

"Go upstairs to your bedroom and lock the door."

"You're not going to lead me?"

"I could but I don't want to completely take you over. I want you to feel a small part first. Then you can decide."

"Decide what?"

"Whether you want to continue with me or not."

I gave a fleeting thought to what those words could mean but as I crossed the threshold of my bedroom, everything but the sheer white heat of anticipation filled my head. I locked the door, removed my shoes and sat down on the bed.

"I'm ready."

His mental touch was subtle, soft as a cotton blanket and I felt him move through me, sending little trickles of cold lightning streaking through my flesh. Under his guidance, my hands moved up to my head, smoothing the soft wings of dark brown hair away from my face and threading the fingers through the thickness to find the dense heat radiating from my scalp. I closed my eyes and a shiver coursed through me. I never thought that just stroking my scalp would be a sensual experience but my suddenly wet pussy sure knew.


I smiled, closing my eyes and enjoying the silken feel of my hair. "Never. It feels so good."

My hands slid down to my face, fingertips sliding over my soft skin and moving down my neck, then over collarbones, up under the cotton fabric of my shirt and over the gentle swell of my breast. The edges of my nipple pebbled under my fingertips and I bit my bottom lip as sensations spilled over me.

"Yes. Take your shirt off."

"No." I said playfully and my hands moved up to the buttons on my shirt, deftly popping each one open as I watched, feeling like a third wheel. The fabric spread open and slid off my shoulders, followed by my bra. My palms filled with my breast flesh and I moaned as my fingers rolled over, then pinched my hardening nipples. "Oh, yes."

My pussy seemed to leap awake, announcing the end of its slumber with a deep twinge that had me gasping. He made me pinch my nipples again and I squeezed my thighs together, whimpering at the second spasm. I marveled at the wetness that I felt leaking into my panties and rolled my budded nipples between my fingertips. I lifted one of my C cups to my mouth, moaning as my tongue scoured the pebbled surface of my nipple, then sucked it into my mouth.

More cream oozed out when I switched to the other nipple, running the edge of my teeth along the sensitive flesh. My entire body was vibrating with each lick and suck and all I could do was hang on for dear life and bask in every minute of it. One of my hands released a breast and slid over my quivering stomach, under the waistband of my jeans and panties and thrust a finger into the humid forest of my slit, targeting my clit.

I arched off the bed with a nearly soundless groan and gasped again when my pussy responded with another deep pulse. "Mmmm, I feel a lot of cream. Do you cum a lot?"

"Not usually." I answered, my hands unbuttoning my pants and pushing them and my panties down over my hips, then to the floor. My hands sensuously slid over the soft skin of my thighs, then pushed them apart, uncovering my weeping gash. Again, my finger burrowed into my slit, pushing past my tingling clit and seeking the creamy hole. I moaned as my finger thrust deep into my cunt, then was joined by a second and third finger, pistoning into my clutching hole.

Heat and cold flashed across my flesh as I rocketed toward my orgasm, pressing the heel of my hand against my clit and mashing against it, sending shivers through me. Suddenly, I was gasping, my pussy clasping my fingers as I came so hard that I could barely breathe. I felt his light touch, tenderly cradling me as I slowly floated back to Earth.

"Did you enjoy that?"

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