tagMind ControlMy Immortal Ch. 09

My Immortal Ch. 09


His lips tenderly touched mine again and I clung to him, accepting his searching tongue as my body trembled with aftershocks from the tongue lashing he'd given my throbbing pussy. I tasted myself on his mouth and my pussy twitched with the thought. "Are you ready for me?" I heard his voice echo in my mind again and whimpered at the feel of his hands kneading my ass.

"Yes." I pushed him onto his back, still kissing him and pulled away so I could look into his eyes. "Is this what you want?" I reached down and grabbed his thick cock, rubbing the sticky head into my creamy slit. His eyes fluttered and he gasped at the sensation, trying to push up into me but I moved away. "Is this what you want? Answer me."

"Yes, I want it."

"You want what? Tell me what you want."

"I want to sink my cock into your hot, wet pussy."

"What if I say no?"

"Then I'll make you."

I shivered with the mental force of his response. "Then make me."

Gil wasted no time in flipping me over and pinning me to the bed. I filled my mind with innocent images of flowers and birds but his visions pushed them aside and I opened my legs wider in anticipation. He reached down and pushed his legs into place, aiming his pre-cum slick cock at my opening and using the thick muscles in his arms, slowly lowered himself into me. Our groans mingled and I tilted my hips up, making it easier for him to slide in to the hilt. When our pubes met, he rested a moment, enjoying the feeling of being inside me and I flexed my pussy muscles around him.

"Oh, Carla. You feel so good."

"Quit talking and fuck me."

He pushed himself up and started pumping, his cock plunging into my pussy and making me tremble even harder while his mind wrapped around mine, images of wet pussy and hard cock floating between us. "God, you're pussy's so wet."

"Make it wetter."

I felt his nudge in the base of my belly and warm, liquid heat filled my pussy, making him moan as my cream covered his rod. I couldn't breathe as he manipulated me into an orgasm that set my teeth on edge. "Want more?" I was wound so tight that I couldn't answer him. He would slide slowly into me and at the same time, mentally push me to the edge of another orgasm then let me hang there. Then as he pulled out, his mental touch receded as well, leaving me gasping and trembling with need.

His mouth slid over mine and his tongue wrapped around mine, softly stroking it as his cock stroked my quivering pussy and he pulled back, starting the mental push-and-pull again that was driving me crazy. "Oh, God, Gil!" He smiled down and I wrapped my hands around his ass, grinding into him. The orgasm eluded me, no matter how hard I tried to achieve it and he knew it because he was controlling it. He'd let me get close enough that I could almost taste it and pull me back. "Oh, please! Please, Gil!" I begged, delirious by now. "Please let me cum."

His eyes met mine and he rolled us over, leaving me on the top. It was my turn to control him now. I ground down onto his hard cock and let myself explode, coating him with so much cream that it seeped out of my cunt and covered his hairy nuts. I felt Gil's rod jump inside me and I began to move again, as slowly as I could, making him wince each time because I mentally reminded him of how wet and tight I was.

I made him raise his hands and squeeze my tits, then leaned down, partially pulling off him and compelling him to suck on a nipple before easing back and taking him inside me again. I repeated this a few more times, building my own orgasm to a fever pitch and taking him along with me. Our eyes stayed locked as we moved together and I relinquished my hold, sharing the control with him as we both headed toward release.

Gil came first and his hot spurt set off my own orgasm, sending me reeling into space with him. His mental release flamed inside my mind, heightening my experience and binding and connecting us deeper than anything else could. I collapsed against him, listening to his heart pounding in his chest and loving the sound of his breathing. I was in love; I had no doubt about it now and I snuggled into the curve of his arm, shivering as his limp cock slid out of my dribbling pussy.

As sleep overtook me, I heard his voice again, light and tinged with sleep as well. "I love you, sweet Carla."

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