tagMind ControlMy Immortal Ch. 08

My Immortal Ch. 08


"You're my immortal."


"No more words." His eyes met mine and I shook my head, understanding and completely elated. Something had happened between us; something that had occurred because a barrier that Gil had had come down and he'd let me in. "Speak only with your mind now."

"How did this happen? It's so wonderful but I don't understand ... "

"Neither do I."

"But you called me your immortal."

His hands smoothed my flesh, paying attention to my aching breasts and I groaned. "I found the title in a book I read several years ago. The book said that in some rare cases, the dominant mind controller can be breached by the submissive controller because of a deep emotional response from the dominant. When it happens, it's a life-changing experience." He leaned down and suckled one of my breasts, making me groan. "I never expected it to happen to me."

"You never expected to fall in love?" I was petrified to speak the words but it was what I was feeling and I hoped that he was feeling the same for me.

Gil lifted his head, staring deeply into my eyes. "No, I didn't."

When his lips connected with mine, I felt as if a wave of relief washed through me. I opened my mouth to him, pulling him down on top of me as our tongues rubbed together and I moaned into his mouth at the feel of his furred chest against my nipples. His hands moved softly over my back and curved around to my stomach, stroking the quivering flesh before traveling downward. His tongue stabbed into my mouth at the same time his finger slid into my slit, pressing against my clit and I arched against him with a gasp.

"Oh, Gil." I sent a surge of love to him and he hummed deep in his chest, devouring my mouth and making me tremble harder when he totally opened himself, allowing me to bask in his love and lust. Every inch of my flesh pebbled with goosebumps at the depth of his want and I shivered, thinking of the many ways I could fuck him. "Please, Gil. I want you inside me. Let me make love to you."

"I can't, baby. I just came."

"Let me take care of that."

I slid down his body, attacking his half-hard penis again, using my tongue and lips to bring him to hardness again while I sent images of us fucking to him. Gil laid back, his eyes closed and his body trembling with each stroke of my hot mouth on his cock. "Jesus, Carla!" I sent a thought of him tied to the bed with me on top of him, slowly impaling myself on his pole while he begged me to let him cum. I smiled when he pushed himself up into my mouth and I took his entire length, wrapping my tongue around it.

"Are you ready for me?"

"Yes." I crawled off of the bed and made a great show of removing the thong, dangling it over his face and letting the scent of my pussy fill his nostrils. "God, you smell good! Bring that pussy here."

"No. I want ... "

His will was stronger than mine and I found myself crawling back onto the bed, straddling his face and holding onto the headboard. His tongue slithered up into my creamy slit and his hands held my hips, maneuvering me into place. His long, hard licks opened my cunt and honey dripped into his mouth, pushing me closer and closer to the edge of an orgasm and he hummed, the vibration echoing through me. "Cum, baby. Cum on my tongue."

"No." The pressure building in my pussy was exquisite and the mental binding he was applying was driving me crazy. His tongue encouraged me to cum but his mind sought to deny me the pleasure, making the agony excruciating and delicious. "Gil, you're cheating! That's not fair!"

"You want me to stop?"

"Fuck no! Take me there!"

He released his hold and I tumbled over the edge, exploding on his tongue and moaning as he plunged into my clutching pussy, plumbing the hot, moist depths and bringing my cream down. I shuddered, cumming again as his lips wrapped around my clit and gently sucked on it. He didn't let me go until I'd cum another two times, both courtesy of his agile tongue and I sagged to the bed, a mass of trembling nerves.

"Now," I smiled when I heard his words. "Are you ready for me?"

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